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Movie in Rogue's Room
Date of Scene: 28 January 2022
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Rogue hosts a few people for snacks and movie in her room! Nori might end up in a flying squirrel wing suit!
Cast of Characters: Bobby Drake, Noriko Ashida, Rogue

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I suppose I need to honor a birthday request, right? That's got to be some kind of Southern tradition." Bobby glances around for a moment, as if in search of popcorn or some other snack to be found, before he moves to take a seat.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"If you get a ride from me you can get them spinning in the wind," Noriko says with a laugh.  "But no spur kicks or I'll let you go when I stop going way too fast," she warns, "I mean not on purpose...or would it be?"  Her head suddenly is tilted to the side, getting a look at what is playing on the TV.

"I was bored.  There's only so much time I can fill with reading," which is an activity that can keep up with her, of course.  "Yeah.  I'll stay a little."  Obviously, she makes no promises on whether she can last the whole movie.  "I'll be back.  Snacks."  It's the only explanation that the other two get before Noriko leaves a little gust in her wake.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is walking toward her desk when Nori takes off. She laughs at this. "I got snack food... and she's gone." She states with a exhale. The big bottom drawer of her desk is pulled open, and sure enough its filled to the brim with bags of snacks, even a big tub of cheesey poofs.

"How ya doin', Bobby?" She asks him then, as she lifts up a bag of pretzels for him, along with a box of chocolate covered cherries, covering all bases there.

"Jubilee says I should teach somethin' that isn't borin, if I get hired on here next fall..."

She grabs herself a box of Cheezits before turning back to the chairs in front of the fireplace.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Accepting the bag of pretzels, Bobby shrugs a bit. "Been quiet. Almost too quiet." He chuckles. "Aside from the angels and vampires, of course." He leans back into his seat, his gaze lingering on the tv but not seemingly following it.

"There are tons of interesting topics - just figure out something that you are knowledgeable in, and perhaps more importantly, can relate to with the students."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
But Noriko already forces Rogue to restock the kitchens more often, so maybe her not listening is just saving Rogue another trip to the kitchens in this logistics train.  It takes Noriko time.  She has to wait on the microwave because it turns out trying to pop popcorn with lightning is just a fire hazard.  She comes back pulling a whiff of burn smell with her, but also the lovely scent of real popcorn from a few bags.

"Do you get much of a choice being a new teacher?" Noriko asks as she politely walks through the door in a saunter that comes out at a power walk pace.  It's like watching an old cartoon.  She hops over the back of one of the chairs.  "You guys want any popcorn?...what angels and vampires?"  Her eyes snap back from the screen to the others in a blur.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue settles down on the 3rd chair, which is a red bean bag chair between the other two. She feels Nori reappear behind her, and grins at what Bobby says. "Yeah. I mean, French class was my number one choice, personally. But I dunno if it's somethin' Jean really wants taught here or not. Not exactly a life changin' course, ya know?" She says before Nori settles in on her right. "Mmn. That smells good." She says as she holds up the box that the boots came in. "Fill me up." She says with a grin.

On the tv, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are interrogating a poor young man who came to take Martin's daughter out on a date. It's quite funny a scene!

Bobby Drake has posed:
"The French empire has been on the decline since..." Bobby glances at his watch. "Napoleon?" He leans forward to peer across Rogue as Nori arrives with her own snacks, but he seems content with his pretzels.

As he watches the tv, he idly muses to himself. "Could you imagine being a guy trying to take Logan's daughter out on a date?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Don't most schools here teach French and Spanish?  Like...the human ones?  And given the world isn't all mutants, seems like it would be useful to some students who are interested in moving on and getting degrees and teaching it themselves.  If you don't do it, one day the only people who speak French here would just be French people!"  Noriko rattles off.  "You should do what you're passionate about."  Noriko Ashida just said something ... constructive?  There's a sharp, fast ripping sound of the bag before Noriko starts tossing a stream of popcorn up in the air and catching it into her mouth...more than her mouth can hold.  "France was the birthplace of democracy...and cutting off assholes heads.  That never goes out of style."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue chomps on a cheezit as she hears Bobby talk of Logan's daughters and dating, this has her laughing softly, and shaking her head. "Well, in the unlikely event any guy is gonna ask one'a his daughters out anywhere around him, I truly hope I'm there t'see it, and whitness the ... awkward reactions out of all parties involved." She replies with a light laugh also chasing her words.

A look is given over to Nori then. "I... agree with all'a that, Noribert. But.... it's up t'Jean, ya know? She's kinda hard t'read, that one... I'm always tryin' t'buttah her up though..." She says back with a grin.

With the eyes on the tv now, Rogue asks them both. "Did ya enjoy the birthday party?" But a glance is given to Bobby, a sassy stare. "Ya didn't come, did ya? Left me alone with all those other people on my big special day..."

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Laughing softly at that image himself, Bobby nods. "Take about someone needing ice in their veins..."
    As the topic of the birthday party comes up, Bobby looks sad. "And you know, you were surrounded by all kinds of friends. I'm sorry I couldn't make it - I certainly tried - but I ran afoul of Video-Man again, and he just wouldn't go down for the reboot no matter what we tried."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"True, but I doubt telling her what you're passionate about teaching would hurt anything," Noriko shrugs, "Maybe like, slip her notes in French with some cookies until she has to take your class to figure out what's up."  She laughs out loud at the thought of it and the possible misconceptions it could spawn, if only momentarily.

Nori's eyes shift back to the TV when Rogue asks if they liked the party.  She lets Bobby answer for himself.  "Video-Man?  What did he do?  Melt your VHS tapes?-The party?  It was really fun, but I didn't get to mud wrestle.  Kind of got...distracted."  Stoned.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes go down to her snack food on her lap as she sits cross legged on the bean bag chair. She grins at both of their responses, and looks from one of them to the other. "You were fightin' some arch nemesis? That's so... comic booky." She states back, teasingly, to Bobby. "I hope ya got the better'a the punches then, and whomever that is... got his butt handed t'him..."

Another Cheezit is crunched on as she looks back up to the tv which has a high speed chase on it now.

She sweeps her white bangs out of her face before grinning over at Nori. "Booze an' drugs, I heard. Ya'll don't mess around, you an' Jubes. I'd say I'm worried about ya, but I'm not a teacher yet, so I don't gotta say crap like that, I don't think..." She eyes Bobby though. "He might though!" She motions to him before looking back to the television.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"He's an oldie but baddie," replies Bobby, nodding to Nori. "It's a long story, but he dates back to when video games were just two dimensional, so he can slide under doors and things. Weird dude."

Bobby settles back to continue watching the movie, even as all of the discussion goes on. "I'm worried about everyone, but that is just part of my thing." He glances at Nori and grins. "I'll bet you think I am a real cold guy, huh?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh alchohol is just a waste of money for me.  Not sure it works at all.  I've taken way stronger stuff than weed before," Noriko says with a roll of her eyes.  In fact, she was managing her powers with powerful street drugs before she arrived at the school.  "And slowing down is so much more tolerable, even if it kind of makes me dumber.  Since you're not a teacher yet I can talk about this stuff," she tacks on, shooting a smirk to the side.  Sure it might have had more to do with being around so much water and a bunch of people in the water and her paranoia that races her brain in such situations, but Noriko doesn't offer up any of those truths.

"Hey if you're going to be teaching, does that mean there's a job opening up?"  Then Bobby pops that joke and Noriko just sloooowly turns her eyes toward Bobby.  "No.  I think you're just made of dad jokes.  The worrying kind of comes along with the territory of growing into dad jeans and dad love handles.  You'll get to your final Pokemon form eventually," she says casually as if explaining the dreadfully boring but safe lifecycle of a toad.  She ends it with a silent grin.  Then another stream of popcorn sails up into the air.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are back on the tv as she listens to them both. Their shared words has her grinning. "Ah, well. Yeah. Nori, your powers are still such a mystery t'me in so many ways. The speed thing... I mean, I can move fast if I open up with my flight, but I don't do so well with it inside'a place like this. I'd end up just smashin' through walls, an' the like...." She glances down at the Cheezits, shaking her head as her white bangs flow gently against the sides of her face.

"But yeah, I always forget about your allergy t'water, so t'speak. I feel bad about that one... Seems I'm always comin' up with ideas that revolve around water-themed fun." She says with a smirk to Nori.

Her stare goes to Bobby, lingering on him a moment. "Ya workin' on a hot dad body, Mistah Drake?" She asks him in a playful tone.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Electing to pose a bit in response to Rogue's comments, Bobby grins. "Dad bod, dad jokes...next thing you know you'll be telling me ok boomer." He laughs. "I'm not -that- old..." Bobby crosses his arms and settles back in his chai, watching the movie.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah.  I don't really know either, so I don't really try and push it," Noriko admits, whatever pushing it means to her.  "It's not fun taking spills.  I accelerate really fast though.  What I do now is just kind of...instinct?" she hopes she used the word right.  "I don't get how you turn when you fly.  I mean I push off of things like anyone else," only at insane speeds that should blast her body apart with the forces and make her black out from the Gs...only she doesn't.  "Sometimes it makes me wonder if there's more to our powers than we realize.  Flying must be awesome.  What does it feel like?"

How could Noriko be paying attention to the movie?  "I just don't want to hurt people and I don't know everything about my powers and I've already killed enough cows from emergency field discharges and skunk families so I'm not looking to up the bodycount of my casualties.  Plus these gauntlets break all the time...but it was really fun.  I wore a bathing suit and everything.  Thanks for having it at night."

"Maybe on the outside," Noriko says with a chuckle at the interplay between Rogue and Bobby.  "No one said they didn't like it but you," she points out with a shrug and then flicks a piece of popcorn at him, aiming for his chest, at high speed, but not crazy speed.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just gives Bobby a grin at his response. "Fightin' 2d video game villains, keeps a Bobby nice'n trim." She quietly says back to him before Nori's words draw her eyes to those bracers. "Maybe... we can find a strongah metal t'make them outta..." She notes before her eyes sweep back to the television above the fireplace.

"Flyin' is... a trip. It was super scary the first times I realized I could, specially back before I came here, an' got the confidence to really let loose with it. But, it really puts things in perspective, when ya can see the world from up with the clouds.... Makes things all feel so small down here."

She smiles softly then. "When I was livin' on the streets once, right after I got the ability... I woke up from sleepin' outside'a a run down ol' barn, an' found myself floatin' about a hundred feet off the ground. I was just up there... in the air, screamin' till the farmer an' his wife came runnin' out, t'find a girl with white streaks in her hair, screamin' in mid air. They were shoutin' 'WITCH!'. Like right outta some damn movie..."

Rogue reaches for another cheesey square cracker. "Till I flew off inta the night...."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"A fair and valid point," replies Bobby to Nori. As the popcorn whips at him he freezes the air around him as of into a wall, and the popcorn kernels bounce harmlessly down to the ground.

Bobby leans back further into the seat as he laughs. "You've heard of cold sculpting right? I come by it naturally." He once again models his slender physique.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Maaaybe.  Oh I worked out the physics if I'm going to run up a building.  But I probably need more equipment to pull it off.  I don't know how to make anything really except with wood, nails, and paint.  I really need to work on that."  Noriko frowns at her inability to forge forward on the wishes swirling around in her head.

As Rogue talks about flying, Noriko closes her eyes ad tries to imagine what it feels like.  "Oh shit really?"  Noriko blinks open her eyes, exclaiming between Rogue's sentences when she mentions waking up in the air.  "Did you cackle?  To drive it home?  I mean after you got your wind legs?"  FLICK NUMBER 2!  Noriko tries to catch Bobby by surprise with a lob that comes from above while he's busy modeling.

"No.  I haven't.  Is that some weird US thing?"  Surely there must be something similar in Japan.  "Something on the infomercials Jubes tells me about?"  The girl looks from Rogue to Bobby.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances to Bobby at the ice wall that he builds to defend himself. "Careful. It's already dry enough this winter." She says with a grin before she looks back to the tv.

Her stare to it only lasts long enough to hear Nori's response. "You've never been flyin' around up 'there' with a flyer before?" She asks. "I failed t'do the Sleigh Ride this year, but... If you'd like, I'd be happy t'take ya up flyin' some time. Does the cold bother ya much? It's pretty cold up there this time'a year."

" We got a hang glider-type setup in the garage. A chair that is attached to a harness. You can strap in, I strap on... not like that... And we go flyin'. It's pretty darn fun for people we've never done it before."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Shaking his head, Bobby offers up - "Truthfully, I don't know. Just another in a long trend of people trying to find easy weight loss routines. I assume the freeze the fat and pull it out?"
    "And don't sorry, plenty of moisture." A face of his hand and the wall of ice melts away into nothing.

At that, Bobby slowly stands. "And as much as I'd like to know how exactly they bust up the ring, I am afraid I have to go attend to a few details." He smiles towards Rogue. "Enjoy the shoes."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"No...I didn't want to..." Noriko shoots a little lick of electricity from one of her fingers and then whistles as she makes her finger dive bomb into the popcorn, splashing out a few bits that she snatches out of the air before they drop.  "No I'm not bothered by the cold much.  Good blood plumbing I guess, but I'll wear a windbreaker-ooh a glider?  You know I've always wanted to try sky diving in one of those flying squirrel suits.  Have you ever done that while using your power?"  It's an interjection of her own passing curiosity.  "Yeah we should do the glider thing!"

"Humans are weird sometimes," Noriko says with a shake of her head at the idea of freezing fat and pulling it out.  "If I had all that fat I could run around the world!"  In terms of energy Noriko means obviously.  "Seeya Bobby!" Noriko chimes.

"So you never answered my question.  What is Jean going to do about all your old duties?"  Her /old/ 'job' that is.  Noriko arches a brow sidelong to Rogue.  "Don't tell me a Fleeb is doing it."

Rogue has posed:
Much of what Nori says has Rogue laughing softly here and there. Her eyes following Bobby as he goes, offering him a parting few words before she looks back to the television. "We will have t'go up then, as soon as possible. You should see it when there's snow all over the ground too. It's unbelievable..." She looks over to the other from her bean bag chair, and smiles at her. "Actually, I got a cape and cowl that works like a squirrel suit. It can stiffen with an... electrical current that runs through the fabric." She notes as she nods to the finger that just got charged up.

"It helps me turn faster... though since my power works by adjusting my gravitational ... sphere, or whatever, its really on me how fast I turn. I'm just still practicin' gettin' better at it."

"If you wanna try it some time, we could get you a wing suit. I know some guys who do that kinda stuff. Some Para-sailers down in Jersey... they're big time sky divers too. I go flyin' with'em sometimes, for fun, an' t'help keep'em safer."

She shakes her head then. "And, I dunno... you want my old job, if I get a promotion?" She asks with a grin.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Wait, what?  That stuff exists?"  Noriko's eyes twitch around in a blur as she falls into a dash of thinking at a more natural speed for her in a spurt of excitement.  "You've got to show me that.  Yeah.  I'd love to try that.  Seems like it would take a lot of practice," and by the way her words speed back up a little, it's obvious that something that takes a lot of practice doesn't turn off her interest.

"It's either that or bowling right now.  I just can't stay interested in anything.  I have to wait on things and then I get bored and do stupid things."  This poor girl has to live without the internet in the age of everyone looking down at their phones with infinite amounts of time to fill.  Noriko sighs.  "And I don't think I can afford to do anything else, diet wise.  The bowling gig won't pay for that.  You think Jean'd be cool with paying part of my paycheck in food?"  She laughs wryly.

Rogue has posed:
"A wing-suit?" Rogue asks again. She nods though. "A'course. I'll take ya down t'meet them some time too if ya'd like. They strap big huge fans on their backs, an' use parachute wing things t'fly around, up in the clouds, and travel the country puttin' on shows. But they also do cliff divin' with the wing suits... It's pretty neat. Butm, with me on your wing, ya don't have t'worry about nothin. An' if ya wanna keep goin', I just grab ya outta the sky, fly ya back up, and let ya go again." She says with a big grin.

Her eyes go back to the tv and she shrugs her shoulders. "I don't see why not. Jean ... I mean, I think she'd trust ya t'do it. You'd have t'drive though. Prolly my red truck, cause when I get a teachin' gig, I'm gonna get my own car. But since I have'ta take students to and from town, yeah, gotta drive'em all legally an' shit. I'll ask her about it, get it ready t'be a hand off to you this summah maybe?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I mean as long as you don't get distracted by the big cloud formations shaped like balls and stuff," Noriko laughs at how awful her own joke is.  "I don't know what women check out on men...their biceps?  Asses?  Oh do you see ass clouds?!"  Noriko's mind has run away with her.  "I'm still wearing a parachute, just in case you have to decide between me or some hot dude."

"Can't I just make an offroading rickshaw or something?  With a little truck bed?" because then she doesn't have to go as slow as the truck, of course.  She's quiet for a little bit and then says, "I don't know how to drive...and I don't know if it safe.  I mean if I ignite the fuel tank.  I could take over this summer, yeah.  Then I'd get to say screw you to my boss right before he's swamped with the kid season!  Summers are the worst," she explains.