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Date of Scene: 28 January 2022
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Rogue's room is great.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue, Noriko Ashida, Bobby Drake

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    It's late, which might mean Rogue isn't in her room or, maybe, she's not alone in there. Either way, Jubilee has no issue just banging her fist against the heavy door. "Rogue!" she shouts. "You in there?" Jubes closes one eye and presses her ear to the door. "...I can hear you."

    Jubilee stands in the hall, leaning her shoulder against the molding that surrounds the entrance to Rogue's room. She holds a box wrapped in sparkly, pink paper.

    "It's Jubilee! C'mon, open up!"

Rogue has posed:
Jubilee will hear the dulcet tones of Martin Lawrence's voice, shouting something, followed by gunshots...

A moment later and there is the click of the door opening, and the Belle peers out in to the hallway. Behind her, on her tv over the fireplace, is Will Smith shooting a gun at some thugs, and shouting back at his partner.

"Heya... whats up? Are the horses okay?"

What a Jubilee cliche!

She pulls the door open then, wearing her green and black plaid pajamas she notes the package and a smile starts to appear on her lips! assumptions that it's for her!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The horses. Jubilee's brow lowers. Rude! "Like you never ate something out of pure desperation..." she mutters. Jubilee has no memory of draining that horse, but so many people have referenced it that she had no choice but to accept the fact that she killed Sergeant. And, apparently, Rogue needs to remind her about it. "Ha. Ha," she replies, joylessly.

    "One of us got older. The other, kinder, younger, hotter one... brought a gift," Jubilation explains, eyebrows rising. She smirks and shrugs one shoulder. "But, if you don't want it...I guess I could find someone else with size thirteen feet..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue folds her arms over her stomach as she leans back against her door. She smirks oh so huge at the words from the other before she just shakes her head. "I am a size nine, thank you very much. They're dainty at best..." She says, with a glance down at her feet that are clad in yellow socks.

"Come on in, Goober." She tells the other as she starts to walk to the two fancy leather chairs that she swiped out of a empty office when she got this room. "I'm watchin' the Bad Boys movies, and preparin' my plans for my Wednesday Club meetin'." Which is all said as she sits back down on the right-most of the two chairs.

"Did ya and the Nori enjoy the Mud Flats?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "/Nine/?" Jubilation steps past Rogue, now that she's been invited in officially. Those are the rules. "...Jeez..." she mutters, briefly glancing down at the yellow of Rogue's socks. "...It's like someone melted Homer Simpson..." Jubilee grins over her shoulder at Rogue, both to make sure that it's known that she's joking... but also to make sure that she wasn't taken seriously.

    "Yeah, it was fun, but I think I had too much to drink... And Nori was doin' the drugs, so, like, we had to escape from the Scotts." Plural.

    "Wednesday Club? What is..." Jubilee looks from side to side and lowers her voice. "...Wednesday Club?" She lowers herself into the other chair and places the wrapped present onto her own lap.

Rogue has posed:
Back in her own seat now, Rogue folds her legs up under herself, and reaches for a tablet computer that was laying on the arm of the chair. She glances over at Jubilee, then at her socks, and wiggles her toes. "D'oh!" She mockingly says with regard to her own feet warmers.

With her computer back on her lap, she shoves her hair back over her shoulders, and then looks over at the other, smirking at her. "Booze an' drugs. That's a good party. Maybe too good, t'be sure..." She notes before turning the tablet around to show its screen off. "La Belles. It's my Paris Cafe class. We meet in the college house cafe, and speak French, and eat French food... and talk about French literature, an' such. You should come. Wendy Fleeb is in it, she talks about you all the time..." Yep.

The tablet is set back down on her lap then and she leans back in her chair and glances to the present. "So is that for meeeee, or what?" She asks with a big dopey grin.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "You hang out with Fleeb?" is Jubilation's first reaction to that. She stares at Rogue, both brows hiked and head tilted forward, as though she's judging the mutant for this. Or perhaps as though it's some kind of unspoken betrayal. Jubilee looks down at the present in her lap and frowns at it.

    "...I mean... It /was/..."

    "But now I'm not so sure," Jubes adds, smirking a little. The wrapped box is unceremoniously dropped into Rogue's lap. "Here. Happy birthday," she announces, almost reluctantly. FLEEB!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tilts her head, and smirks, at the other. "You know Wendy is in all the Clubs. She's that over achiever type... just like her damn sister was." But when the package is delivered to her anyway, the Belle smiles at the other before she reaches up to carefully unwrap it, talking while she does.

"Besides, we're not that big'a school. I can't turn prospective members away, or it'd just be me sittin' in the cafe by myself, talkin' t'myself in French, and that'd just be darn right pathetic..."

Once she has the box opened up, she reaches inside with a little 'squee' and then lifts one of the boots up... "Oh... pretty..."

And then she sees the spur. It makes her laugh. It makes her laugh good and hard, as her right hand reaches up to send it jingle-spinning. "Oh my god..." She says in a deep deep tone of voice then. "This is great!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah, well, it's total B.S. that they fired me and brought in a Fleeb to replace me," Jubilee mutters. But, that's neither here nor there. "Can you even believe it? A Fleeb!" She rolls her eyes for good measure.

    "...Wait, so, like, sitting in the school cafe speaking French with other students isn't pathetic...?" Jubilee questions. At first, she sounds like she's being sincere, but then her smile returns. She's just being a wiseass.

    Rogue's reaction to the Crocs extends the vampiress' smile. "I /knew/ you'd like them!" she exclaims. "...I mean, I figured, yeah, it was about time you had a pair of Crocs..." (What the heck does she mean by /that/?!)

    "...And regular ones didn't really seem like they were right for you."

Rogue has posed:
The bit about Wendy has Rogue just shaking her head, it being out of her hands! The part about her club has her smirking up at Jubilee again. "You know I'm gonna be teachin' here next year..." She says as she turns the croc around in her hands a bit further. "Oh... removable linin' too! That's nice..." She continues to examine before she drops her right foot off of her chair with a thud, then sets the box aside to slide the shoe on to her foot! "Homer socks get ready for a treat!"

Foot inside it, she wiggles her ankle, causing the spur to jingle, which makes her laugh again.

"I love it." She says, with a look up at Jubilee while she reaches to put the other on too. "I'm gonna wear these around SCott, see if I can't tell him that there's a new sheriff in town..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Ah, next year. "Yeah, well, I won't be here next year so you won't be able to give me detention for saying it!" Jubilee points out with a grin. With those grades, it's not impossible that Jubilee /will/ be here next year. Who knows?! She falls quiet for a few moments, staring forward, as though trying to sort out the vast number of possible responses. One of them manages to reach her lips.

    "I think you'd make a great teacher," Jubilee replies, shrugging one shoulder with a smile.

    After another silent few moments, Jubilation's eyes dart to Rogue's window as though there was something out there. She blinks a couple of times and shifts her attention back to Rogue. "What would you teach?"

Rogue has posed:
On the edge of her chair now, Rogue gets both of the shoes on, before she starts to tap her feet against the carpeted floor, making the spurs jingle on the heels of the boots. She wiggles her toes inside them before she grins as she looks up at the other beside her.

"I dunno... I told Jean I'd like t'do French classes. But I dunno if they want such a thing even taught here... So maybe I could take on somethin' else. American History would be fun... I think I got some seriously good questions about truth and fiction, related there-in."

Rogue stands up then, as gunshots and cursing comes from the television!

She takes a few steps in the boots, and then looks to Jubes and spreads her arms open. "Bring it in, for good giftin'." She tells her friend.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "French? History?!" Jubilation stands from her seat and shakes her head. "No, no, nonono. We'll figure something out, Rogue, I promise. But you can't do those. Those are the 'paint eyes on my eyelids because I'm sleeping' classes!" She seems serious, but now on a mission. Or... is that another glance to the window that got her spooked?

    The hug is returned, likely the coldest one available on campus aside from one from Bobby Drake. "Yeah, what can I say? I'm the World's Best Gifter," Jubilee declares with a smirk after releasing Rogue. "...I can just take a person's entire /being/... their /soul/... their /life force/ ...And convert it into Capitalism." Jubes reaches for the knob of Rogue's door and lingers there.

    "Seriously, don't teach history," she warns before opening the door.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue returns the hug, and stands in front of the fireplace now, with the tv mounted on the wall above it playing Bad Boys. She's got her green pajamas on, but is wearing a brand new pair of crocs from Jubilee, that which have jingly spurs on the back of them, that are clinking quietly as the Belle walks around testing them out!

She laughs at the response about her teaching options. Her eyes go up to the other at the door then. "Ain't nobody gonna fall asleep durin' a class /I'm/ teachin'... But... I'm open t'your suggestions." She tells the woman of the undead night!

She smiles at her as she jumps and makes the boots jingle some more. "I feel like these are an upgrade from lights in your shoes..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I'll think of something..." Jubilee insists, waving her hand in the air, wrist bent back lazily. "It'll come to me. It always does..."

    "Lights in your shoe. Spurs on your shoe. Both have a clear time and place," she explains, wagging her index finger in the air. "Happy birthday," Jubes says again, as though it needed to be included in her parting words. Tradition! She opens the door and waggles her eyebrows. "You old."

    And, with that, the vampiress haunts into the hallway, which currently requires no invitation to enter!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As if the spurs were some kind of magical summoning bell, Noriko appears and drumroll knocks her knuckles against the door jam.  "I could fall asleep in any class," as if she would put Rogue to the challenge, just jumping into the conversation as if out of nowhere.  How long has she been there?  Nori grins at Jubes as she passes, stepping out of the vampire's way.  "Shoes look good Rogue!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Yes, let's talk about the best classes to fall asleep in." It's a party, apparently, and so the Iceman strides in as well. He glances down at the crocs and nods in approval. "Just have to be careful, I don't think they'd stick around if you were to fly out of here, Rogue." A grin resides upon his face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue marches over toward her desk beside her door. She grins at Jubilee making her retreat, then eyes the two newcomers to the open doorway. "Heya." She says with a light laugh, as she shows off her spurred crocs. "Lookit what Jubilee got me." She says, wiggling a foot, making the spur on the right boot jingle. jangle. "I love it. I can't wait t'get a piggy back ride from someone wearin' these bad boys."

Irony. Look at the television and what movie is playing!

She looks to the both of them then, and smiles. "What are you two up to?" She asks. "Wanna come watch the resta this movie? I was wantin' to see the first two since I caught the last one a year or so ago."