9567/Xavier's Ski trip II: Its all Downhill from Here

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Xavier's Ski trip II: Its all Downhill from Here
Date of Scene: 10 January 2022
Location: Ski Resort
Synopsis: The Xaviers students and teachers arrive at the ski cabins, and the teachers end drunk and pruny while Monet's room is fortified against all enemies! Meanwhile, Noriko and Jubilee plan Fleeb-icide.
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Monet St. Croix, Kurt Wagner, Noriko Ashida, Rogue, Jamie Madrox, Jubilation Lee, Kitty Pryde

Jean Grey has posed:
The ski trip is always a popular item on the school's yearly schedule, giving the students a chance to get away from their studies and training. Considering the school brings in many from difficult backgrounds or even from very different parts of the world, it can be a first for some of the freshmen, and a way of getting a taste of the particular culture of the northeast US. For others, well... they get to bust out their custom skis and designer winter apparel. Regarldess, the school has lucked out this year in snagging reservations during the very busy holiday. That means there's an extra layer of holiday spirit to the whole affair!

And yet, before anyone gets a chance to enjoy the slopes they must overcome a certain trial, an ordeal...

... the four and a half hour bus ride.

Needless to say, the rented motor coach is a little cramped, often noisy, and by the end most of the adult chaperones are probably ready to throw kids out the windows (the windows are difficult to open, fortunately). The only break is a stop in some one gas station town for a fast food dinner, and then they're back on the road. And since its winter in the northeast, it's pitch dark for MOST of the journey. So when they finally approach the town at the bottom of the mountain, light up with various winter light decorations, it must be something of a relief to everyone.

The bus pulls through the town then a little further on some meandering road, through some trees, and then finally into a bit of a clearing around a parking area. The cabins outside are barely visible, and there's plenty of snow on the ground here.

"OK troops, we're here!" declares Jean, when the bus is finally at a full stop. "Don't push, everyone will get a chance to get off, Rogue is going to help with unloading all the bags while I go and check us into our cabins."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
'Troops' is one way to put it. To whomever she has been made to sit next to on the way there, Monet has spent most of the time ensuring that they don't get too close to her. This has been attempted to be maintained by light shoves and a press of her elbow over to make sure that she has room to lounge. While M might not be the strongest, she has glares to back it up. So, the long transit there is her having the space to relax, enjoy her reading, and a huge book that looks to be at least two or three thousand pages that she's been skimming while they were riding.

"Ahh, good, we've arrived." And time for her to have -proper- range to spread out and get anyone that has gotten on her nerves out of the way.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
There's benefit to being a teleporter. One, with enough winter layers, one can ride on //top// of the bus and therefore be spared endless cycles of 'the wheels on the bus'. Two, one doesn't have to wait for the crush of children to fall out of the bus once arriving. Kurt simply *bamf* from the back seat to the outside, right by the door to the suitcases.

"I have them, Jean. It is easier for me," and his three-fingered hand reaches for the latch on the bottom of the bus. Some settling may have occured during transit.

There is an aside, however, to Rogue, and it's stage-whispered, "So I do not have to help check them all in." The last thing the hat and scarved elf wants is to have to repeat himself in order to break through the inevitable stares. It's just faster his way!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Let-me-off-let-me-off-let-me-oooooff," Noriko repeatedly jabbers like it will somehow speed up time.  "Ugh, I really need to learn how to put myself in a time coma," whatever that is.  It probably doesn't exist anywhere but in Nori's mind and dreams.  "I HAVE TO PEE!"  She continues grousing under her breath about how if they just let her meet them there...

"You're lucky you don't have to use your bladder anymore," Noriko asides to Jubes.  Of course she was somewhere seated in the back of the bus.  There was no forethought other than she did not want to sit near the front again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was on her phone most of the trip, laying on her back in a chair on the bus and just slouched in the chair. Tappy tappy tappy, she played around on social media and Tik Tok for four hours. It makes time fly after all!

The fast food was an interesting treat, she partook in a nice little salad and lemonade, chatting up anyone around her that was interested in such things before hitting the road again.

Dressed in a red sweater with a red knit cap on her head, a charcoal colored peacoat and some blue jeans, with fuzzy boots for winter booting!

When they arriv,e Rogue sighs loudly. "Bag duty?! Uuuuugh." She stomps her feet in the snow and starts toward the bag bin thingy.


Kurt chimes in though, and she smiles at him, walking over to him to give him a big fuzzy hug! "You're the best! The BEST!" She says, putting a hand over his cheek then kissing the back of it, cause its gloved and safe! "Mwah!" And with that Rogue prances away! No bags for her!

She stops then. "Oh, I forgot my own..." She mutters as she walks to the bin again to get her own luggage.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Since Jamie isn't so much part of the school as he is an... adjacent something or other... he made his way to the resort on his own power! That is to say he drove ahead of time. so by the time everyone is piling out, Madrox is already there, in his parka, looking fly. He waves when they start pouring out, and when Rogue complains about bag duty, he rolls his eyes and walks towards her.

"Quit bitching and just shove me a few times, we'll get it done in two minutes, babe. Let's go!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Get to. I don't /get/ to use it," Jubilee corrects the speedster with a smirk. Once Noriko zips off the bus, Jubilee tosses off the protective blanket she used for the first part of the drive up. Despite the hour, she's wearing a very large pair of black sunglasses and her hood is drawn. The small amount of her face that's visible seems to be covered in layers and layers of concealer. Suspicious...

    She's not wearing a winter coat, and instead just comes in a pink hoodie with black lettering across the breast -- TELL YOUR DOG I SAID HI. Instead of jeans, she's rocking the shortest pair of spandex shorts money can buy.

    "How late are the lift hills open?" Jubilee wonders, looking around for anyone in the group who might know.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde climbs down off the bus, waiting her turn rather than using her power to get herself off the bus earlier. "I know the windows don't go all the way down for just that reason. I was just saying, it doesn't help when you still have the temptation to just phase a certain someone right through the bus' wall, is all I'm saying," she says quietly to another chaperone, finishing off a conversation that started after a bus incident involving the combination of a ectoplasmic power and a freeze power.

That won't wash out easily, once it thaws.

Kitty stretches once out of the vehicles confines. "But later does it feel like you just made one trip, or do you remember it as being a bunch of them?" she inquires of Jamie, and never having really thought about that for him before. It is one trip, but what is his memory of it like after?

The young woman moves over to get her bags. She's going to have to rent skis this year, her arrival at the trip different than last year as her life took a big turn since the last trip. One goes over a shoulder, the other she wheels through the snowy parking lot and heads for one of the cabins.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt makes quick work, balancing luggage on his head, hands, and even his tail is pressed into service. He teleports easily those handfuls (literally) of times before everything not grabbed initially is waiting inside the warm atrium of the lodge. With that last batch, Kurt removes his hat, revealing the static-y india-ink colored hair, and pointed ear-tips. The scarf remains on as his accessory.

"Come in. At least let's get to our rooms first before meeting downstairs again. We'll pass out the tickets, und form teams." Unless, of course, Jean has a better idea?

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean takes a short trip over to a smaller, non-residential cabin near the road where they came in. Presumably that's where she handles any of the remaining business and picks up the keys, giving the baggage corps a chance to get stuff unloaded. Rogue is in charge, but only the vaguest sense, because despite every instruction the students have been pent up four hours and there's only so much one can do to hold them back. So many do scramble and push their way down the aisle, and crowd around the luggage compartments on the side of the bus, eager to get to 'their' stuff. As if any of it is going anywhere!

Jean eventually makes it back, pulling the faux-fur lined hoodie of her parka up as she treks over, because it IS pretty darn cold. She's got the keys, and holds one pair out. "Someone want to open up the other cabin?" As with the last time, rather than trying to get them rooms at a lodge (you try scheduling a party this large at peak season), they've rented an adjacent pair of full, multi-room cabins that are part of a larger resort property with a number of such similar buildings. It's probably not the cheapest option, but they have their fancy rich school money and it does provide a bit more in the way of privacy, which is pretty valuable given their... unusual needs!

Regardless, she dangles the keys out for someone responsible to take, and then turns to make the short march up the walkway toward the 'Wintergreen' cabin. Yep, even got one of the same ones as last year!

The paths are lit, at least, so no one immediately vanishes into the frozen woods never to be seen again, and of course the cabins themselves have porch lights. And, because these people know what they're doing, already have all the heat and everything on inside. You really have to run it round-the-clock in the winter, so your plumbing doesn't freeze. She gets up and unlocks the front...

...only to find that Kurt has beat her there, without the keys. She gives a laugh. "I should have had you do this too, instead of hiking over to the management office. Anyway, we've handled the trip, and the luggage, now - right, we need to get the rooms sorted. Teams? You mean for the skiing? Probably handle that in the morning, I'd say... but maybe we can organize people by the cabins?"

Rogue has posed:
The Belle grabs up her luggage and hugs it tight to her body with both arms as she spies Jamie and grins at him. "If I had a dollah for every time someone said that t'me..." She teases him once. "Why didn't ya come in the bus with us, anyway? Barely recognized ya, all walkin' up on us like some kinda damn Ski Creepah." She playfully comments before walking past him and EYING him!

With her bag still clutched against her body, the Belle walks past Nori and Jubes, she looks Jubilee over, and reaches out to smack her butt. "Vamp Cheeks!" Rogue says in a little shout before she starts to run to catch up with Jean!

With the doors unlocked, she just blazes past the redhead and the blue... everything!

Inside, Rogue just spreads her arms out wide, her bag dropping to the floor with a THUD.

"Ski lodge!" She says, with arms wide open!

"I come back to you, in my ... hour of need!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The sudden pileout gives Monet time to quickly go and retrieve her own belongings. It's nothing particularly much. Just three large suitcases that seem to be armored and made out of lead. Or at least that are massively reinforced so they would clank while they would be maneuvered. M simply floats a couple of inches up and off the ground so she's not having to botherw ith dragging them. It would be so undignified.

And M is immediately making beeline for one of the first rooms that's available and open and before anyone else can take it from her. Her intent is to get in and have a full room to herself before she's forced to -subsist- with anyone else there! Monet doesn't want to remotely share preening space.

She will have it all to herself.


Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie flashes Kitty a grin and shrugs. "You know, it's a little like cognitive assimilation," he explains, flashing Rogue a smile and a wink. "I got my own ride! For when I inevitably have to leave because of something. But also stay because of you guys. I can do it all."

He turns back to Kitty: "If it's all repetition and the same thing over and over again, what the dupes do doesn't really stick. If something particular happens, _sure_. If they _learn_ something, yes. But otherwise it just sort of all just congeals into this memory-smemory ball of 'huh, I guess I did do forty minutes of work in two minutes' stuff."

He comes to a stop next to the phaser. "How you doing, Pryde?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Not sure, but I brought all sorts of stuff.  Snow reflects light," and Nori still isn't sure what kinds of light can hurt Jubilation other than sunlight.  While they are waiting, Noriko packs up their myriad of things that she brought to keep herself sane and keep herself from gnawing off the limb of someone else on either leg of the journey.

Noriko is simply wearing a pair of her cheap secondhand owned (once K-Mart sold) parachute shorts that look like they came straight out of the 80s with their eye-scorching neon yellowness, and a long-sleeve raglan t-shirt.  Her comfy clothes.  For everyone else's comfort?  Well technically it is a scarf of sorts, but it's just really more appropriate for robbing saloons and certainly won't trip the speedster up at higher velocities.

"Okay can you watch the stuff while I go pee?"  But Noriko doesn't feel like she has time to even get an answer, because she doesn't.  She gets two paces away when she hears a weird sound, a smack, and it rips her back into sync with the others' speeds instinctually to hear 'Vamp Cheeks!' and put together what happened.  Her eyes narrow and she purses her lips for a moment (which is always quite long for Noriko).

Noriko grumbles and takes off in a woosh.  Suddenly the keys that were supposed to go to someone responsible vanish from Jean's hand.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean looks behind her, where the floor has suddenly acquired a Rogue. She beams down. "Nice to be back, yeah? Wanna go see if we can find our old room?"

Which is also bad news for Monet. Because if Jean 'I have my own master suite with a jacuzzi at the mansion' Grey is sharing a room, that means EVERYONE is sharing! Or camping in the woods. In fact, although the pair of cabins are pretty large, it's definitely a bit of a human game of Tetris to cram everyone in: some of the rooms (obviously designed for families with kids) have several smaller bunk beds crammed in them, and a someone or two will ultimately end up on pull-out couches downstairs. And by now, all the students themselves are joining in the process of rushing to find roomates, stake claims, and otherwise jockey for position. Maybe all of this is a secret, fiendishly-devished team building exercise meant to get people used to operating closely with their future comrades. Or... maybe it's just part of the fun.

The fact that Jean has been robbed, or at least alleviated of the other key en-route means that presumably someone is handling things over there, so she doesn't hustle over too quickly to check on the other cabin. Rather, after nudging Rogue with her toe, she continues on inside to check on things and unpack a little. One of the bags Kurt will have no-doubt bamfed to its destination has food, as one of the advantages to having a place like this is that you get a kitchen. The packed supplies are mostly drinks and snacks, since they planned for dinner on the road, but there's also handy stuff like several extra-large boxes of cereal. She knows her audience!

For the time being, she puts on some water to heat.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
This means that the game of Tetris will be also settled by feats of strength, threats, and.. Well, now part of M's acumen of having prepared for in advance would come in as the first exchanges of the inevitable bedroom wars seem ready to begin. As soon as she's managed to find somewhere she would find acceptable, having used her speed to get herself ahead of hopefully any other challengers, her enhanced senses to sweep and survey the best possible locations..

Andt hsoe huge, huge heavy metal reinforced suitcases that were weighed down as if they were made of lead being swung around on 'accident' just in case anyone was trying to cut her off or get in the best preening grounds. Monet had prepared in advance. The path. The online reviews. The course. The weights.
    It's time to get it on like Donkey Kong.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops her hands down to her thighs with a clap of glove on denim. "Ah...." She says with a big bright happy smile. Her eyes look over to Jean. "Yes. Claim our room in the name of us." She tells the Headmistress before she starts to walk toward the kitchen area when the snacks and drinks are set down. She finds the bag with the adult beverages, and draws out a bottle of wine before she puts the others in the cabinet above the sink.

With the wine bottle in hand, the Belle starts across the interior of the large home toward the double glass doors on the back facing the ski slopes that are lit up with holiday lights...

Rogue's clothing starts to fall to the floor, piece by piece. Hat. Sweater, jeans, boots. all of it falling in a trail out to the back patio.

Then, splash!

She drops in to the bubbling hot tub and comes up with the bottle of wine,a black swimsuit on under her clothes the whole trip.

"Oh yes... oh yes." Rogue says as she rips the cork right out of the bottle, then takes a big drink.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Sure," is Jubilee's answer, delivered with a casual shrug of one shoulder. She can watch their stuff. Both arms cross in front of her chest, her lips purse, and her weight shifts to one side. It's a classic pose, one meant to deliver the perfect balance of cool. Go ahead, take their stuff. See what happens.


    Jubilee bounces up onto the balls of her feet, eyebrows hiked over the top edge of her sunglasses. The hand that normally rocks that cradle is attached to a speedster in need of a bathroom. So who the fu...

    "Rogue!" she hisses, a hint of fangs visible as her mouth curls upward. Jubilee reaches down and pinches the material so she can pull it free from any of her curves. With that handled, Jubilation begins to march towards one of the cabins, dragging her and Noriko's stuff in her wake. It all gets tossed through the doorway, Jubilee enters after it. After a few seconds, one of the heavy wooden beds slides out of the cabin on its side with Jubilee pushing it with both hands. Once the unnecessary bed is out of the cabin, Jubes loudly smacks both of her hands together -- that's that! -- and marches inside.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt's herding the younger students to their cabins, setting up and explaining responsibilities to each group. One is responsible, at the elf's discretion of course. He'll be taking three of those cabins as he is actually capable of keeping an eye on them. He has his own spies, after all, and once he's more settled in the larger of the inns, he's covered in little blue bamfs; one on each shoulder and one hanging off his back in a 'piggyback'. He's divested of his coat, but the scarf is in place!

The moment Rogue has her splashdown, however, one of the little imps disappears from his back, only to land feet above the jacuzzi and does a passable cannonball into the water.


Bobbing to the surface, the little bamf (Of course it's Larry) looks a toothy grin at Rogue, looking very, very pleased with himself.


"Larry," Kurt calls out, "Don't get in the way. You have a job to do this weekend."

The reminder makes all three of them start to mumble under their breaths, and they look particularly unhappy. They do disappear off of the 'big bamfer' however, no doubt cursing their luck.

"Now," and once clear of the smaller versions of himself, he can continue, "I will heat up the milk for the hot chocolate."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko must have really been taking her time, because it isn't till Jubes has the bed out of the cabin that the speedster comes up on her, just inside.  "Wait, where am I going to sleep?"  Truth be told, Nori could curl up in the corner; it's not like she hasn't slept in cold corners before.

"Do we have any cabinmates yet?  Did they unpack the food?"  Noriko plants a little kiss on Jubes' cheek.  "I'll look up the slope hours tomorrow okay?  One sec, I'll unpack."  Clearly she has been cooped up.  She jets off to quickly set things up and put things away in drawers before she's back, eyebrows arched to indicate she's listening.  "What do you want to do first?"  Hmm?-Hmm?-Hmm?

Rogue has posed:
Hambone and his crew of friends are already plugging their gaming system in to the tv mounted over the fireplace. They came all this way just to plug their X-Station in to the television and sit down to play video games.

Rogue has posed:
Wendy Fleeb, the new RA, and her friends are already on their phones taking selfies and making Tik Tok videos out o nthe back patio while gossiping about other students on the trip.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde replies to Jamie as they trudge along through the light snow in the parking lot towards the cabins. "Oh, I'm hanging in there. Figure this is a great getaway," she tells Jamie. The nods to another Jamie as he passes with some bags. "Jamie." And another. "Jamie," she tells him with a nod and warm laugh for that Jamie, and for the first one she was talking to.

"Are you much for skiing?" she asks the Multiple Man as she pauses to look at the cabins and wait for Jean's return with keys. Yes should could dispense with getting through the doors, but isn't sure which are intended for students and which will end up being staff.

When the keys show up, Kitty heads for her cabin. "I'm kind of looking forward to getting away from the noise and the bustle and just enjoying the slopes," she tells Jamie. And just then two students go running past, one laughing maniacally while the other tries to grab them whilst prancing about trying to dislodge the snow that just got dumped down their back.

Kitty watches them with a flat-eyed stare. "Yeah, so, pretty much going to be like we're still at the school, then," she says with a resigned sigh that turns to a chuckle.

Jean Grey has posed:
"That sounds yummy," Jean tells Kurt. Hot water for tea, milk for hot chocolate, such wholesome efforts!

Meanwhile, Rogue is already STRIPPIN' and DRINKIN'!

Jean watches all of this with judgment in her eyes, breathes a much put-upon sort of sigh, and shakes her head. "Alright. I'll grab us a room. You just make yourself comfortable out there." Indeed, as she walks back through the living area, she essentially backtracks the trail of clothing the wanton woman has left in her wake, levitating each piece up as she accumulates a little pile. Her own bag she eventually grabs from near the door, before beginning upstairs to locate them a room to use.

Minutes pass!

The students now are somewhat sorted, although many of them are still quite hyper from the ride, and the teachers are never quite without some fire to put out here or there. A pair of them in the other cabin fight over who gets a top bunk. Elsewhere, possibly Monet's makeshift castle is now under siege. This can get creative when all of them are mutants: efforts to physically push past the barrier fail, leading a boy with what might colorfully be described as 'stink lizard powers' to... well, you get the idea.

Jean passes the sight of this ongoing escalation on her way back, and puts a hand up to the bridge of her nose. "All of you, shoo! Down the hall! Monet... can you please move those? I can find you someone quiet to share with, is that OK? There's always a couple kids who..." Well, don't have the killer instinct and end up bullied to the bottom of the room-fighting pile. "Or if you don't want someone younger, maybe one of the teachers can."

It should be noted that Jean is asking this while now standing in the hall in her own classic Jean-green bikini. Rogue doesn't get to have ALL the fun!

This is the chaos that Kitty arrives to. PRETTY MUCH like the school, yes! And it includes the now bathing-suit wearing Jean making her way back down the stairs so she can head to join the party coming together out back. "We're grabbing drinks in the hottub, if you two want in! Uh, just keep it to two!" she adds, for Jamie, with a grin.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"I like skiing all right. Mostly I have to dodge the trees because it won't kill me but you don't really want an army of me to just tumble down the mountain because we keep smacking into the big trees, you know?" He grins at Kitty. The Jamie that Kitty was talking to keeps pace with her and heads up along with her, just chatting along.

Meanwhile, there's another Jamie that's put some bags away and has decided to keep walking, and walking, and walking, until Jean is telling the first Jamie (we will call him Jamie Prime, and the second Jamie One, because that's not confusing) that he had to keep it to _two_ and he doesn't even have to look around. He just sticks his hand in the air. "_Dibs_!"

From way in the back, muffled by a bag, Jamie Two says, "Aw, dammit!"

Jamie Prime rolls his eyes and bumps Kitty. "Come on. Only adults in the hot tub. You can escape them with us over there." Then he starts to pull his own clothing off, as does his dupe.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just leaning back in the hot tub now, taking pulls from the wine bottle with her right foot up out of the water, a Larry the Bamf holding on to her foot as she waves it around making him splash in and out of the bubbling and hot frothing waters of the well lit tub.

A guy in a Santa Costume goes skiing down the slope behind the cabin, waving to everyone on the patio. "Ho ho hoooooo AHHH!" He can be heard shouting as he vanishes in to the dark.

Rogue takes another swig from her wine bottle, then sets it on the edge of the tub and just eyes everyone outside of it, grinning as she sees Jean in a swimsuit now. "Thatta girl!" The Belle says, while Larry the Bampf keeps hanging on to Marie's foot, getting a hot tub ride of his life!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "There's another bed in there, ya dingus," Jubilation answers Noriko, gesturing inside the cabin. "We don't need two." She shakes her head a couple of times and turns to enter the cabin, leaving the door wide open for the moment. Jubilee drops down to her knees next to a softshell cooler and unzips it. She pulls out a clear pouch of, uh, cranberry juice (it's not) and tosses it up in the air a couple of times like a bean bag. She squints her eyes and inspects the label on the donation. "...Luciana....De Leon... she reads. Jubes grins. "Ooh, I hope it's spicy."

    Jubilation moves to the doorway of the cabin and leans against the threshold. It's there that she catches sight of the Abominable Wendy Fleeb and her loyal Army Of Skanks. Jubilation's brow lowers into a scowl. The clear pouch is brought up to her mouth so she can tear open a corner while she watches.

    "Bitches..." she mutters.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The invitation to soak in hot water and consume beverages that were kept locked away from where the students could get at them is one that Kitty can't resist. "Oh that sounds fantastic," Kitty calls back to Jean. "Be right there, let me get changed."

She shoulder bumps back to Jamie. "Let me toss these in my cabin and get out a bottle or two. See if there's some glasses would you? Think this is a... hrm. Whiskey sour kind of night?" she decides. "No no, wait. Rum. Have regular and spiced. Rogue'll probably want some," she says.

She waves and heads into her cabin, getting changed and coming out the back to where it adjoins the area with the hot tub, wearing a robe. She heads over, carrying the bottles along with Coke to mix it with. "Oh this looks fantastic," Kitty says, setting the bottles down within easy reach and then testing the water with a hand. "No kicking me and mindwiping me, AM," Kitty teases. She removes the robe, revealing a red string bikini, and slips into the water with a sigh.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would hear the conversation going amongst the school faculty. The invitation was not extended to her. Nor should she expect it. And if she wished to slum it over in a swimsuit and a hot tub she could have gone somewhere with better weather! No, she intends over to find something proper over. As the eclectic inclinations of the assemblage engage, M has by now secured her own staked zone with her suitcases formed around it almost like a bunker. Then she's going to pop them open. Small table to do makeup in, hangar for clothes, extendable bed that could be used for tanning.. Small pedicure and manicure kits if she wished.. The necessitites for a do it yourself facial treatment..

It would hardly be exquisite, but if hse was going to be here in these questionable locales then the least she could do was ensure that she was ready to relax within the limitations amongst these provincials. M would continue unlatching other things from her luggage, raising up a small sink, mini-fridge and small gas stove, and a small rack with some -adequate- bits of wine. Then going to arrange clothes that had been carefully stored in plastic wrapping up and over on her small closet.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt has kitchen duty, and it's fine. He's not hot-tub bound because, well, fuzz takes a little bit longer to dry, and it is winter, after all! Tea, hot chocolate, and the scent of popcorn fills the air soon enough. A bowl for the gamers and one set on the main counter.

Once done, then, he'll at least join the bathers, even if he doesn't get into the water. "Larry, I thought I told you.."

The little bamf grins as he comes up and out of the water like a waterlogged elfling imp that he is. He's hanging on, and when he goes in again, he flails his arms theatrically as if he's 'drowning', which, he isn't.. until he comes back up.

"You are encouraging him, Rogue," and it sounds half-serious, and half, well.. not.

With the arrival of the others, Kurt takes a step back and out of the potential splash zone, instead finding a spot to perch, if only temporarily. He's got student duty.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh."  Noriko reaches to rub the back of her neck and stops when she feels the cold of her metal gauntlets.  "I guess I'll sleep there," she says with a smirk and a light quick flash of red in her cheeks that dissipates a moment later.  "What makes it spicy?  What they ate?" she asks, somewhat simplistically as she leans back against the wall, surveying Jubes' 'juice packs' as Nori calls them...or Capris Suns.

"Oh yeah.  No doubt they are already shit-tweeting."  Noriko doesn't really understand things like Twitter except in the context of people talking about it.  "Wanna go scare some kids?  See how many people invite you into their rooms?  I feel like they'd be easy marks," for contributing to the Orphans' Fund of course.

"We could prank the teachers tonight..." Noriko muses as she watches the flock of girls.  "Or Fleeb and her cronies..."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie One grabs glasses and the like at Kitty's suggestion while Jamie Prime slips into the water with Rogue, flashing the Belle a big grin. "Ooooh, yeah. That's nice." Does he mean the water or the good looking women in swimsuits? Probably both, but at the moment he's closing his eyes and relaxing in the heated pool, so maybe a little more the former than the latter.

"Something about being in hot water when it's real cold out that's just _special_, ya know?"

Kitty's re-arrival gets an open eye and a grin. "Red's your color, Kate." He scoots around, making room, even as Jamie One joins them, slipping in. Because Jean said _two_ and Jamie Madrox isn't one to not take full advantage of what he's permitted.

Rogue has posed:
Hambone and his crew have Fortnite up and going within minutes, and the sounds of guns and fat kids cheering as they shoot other fat kids somewhere else in the world... fills the living room of the fancy main cabin.

Wendy Fleeb and her girls all make eye contact with Jubilee, and flat stare back at her, then Wendy smiles and waves as they go inside to get hot chocolate from Kurt's fine creations.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
With her preparations ready, M goes to some of the other apparatii. There's a flick of a finger to a small generator, then a low whine over to it as the ionization field would power up. The kind normally one use to keep bugs away from an outdoor area. The low thrum of the generator going on would fill the air about her claimed portion of th cabin, her furniture being erected around her secured area like the edges of a parapet twirled off the sides of a fortification. She was secure, and anyone who attempted to infiltrate her zone of comfort would be made to regret tehir actions with the full force of M glare!

Jean Grey has posed:
In this way, all the widespread chaos starts to settle down... into little pockets of mini-chaos, at least. Cliques of students stake out their territory and favorite activites. The gamers. The mean girls. The ski-head rich jocks already talking about what kind of wax will be best to use for this particular grade of powder. Even the troublemakers and weirdos (it takes a lot to be a weirdo at mutant school!), playing pranks on everyone... and probably planning their NEXT attack on fortress M. Or even a certain duo that has taken on, between them, a kind of a kind of Hot Topic aesthetic.

Jean passes back through the kitchen, beaming at all that Kurt has put together, before finally getting to properly join the fun out in back, sinking herself into the pool with a little more grace than the trailblazer of the activity did. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," she sighs, in dawning bliss. "This feels absolutely wonderful. There's something about the hot water, when the air around is so cool and crisp like this! Now gimme-"

And she's making grabby-hands toward, well, both Kitty AND Rogue, since both of them brought booze, and in the moment, it seems Jean isn't terribly particular. Booze me!

The fact that there's a pair of Jamies doesn't even get remarked on. Kind of evens out the ratio!

Rogue has posed:
With the hot tub filling up, Rogue keeps the show going with the Little Bamfer Larry. She has him bobbing up and down out of the water between everyone before he lets go and falls backward in to it. Rogue's bare foot vanishes back in the tub.

She flashes a grin at Jamie, then to Kitty and Jean. The wine bottle she grabbed is hoisted once more, then offered to the red head. "Pass it around. Share the fun." The Belle offers with a wide smile as she just sinks down to her neckline in the water and lays her head back with her two toned hair swept back behind her head.

... A group of six people in Reindeer costumes all go skiiing by down the slope beyond the patio deck of the main cabin... one of them with a flashing red nose!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
With her region secure, M would now face the daunting task of.. WEll, what to do! They weren't going out to the slopes anytime soon, the others would be engaged in whatever egregrious and (to her) inane antics that would no doubt give the staff sufficient trauma that they would have to take a vacation from their vacation.. Well.. She hadn't figured that far ahead. She has her facial already planned (if she's desperate) and the pedicure/manicure. She's put off doing afull spa treatment just as she's not -that- desperate (it sets a really bad precedent for the lessers).
    So, without any sort of remote idea of what to actually do now that she's unpacked, M would go to just resist the urge to stare at the wall. Dammit. This had upset all her calculations.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The compliment from Jamie gets him back one of those kind of heartfelt, thank you smiles that you get when you give someone a warm fuzzy (of the compliment variety, sorry Kurt) when they are going through a rough stretch. "Thank you," she tells him, smiling as she settles into the water. "Ok, who all want dri-" she gets out before Jean is returning and the redhead making her grabby hands in the direction of the bottles.

Kitty begins pouring into a glass. "Spiced rum," she says, and then adds a small amount of soda, then passes the glass over to Jean. "Jamie? Jamie?" she asks, and will prepare rum or spiced rum for them, straight up or mixed as they like.

"Kurt, can I get you any thing?" she asks, looking over to where he's perched. The sounds of some of the students cause Kitty to glance about for what they are doing. No blood, no foul. Back to pouring. When done she'll sink down into the water and let out a happy sigh. "It is nice having the cold air. We might have to jump in the snowbank later. What is it they call that?"

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie Prime takes a glass from Kitty but Jamie One demures, shaking his head and holding a hand up. "If we both drink, then we'll merge, and the hangover will be twice as bad. I'll just be the sober memory for the night," he explains.

"It's pretty great," Jamie Prime admits, taking a long drink of the rum. "I drink and drink and drink, and then I remember everything like I was sober anyway." Beat. "well, it's great until I do something really stupid and then remember it _really vividly_." He grins at the ladies and Kurt. "But that never happens anymore."

Since last week.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation stares back at Fleeb and the Fleebettes. As soon as the new R.A. turns to follow her friends inside, Jubilee's hand squeezes into a tight fist. Blood squirts in all directions as the clear plastic pouch bursts open. Jubes doesn't even notice -- she's too busy glaring across the way at them.

    "Fleeb!" she hisses as blood drips from her sunglasses. And hood. And cheek. And chin. She doesn't even answer Noriko at first. She just... stares at the door to Wendy Fleeb's cabin as it closes behind her.

    "I think we probably have another hour or so before the teachers are too drunk to care what we do," she mutters, still staring at Fleeb's cabin.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"Nein, Katzchen, I am fine," though he does give that long look to Larry. On the little imp's way up, his tongue sticks out in the direction of the 'big bamfer'. Kurt has hot chocolate, and whatever else he has chosen to spike it with! (Little bit of schnapps, no doubt, but he's not telling!) It's the marshmallows that make it look oh so innocent.

"If anyone wishes, later we can hit the-" Reindeer? Kurt barks a laugh, "I like that. Though, we can hit the slopes later if anyone would like."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean boozes! First from the bottle that Rogue passes her, taking a drink from it directly. And, in the process, also nearly does a spit take (and ends up coughing a bit as she forcefully swallows to avoid it) as the strange squad of Santa's reindeer cosplayers goes rushing by. "I... didn't imagine anyone would actually be out on the slopes at this hour." It's hugely dangerous to do at night! But then again, it's not like the Xaviers crew has a monopoly on drunken shenanigans. She peers off at the area they've just passed, and wonders. "Where's Santa?"

She missed his earlier passing and PRESUMED DEMISE.

After this, she gets a more proper drink from Kitty, beaming at her in thanks. "Ooh, this is perfect," is her analysis, after a sip. "The perfect kind of thing to warm you up on a cold night." Yes, she knows well enough that drinking isn't actually the best for that, but this isn't the time for her usual educator self. They're on vacation! Science, begone!

"I plan to be too drunk to do any night-skiing myself," she tells Kurt. "Gonna hang out here a while and then get a good night's for when they officially open the lifts in the morning. This place has a shuttle, so it's pretty easy. But if you want to go out and get eaten by the-" Then she pauses, and blinks a few times, before looking over toward Rogue. "Oh shit." Blink blink. "That... do you think that thing is still IN THERE?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Finally, Little Miss Perfect would seemingly be bored and leave her Fortress of M-Itude and happen to catch Jubilee and Noriko staring over at the cabin door. "I believe that if you're looking to seal them in and asphyxiate them the proper procedure would be to ensure that the door is securely welded shut first." Waste not, want not after all.

"Unless you're going for something beyond efficiency with your retaliationa nd you wish for your targets to slowly suffer in writhing agony for thier impertinence. If you plan on making their demise far more excruciating forgive me for making an offer that was not barbaric enough."

Rogue has posed:
Hambone is running from the kitchen back to the living area with a big bowl of Peanutbutter Crunch. His buddies are all eating Ruffles and Cheez-Its. They're taking turns on Fortnite while being super loud, shouting, and listening to their phones.

The Fleeb and Fleebettes are in their cabin rooms now, posting social media messages. Wendy posts one about 10 Ways Garlic is Great.

On the slopes. Some guy in an Elvis costume with christmas lights strung around him goes sliding down the snowy incline, a radio mounted to his back, a microphone in his hand, singing Elvis' greatest hits... for some reason.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Fleebettes?  More like Fleabettes in Nori's mind.  Parasites.  All of them...aaaand Nori gets splurted with blood.  If she had noticed, she would have had a chance to dodge it.  Now she just looks like someone screwed up tie dyeing her shirt.

"20 until they don't notice you at your max speed," Noriko says as if it were a wager she says after using her finger like a wiper blade and squeegeeing the blood off her cheek at high velocity toward Fleeb and her crew.  It's about as insulting as biting your thumb at someone!

How could she waste such precious blood on suck LOSERS?!  Shameful.  Sinful!

"Did you see that santa?  I thought he'd be streaking in nothing but his hat and beard, but I was gratefully disappointed..."  She trails off when she realizes Monet is talking to them.  Noriko lets the girl talk all the way through, giving her zoned out attention.  "Got any ideas that don't make them taste worse?" she projects loud enough to make sure someone in that clique hears.  But they don't, because they are in their room.

"Why is your phone going off so much?  Are you following one of those assholes?"  Nori turns her gaze on Jubes skeptically, unaware if she should respect this or be disgusted with any possible answer.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue disappears under the surface of the hot tub water. She vanishes under the bubbly bubbs!

Beware tub goers, for there is a soul sucking girl in barely any garments beneath the flowing waters, her sillohuette blotting out the hot tub lights beneath the water....

She bursts back up and exhales as she opens her eyes, her right hand coming up to stroke the water off of her face before she laughs and suddenly just flies up out of the water!

She shoots out of the tub like a bullet out of a gun!

Gone in to the night sky, though way way up high, she can be heard shouting! Happily shouting at the moon.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde hops up to her feet in the hot tub, waving her drink towards the well-coifed man as, "I'll have a blue... ah-Christmas... without you...." rolls across the ski slopes and the nearby cabins. "Thank you!" Kitty yells towards him, "Ah, thank you very much!" She waves her glass but avoids going full Woo-Girl for the Elvis impersonation.

But it's probably a sign she's letting her hair down this weekend. Even if it's still in a ponytail. Kitty settles back into the warm water. "Wow, that got cold fast," she says of standing up while wet in the chilly mountain air.

She takes a sip of her spiced rum and coke and sighs happily. "This came at a good time," she tells them. "And I'm board with the whole drinking to excess plan," she tells Jean, reaching over to touch glasses with her. Her eyes go to Jamie One. "And you don't HAVE to tell us if we do anything stupid. Though, you know. Take videos if it's Jean."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Kurt does keep a weathered eye on Fleeb and Co., as well as the gamer boys. No one dies on his watch! He hates the paperwork and the explaining to the parents that they pissed off a vampire upperclassman, or something. He catches the Elvis headed down the slopes, and Kitty's verse about a 'blue Christmas'. "Nein.. you'll always have a blue Christmas.. what does he know?"

Hot chocolate is only good when it's still warm, and all marshmallowy.

Sensing something of a disturbance in the form of a bamf that suddenly appears right in front of his face, the rapidfire "bamfbamfbamf.. bamfbamf.." sounds a warning to Kurt. A sigh escapes the larger elf, and he sets his mug down to the side. "If you will excuse me, I must attend something." In the next second, he's gone, leaving behind that tell-tale scent of brimstone.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie One winks at Kitty. "I would, but I'm told I shouldn't film people without their consent unless I'm, you know, _on the job_." He looks around and then asks, "Unless you ladies want to be investigated. I'm more than happy to open case files on each of you."

Jamie Prime looks like he wants to face palm but also high five his dupe. This is what happens when you're able to actually have conversations with (or observe conversation by) yourself from an outside perspective.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is left sort of open-mouthed and... yeah, that about covers it, as Rogue's answer (to whatever apparent scary story from 'last time' she was asking about)... is to fly off into the sky shrieking like a madwoman.

"I'd say maybe she'd just had too much to drink, except..." Yeah, she's a flying brick with super-endurance and all of that stuff. So not a very likely excuse. Still, there's something in how she watches the woman fly off to literally howl at the moon, that leaves Jean smiling. Admiration for that total freedom of spirit, perhaps! Something that she can never quite match herself.

But she completely breaks down laughing as Kitty joins in on the nonsense, seranading the passing Elvis. There is more half-drunk, half-aspirated booze, which leads to more cough-laughing. And really it's just kind of a spiral from there. "I'm glad," she answers the other woman, when she can finally talk properly. There's a bit of a momentary look, and pause, but she doesn't follow-up. Telepathy isn't exactly necessary to know what problems her young friend is having, and sometimes the best medicine is really just to laugh and let loose.

Still, her brows knit together when there's talk of Jamie keeping tabs. "I don't intend to get as crazy as Mighty Maid up there, thank you very much! Just... nicely relaxed. But it sucks skiing with a hangover."

As if to demonstrate the properly relaxed state of being, she sinks down into the water until just her nose is above it, lightly blowing bubbles near the surface. Blub-blub. And thus Jean will remain, until she's nice and prune-y. Or until she needs another drink.

Elsewhere, some of the more responsible teachers (like Kurt and his squad of assistants!) do eventually start shooing the students toward their rooms. Despite it being a vacation, it's still a school event, and so there's still a curfew, an offical lights-out, room checks, and all of those things that adults are supposed to do to make sure their charges are well rested for the day's activities in the morning.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps back in through the darkness and over the patio railing. She extends her bare feet and legs, then splashes down back in to the hot tub!

"God its cold!" She says as she shivers in the hot tub waters again, only now...

She's wearing a Santa hat...

She looks aorund at everyone, rubbing the backs of her arms and laughing softly. "This place is great." She says then before she looks toward Jean. "We should go check on that cave place... See if its still sealed up!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is now going along and going to pay attention to things going on outside while there's a look of pensive irritation on her face at some of the yelling. Oh, how she wishes the circumstances allowed for something a little more direct. But..

Leaving Jubilee and Noriko to plot proper retaliation and revenge, M is now walking her way over to one of the small kitchens. Evaluating.. Goign to ever, ever so carefully analyse the layout of it.. Then going to gingerlytake her hands over towards one of the freezers present and glance at it. Hmming.

Eyes darting over it, analytically. Then opening the door. Frowning. Then closing it. Then she would glance at it irritatingly..

Then go to take her hand over and move to simply lift up the refigerator and pull it back by a few feet after unplugging it.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Just innocent school trip pranks..." Jubilee answers Monet, still burning a hole in the side of Fleeb's cabin with her stare.

    "Nori, there will be plenty of time for your naked Santa thing after I take care of something," Jubilee replies absently. She's still staring at Fleeb Central, her eyes locked in. Take care of something. Or someone.

    Jubilee's eyes finally lower when Noriko calls attention to her phone going off. She reaches into the waistband of her shorts, glances at the flowing screen of her phone, deletes something, and then tucks it back in under the elastic. "It's nothing," she answers cryptically before moving inside to wash up.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's face scrunches at the words 'your naked Santa thing.'  Her eyes flick back to the cabin, then back to that phone, then back to Jubilation.  She frowns in the girl's wake and sighs before running off to get some snacks and run back to join Jubes.

Jean Grey has posed:
A wet mass of red hair and pair of eyes sticking up over the water observe Rogue's return, almost as if unwilling to risk that same cold to greet her. Blub blub. Blubadubdub. In fact, she doesn't even leave the water to say hi to the newly-dubbed Ms. Claus.

<<Nice Hat.>>

And even if she doesn't actually stay under the water forever, she's willing to stay out there and soak for quite a while longer, to just luxuriate and maybe even enjoy another one of those spicy rums. Indeed, the fact that she DOESN'T immediately give up on it to head back in and resume adult responsibilities may say something about how much she needs the break as well. For once, she's just happy to soak, and ignore the weird noises of people moving around refigerators or engaging in other bizarre nonsense. Let Kurt handle it!

Of course, there's no such thing as one hundred percent forgetting 'the job,' as Rogue finally mentions the cave.

"Hmm, yeah. I've been checking the local paper, every now and then, and it seemed like they didn't have any more murders after that. But still... I kind of want to check it out." Pause. "Later." For now? She motions Kitty for another, and then half sinks down in the water again, more than happy to stay out here with her friends until their pruny skin can't take any more.