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Fangtastical Dumpster Diving
Date of Scene: 19 January 2022
Location: Fangtasia
Synopsis: Hell's Kitchen is a little more Helly.
Cast of Characters: Valerie Killmore, Karla Sofen, Molly Hayes

Valerie Killmore has posed:
It's in the middle of the day, the light is up called the sun, but it isn't terribly warm or anything right now and there's been angels flying about Manhattan for the past... while. Though that doesn't seem to keep people from tossing garbage away but the sunlight probably keeps the vampires at bay.

Otherwise, the day is a regular day. People doing what they can to get whatever they need done in small periods of piece and, in Hell's Kitchen, that isn't the most common scenario. Krrrzzzzzzkkkkkktzzzz. There's a loud electrical sound before a pop, the kind of sound that happens when something important is getting electrified and then... the circuit breaker pops. Just, louder.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." There's a screaming woman, suddenly, over the alleyway just outside of Fangtasia and then, into a dumpster she goes with a loud, echoing thud. A moment later, "Oooh, ah, fuckin' hell. Huh. I've been needing one of these." A little more shuffling, and the tops of solidly blue hair sticks out from the open dumpster. Some sounds of shifting material inside as she is clearly looking for a few other things.

Karla Sofen has posed:
Having spent some time dumpster diving herself (Or at least letting other people do it, then taking it from them and possibly making them vanish), Karla Soften would hear the sounds out of the alleyway over and then just walk in that direction. Glancing at teh girl popping up an out of things with the sizzlin of electricity and som sort of power, she would offer ever so amusedly..

"If you're looking for things worth getting, I might suggest Manhattan. I bet tehre's a lot of things out there you could get some use out of." She would smile over. "And what are you supposed to be? Jinx from League of Legends? Your outfit definitely needs a bit of work if you're going that route."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Looking up, and right then left a moment, before squinting at the person nearby, she takes a look at the blonde. "What? All the best stuff is here in Hell's Kitchen. I mean, you wouldn't..." Another look, as she hops up to the edge of the dumpster, sort of balancing on the edge with her flats, one hand, and kind of crouching there, "You got a good place somewhere? I wasn't exactly looking for anything, but..." She pulls up what she found.

It's part of a spatula, but broken, so it almost looks like a large jagged fork, "Take this, sister, and jam it into a VCR, add some gears, some springs and you've got yourself the beginnings of a small trebuchet trap. Genius!"

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would shrug, "Well, there's the junk here. I mean.. Sure, it's Hell's Kitchen, but you're grabbing the stuff someone else didn't think was worth looting in the first place. The real god stuff? You want the things that are abandoned and everyone is too freaked to touch. Manhattan is where it's at, with the evacuation." And ti being a war zone thanks to angelic invasion.

"So why limit yourself to what's already been gone through a couple fo times when you can get some real high grade things with no competition?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Holding up the broken spatula, and then pointing in the direction of Karla, Valerie wonders, "You think someone's competing for this?" She raises one of her charcoal eyebrows up like she were some kind of Vulcan. Then she twirls it back, and settles down in a seated position on the edge of the dumpster's rim, she does have on her person a belt with a device in the center that is sparking and sizzling still, a few small leaps of electricity on the device. Concentric circles with a series of what look like runes.

"That's a good point though, there's an evacuation going on. I could really use some wheels." Valerie starts and then hrms, and grins slowly, as her eyes stay half open and elongated from the squinting, "You got a name, maybe a nice set of wheels?" She looks Karla over for a moment, assessing clearly.

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would shrug, "I have a name, no nice set of wheels." She would say casually. Sort of answering the questions asked, but not directly. "And there's better things out there. What you going to find for a set of wheels here? Something so broken down it's not even worth stealing? A rustbucket that doesn't have an engine? A VW that goes faster if you get behind it and push? I mean anything you could get here might have -wheels- but you're likelier to find a decent unicycle than a car."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The shrug, the answer, and Valerie chuckles at the response and then offers her own little shrug with that. A big grinned, chuckle, and then pushing herself off the garbage dumpster's edge. As she's listening some more though, she's using her gloved hands to knock off from her clothes dirt and some grime, but now that she's on the ground, Karla kind of towers over the shorter blue haired woman, as Valerie slowly turns her head, looking up at the blonde with a confused look. Then an 'ohhhhhhhh' being mouthed, as she nods her head, "You are thinking I need a car. That's just stupid, no, need 3 more wheels. Got a project in mind, working on it." She then looks around herself, patting about her body before sighing, and moving back to the dumpster.

Jumping up a bit and leaning forward, dangling head first back into the trash she's balanced like a teeter totter on her hips as she looks for something. "So, how'd you get so knowledgeable about the secret treasures, you some kind of a professional collector or something?"

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would shrug, "Well, you can always find some of thoe. You're likelier to find wheelers and dealers. If you're looking for something, you just want things that you can take for a spin." There's an amused grin on her face; whether teh fun of being able to needle someone who didn't get it or finding the engagement entertaining. Crossing her arms then she would smile.
    "Oh, I just watch a lot of PBS. Antiques Roadshow, they're always going in about abandoned things. And Manhattan.. Look at all those refugees going and screaming about leaving their entire lives behind that they can't carry with them."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Fucking TV rot your mind." Valeria bursts out in one quick breath, as she starts to huff a little, breathes rising and falling quickly, minimally echoing into the dumpster where her head is but it rocks her body back and forth some. Then she is rocking back to get on her feet, wiping off an uzi that was in the trash. She slides the strap over her shoulder and lets it dangle at her hip, this Uzi has scratches and markings on it, paint all over in a graffiti style that was clearly added by her truly.

"I fucking swear, the way these... Nnnnngh..." She's gripping her hands, "People just stare stare stare. Zombies. Clueless." And then she's losing some of the tension as she looks up, "They deserve whatever they get. I hope those" Air quotes, "Angels" end air quotes, "Just flatten the shithole. Ya know? Miss Antiques Roadshow."

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would shrug her shoulders, "Well, I don't know. I find that stimulation leads to intellectual pursuits and appreciation of the past. Never knowing what treasures you're going to find. You.. Well, you don't ahve to worry on anyting rotting your mind. I think you're safe from those deviant sorts of things." A casual sneer over and a shrug of her shoulder.
    "Well, that's what Manhattan is getting. If you asked me it should have been Staten Island, but you work with what you have. And you seem the type of girl who thinks she deserves something more. more than just digging out random treasures from the junkyard."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Furrowing her brow, pulling those eyebrows together, her left arm's muscles twitching some, as Valerie listens, "Tee Vee," elongating each sound, "Makes you dumb. It's there to placate the masses, keeping them under the thumb of all the people up there." She points skyward, almost like she believes there's people right up there, and then she shakes her head a few quick times, making her braids dance around behind her body, "It lies to you. The news, stories, twenty four seven broadcasting, all of it lies. Sell you on products. Worst fucking offenders of all." She's starting to pace, back and forth in this alley, about Commercials.

Shaking her head a few more times, then pointing sharply at Karla, "You won't see me sitting down to enjoy them snacking on my noodles." More huffing, loud breathing through her nostrils, "More? I... I, more..." Going back to pacing, she says "I just, prefer... broken discarded bits. No shame in that. Junk. Leftovers..." She reaches up and scratches at the side of her head while pacing, "Parts, bits, projects, project bits, just a frame of reference." She lifts her hands up in the air, with an exaggerated shrug then lets them fall to her sides, stopping her pacing.

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would let her hand rest by her lap, "Oh please. You're clearly the one in need of going around with a strainer on your head wrapped with bits of aluminum foil to make sure nothing else leaks out. You're going to start singing old commercial jangles while going on about how they're never going to catch you and what a great conspiracy there is. There ar eplenty of conspiracies. You lose track of which of them is which."

She would lsiten to Hex, "I see. Takes one to know one then?" There's amusement, in teh not-quite sneer sort of way from Karla. "Like begets like?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"A strainer on my head?" This stops Hex, in place, her eyes are doing that thing like a physical bulb might be exploding above her head right now. "A strainer..." A few chuckles, smile growing, "On... my head? Of course, you see, the holes. That's what's needed, of course!" And she tucks the spatula, handle first down the back of her pants, to hold it, like someone might do a pistol, she pulls from under her halter top a pen and shakes it. It rattles like a paint pen for touching up cars, but is a bit bulkier than that.

"That's brilliant." And she twirls the pen in her fingers, rolling it about like a coin on knuckles, "Not sure about the foil, but the holes, interacting. It's worth a shot? You know it is." A quick conversation with herself, till she turns to Karla smiling, genuinely, "You - Miss Roadshow, you don't look like you're an Antique. But you definitely got curves, sister." And she mutters out a few unintelligible words, then a pause, and quick look up, "What were you asking?"

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would shrug, "The foil's supposed to keep your thoughts in and other people's out. The strainer just make sit comfortable so you don't have to worry about seepage. They go together as it doesn't really work on it's own. You have to put some ribbons on it where you tie it down though. You're wanting maximum effect." The sneer on her face has gone to now full mocking as Karla decides that the woman seems the type to beget that rather than sympathy.

She would smile "Oh, just giving you advise on a big world out there. Sometimes the type you need to make sure you're ready to face. And I was asking you why you didn't have your head stuck back int he garbage pile."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The description of the strainer, with the idea of thoughts. "That's not it at all." Hex is saying more quietly as Karla keeps explaining, and going on and on about the strainer. "We're past the foil, okay!? No FOIL, No FOIL!" She screams, an outburst in the alley as she tenses up, gripping her hands into fists.

Then saying there's a big world out there, like Hex is some kind of idiot, some kind of childish fool, there's a bit of a last straw. "I am NOT an ostrich. Do I look like one? They're going after food! Do you realize that? Head in, hole, food. Not hiding, not afraid, not not not!" She stomps the ground infuriated as she steps forward with quick speed, trying to push Karla with her own Superhuman strength. Ideally, Hex thinks, to the street where a car going past could hit her.

Karla Sofen has posed:
There's another taunt coming from Karla, "Oh, why? Worried about being foiled again?" She would go right to the level of mocking the other girl and starting to laugh right over as she would be hit hard by her an dslammed and sent flying! Skipping along the ground in a tumble from the rough shove! And.. Then getting up wtih a look of pissedness on her eyes, some light tears in her outfit where it..
    Probably should have left her with bare minimum of second or third degree burns and large chunks of skin rended off from being sent flying along concrete. "I tried to play -nice- with you and be helpful but you had to be useless with it." There was a flash as her body would glow, her expensive dress fading away as her costume would appear on her.

"So I'm going to make a new one out of your hide!"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The slam worked, she hit the other woman, and then looking up Valerie smiles, "Bitch." And just turns, rotating on her foot in a quick spin, letting her braided hair twirl a moment about her and then come unraveling again to be behind her. "Fuckin' blonde bim-" She stops, there's not a decided, sound of screaming, or crying, or crumpling splatter. And there's a person talking to her from the street she just sent the blonde woman into.

Turning back around, there's a costumed blonde woman, "Oh, fer fuck's sake. You HAD to defend the foil, huh? It's a dumb idea!" She screams, shaking her head, shaking her fists, and starting to pull up her Uzi, starting to walk in the direction of the costumed woman. "It won't WORK! Don't you understand the first thing of strainers on your head? Huh?!"

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes happened to be in Hell's Kitchen because she and her friend Negasonic had recently been discussing whether or not Daredevil was lonely. Well, Molly had mostly discussed it and Ellie had listened patiently while Molly spoke in between bites of French toast. Still, she figured the best way to find out was ask him so she came to the city and headed towards his known territory. She knows she's gotta be a bit careful in New York with all the craziness over in Manhattan, but she feels pretty safe because...well, because she's Princess Powerful, gosh darnit.

Then she hears gunfire and yelling and OMG there's a fight going on. She pulls her cartoon chipmunk took down hard over her ears, unzips her pink jacket to show her Power Girl branded merchandise (bootleg) and runs towards the fray.

"Hey! Which one of you is the bad guy?!?" she cries out.

Karla Sofen has posed:
The sauntering over of the girl has Moonstone's hands snapping up, glowing over with the energy taken from the moonstones that powered her. A building up glow in them would have her then releasing a series of high powered blasts from them that could vaporize solid steel! "I beg to differ. But we can meet midway. I beat you up, put you in a coma, you end up on a ventilator and need an iron lung to breathe while they put you on enough meds that no one can tell the difference!"

The sudden rush of Molly towards the duo would just get Moonstone staring, "Get out of here, kid. This is no space for a knockoff." But ehr taunt is sent the way of Princess Powerful and might throw off her aim enough to make it easier for Valerie to dodge her shot!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Light beams? Light Beams?! That's surprising, and terrible, a sane woman would run away from lasers being shot from another woman's hands. A sane woman, Hex is not. Instead she's running forward, even as those hands are being raised up, and she hops part way up, rolling over the back of some passerby attempting to get away. The blast barely misses the blue haired woman, it would've been a straight on hit, if it weren't for the person she rolls over turning into dust instead.

"Joke's on you, Miss Roadshow Laser hands, an iron lung would be amazing!" And she levels her Uzi and just starts firing. Far less precise than lasers, the gun has a lot of kick, firing rapidly but there's a little shimmer as the bullets explode out the chamber instead of the normal explosive rounds, "That y-y-y-y-your-r-r-r si-d-d-d-e-kick-k-k-k-k?" As the bullets come out shaking Hex's small frame, walking bullets all over the place. Street, nearby building, and ideally a lot of them in the direction of Karla even as Hex is still moving in her direction rapidly.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes puts her hands on her hips. They weren't being very cooperative in terms of revealing their alignment. However, one showed care for a young person in potential danger and the other is shooting a big gun at someone. That's enough of a Cliff Notes for Molly, at least at the momet.

"I'm not a kid! Well, maybe technically, but I'm older than I look! Seriously! Also, I'm a superhero. So...just...calm down with the shooting," she says.

"Sorry, Mr. Mailman," she says as she casually reaches over and rips a big blue mailbox from its concrete moorings, hefting it up and just chucking it at Valerie.

Karla Sofen has posed:
the bullets flying towards her that shimmer has Moonstone instinctively twist to the side and phase - whatever they are don't feel normal, so she veers on being cautious. She might not be a particularly skilled fighter, but she at least had a fair bit of experience so knew what to do. "So, more than happy to put ~innocents~ in the line of fire now? What sort of a monster are you?" No, she wasn't in the slightest heroic. But she still was theoretically under a pardon. So that meant she had to always act deniably - at least until she could manage to get rid of whomever might try to charge her. 'Self defense' in a world of heroics covered so many things after all.
    Whomever Molly was, she could prove useful! "Break her up kid! She's attacking innocent people!" Not that she particularly cared (or at all). But what was life without enabling the endangerment of minors? Going to let Molly take the attention, Moonstone goes to rapidly fire more of her energy blasts at Hex, them going out rapidly - but hopefully with better aim than Valerie's magic!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The lasers missed her, but the mailbox? Who throws a mailbox? Especially when you are focused on some costumed blonde lady shooting laser beams?! The blue mailbox goes sailing through the air colliding with Hex's body, the stupid thing, and right in the middle of a cool flip forward as she was shooting her Uzi. Does this thing run out of ammo? She stops squeezing the trigger as she gets knocked to the side, sliding across the ground a good dozen feet from the mailbox slamming into her. "Grrr!" She just said, Grr.

Hand planted on the ground, she's getting herself 'back up' and squinting, "Who the FUCK threw that?!" Multiple times looking past the girl with the cute hats, "Come on... step FORWARD, or so help me, I will tear your legs off before I feed you uncooked refried beans." A near guttural toned threat.

That doesn't last long though, there's lasers. More lasers! She's attempting to twist, and turn to avoid them, but she was so angry at the person who hit her with the mailbox she just isn't at her best dodging these. One hits her in the side, grazes a leg, and as she's falling over from that one another one nearly hits her in the head but just singes some of her hair. They hurt, but whatever she's made of is tough enough that she's not just dust. With a loud growl she swings her gun arm up and starts spraying bullets again, these in the direction of the laser woman, and anyone close to her.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes frowns, "Hey! Stop shooting already! Geez, this isn't Call of Duty or some dumb video game. You could hurt people with that thing," she says. Then she points a finger at Moonstone, "That goes for you, too, lady, only it's a different video game with people who shoot lasers from their hands, which is a really cool power but totally not safe for all ages!"

The petite girl does a short leap in the air and then brings both of her fists down onto the pavement, her agitation only adding to her already colossal strength as she sends a shockwave of broken pavement toward Valerie.

Karla Sofen has posed:
The bulletes being shot around might not be an issue for -most- invulnerable folks, but for Moonstone, who is vulnerable to them (and blades) they require some leevl of dodging. She's fast, but not that fast! So as a couple of the bullets would wing her, one shooting through her side and leaving a nasty cut through her but no real damage, but bleeding rather nastily.

"HEY!" She's going to dive underneath the ground, phasing through it with a flash of energy around ehr to try and razzle dazzle and disorient to cover her phasing!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
It becomes clear, suddenly, to Hex, that Molly was the one who threw the mailbox. If she can throw a street she can throw a mailbox. And if Hex can dodge a wrench, she can dodge... wait, no, she can't dodge a street at all.

These bullets from the graffiti'd up Uzi are bullets for sure, powered up by magic. They start piercing the bits of pavement coming her way, but there's a big mass amount of stuff. She turns, she's fast, she tries to run, but she decided to stop shooting too late as the pavement erupts and flings itself into her. The razzle dazzle from Karla would be impressive and effective, but suddenly things are a lot less pew-pewy.

Hex is kind of laying on the ground, next to a bunch of rubble and breathing hard, she is still in one piece, if singed, burned, and would be bleeding but hurt by lasers so cauterized type state. She sits up and then groans, reaching behind her, and she pulls from her back the spatula with the sharp broken end to it out of her back, causing her own blood to spill, "No... no, no." A swallow, as she looks at the spatula, "You, you can make it, you can. Is there a doctor? A doctor?!" Pausing, she looks back to the spatula, "No, an engineer! Quick... wait, I'm a fucking engineer."

She reaches down to her waist where she has a belt, and a device that's like a steampunk-ish belt buckle. Twisting various circles, "Come on, stay with me, you can stay... with me." Her lower lip is trembling, tears are starting to come from her eyes, even as she's bleeding pretty badly from her lower back. Sitting next to rubble.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes puts a hand to her mouth as she looks at Valerie, "Oh gosh! I didn't mean to hurt you that bad! I mean, you -were- shooting all crazy like, and I was just trying to get you to stop, but oh gosh, that's blood, yeah, hold on, I'm gonna call 911 for you," she says, reaching into her jacket pocket and pulling out her phone.

She points a finger at Moonstone in the meantime, "You probably need an ambulance, too, so both of you just...stop fighting each other or I'll bash you harder and I don't want to do that, but you're just wayyyyyyyyyy out of hand and super violent. Like, Punisher is looking at you two and going SETTLE DOWN LADIES."

Karla Sofen has posed:
Moonstone had taken the time and effort to phase underground and run until the danger had settled and up to that charming teenage brat.. Err, girl. So when she would float up and underneath the ground one hand would be covering her side. "You saw it. she attacked first and was trying to kill me!" Never mind that Moonstone had been the one firing energ blasts that had done horrid things to the poor human shield that Hex had put in the way.

But much as she might wish to, there were people around so that meant no phasing her hand into her attacker's neck and snapping it around. Much less when the little girl would probably scream and then try and snap her in two over like a broken out slinkie. "You attack /me/ you take the consequences." A warning is given to Hex, and the poor dismembered spatula caught up in all of it that's the true sacrifice of the evening.

Never mind that Molly was the one who actually did the saving.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
There's more sniffling, and tears, and Hex is looking at the spatula from different angles. She's trying to look down it like leveling off a sword, and shaking hard with the cries, "We'll polish you up, and.. and then, we'll even you out, I promise. I promise." She hugs, yes, hugs, the bloody trash spatula close to herself, as she looks back up. Venom, in her eyes, and not the symbiote, no, anger of unfathomable depth.

"I don't know who you are Little Weird Hat girl, and your sidekick Miss Roadshow, but - so help me. So help me! When..." Her belt buckle is starting to light up with little sparks of electricity, that cause her muscles to tense and body to seize up as she talks, "I get... back... ffzzt ... the splendor .... of... gah! This ... treasure. You will" And then there's an eruption of electricity, a quick full body seizure and then.... zzzzzttttpoof. The blue haired woman is gone, leaving little sparkles of electricity where she once was sitting.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes stairs at the sparkles of electricity and slowly puts her phone down, "What the sweet Wonka fudge was THAT?!?" she says, gesturing towards where Valerie disappeared as she stares at Moonstone, "Are you gonna do that? Is this some sort of cosmic magickal girl struggle? Cause I can totally get into that. Although your outfits need some work, Sailor Moon, I gotta tell ya," she says.

"So, do you want me to get an ambulance or are you going to vanish or fly away all dramatic and sneering and stuff? Cause...I mean, that would be cool and would save me some trouble, but I don't want you to bleed to death or anything either."

Karla Sofen has posed:
Karla Sofen would hiss over, "Coward. I'll get her next time." Her remembering to not use -gut- her next time,w hich is what she would fully do if left to her own devices. Then Moonstone would lowe rher hand to her side, "Kee pyour shirt on kid." No even bothering to ask Hat Girl her name! It forgotten already. Karla herself going to vanish over into the ground, phasing to get away to live to fight another day!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
And so, the quest of the hole-causing spatula begins. Where ever Hex teleported off to, it was not where she intended, and likely requiring her to walk multiple blocks, up a few flight of stairs, and drag herself into her work area where she can immediately start working on fixing her injured comrade. Oh, what adventures they will have, what tales they'll weave in the fabric of this world. And at some point, she may even stuff a cloth into her bleeding back, staple or glue it closed, you know, modern medicine.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes sighs, "Gosh. People can be so rude these days. Keep my shirt on? Like I'm just gonna rip my shirt off in public. I'm not Hercules! Ooooh, I should try to meet Hercules. We could arm wrestle! That would be sweet!" she says.

"Sorry about the mass destruction!" she calls out to random passers by as she starts walking again.