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Snow Blowne
Date of Scene: 16 January 2022
Location: The Wobbly Barn Bar <Killington Place>
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Rogue, Jubilation Lee, Michael Erickson, Jessica Drew

Emma Frost has posed:
The hills are alive! ... With the sound of snow. The winter vacation trip around Christmas of members of the Xavier Institute is going on. Some studetns and teachers are going out skiing or snowboarding, others are hiking.. And some are getting liquered up.
    Emma Frost is sitting around the bar, a long mink coat wrapped around her with a floppy santa hat dangling to the side with a large mug of spiked cider.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is walking back toward the bar after spending the last twenty minutes talking to two young men in cowboy hats who were parked under some of the neon beer signs. They ordered her and Emma both some drinks, but Rogue chose to go chat them up. She comes back now, wearing a green sweater of dark foresty hue, with some slim fit jeans and cowgirl boots.

Skiing was fun, but to a girl who can fly? It's not that much fun. She just likes the atmosphere of this town, and all that goes with it.

"Whew, they're sexy." She says to Emma as she leans back on the bar now and grins at the woman in the fur coat. "Ya sure ya don't wanna go 'ride the bull'?" Rogue asks of the White Queen with a big grin on her lips as she raises her mug of ale up to sip from it again.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The door to the men's room swings open and the third member of the trio of dudes-with-cowboy-hats staggers out. Compared to his two friends, he has noticably less 'oomph' to him. Less energy. Less pep. He just looks pale and tired. He takes a few steps from the bathroom, past the pool table, and stumbles again. It takes him a few tries, but he rejoins with his crew so they can fill him in on Rogue and Emma. The two who bought the drinks look over at them and smile. The tired friend tries to look over, but it's just so hard to keep those eyes open...

    The door to the men's room opens again, slowly, quietly, and Jubilation slips out. She brings her index finger to wipe something from the corner of her mouth. Her cheeks are flush.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take a moment to glance at Rogue, "Why thank you." She would dip her head at Rogue, "And I believe that if any riding is to be done here I can't remotely take away from your share of the spoils. Please, don't feel like you have to share. Do keep them all for yourself. You can buck more than anyone else here."
    Emma's lips would twitch upwards in a smile, teasing or literal. "And hello Jubilation." She would glance at the girl with a hint of concern, but is not making a show of it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns around to lean over the bar now, her drink in front of her as she rests on her forearms with her right foot up on the metal boot bar along the base of the counter. She grins as Jubilee joins them, then laughs softly at what Emma says. "Well, ya got that right..."

Rogue turns her beer mug around a couple times as she eyes the Vampire.

"How was the bathroom? Ya look... frefreshed, Miss Lee." She states, grinning at the younger woman.

A glance is given back to Emma then. "Ya gonna do any skiing this year, Frosty?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation manages to make it all the way to her stool before reaching out with both hands to prevent herself from falling onto it. This girl trained for the US Olympics team for gymnastics and, after death, seems even more capable of feats of grace. She doesn't stumble or trip. Normally.

    "She's saying you do a lot of... "

    Jubilee doesn't finish the sentence. Instead, she starts to laugh while maneuvering her way onto the stool. "Oh, I am refreshed, Marie. I'll never need freshing ever again, I'm so refreshed." Jubilee reaches out and pulls a bar menu towards herself just with her fingertips. She stands it up on the bar and opens it. It's just to keep appearances.

    "Wait. Emma's gonna...ski?!" she blurts out. "I can't be seen with /skiiers/! Am I right!?" Jubes spins on her stool and raises her voice, her words taking on a lazy, slurry cadence. About half of the bar starts to cheer -- the snowboarders -- while the other half, the skiiers, start booing Jubilee.

    Jubilee spins back around on her stool. "I declare this year... the year of the 80s ski lodge comedy!"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just smile at Rogue, "Why thank you. I'm sure that you'll have all the fun that you prefer. And I am unfortunately not particularly interested in skiing. It was something that my father had a great passion for as did one of my sisters." By the way Emma says 'passion' there's a tone in her voice that makes it clear she would have enjoyed it a lot more if either had gone off the slopes to a cold demise.
    As Jubilee would enter over and approach them, Emma would sigh. "And did you get a good snack in there?" She would end up asking up front. "And you do seem rather young to have seen any of those."

Rogue has posed:
Emma's words has Rogue just smirking a little bit at the White Queen. She knows the dry stylings of the woman quite well by now. "Ya gotta crack'a smile more, if ya ask me. Need t'hear that hidden Emma laugh. It's gotta be in there somewhere..."

Jubilee's declaration, and stool spinning are observed by the southern belle, who props her chin up in her hand now, and just smiles at her.

"Sorta like Hot Tub Time Machine?" She asks then, but her eyes glance back to the cowboys, and she nods once before commenting further toward her friends. "That one that was in the restrooms has a glass'a whiskey over yonder. So I'm guessin' our fair maiden of the night here is... totally sloshed now. How... odd!" She says with a little laugh.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation, not being a good liar whatsoever, offers up her most plausible explanation for the last few minutes. "I'll have you know I had to go to the /bathroom/... And I wanted to check out those weird water fountains I've heard about." There. That should be a suitable answer for both of them.

    But then her mouth keeps moving.

    "...Don't ask how I know, but I think that guy over there eats a lot of fried food."

    She starts laughing again, this time even going so far as bouncing her fist against the bar as she tries to snap herself out of it.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Rogue for a moment, a questioning expression on her face. Emma's lips would purse as she would send Rogue a mental message <<If Jubilation fed on those men then is there a problem? Is she not getting enough blood through what's being given to her from the Institute? Is she feeding often on others?>> Emma is checking over and sharing her worries wtih Rogue. But not outright stating anything directly to Jubilee.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at Jubilee's response and actions. She reaches out for a bar menu and points at it. "Look. They have a Bloody Mary. Maybe you can drink it. I hear they go good with fried food..." She says with a grin as she lays the bar menu down on the counter surface, staring down at it now whilst sipping at her drink.

<"I don't know. Looks like it. Though the fella seems okay, so maybe he liked it? Friend'a mine said when a vampire drinks from ya, it feels like a real nice drug. though... don't think I'll ever figure out if that's true or not. Poor things'd break their little teef on me."> She 'thinks' back to Emma, not really seeming that concerned about it, apparently!

Maybe she trusts Jubilee to not do the 'wrong thing'!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "You think?" Jubilee asks Rogue, grinning a little. She tilts her head to the side, considering that. "...Yeah, maybe!" She taps her lip a couple of times before raising her arm and waving enthusiastically at the bartender. "One Bloody Mary, my good man!" Jubilee announces. "The more literal the better!"

    Fortunately, the Vermontonian bartender is not one to read into things like that. Instead, he just gives Jubilee a singular 'ha!' as a response. "Nice try, kid," he replies before giving Rogue and Emma each a smile. 'Look how responsible I am!' he's thinking.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Rogue at the other woman's thoughts and then purse her lips. Emma goes to try and take a scan of the man that had gone int hat she suspected that Jubilee had taken a quick nip from. She would go quiet while looking at Jubilee and shaking her head.
    <<I'm not faculty, Rogue. But I find this concerning if she's making a meal of someone in a public location. I would suggest you talk to her or have another member of the teaching staff do so.>> Then glancing over at Jubilee and smirking.
    "Another time, perhaps. I'm sure that there are other things along you can indulge in."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just gives a little grin to the bartender, then looks back to Jubilee. "How ya doin' down there?" She asks the younger woman. "You just about ready t'head back to the cabins?" She inquires. "Can get ya somethin' at that butcher shop down the street maybe..." The Belle adds before sipping her drink again. She glancces up at a hockey game on the tv behind the bar, but only idly stares at it while replying to Emma.

<"Last I heard, Doctah McCoy was gonna try'n create a synthetic blood replacement for her t'have on hand around the school. But I guess he got busy and hasn't been able t'work on that? Ya might have t'ask Jean. Or I suppose I could...">

Rogue huffs out a sigh then as she straightens up once more, and takes another swig of her beer.

"Where's Nori at anyhow, Jubes?" Rogue asks of the bloody Mary herself.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Suggesting she go back to the cabins? Asking about Nori?

    "Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say you're trying to get rid of me," Jubilee points out. She squints one eye and looks at each of them. "Something's going on here." Jubilee looks from Emma to Rogue to Emma to Rogue.

    The cowboy from the bathroom stumbles up to the bar, briefly blocking Jubilee from view. "Pleasure doing business with you, good sir!" Jubilation announces, grinning up at the guy. He looks down at her and frowns. "Huh, what?" He's not even interested enough to stay for the answer. Instead, he heads back to his friends with three new bottles.

    Jubes rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "I gave him fifty bucks for some of his blood before. He doesn't remember." She turns back to face the bar again, looking none-too-pleased. "I've been going to a mutant school for a bunch of years. Everyone knows that if two people go quiet in a conversation, they're 'thinking' about you behind your back."

    "So, like, if you're wondering about it, yeah, I had some of his blood, but, like, he gave it to me. Was compensated fairly for it, too!" Jubilee slides off her stool, her frown continuing. "And, if you gotta know, I used a butterfly needle I swiped from the infirmary. I'm not some skank!" She blinks a couple of times. That sure was loud.

    "I said /not/!" Jubilee announces to the bar.

Emma Frost has posed:
As Rogue would go on Emma would give a nod to the commentary and go to stretch out. "I don't see any immediate reason to go back but given I'm not going to be partaking over in anything going on the slopes and I'll probably be eating in, no offense to the amazing company you all give.." Emma would note dryly over at Rogue.

Listening to what Rogue would go to say over on Henry. <<He has enough projects going on as it is, I can only imagine. And this could be outside hsi range of specialty>> Emma doesn't have much of an idea unfortunately.

Then when Jubilee would speak up, Emma would glance at her and speak quietly, "I'm sorry, Jubilation. But you don't seem all right." The man that had come out with her would seem fine if a little dizzy. Emma crossing her arms. "And when was the last time you topped yourself off?" Emma looks like she realy could go for that third Bloody Mary herself.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is watching a fight in the hockey game, two sexy guys punching the hell out of each other while spinning in a circle and clutching at each other's clothing. What a good sport. But the talk draws her eyes back over to the two friends with her. She shows a soft smile to Jubilee.

"Emma is concerned about your well bein' is all." She notes before the cowboy makes his appearance.

When he tries to leave, Rogue grabs his wrist with one gloved hand, she makes eye contact with him. "Drink more water than booze t'night, Fella." She tells him with a smile. "You'll need ta." She advises before releasing his wrist and turning back to the bar.

Her mug is raised up and sipped from again. She then lowers it and shakes her head. "I'm not school faculty. So I dunno what all I can really do other than, ya know, pester folks... Things seem t'be goin' pretty good though, I mean we've only lost one horse..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Riiiiight," Jubilee drags out. The thought that Emma might be concerned about her is a difficult idea to accept. She squints one eye and nods her head a couple of times. "I believe that, like, totally!" She folds her arms across her chest and purses her lips.

    "If I choose to engage in financial transactions in the privacy of the Men's Room, I don't see what business it is of yours, anyway!"

    Jubilee stares, waiting for some kind of answer or reaction from Emma or Rogue. But then, out of the corner of her eye, she catches sight of it. The nearest three tables of ski-bums are staring at her. She's being loud again.

    "...Craigslist. Lawnmower blades. Slightly used," Jubilee adds, loud enough to be heard, but on purpose this time!

    Her forehead comes down to rest against the bar. "Oh, don't bring up the horse!" Jubilee groans.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would direct her eyes at Jubilee. "I am. But I'm not your teacher, Ms. Lee, nor a membe of hte faculty. So you're not required to take my concerns with any degree of seriuosness, particularly on something that's a sore spot for you. It's not my place so I am sorry for interfering in your vacation and disrupting it." The persona of the diamond edged woman that cares little is now fully back in place as Emma's body expression would go fully neutral and restrained.
    She would sit back over in her seat, going to put down some money to cover a round of drinks and going to order an expensive bourbon as if all of her care had been drained out of her.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Anonymous ski bums at the table, and friendly parties at the bar. Michael smiles as he steps through the door to the place, holding it open for Jessica to enter behind him. He had a feeling that there would be people from the school here, given the vacation staff and students took; it was there on the bulletin board, but until very recently he had, of course, been otherwise engaged. But that's in the hands of other people now, other parties. All he can do until the potential end of the world is take a long drive with company, and hope that nothing explodes.

    Or, at least, explode and take everything else in existence with it.

    But that's a matter for later. Right now, there's friends. There's drinks. There's Jessica. "Shan'aa vundi, halan," he tells Jessica, holding the door open. "Looks like some are here. I'll introduce you."

Jessica Drew has posed:
They are powdered from the snowball fight she started as soon as they got out of the car. Too much time driving through the snow and she was stiff from keeping them on the slick roads and needed to work out the kinks.

Red-cheeked from the cold, Jessica stamps her feet in the entrance knocking off clinging snow, and pulls off her knit hat to loosen her dark shoulder-length hair.

"Oh, the heat feels good. Here's for some hot cider!" Smiling back at him, "Oh, good, now I can meet some of the people you talk about."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue moves around behind Emma, and Jubilee who has her forehead down on the bar. The Belle's left gloved hand reaches out and pats Jubilee on the back. "There there, Sugah." She says as she puts a few $20 bills down beside her. "There." Rogue says as she starts to take her gloves off. "Ya got your feedin' off that tall drink'a water, now I get mine off'a you. I always did like Asian food." She says as she rolls the gloves up and drops them on to the bar top.

With her bare hands out now, Rogue rubs them together to warm them up, laces her fingers between each other, and then smiles as she sees Michael entering the bar.

"Heya, Mistah!" She calls out before brushing her white bangs back over her shoulders with her bare hands.

A glance is given to Emma then. "Fair play, right?" She asks as she moves a naked hand toward Jubilee's own!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "There's nothing to be concerned about. I brought my own stuff, okay? Jeez, I don't remember either of you ever asking me about, like, ice cream or Captain Crunch before... But, /now/, all of a sudden, everyone cares what I had for dinner!" She jerks her thumb towards the bathrooms. "That was just, like, a little experiment. It's a bar! I wanted to see..."

    ...if it would get her drunk.

    Jubilee pulls her hand back quickly and lifts her head so she can glare at Rogue properly. "You wish!" she fires back with a smirk before following Rogue's eyes to the door. "Hey, look!" Jubilee adds. "Ten bucks says he brings up outer space," Jubilee whispers, glancing up at Rogue to see if she'll take that bet.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would turn her attention to Rogue and Jubilee with light concern once more in it as Rogue would be going to warm them up, and go to try and.. Well, Emma wasn't sure. Something to hopefully help reassure the younger girl? The blonde didn't have much of an idea. But not interrupting. "Michael! Good of you to join us here. I didn't think you were the vacationing type. And who is your companion?" Emma would inquire over to Jessica Drew, by the expression on her face not recognizing her from anything.

Emma would then go to fold her hands together.. And then simply use her telepathy to heighten her body teperature a bit by convincing her mind to convince herself she was warmer and it was toasty. A lovely trick that.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Fooling yourself professionally into manifesting reality - either Emma's the living manifestation of 80s positive thinking or telepaths truly are a type of creature all their own - no need for outer space when there are aliens among us. And there's Michael, of course.

    The Shi'ar approaches the trio of women with a wave, smiling in that weird, underwear-catalogue-model way of his. Polite, real, but not /entirely/ human. "Hello, everyone," he calls, gesturing back to Jessica's dark-haired glory and such. "We were in the neighborhood. Thought I'd see if anyone was in here from the resort - this is Jessica. Jessica, this is Emma, Marie, and Jubilee." 'Marie' being Rogue, of course. Can't have street names on vacation.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jessica takes off her gloves and slips them into her coat as she walks behind Michael. Unwinding the red scarf from around her turned-up collar, she nods in greeting with a faint smile to each of them in turn, repeating their names. Her green eyes linger longest on the palest of the three, Jubilee. Super hearing had caught the side bet on space and the odd conversation about Captain Crunch. Smiling inwardly, Jess wagers to herself that Jubilee will likely win.

"Hey, very nice to meet you all. Call me, Jess. It's good to get away sometimes, isn't it?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks back at Jubilee. "It's only fair!" She protests being denied her ability and chance to 'feed' too. "Fine..." She says as she drops her hand over her money then and draws it back toward her. "And no way am I takin' that bet. that'd be like... askin' the Colonel t'tell ya why his chicken is so good without him talkin' about his eleven herbs an' spices." She has no idea if it is 11 or not, she just threw a number out there.

When MIke and Jess get close enough though, Rogue beams them a smile. "Heya, Fine lookin' folk!" She says cheerily, one hand on her hip now, the other on the bar on her mug of beer. "Ya made the four hour trip all the way up here t'see us? Ya'll are too sweet." She grins at them.

"Nice t'meet ya, Miss Jessica. We're just hangin' out a bit t'night, gettin' ourselves pre-ski drunk for some late night 'death race' skiin' down the side'a the mountain. Ya know how it goes... it ain't fun unless 'Killington' is really put t'the test..."

Rogue looks back to the tv behind the bar. "Another fight!" She says of the hockey game. "Get'im, Blue team!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Or, like, betting against Hank saying 'hypothesis'..." Jubilee adds to Rogue before coming away from the whisper.

    "Just in the neighborhood? /Here/...?" One side of her mouth curls upwards, revealing a hint of something sharp. "Just in the neighborhood... here?" She shrugs one shoulder lifts the other side of her mouth into a complete smile. "Whatever you say, Space Man."

    Jubilee's eyes shift to inspect Jessica, apparently not at all uncomfortable about returning eye contact even when it lingers. "I'm Jubilation," she adds, both eyebrows hiked up. "We're gonna go down the steep one. Death's Doorstep!" She side-eyes in Rogue and Emma's direction. "Unless they chicken out."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would turn over, "Michael, Jessica." She would dip her head to each and then glance over at the game up on the screen. Strongly tempted to do something over then and giving a light smile over and then her eyes would flash just a little bit if one were going to pay attention to them as she would fold her hands together..

Then up on the screen the person making a swing that was -not- on the blue team would stagger alng at their horribly off the mark one and take a tumble over as if they had lost all ability to stay on their feet. Coincidence? Or something far more sinister?

Emma would look nonchalant. "Consider me surprised that you've joined us." T o Michael. Then a glance at Rogue, "You just ate. If you absorb any more souls while we're in this realm then you'll start to get fat."
    thne to Michael, "If you don't mind, do tell us about your friend."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    He smirks at Emma, but not unkindly - he appears to like the steely frost queen there. "Jessica was with me at the school," Michael says casually to the three, gesturing to the lady in question. "You know, when we all...first met." You know. With the alien invasion and his betrayal of his people and the hey now. "She was the one who came up with me." And helped with the shooting of the Shi'ar. SHIELD, in other words. "We've been working together off and on at her office." A glance to the TV where the hockey players punch at each other, and his brows arch. "Never gets old," he murmurs to himself, then looks to Jubilee.

    "And yeah, just in the neighborhood. We needed to get away so I suggested we take a long drive up 7 to get there. I knew you lot were up here, so I figured, enh. Why not. Be nice to introduce her to you guys again. You know. Formally." And not with energy bolts and blood everywhere.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"We stopped to rent skis on the way up in town. The prices are better and the equipment is less beaten up. We'll be killing it up there with you, I hope. Nothing like a little pre-ski drink to get your knees loose for the slopes."

Still smiling widely, she turns to Emma, "There was a lot going on the first time we met, Ms. Frost," Jessica agrees with a smallshrug. "Wouldn't expect you to remember me. And this time," she hooks a thumb at Michael, "he grabbed me and pulled me out of the office. Mr. Workaholic himself."

Rogue has posed:
"Psssh." Rogue says back to Jubilee. "As if some mountain, filled with trees, and potential landslides, in the dark, scares me." She replies about the night time death slope. Her drink is hoisted up then as she sees the fight stop with a less than enjoyable ending, which makes her frown. "They should just all get out on the ice and punch each othah t'decide who wins." She notes to nobody.

The southern gal's green eyed gaze then goes back to the newcomers. She smiles at what they say.

"Outta the office and up here is way better, I would think. But ya'll work in that fancy SHIELD buildin' right? I took a ... F-16 fighter jet there once, gave it t'some'a your people. Hope they put it t'good use. Whatever one does with such a thing anyway..."

Rogue sets her money down on the bar and motions to everyone with them.

"Buy everybody a round." She says to the bartender. "Get these two some cheese sticks too! They been in the car all this time, they need some artary blockin' food, stat!"

She doesn't know what Stat means.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Alright, to Death's Doorstep, then!" Jubilee announces happily, thrusting her index finger into the air. "I'm gonna go get my board and a drink back at the cabin." Said just oh-so-casually, like it's a totally normal thing to leave a bar and get a drink somewhere else.

    Jubes moves away from the bar, revealing that she never really did dress for the weather. A yellow tank-top, black leggings, and flip-flops. "See you all at the top!"

    When Jubilee goes to walk past the cowboy-hat-wearing-guy from earlier, she gives him a hearty pat on the shoulder. "Thanks again, big guy!"

    The cowboy can't remember what she's thanking him for.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    And off she goes, Miss Jubilee, leaving the three of them. "Good to see she's doing all right," says Michael, heaving a sigh. "At least she's not hissing at me anymore." That said, he gestures for Jess to take a seat at the bar, though he still leans against it. "So how are you all doing up here, speaking of vacations? Scott put anyone in detention yet?" This is an inside joke from the way he's smirking at Rogue - and, now that Emma's gone, he can slide his arm around Jessica's shoulders in a warm and coupley way. Very fond of her, is Michael. Odd to see the man who teaches mutant kids about space and the often horrifically imperialistic nature of galactic society can be...someone's man.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Cheese sticks! A carb hound after my own heart. Perfect, I'd love me a hot cider."

Jess pulls a menu left on the counter to herself and hmms under her breath, "A scallop poor boy? Really? That sounds amazing."

Leaning on the counter, she smiles when Mike puts his arm around her, but she is on a mission and flags the bartender down to give him her order.

"I'm not a hockey girl," her British accent underlining why that might be.

"Are you eating, too, Michael?" Of course, with his Shi'ar metabolism, it is more a question of when is he not hungry, but she asks out of politeness. "Did you have dinner already, Marie? If not, join us, please."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans on the bar as Jubilee stands up to leafve. "Awww, don't be a butt!" She shouts after her friend. "And... she's gone." The Belle says then before she looks back to the two of them still with her. She smiles at them.

"Scott didn't make the trip." She says then. "Someone's gotta defend the castle, less we lose it t'foreign invaders in our absence." Probably more true than not!

"So nope, no detention slips... yet. Plentya' things already have gone down that woulda worranted them though." She states with a big grin for them both.

Her eyes go back to the tv then. "I don't know much about any sports, cept Baseball I guess. My dad was a big baseball guy, so I've kinda kept it on my radar in his absence."

She gets a fresh drink from the bartender, whom she thinks with a grin before taking another sip from it.

"Ya'll better get up t'the cabins though, and hop in one'a them hot tubs. That's the first damn thing I did, t'be sure... Was absolutely heavenly in this weathah."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "The Headmistress will give you dirty looks." A grin, now, Michael enjoying more this interior humor. A look, then, to Jessica, and he nods. "Uh, whatever has a lot of meat in it, I suppose, halan," he says. "Please. I'd appreciate it if you ordered for me." Because he's tired, and he knows well that he'll end up ordering a side of beef or something like that. Because he is a big old alien fool - a fool that is now fighting the instinct to start talking about space sports. Which he does not.

    "I like baseball," he says instead. "Very strategic. But we're not staying at the cabins. I'm taking her to Paris tomorrow for an overnight stay. Do you want anything while we're there?" He adds, for Jess's benefit, "Marie wants to teach French once she's graduated."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"C'est tres bien. J'adore le Francais," Jess replies, turning to smile at Marie. "Are you from the South? I'm still getting the hang of American accents, I hope you don't mind me asking.

Head tilted at Michael, "Why is the Headmistress going to give dirty looks?"

As the bartender passes by, she catches him again, "Could you add two Reuben sandwiches to that order and fries, please."

"Hot tubs. We'll take a long soak after we ski. I know I'm going to be sore if I don't. Been too long since I've been on the slopes."

Rogue has posed:
The Belle is just leaning on the counter on her forearms now with her mug held by its handle, and her gloves rolled up beside her hands. She grins at what they say to her, shaking her head side to side at Michael. "You're just gonna what? Teleport there, or somethin?" She asks him. "Or did ya fly a space ship out here?" She asks with a grin toward him before her gaze goes back to Jess.

"Je viens du Mississippi. Mais ma mere etait fan de Paris. Alors maintenant je le suis." She says back in a rather impressively flawless transition from the southern accent to a Parisian one.

"Color me jealous that ya'll are headed that way though. Some day I'll make my way out there myself." She states softly with a grin cast at them both.

"Ya gotta stay for a bit though, can't just rush off right after gettin' here."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Happy at the prospect of speaking French with someone who obviously speaks it fluently, Jess replies before dropping back into English, "Ouais, c'est mieux d'apprendre une langue avec ta mere qu'a l'ecole. I'm really looking forward to the trip."

She was surprised that Michael had mentioned the trip, thinking it sounded a bit pretentious. "I don't imagine short distances like New York-Paris phase him. Too many much longer trips behind his belt." She shoots him a quizzical glance, "Just how /are/ we going? He is making the plans. I don't mind having a day or two here if it's not too icy on the slopes. How about you? How long are you staying?

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "The joke is that the headmistress has a private hot tub in her office," Michael explains to Jessica. "Which isn't true, but it's funny to think of. In our scenario she often finds people, usually Marie here, soaking without asking. And then Scott gives them detention, because he's all about rules and is characterized as a beloved yet joyless asshole. Which as far as I know he is not. I don't teach in a wing where he is." He looks to Rogue, then, to confirm or deny.

    Then, he blinks at Jessica. "I was going to put you in a flight suit and fly you over via harness. Take us an hour or so. Why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong with going to Paris?" He, of course, hasn't been to France since 1987 or so, so he doesn't bludgeon his fair friends with his own Francais.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly at Michael's words. She shakes her head side to side. "The jacuzzi is in Jean's bedroom upstairs. Well. IT's in the bathroom off'a the bedroom. But yeah, you get the idea." She says with a playful grin. "Used t'be the Professah's room up there, back when he could walk. But I guess when he ended up in the wheelchair... he moved down t'the first floor. So's now Jean has the big fancy room in the house. Though, there's a few others people might argue are nicer... Ororo's place up in the attic room for instance is just about a dream house. Kinda thing a Princess would drool ovah." She lifts her mug up for a sip.

Gathering her gloves up, Rogue leans back and sees the couple's food being brought over. "Ya'll enjoy your meal. Once you're done, ya can follow me up t'the cabins. I'll show ya around some." She says with a smile at them. "I'm gonna go talk to them cowboy fellas over there in the corner in the mean time..."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "See you later, Marie." He smiles as she makes to depart, giving her a very slight salute, fist on heart. A momentary dip into his past. Fondness for her, too, albeit a very different sort. "You take care of yourself. I'm glad you two could meet."

    Then the plates are laid out on the bar and he turns about. "Oh! Sandwiches..."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jess's glance, eyes sparkling with laughter, follows the direction of Rogue's gaze, "Have some fun then and don't forget to hot tub, Marie. It was nice meeting you."

The aroma of fried scallops fills the air.