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Princess in the Old Town
Date of Scene: 28 January 2022
Location: Chinatown
Synopsis: Emma meets Diana and Morgan in Chinatown. Talks are made of plans for heroes down the line.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Emma Frost has posed:
It's a brisk day in New York City. Emma Frost is switching up her routine and going through Chinatown. Wearing a brisk coat suitable for the weather, and a mink hat, the blonde would maneuver her way to and through. Occasionally stopping to talk with someone over in Mandarin in greeting and then passing by them after moving out of the way. Very small flashes of psychic power occasionally emanating from her if one could notice such things as Emma would reel in enough surface thoughts to engage in brief bouts of dialogue by picking up aspects of the language. The area was bustling, but seemed normal for this day and age.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana and Morgan had come to Chinatown to pick up some items that were ready for the Embassy. There were a lot of donations to the embassy of Themyscira, things that Wonder Woman could hand out to the needy, or less fortunate. Some of this was from store owners, and clothiers in Chinatown.

Thus, as Emma is making her way casually through the neighborhood, she will see Diana Prince standing behind the open back hatch of a nice golden hued SUV. She's wearing a red leather jacket, and some dark pants, a white sweater underneath it, and is pushing a box in to the back of the SUV. "Just a few more." She tells the young Morgan who has come with her to help her get the items loaded up.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan comes trotting out of the donating business carrying three boxes. He's showing off! Today Wonder Boy is in civilian clothes, dressed warmly for the weather: a brown leather jacket, an orange fluffy scarf, a matching orange knit winter cap, rugged jeans, and hiking boots. He's a strong kid but the boxes are piled up so high he can't /see/.

"Excuse me, young man!" "Hey buddy, watch where you're going!" "Dude, what the fuck?" are some of the remonstrations he receives as he fumbles his way blindly through the passers-by.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry." "Excuse me, I'm sorry." "I didn't mean it, I'm sorry!" are some of his responses. Nice kid. But maybe he should have carried the boxes one at a time?

He arrives at the back of the SUV. "Saved us a bunch of trips!" he announces to Diana, his breath feathering out in plumes in the cold winter air.

Emma Frost has posed:
The Princess would get Emma Frost's attention over as she would look over curiously and then go to approach. While tempted to reach out psionically to get an idea of what's going on, that's not polite. And all the stories told about Amazons, accurate or not, include them being quite formidable mentally. And it would be quite rude and likely get a poor reaction. Emma Frost would go along over towards Morgan and then offer..

"Let me giv ea hand if needed. You look like you're overbalanced." The blonde would go along carefully to let her presence be known and not come out of nowhere, and move to the side in case her assistance was needed. Enough to the side so that both would be aware of her and that she could be waved off if her assistance wasn't required.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana leans back after pushing the box she had to the middle of the SUV up near the seats that were laid down. She leans back out to see Morgan stumbling with all the other boxes. This makes the Princess smile, and shake her head at the same time. "Ever the over achiever..." She mutters in her naturally smoky voice. She's about to say something else when the eye-catching Emma Frost swoops in to help the young man.

This has Diana walking a slow few steps to get out of their way.

"Miss Frost?" Diana asks with a smile. She knows of Emma, has seen her around, here and there... knows of her efforts in Bushwick to aid the high population of mutants who live there.

"It is good to see you.." Diana adds with a smile for the woman sometimes whispered with the name of 'White Queen'... whatever the origins of that may be!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Well Morgan has no idea who this lady is coming to take his boxes. But he's having none of it! He gives the lady a (very playful) glare. "Hey, are you tryin' to steal my boxes?" he asks in mock outrage, all completely goofy and playful.

Then he notices Diana coming over and speaking to the woman as though she knows her. Not surprising. Diana knows everyone it seems. Among the three of them, presumably the boxes all end up getting where they're supposed to be.

"Hi," Morgan says to Emma with a lift of one ungloved hand. "I'm Morgan. Diana won me out of one of those arcade claw machines and now she makes me do all her manual labor."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Morgan, "Pay attention to leverage and placement, young man. No matter how one can lift, if you can't see where you're going then you're going to always have issues. Or if you can't get a solid grip and things become unbalanced." She would offer with the experience of one whom had to pack up too many times.

"Greetings." To Morgan and then a glance to Diana to confirm that it was appropriate to call him that, "Princess, a pleasure. I don't believe I've had the opportunity to meet you before. Charmed." The CEO would give an informal bow to the two. "I hope that shopping has gone well for the two of you."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana puts a hand on Morgan's back after he refers to himself as a Claw Machine prize. She laughs softly at him before she looks back to Emma, and nods her head two quick times. She offers Emma her right hand, clad in a slim fit red knit glove. "We just got started. We need to stop by another place, and maybe do a bit of restaurant hunting a little later. But yes, busy day..." She says with a held smile for the blonde woman.

"What brings you to Chinatown today? Business, or something more relaxing?" She inquires.

Then, a look is given to Morgan. "Morgan, this is Emma Frost, she's a very active supporter of the plight of Mutants throughout the East Coast, and further, I believe..." She offers the teen some insight.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan ohs, his eyebrows going in, a look of being impressed crossing his face. He's a goof-off but he also knows when to get serious. "That's really awesome, Miss Frost. Sucks that people can't just be themselves and live life who they are without being persecuted."

He glances to Diana, then to Emma. Since he doesn't have much to contribute, he starts arranging the boxes in the back of the SUV to make as much room as possible. Like Diana say, there are many more stops to make.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma's own status as a mutant was something she tried to keep unknown, and her psychic abilities were definitely ones that most didn't know about. Always good to keep a trick up your sleeve for when needed. "Oh, pleasure. It's always lovely to be out here and get in the sights and sounds. Something that I have little time for so one must do it as time permits." She would bow her head.

"You give me too much credit, but thank you. Mutants have been on the receiving end of much of the.. Worst impulses that humanity has to offer i it's baser forms. I feel it's important to help make amends for that. Whether personally affected by it or not." Her tone being sad. "And hopefully something the world can get better on as expreience spreads."

Diana Prince has posed:
The words from Emma cause the Princess to nod her head a few more times softly. "I am quite interested in helping with Mutant aid. I do not like the situation that befalls those who end up in trouble, simply for reasons outside of their control... If ever there is a situation that you feel I could help with in that regard, don't hesitate to ask." She says with a quick smile.

A glance is given to Morgan beside her, and she bumps shoulders with him. "Claw machine, and I are here to help." She says then next with a light laugh.

"Are you in need of help today? I can send Morgan with you to do any manual laboring you may need done..." She suggests, uh oh!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan pretends to get knocked farther than Diana's gentle shoulder-bump should have knocked him. Of course, if the Amazon Princes wanted to, she should shoulder-bump him through the side of a building.

"Yeah sure!" he says. "Any time you need help with something, Miss Frost, don't hesitate to call the Embassy and ask for me." He suppresses a small chuckle. "They're always lookin' for an excuse to shoo me out for the day."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile at Diana appreciatively, "Yes, and they have had the worst of it that this world has to give. Recent efforts have made a big difference.. But Genosha was nearly a catastrophe and barely stopped. I fear what happens if something else along those lines would go on. I'm sure that all of them are glad for the efforts made for them by all groups like the Justice League that rendered aid." Her speaking with just a 'hint' of uncertainty in her voice played up as someone that didn't know all the affairs of what had gone on there, just heard many horrific and terrifying stories.

"And I need no immediate assistance with carrying things. I would have done some food to take back but I'm a horrid cook and some things need to be prepared personally to enjoy."

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess grins at Morgan's over exaggerated reaction to her shoulder bump. She reaches her hand up then to bring the raised door of the SUV down to close it with a thud. Her eyes go back to Emma then.

"Yes, of course. It has been a roller coaster of emergencies since the near demise of Superman several years ago... I believe now is the time for the various teams of powerful heroes throughout the world to unite. Along those lines, I am planning something that I hope would do just that..." She eludes, with a glance back to Morgan, before she looks back to Emma.

"Is this something you would be interested in? Uniting teams at a central location that we can better react to threats such as Genosha's recent troubles, or the various problems we've had coming from the stars themselves..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan settles down next to Diana, stuffing his ungloved hands in his jacket pockets. He listens as the two speak, not interrupting. Polite kid. Although there are signs that the cold and waiting are building on him: a tapping knee, constant glances around, oh and check out that girl in the ski pants over there.

Looking back to the other two, he smiles. "You guys want me to get us some hot drinks from that vendor over there?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod thoughtfully, "That makes a great deal of sense logistically. Information sharing at the bare minimum. Coordination always seems to be on a personal level in all these emergencies.. Or at least that's what the impression I've seen. Some groups are allied, others have overlapping members.. But there seems no universal and shared method of coordination. So I would be in full support of this. If there is anything I or Frost Enterprises could do to assist.. Though I fear we do not have much to offer technologically but I would give what financial support that could be mustered. I fully support the idea."

She would go on, "Then so long as there's interest you could have universal facilities for training and mentorship.. And the world will be getting worse I'm afraid. An alien invasion, the.. Angels? If they truly are such things.. In the last two years. And a great deal of smaller incidents merely in the definition they dont' thraten the world.."

She would glance at Morgan, "Of course please. Adn forgiveme, I'm not meaning to exclude you young man." She would go to reach to a pocket to pull out a fifty dollar bill. "That should be enough, give them wahtever is left over as a tip.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana was about to produce some money for Morgan, but then Emma did it. This gets another light smile from the Princess before she speaks back to Morgan. "I'll have whatever sounds good to you, Claw Machine." She says to him with a big grin before her eyes go back to Emma.

"Well, then, I will be sure to reach out to you. I was going to speak to Jean Grey, as well as Professor Xavier, but ... things have been busy." Her eyes glance toward the sky, then back to Emma. "Yes, the Angels... I am certain these things believe they have some noble cause, but they are yet just another reason the world needs a united front against this type of invader... Now is the time..." She finishes that thought with a quick little smile.

Morgan Finn has posed:
*Yoink!* Morgan grew up dirt poor. He knows enough to grab money when it's offered. "'Kay, be right back!" He runs off toward the drink vendor. He slows down enough to give the girl in the ski pants a smile. "Hey, how's it going." She gives Morgan an 'as-if' look and heads into an expensive department store. Oh well. Girls are game of number. That's one more 'no' taken care of.

He gets to the cart and orders three mint hot chocolates with whipped cream and toasted pistachio sprinkles. The vendor packages up the drinks in a carrier. Morgan hands him the fifty dollar bill. "Keep it!" he says and jogs back. The vendor looks VERY happy at the massive tip.

"Here y'go," the teen says, distributing the drinks. "Thanks for payin', Miss. Frost."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod at Diana, "Of course. You'll get better results speaking to them but I can pass along any messages. I'm not a direct member of the faculty though I do occasionally drop by. Please do let me know if I can pass along anything as an intermediary. Though I can't guarantee any sort of response."

She would frown at Diana, "Belief means little in the grand scheme of things. Any religion or strong sort of faith can lead to horrible things, intended or not. Faith makes no justification. And they're attacking this world, it needs those to rally to it's defense."

She would smile at Morgan, "There's no mind. You're going out of your way to be available. I'm sure that if I'm out and about and encounter you aagin I will take use of your services if they're available." Presuming in her mind that Morgan is little more than a standard teenager. "What are your thoughts as to what's going on?" To Morgan.

"I have no particular beliefs in whatever greater or not entities they might be. Pan-dinensional attackers, higher existence beings, cosmic entities.."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana accepts the drink from Morgan when he returns, she nods softly to what Emma was saying before she takes a testing sip from the beverage. It's delicious! Which earns Morgan a pat to the back of his shoulder. Her eyes go back to Emma then.

"We will certainly handle the troubles, that of which I am quite confident..." She states back to the blonde woman.

HEr eyes go back to Morgan then. "Are we ready to go hit up our next pickup spot?" She asks him with a little smile before sipping her drink once more.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen shrugs a little at Emma's question. "What's to think? I mean, they're a bunch of super-powered beings who are trying to get what they want with brute force. They're no better than school bullies, but with super powers." He frowns a bit at the thought of the attacking angels. BUT he has an awesome drink! He shlorps some of the whipped cream with toasted pistachios off with his lips. Looks like he has some on his nose!

Cream-nose looks up when Diana talks to him. "Yeah we have to get all those hams from that store that's going out of business. Those suckers are gonna be heavy!" His eyes actually glitter happily when he talks about how heavy they are going to be. Morgan's not one to sit around doing nothing. He's an athlete and likes to do physical things.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "So are you departing then? In which case it was apleasure to meet you both and thank you for your time." Glancing at Diana and Morgan with light curiousity, and bowing her head and taking a sip of her own drink. "Exquisite taste. I'll have to make sure to remember to look out for that vendor if I'm here in the future. So thank you much for the experience." She would offer to Emma and to Morgan while then crossing her arms.

As Morgan would go on Emma would give a firm nod, "An excellent summation. No need to give them more credit or to overthink it. They're hostile and they're threats. They need to be dealt with and removed however is the most effective way. nd hopefully least damaging."