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Date of Scene: 05 April 2020
Location: Track and Field - Happy Harbor High School
Synopsis: Gabby and Alex have a chat.
Cast of Characters: Alexander Aaron, Gabby Kinney

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Is there a place more barren than a school on Friday afternoon? It's hard to find a location where there are so few people and even with those there they are likely mentally completely checked out to such a degree as to be of entirely no use. Assuredly there are a few teams practicing during that time, but Friday practices are notoriously ineffective unless there's a game the next day. And even then...
    So why is it that during this day, at this hour, a young individual who so often is already mentally checked out is still there on the front bench of the school, sitting before the bus circle and lounging there for a time with eyes distant?
    Clearly it is a mystery.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney had to stay after to help clean up the mess she'd wrought, as well as herself, as best she could. She'd changed out of the clothes she was wearing at least having been smart enough to realize that being at ground zero meant she'd likely get drenched. So fresh from a gym shower, with a change of clothes, she finally makes her way out front of the school with her bag slung over her back.

It's a little surprise to see Alexander still here though. Curious she walks over to where he sits to plop down beside him wordlessly before she peers in the direction he's looking. Or not looking. Finally she whispers, "What're we staring at?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    As for Alexander he still has his semi-soaked soda popped infused clothes, but doesn't seem to mind them too much, though there's likely to be shrinkage, alas. He remains reclined there, looking terribly at ease and with a casual attitude despite those distant eyes.
    Then he peers back over at Gabby and ponders a series of flippant answers, so often given to just being silly with the sophomore gal. But for a moment he pauses, then smiles a little. "Memories, some friends and stuff."
    He looks back to where he was watching, then his lips twist up, "And keeping an eye on those ninjas hiding in that tree over there." He lifts a hand to gesture oh so casually.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney ffts quietly at the end of that remark without even looking back over. "There's no ninjas silly. And that's a terrible spot for a sniper, too, so I think we're safe." A solemn nod is given as she leans back herself lacing her hands behind her neck to support her head.

"Sorry about the other stuff. I mean, if it's bad memories. I've lost a lot of people, too." Though she hasn't really gotten into that it doesn't sound as if she's being insincere either. Hm. "You know we could probably get the soda hosed off of you. That can't be comfortable."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    A laugh slips from him as he remains much as he is, slouched in the seat with one foot over his knee, hands resting on his abdomen in that casual reclined manner. He crinkles his nose sidelong at her and murmurs, "You just can't see them. Cuz they're ninjas." That said he nods solemnly before he extends one foot up as if inspecting the toe of his shoe.
    "And nah, not bad memories. Just you live and learn. I went into this whole school thing and meeting people with this idea of, 'I'm so smurt, I'll avoid the pitfalls every person hits, cuz I am just so smurt.' and then whabam, straight into the same pitfalls."
    At that his head bounces a little as he agrees with himself, which he would.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Ahh... That's because no body ever thinks like you do. You can't account for unknown variables," Gabby points out with a shrug as if that didn't really matter. It probably doesn't to her. "Best you can do is be true to who you want to be and roll with the punches. Which hopefully aren't actual punches," she adds with a little grin to show she was teasing.

Still, he was being all thoughtful, so she asks, "What exactly isn't working out for you? Or not working the way you intended at least? Maybe I can help." She pauses, before adding, "Or at least distract you if nothing else."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The blond youth's nose crinkles as he looks over at her, "Oh just you know how it can be when you're like, you go into a thing. And you've heard all the old cliches. And yet you hit those cliches still. I did the same sort of thing. Started dating a friend and it ruined the friendship. Twice." He offers with a nod thoughtfully.
    Then he cants his head the other way back to her, "Sorta figured I'd drift through school here until I head to ESU, but I do sorta find I'll be missing things here a little."
    He then pulls his t-shirt up a little and sniffs at it, the diet soda still making it all sticky and gross, but then he just lets it fall back into place. "So got me to thinking that maybe all the precautions we take against the weirdness of the world. Maybe it's all the illusion of free will and things are just gonna be as crazy and messed up as ever?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney winces a little bit at mention of dating, and old cliches. She nods though her own nose crinkles looking just a bit confused until he mentions the dating part. "Ooh. Yeah that would suck," she agrees with another nod. "I can't really say I've had to worry about that. Yet. Guess I'll have to eventually at some point." One hand slips free from behind her head to scratch at her cheek with a thoughtful hum.

"If life were predictable though that'd be kind of boring wouldn't it? You'd know everything that was going to happen. What's the point of waking up if you know exactly what your day will be?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Ehn, not so much that." His lips twist as he looks askance toward the tiny tiny sophomore. "More just I'd like more of a hand in how things turn out. But I suppose everyone frets with that in their own way." Which is curious to consider as he reflects on his role in the universe.
    "Anyways, that's what I was doing. Being all up my own butt." His lip twists as he waves a hand, "What about you? Big weekend plans? Gonna spend all that prize money in one place?" Not that there was any prize money.
    "I was gonna go work on my dad's house upstate. Sometimes helps me feel better about things."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Actually there was prize money. "Eh, the money's to be used for research or to go toward college. I don't know if I'm going that far yet so I might have to come up with some interesting 'research' ideas," Gabby explains with a little mischevious grin. Technically THIS had been research after all. Even if it was just Mentos and Diet Coke, she'd done some pretty thorough research on Yellowstone to begin with.

"I might see if I can talk my sister and dad into going out for pizza to celebrate. We don't get out often," she explains. "Laura's got a place in the city I stay at sometimes, but my dad's the 'cabin in the woods' sort." Glancing over at him she raises her eyebrows. "What kind of work?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "There was money?" His eyebrows lift upwards and he blinks a few times, then has an internal conversation with himself about possibly how he should have tried hard, but then he shrugs a little and realizes he wouldn't have in any case. A breath is taken and he hrms, "Can't be that hard to find stuff that can semi-harmlessly blow up with a faux innocent excuse behind it."
    His lip twists into a smirk, but then he nods along a little as she mentions her family. "It's just me and my dad. He's more cabin in the woods too, though he has a place that's more just... a compound thing. He's a prepper." That's offered to perhaps explain some of the more outrageous efforts John Aaron takes.
    "But he's busy with work and union stuff, so I go up sometimes to put in a few man hours. Still need to finish working on putting in a wooden fence along some of his property."
    A half-smile slips onto his features as those hazel eyes slide back to her, "I know, exciting stuff, right?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney can only chuckle in response. "Eh, my dad is a grounds keeper. Fancy word for a gardener. Though I think he does a lot of hunting, too. Not a prepper but more a..." She tries to think of a good description only to shrug helplessly. "Loner? Woodsman? Yeah that works. Though I haven't had to put up any fences at least. I don't think I'm quite built for that," she points out glancing down at herself.

"Now, running? That I'm good at. And some other things." Grinning in amusement she chuckles. "Sounds like you don't really want to go do that though? Too much head up your ass?"

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "I wouldn't say that." Alexander's brow furrows a little. "I kinda like it. But it's..." He rubs the back of his neck thoughtfully as he tilts his head one way or the other, "It feels like taking a step back? Seeking the safety of home while I should be getting out there doing my own thing?"
    His shoulders lift and lower as he looks distantly, a little distracted. "I should probably just go out this weekend and just... find a party that lasts the entire time and forget myself there."
    He lightly kicks a leg up and then holds it there as if examining the toe of his shoe, then pulling it into his lap where he picks at a small piece of plastic that seems to have melted there for whatever reason. "You have any big plans going on?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney nods slowly as she considers what he says. "I can't really relate to that," she has to admit with a quick shrug as she stares to the ground a moment with a little frown. It seems like she might say more and explain, but she quickly shakes her head a single time. Lightly elbowing him in the side she chuckles, "You already asked me that. Maybe we ought to get some food into you so you're not so moody," she teases.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Or, maybe just really all narcissistic and into myself." Alexander crinkles his nose then reaches over and lightly boops Gabby in the shoulder as if getting back at her, but just a little affectionately. He pushes himself to his feet and streeeeetches, "Sorry. I think I was just... lost in my own nonsense and not really listening."
    That said he turns back to her, "But sure, I'm gonna go to that Five Guys on the corner. You wanna come?" He stuffs his hands into his pockets but only after slinging his backpack up and into place on his shoulder.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney chuckles at the light boop without any real complaint. It wasn't as if it hurt her. Hopping to her own feet she gives a little shake of her head. "Nah, I need to be heading home. Bit of a drive and that means getting to my sister's place first, then getting a drive out there. That or tyring to figure out the bus system," she muses with eyes narrowed thoughtfully. That might be a project in and of itself. "Maybe another time. You take care though, okay?" She adds with a bright grin.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Pushing his hands deep into his pockets, Alexander gives a nod toward Gabby and murmurs, "Alright, seeya Monday, Kinney." He smiles a little as he steps back and to the side, lifting a hand out of a pocket to give a wave before he turns and starts to set off down the sidewalk.