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Crazy meets different color schemed crazy
Date of Scene: 22 January 2022
Location: The Dugout - The Narrows
Synopsis: More to come in pt. 2, the Taste of Bombs.
Cast of Characters: Valerie Killmore, Harley Quinn

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The metal door at the entrance stops any would be people from just kicking the door in and entering. Though, that's what it sounds like for the 'knock' from the Bluehaired lady. Good thing the inside crowd doesn't hear it with the noise, the jukebox and regular tomfoolery going on inside. Instead, the little window slides open, there's a look, then an opening up of the door.

In strolls a bluehaired woman with tattoos, she might be recognizable from the boob tube, but maybe New York City explosions don't get a lot of news time in Gotham. Cause, that's like, everyday bomb stuff here. Either way, this is the place for her, and she's got an uzi strapped over her shoulder that hangs off her back. The uzi has graffiti on it, scratched in icons that look like old runes of sorts, and she has two grenade looking things with teeth. They look like clatter teeth things at the dentist attached to grenades, and are held about her waist with ... bright pink yarn. And then on a belt she wears, there's a little circular device with those same kinds of runes from her gun and the graffiti'd up grenades, more etched into it, but otherwise she's got no weapons on her small statured self.

Heading straight up to the center bar, she walks, whistling, counter to the music that's playing. Wrapping on the bar she leans on it, "Hey my brother from another mother, listen up. I need a drink, red, no, white, no, blue, maybe green? Violet, violet works. Anything that's violet, mix'er up and send her my way." Right next to some person on a stool, taking up his space and hedging him off of his stool by invasion of personal space and disregarding more than physical force. At least, yet.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is one of those patrons that's already inside the bar at this time. With at least two seats on each side of her empty. Because they still remember what happened last time she was here? Or was it the *other* time. Either way, things were broken, along with people. So there's a certain distance given to her. She is dressed in fishnets today, long boots. Shorts and then a black vest atop. On her shoulder hangs a bag which an observant eye may recognize with having easily accessible pouches. Like, say, for bombs! Specially if one recognizes it's the actual Harley Quinn sitting there. On the counter, just next to her drink rests a baseball bat, all graffitted up and full of stickers. No nail sticking out of one end at least. Maybe she is starting to go soft.

The clownette doesn't seem to notice the newcomer right away, too busy in her own world, arm on the counter, her head on it and she eyeing her drink. It's a cosmo. She murmurs quietly. "Here's to you, Spiral.." so maudlin! It's certainly not the first cosmo she has had tonight.

As Valerie comes up and asks for a violet? Well, that perks her attention. Baby blue eyes shift to the newcomer, eyeing her through the haze of her drink, then towards the bartender who seems somewhat dumbfounded at Valerie's request. "Bob.." she tells him. "It's the liquah on the back shelf theah." she points out. "Really, ya forgot the violet already?" clearly someone else likes color-coded drinks too.

And as the bartender starts going to get Valerie's drink ready Harley says over to her, "Good choice, Rapunzel. Nevah good to go right towoouhds the reds right away."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Tap tap tapping blue and purple colored nails on the counter, Hex is standing there, leaning, standing, leaning, trying to get the right posture for 'badass' chick in a bar down. She's really out of practice, and so rescued by the blonde. "Thanks sister. You know it, reds right from the start... well, turns the eyes green." She communicates her distrust of early red drinks, and then peers back to the back shelf again and then back over to the bag carrying woman.

The bat gets a look, reaching out she goes to snatch it up, just to inspect it, but if she's stopped - likely - she'll just bring her face closer to it. "Nice line work here. Stickers." She snaps suddenly, like a light bulb popping above her head, "I really need to get some stickers. Put some yarn on the back and stick them to things." A little chuckle and she nods her head, "Timed, yarn stick'em bombs. Layer them up on someone's 2 year and 11 month old refrigerator" She leans to the side a bit, commentary on her own comment, "Ya know, so the warranty still counts." Then she gets more upright again, "And then, let the milk fly. Bet'cha some cats would really like these, special order them."

Then she brings her uzi around and lays it on the counter so she can take one of the empty seats near Harley Quinn. She's not been to Gotham, doesn't watch TV, and really doesn't read the news, it's always about terrible things. "This place is rockin' though. I mean, the music is a little soft, and the people are... boring, for the most part, but the door at the front, that was pure wizardry. That scowl, that thing can give, from Oz himself. It makes my toes wiggle. You stuff candy in those bags, or bombs? Or bomb candy? Or candy bombs?" As if there's only those options.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Does Harley know about all the trouble that Hex has been causing in New York? It might be she is too drunk to fully recognize her. Or maybe she just doesn't care. Either way she doesn't really stop the young woman from snatching the bat, even if she does point out. "Seems it's not only yah bombs that are sticky, eh?" a cheshire smile appearing on her lips and she looking at those STICKY fingers that pick up the weapon.

"Always been a fan o' smileys myself. It's about delivering a good mood to the people. Not that I do much o' that anymoouh, but in heah, bettah come ready." she turns her head to look at the rest of the room. "SO PEOPLE DON'T GET ANY IDEAS!" piercing gaze at the room...

Yet ideas is what the rest of thuggery there seems to be having. Specially with them having recognized Hex from the TV. Whispers going around the tables. Maybe they are considering a nice reward for their efforts. The shout from Harley makes some of them cower back but many continue to look over. Maybe waiting for an opportunity.

"And actually..." Her attention is back on Valerie, "This one is bomb candy..." she takes a bomb all drawn in random patterns, the only one being, of course, a smiley face. "Oh wait, no!" she takes it back into her bag and takes another. "THIS one is the bomb candy. The otha is just plain old explosive." she drops the supposed bomb candy (or is it candy bomb?) on Valerie's hand before she peeks at the ones she carries. "Ya know, ya got a peculiah style with those. Can I see one?" she asks. Because she is polite and not a sticky fingers!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
A violet drink comes Hex's way, and she picks it up to look at it, then holds up the glass and looks from underneath, and then she looks at it through the main part of the glass, light on the other side. She shakes her head with a little sigh, "You call THIS, violet!?" Grumbling she shakes her head, some and looks to Harley her eyes wide, "More like a mauve, or a lavender really. Violet. Pretty run down terrible place you got here." Though she drinks it anyhow, and settles the glass on the counter, not asking for another, and wincing, giving a face, "Definitely, Lavender."

The bat, is settled back down on the counter, though after having given it a once over, but she does counter the shout, "IDEAS are GREAT! Though. Too often we squelch the curiosity of the young! So, think... all you dummies. Think!" She looks around, nodding her head like that's sage advice, before focusing again on the clearly smartest person in the room. Harley.

When the bomb comes her way, she doesn't hesitate to look at it, "Oooh. Exploding candy, such a good idea!" She looks to see if this is edible, with her teeth, and with her free hand she pulls up one of her grenades and settles it over in front of Harley. "Don't pull the yarn, though. Baaaaaaaaad, news. If it goes off. I mean, sometimes they don't, and other times they do even without the yarn being pulled. I'm not... sure, what kind... that one is. I usually color code them, but then I start mixing colors, and is it blue is electricity, or is it green? Or maybe, I ran out of a color." Either way, the grenade has a scratched on graffiti paint style that mixes actual scratches and the look of scratches. A cheshire cat esque grin is on this one with an exaggerated head and face around it, along with the clatter jaw part of it all, making it stand out for sure amongst other grenades.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley only shakes her head at the Lavender. Almost as if she was all too aware of that. She leans closer as if to whisper to Valerie but the way she talks is way too loud, "Bob's nevah been the same aftah I broke his arm.." she confesses, "I mean, he fully deserved it foh tryin' ta take me in to some boss..." a glance to the others in the room. "LIKE SOME OTHA PEOPLE HEAH." then back to Valerie, "But on hindsight, I should had broken somethin' else. How important is a jaw foh a bartender...?" she muses. Bob, on his part, just picks up the glasses and leaves quickly to go refill drinks. And be very much out of the way.

Biting into the candy bomb does indeed reveal it may be edible. At least on the outside! Some mix of gum, gummie bears, some unrecognizable sparkly flavor. "No no, no bitin' befoouh it explodes!" she tells Valerie, "It's supposed ta be an explosion o' flavor when it goes off, but like that it's just drab!" it didn't taste drab though!

"But ya know what, I got an idea..." She tells the other with a devilish grin, baby blue eyes dancing, "I am curious about these bombs o' yours. So how about you show me yours and I show you mine." a beat, "Live." she suggests. "I know places in Gotham wheah we can let it rip without gettin' disturbed." she tells the other. She does actually look rather curious about the manufacture of those bombs.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
There's some nodding of understanding as the commentary goes off about the broke arm, Hex is chewing though currently, and mostly listening. From watching her facial expressions anyone familiar with the bomb would likely know what layer she's on, as she eats it. Gum, chew chew, gummie bears, eyes get a bit wide, sparkly! She smacks her lips a bit, and a small grin like she's about to laugh, as if it tickled her tongue.

Then there's the whole, no biting, and she pulls it it away from her mouth and, wipes her lips with the back of her hand, "Oh. Really? I mean, if that's drab, put me at the center of this candy 'splosion, cause it's got my attention. And yeah, I agree fully on your jaws comment. Who needs boats roaming the open sea?"

The topic of conversation changes, and to bombs. Explosions. Demo-ing, them, and she gets up from her stool. Standing, "Oh, let's go. Each one of those is hand crafted, by yours truly... Hex. That's me, I make them, find stuff, put it together, you know that Gum is highly explosive? Key ingredient... in..." She looks over at the grenade that Harley Quinn has, then points to the one still around her waist, then back, and starts mouthing Eeney meeney miney, "Mo! Right, but he's at home. He's an introvert, unlike Uzi. Always hittin' on the ladies." She side glances at her graffiti'd up Uzi and gives it a squinty eyed look, "Just a bit too desperate, still. I don't think she's drunk enough. No, you would not look good in a sombrero. Okay, maybe you would, in that color scheme..." Back to Harley, shaking her head slowly, "I'm sorry. He's incorrigible. Let's go before he starts taking out his clip."

Harley Quinn has posed:
As Harley goes to receive that 'nade back from Bitin' Valerie she makes a face. "Well, now I don't want it with all the slobbah on it..." she states, "Well, ya use it when we awhe bombin' shit up. I promise ya won't be disappointed!" a wink full of promise as she jumps back up to her feet! Or rather .., she sort of slides. And almost falls rather unlady-like. Good thing she has a nice, soft cushion of one of the guys that was sitting on a nearby table... Over yonder. Yea, she is *that* drunk. The guy grunts something in return with a mean face but is about to return to his drink when ....

Harley just sucker punches him! "Yea, fuck you too!"

It makes the guy fall over to the table behind him. And in turn it starts an whole new circle of people shouting and punches being tossed around. Soon enough it's chaos inside the room.

"Oooops!" Harley says, quickly going back to the counter to get her baseball bat and bag. "Let's beat it befoouh this gets worse..."

Then to the bartender. "Put her drinks on my tab too, Bob!" but Bob is already hiding.

And then it's running time!