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Cometary Excursion
Date of Scene: 18 May 2022
Location: Asteroid Base - Fantastic Four
Synopsis: The comet is investigated and a plan is formulated what could go wrong?
Cast of Characters: Reed Richards, Valeria Richards, Kaida Connolly, Morgan Finn

Reed Richards has posed:
The comet has been all the rage in Astronomy circles for the past few months as it approaches from the outer solar system never scheduled to approach more than a light minute from Earth. The comet was taken as an oddity a relic of a time long past. A chance to amateurs and experts to focus their telescopes on the heavens in awe of the firmamemt. But then things started coming back radiation readings that were off pcutures that didn't quite line up. Unmanned oribes were sent but none managed to get closer than a light year, and two that only touched that fringe brought back troubling results one returned aged thousands of years and another floated away as nothing more than it's most basic components.

    That's when the call went out for the Richards to have a look. So, they packed up the ol space winnebago and brought along some friends. Morgan here to make up some physics classes he missed and maybe gain an appreciation of science, and Kaida adventurer extraordinare.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Space Road trip. With Dad. Lately the nerdiest Richardses had been busy with a lot of their own work but when the comet pinged for both of them Val was absolutely giddy to work with her Old Man.

"Nothing like possible fate of the world stuff to earn that science credit. On the upside. If we mess up we'll probably not get to see the worst of what could happen!" she tries to make dire possibilities seem less so.

"Soo, those probes? That's temporal energy right? Or the two we got back would be suffering the same fate? That could still be temporal energies but just less llikely?" she ponders aloud to the crew of the Space Winnebago.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Casually running about the various spots in the cabin, Kaida looks over the various controls of the ship they are in, peering at it and hmming as she looks from spot to spot. She finally looks to Valeria as she speaks and then shrugs.

"Not my area of expertise." She grins and then leaps over to the front of the ship to look out at what is ahead, "I would be interested to see what the effects would be upon organic material, especially in regards of certain biochemical reactions, if we could control a localized section of temporal energy, we'd be able to create certain medicines at a much higher rate of speed." She then shrugs and turns her gaze back to Valeria and hmms before looking back ahead.

"Still, we shouldn't get too close or one of us might end up old..." She glances to Reed briefly and then ahead, "Older or perhaps younger."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Strapped into his seat, Morgan sits very quietly, which is uncharacteristic for the energetic kid. On the football field or in hand-to-hand combat at Wonder Woman's side, the teen demigod is quite at home. But on a spacecraft with the beyond brilliant, beyond powerful Richards family? Yeah, he shuts his mouth and keeps it shut.

He is occasionally seen staring at Kaida. I mean, he lives with a Kithotaur at the Themysciran Embassy but a six-inch bipedal mouse? That's a first for Morgan.

He is peering curiously at the various little controls on the arm of his seat, not really sure what all of them are. He experimentally reaches out and touches one button. There is a loud clicking sound as his seatbelt releases. His cheeks, earlobes, and neck turn bright red as he quickly refastens it.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards smiles, "Well, it's still a few months away so this is a bit of an expanded timeline from our usual fair but yes, it seems that there is a temporal field, yes, and I can only assume it would have the same effect on organic tissue it did on inorganic, but that is something that would be relative, to each of us based on out biologies... " Reed is flying and monitoring some of the sensors, his arms flying across an interfeace untuitively designed for his use. He doesn't seem worried in this instance but with the comet scheduled to come within a light minute of Earth the problems could become exponentailly worse over time. "Getting a sample of the material of the comet would be a best case but seem inordinately dangerous. Val, activate all the active sensors and get some of the drones into the active space nearer the comet. We need to get a better idea what we are dealing with and how to alter its trajectory."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"If we get the younger side. I vote we get out the space ski and make you go for a ride Dad. Bring home a twenty something Stretcho. I'd never have to get a Mothers' day gift again! Assuming you get to keep your powers and knowledge." Val suggests with a wiink to her father.

"Samples are probably going to need live monitoring of shields and adjusting to match. Cause probe collection is really going to need manual work. Morgan. Have you ever flown an air craft or at lest an unmanned areal vehicle?" she asks with a bright smile to the student before looking to Kaida.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"What you need is older technology that is reliable in order to go into that area that way if it is reduced in age, it'll have been around long enough to stand up to it and if it is advanced, it will be reliable to withstand the test of time." Kaida nods her head and looks over at Mr. Fantastic and shrugs before looking then to Valeria with a smile.

"I am not typically best at controlling anything not built for my size." She shakes her head before looking to Morgan.

"What about you, Mr. Silent Shiny, what ya got?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan blinks when he realizes that actual people are actually talking actually to him. "M-me?" he says when Valeria asks him about flying. "Yes, ma'am," he answers politely. "I fly the Invisible Jet both in Earth's atmosphere and back and forth between Earth and the Watchtower. But this is the first time I've ever been this far out in space."

The teen demigod's gaze shifts to Kaida. "Well, like I said to Miss Richards, I can pilot vehicles. What would you like me to do, ma'am?" Yeah, the awkward dork just ma'am'ed Kaida. For some reason it seems like that is going to go over like a fart in church.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards deadpans, "Just don't hit the seat eject Morgan and you'll be fine." Reed smiles and glances at the control panel on Morgan's seat. "An excellent idea, Val. Morgan, take control of one of the drones. They all have plutonium fuel cells guarunteed to a 82 million years and the core tech is the oldest I could find that should get the job done. Sadly that's means it only about as old as me, so take that for what you will. It also only maintains pretty basic funtionality at that point."

    Hmmms, pondering Kaida's idea, "Now, it might be worthwhile to get some remote engines, maybe even world war 2 or earlier, we might have something in the junk pile from an ancient space ship we could use the push the comet out of Earth's effective range... "

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well sice her Highness the Princess trusts you with the invisible jet, yes you can totally pilot the drone. It'll handle similar to a lot of VTOL fliers on earth." Valeria smiles to the demidod and then to Reed running with the idea.

"I'd like to see the comet destroyed or neutralised personally but that may unleash too much temporal energy unpredicably. How big a radius would that be compared to what we have now. We'll need to factor in a new tracjetory So the energies don't disrupt other inhabited regions. That includes unevolved life. Last thing we need is unknowingly elevating life before it's ready. Ask the Kree how that went." she states and chuckles.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Yeah, or if you know someone who is really old, strong, and can also fly." Kaida shrugs before looking ahead and then blinks as she looks back at Morgan. She stares for a moment before laughing a little and shaking her head.

"I'm not a ma'am, thanks. Kinda not that old." She then looks over toward Valeria, "And unless we can atomize that thing, really last thing we need is tiny chunks of time changing things floating all about the universe."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Now that Morgan actually *wants* to release his seatbelt, the darned thing is stuck. He presses the button several times in a row before finally it clicks and releases him. He stands up and moves over to the controls for the drone and sits down. "Sorry," he says to Kaida with a sheepish grin. "Nobody introduced us. I'm Morgan Finn. Nice t'meet ya!"

Morgan grabs the two joysticks for piloting the drone and starts to run the device through a series of control tests. His movements are confident and on-point. One can see the teen is less of a bookworm and more of a hands-on person. Finally, "All systems in the green, Mr. Richards. Permission to launch the drone, sir?"

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards considers, "That is a possibility, but we can't even say that the comet itself is uninhabited yet. Though I agree in principal once we have verified the absence of cometary life... we may need to implement a series of solutions, moving the comet out of the path of ongoing life and then when it is in a safe region of space destroying it. Hmm? Oh, yes, go ahead."

    The drones launch and take their preliminary sweep of the comet staying a long way off not getting closer than a light minute and then daring incrementally closer, it is slow going and rather boring, until about twenty minutes in one of the drones hits a pockt of fast time and ages 500 years in a matter of seconds, followed by a deaging 300 years and then back to regular flying. Reed frowns. "Bring that one back, and let the reast continue the pattern. Intriguing it seems like a random phenomenon."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria happily takes a spot at a console to help work on shield modulation to make sure the drones in use come back in the same shape they left in. Or at least as best and close as possible. "Inhabited comet is a worry too. It might actually be in that comet for a reason. For all we know it's some temporal conqueror locked in there as penance but the prison is faulty. Just as likely a bening entity or entities. So many possibilities for good or ill. Uncle Ben or Johnny might start asking for sports results though. Like they can't just watch the playoffs without making a bet." she jokes.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A look over at Morgan briefly and Kaida hmms before looking out again. She is somewhat out of her depth here. She knows the words but not the science. She finally just takes a seat on the console at the helm and looks out before looking back to Valeria as she works. For a moment she hmms before shaking her head.

"You're the expert, Stretchy." She casually pulls a baggie from her pack and unwraps some cheese, downing a huge bite in one go before tilting her head to the side.

"My biggest concern is it getting anywhere near Earth." She nods her head, "We really need it to go away sentient or not. It's too potentially damaging if it can age and deage things so heavily."

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Yes, sir," Morgan says to Reed. He switches the active controls to the aged-de-aged drone. The kid ain't half bad as a flyer, and he brings the affected drone back to the craft quickly and docks it. "Drone #6 back onboard, Mr. Richards."

Morgan resumes keeping an active watch over the remaining drones.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards unstraps and makes his way into the rear workshop space, pulling on a safety garment to investigate the drone. Puttering and tinkering, clanking and ratcheting, then there is silence followed by, "Fascinating." and, "Oh dear!" The text can be easily seen etched into the drone is the a series of symbols and the translation matrix overlay clears 60% that the word is 'help', followed by 'Die' at 22%.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Daaaaad. Is that umm. A you know. Euthnasia request?" She asks as she peeks back over at the screen after the probe is returned. Grim stuff indeed and not loiveable Grimm stuff like hanging out with an uncle.

"Is that a broadcast from the comet or the prob itself just became sentient and suicidal. Poor thing!" she says and actually shows that growing capacity foir compasion she's had to work on since she was little.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink as she watches Dr. Richards head to the back. She glances briefly at Morgan before she leaps to the ceiling of the ship and scampers along the roof toward the back before flipping on to the table and peering at the probe that Reed is working on. She glances at him and then at the information they have gained.

"Uh." Kaida states as Valeria speaks out about the potential obvious before she considers the situation and taps her chin before she looks over at Reed, "Umm, perhaps this might be where I come in." She states simply, "If this thing is alive, I would need to know what kind of alive but perhaps it doesn't have to die?"

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards raises his eyebrows at the mouse girl and nods slowly, pulling up a series of vastly different readings from metal distress, the electricity flow to quantum processes, the quantum information shows the most interest and promise. The organized flow of information, the cyclical way energy cycles and the complex quantum pairings, far more than one would expect in a simplistic drone, they look like DNA or nerves but some AI inspired holistic analog.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Kaida, I'd say by all means but please be aware that quality of life extends to all sentience. Prolonging an artificial life can be as painful for it as with a biological one.

"Soo evolved AI. This comes back to the neutralise idea. Guess we'll need better shielding. Is it just Dad or do we just have to have one thing we suck at. I'm not telling Uncle Doom if you don't." she says and scrunches her face in a slight huff of a pout. "So the tempooral frequency changes even as we scan it and makes manually adjusting extra difficult. Can we just brute force with our own temporal fields?" she posits.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink and Kaida flips to the ceiling to stare at the information brought up before rubbing her chin as she stares, "Huh..." She says softly as she looks at the information that has been brought up before her. She blinks slowly before looking to Reed and then Valeria before shaking her head, "I understand but..." She considers this and then frowns.

"If this is artificial life it isn't exactly my area but DNA is something I work with. However, I really think that getting Vivian involved would be a good idea. She is AI. I think she might even have a form of DNA. She'd have first hand experience but if it is something causing this with DNA, then perhaps it can be adjusted?"

Reed Richards has posed:
As the temporal energy field wanes now that the drone is within the shielded confines of the Fantast-bago (Patent pending). The organization fluctuates and falls back into the randomized chaos or a low level drone AI. "There is again that 'Fascinating.' and Reed blinks, "It seems that effect is localized to the proximity of the comet. It isn't self sustaining, though I'm unsure why not... I thikn Val's idea of using our tmeporal shields boosted by the stargate fieled generator to get in close enough and push the comet back and away from Earth is the best we can do for now."