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Eat, Pray, Slay: A Westchester By Night Story
Date of Scene: 30 January 2022
Location: Study Hall / Party Hall
Synopsis: Tempers flare as the gang at Xavier's gather to talk about the best ways to kill vampires. Wendy Fleeb makes a cameo appearance and is a total B.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Emma Frost, Bobby Drake, Noriko Ashida, Tabitha Smith, Rogue, Scott Summers, Divine

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    All of the pastel and neon flyers that had been spread around the mansion have combined into a trail of breadcrumbs that lead here, the Study Hall! A few rows of tables and chairs have been moved and, in some cases, stacked in the back of the room, to create a large open space over one of the ornate rugs on the floor. There's still plenty of open seats and tables, though.

    Off to one side, a snack table has been prepared with various things that only kids might appreciate -- candy, chips, muffins, and even those little animal crackers with the frosting on there. The good stuff. There are also rows of canned sodas and a single bran muffin from the kitchen.

    On the opposite wall, there's another table with a pile of brightly colored JanSport backpacks. Noriko Ashida sits behind that table, feet up, wearing an oversized Napoleon hat.

    At the front of the room, a podium has been set up in front of a projector screen. Jubilation Lee is staring down at a tiny remote in her hand, frowning at the buttons. She pokes one a couple times, bapbapbap, and then gives Noriko a concerned look. "Do you think anyone's gonna show?" she wonders aloud before smacking the remote with the palm of her hand. The projector comes to life and throws a slide up onto the screen.

    The slide is a picture of Jubilee, back before she started covering her face with her hair, staring and pointing. I WANT YOU. it says in large, pink letters. Comic Sans, of course.

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma Frost has been paying attention. Not fully aware of what had happened, but that the school was in a short lockdown, there was a fight on the front lawn.. And far -darker- things had been engaged. And here she was to lend her support in assisting.. Or just see how circumstances were being handled. She was a guest at the school, perhaps a teacher.. But these were not her students, and she could only truly lend her support to the faculty.
    Still, from what she had heard, accurate or not, had Emma concerned. So today as the White Queen enters into the area wearing something matching her traditional attire. Strategically placed swathes of fabric leaving parts of her torso exposed to form a symbol that was traditionally that of the Institute's field team. Walking in on her heels and going to head to the back, eyes glancing about and finally sttling over on Jubilee as Emma kept herself standing.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Making his way into the room, Bobby looks around for a few moments, nodding in approval at the high level of organization apparent by the host of the meeting. He raises his good arm slightly in greeting towards Jubilee - the other arm is slung in a cast, and a large bandage remains on the side of his neck where it meets the shoulder. He is dressed in casual clothes - at least for him. Black pants, a loose fitting button up shirt - no doubt to allow easier access to the wound.

    Bobby says nothing as he shuffles in slowly, offering a smile at least in the direction of Jubilee and Noriko, as he takes his seat, leaning back and placing his good hand on the desk. He sits quietly, observing, waiting for the meeting to start.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The Napoleon hat is being put to good use, or Noriko is about to put it to good use by tilting it forward, when Jubilation's question hits the air.  "Who doesn't want to learn about this shit.  Plus you got the good stuff," Noriko explains with a jerk of her thumb toward the snack table and a smirk she assumes Jubes knows she's wearing, given her emotional state.

Noriko tilts her head back to look at the propaganda, but her eyes swing toward Jubilation herself and she whistles.  As if more feeling like she's being watched, Noriko looks back to see Emma at the back but offers Bobby the nod of her giant hat.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby caught wind of things as much from the heresay after the event. A battery carting Noriko and the flyers. So gaving missewd the whole kerfuffle. Tabby feels the need to step up where she can. Gotta make up for bailing oh so often.

Dressed for throwing down after jumping off a motorbike. Do not let her take your bike. The blonde woman is in a pair of figure hugging red jeans with a bomber styled bolero jacket in black synthetic leather and fleece, zipped up so only her abdomen is left bare. A black belt with a X emblem as the buckle and black combat boots going with the outfit.

Going straight for the snacks the explosive woman waggles fingers at everyone and collects an arm load of sugary snacks of all stripes. Looking for a place to park that backside she starts weaving through and around others. Emma gets an accidental bump of hips while Tabitha beams a goofy grin, mouth full of muff as she tries to say "Sorry!" while also chewing with her mouth closed.

Jubilee running the show and Noriko get an arm juggling display of the metal horns as she hunts the best comfy spot of maximum relaxation.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been out walking her dog, patroling the grounds together, sort of! Now the two are coming back inside, the Belle wearing a brown leather bomber jacket, and a pair of blue jeans, with a scarf around her neck, and her two toned hair loose about her shoulders. She, and her yellow lab dog 'Jeepers', stride in to the assembly gathering within the study hall.

As she walks in further, Rogue roams her eyes over everyone, then up to the slide show. "Oh god. Is this a sales pitch?" She quietly asks, as she holds the leather leash with the dog at her side, the dog happily shaking his tail at the sight of everyone gathering up.

Scott Summers has posed:
Of course Scott Summers would have a sense of just who was behind this particular gathering. Though for a change it might be possible that he does not entirely disapprove. Though it might be better that he does not let the hosts of this particular gathering know that particular fact.

Still very much dressed for the classes he only finished teaching not that long ago, the X-Men field leader steps into the modified study hall, glancing around briefly to take it in. That sweater vest that he wears is very much like him -- muted and conservative. Very teachery. It's hard to tell if he is relieved to see a few authority figures also attending or not though Emma gets a brief smirk before he makes his way over towards the table of treats, glancing over it once before claiming his prize.

That bran muffin is his. Regular and healthy digestion is extremely important and very cool, no matter what some others might think.

Divine has posed:
Divine is a guest at this place and absolutely not a student. She's not even a mutant. Still, she kinda lives here now and, well. She might be responsible for an impending war with the bloodsucking undead, so she kinda feels obligated.

Thusly, the very tall woman enters the study hall and finds a corner to hide in. (Note: She is not hiding at all.) She's dressed in another black hoodie, leggings and those knee high combat boots.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As soon as /Jeepers/ comes in the door, Noriko doesn't notice anything else.  "Jeeps Jeeps," she says like the Roadrunner before taking her hat off to kiss the top of his head while in a fancy bow.  She sneaks him a snack when she bends down to mutter something to him in Japanese.  "Oh hi Rogue."  Then she spurts right back to her post.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah, maybe you're right," Jubes replies to Nori, smiling a little. And then, people start coming in! Each of them are appreciated, on some level, but Jubilee's reaction to each is a little different. Emma gets a cautious glance. Bobby gets a long, empty stare... and then a hint of a smile towards the end. Taby gets a pair of hiked eyebrows. A mock salute for Scott followed by a vague gesture in Taby's direction -- THE BRAN MUFFIN. Rogue, a wave. Jeepers, a quiet hiss. Divine gets a frown.

    Anyone expecting one of the usual Jubilee nonsense events would likely be sorely disappointed. Instead of some ridiculous grandstanding or hiding off to the side with a microphone and announcing herself on stage with a fake accent, Jubilee is just standing up at the podium, arms crossed over her chest. Instead of some ultra-revealing outfit, she wears an oversized grey hoodie, pair of flannel pajama pants, and honest-to-goodness Crocs. CROCS! How low she has fallen! For shame. Her hair would be a rats nest if it wasn't supernaturally silky. Is this /REALLY/ a Jubilee event? It's so...


    Somehow, in a blur, Jubilee's ukulele is in her hands. It seems to be a little discordant, but she's trying. She's not quite as good as the school may remember her being.

        "There once was a vampire named Mable
        Whose cycles were always quite stable
        At every full moon
        She took out a spoon
        And drank herself under the table!"

    Jubilee strums off the final note, it's flat, and poses, presumably holding for applause. She slumps a little and tosses the ukulele -- her beloved instrument -- to the side. "I tried," she mutters to herself before perking up as much as she can. "Right, okay, so, thanks for coming everyone! So, this is the 'study hall' I've heard so much about..." Hold for laughter, hold for laughter, okay, keep going...

    "Right, so, I'm, uh, Jubilee, you, uh, know that," she starts. Jubes looks down at her Crocs, stares, and clears her throat. "Um..."

    "Fuck this."

    "We got some visitors the other night and, like, I seem to be the one who knows a bunch about this, so, uh, heh, betcha weren't expecting that, huh?" Jubilee manages a faint smile, barely visible behind her hair. A glance towards Scott. This is going badly already.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go up and over behind Divine, going to take her hand up to squeeze at the young woman's shoulder. Then glancing over at Scott for a moment <<I'll be requesting the full report as to how those things attacked the school and were able to engage the perimeter by surprise when it's available>> Sent just to him telepathically. And.. Someone was asking for one of Scott's reports for review?
    Emma would turn her attention up to the stage to Jubilee, debating whether to interrupt but deciding that she didn't wish to ruin the very earnest performance that was developing here.
    Then it would go to standard Jubilee territory an Emma would watch up at the young girl. "So, Ms. Lee.. Please do elaborate." Emma having been debating something a bit more direct.. But the look that was going to be on Scott's face from this was more than worth it.
    Emma's wicked little smile was as close to as she would get to a laugh.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
People come and go. It's a school Tabby is occasionally one of them so unfamiliiar faces like Divine get a smile as the smaller blonde finds a seat. "'Sup, Boom-Boom!" she offers in a food eating introdcution. Muffin?" she offers along with a buch of the other snacks she grabbed. More horns are aimed at Rogue for the classic bomber jacket style before Tabby is back to trying to offload the excess of snacks.

Totally planning to share.

There's a limerick backed by ukelele and it takes a whole mess of will power to not burst out into laughter. Tabitha is a simple simple creature at times.

When Jubilee gets serious thoughshe just stuffs more muffin past her lips. At least that;s working to minimise noise. But she does give Jubes enouraging smiles between bites of which ever snack she chomps on next.

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers butt shakes just as much as his tail shakes when Nori approaches him, clearly the dog enjoying her quite a lot. But when Jubilee starts her speech, the dog stops wagging his tail, and instead just stares at the front of the room, like he's looking through the vampire...

When she starts her song, Jeepers suddenly BARKS really loudly, causing Rogue to kneel down beside him and shush him with her gloved hands upon his head and neck.

Rogue just... watches. She's been friends with Jubilee for a long time now, and this presentation both encompasses 'old world Jubes' and 'New world Jubes'. It's quite interesting. If a bit low on production values.

Rogue whispers to her dog. "She used to have the irreverence of a Carrot Top. Now she's leaning toward the demure of a Mitch Hedberg..."

Jeepers just quietly whuffs...

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Despite trying to resist the urge to do so, Bobby lifts his good hand to rub absently at the wound, shifting slightly in his seat. He listens to Jubilee, and seems to playing pretty close attention to what is going on. Still no commentary, still nothing but silence. He offers a smile towards Jubilee, even if he is mostly getting cold stares. Worth a shot, anyway.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko claps for the performance.  She might be the only one who genuinely means it.  She might also be the only one clapping.

"We attacked them.  It's possible they didn't mean harm but were hoping a show of force would keep things peaceful.  Those three seemed to be the only ones..with it."  An old notion to show up with the big guns for peace, to be sure, but Noriko speaks up from her spot amongst the Jansports when Jubilation looks to Scott.

"So...we need to know how to fight them," Noriko looks back to Jubes and nods.  It goes unspoken that regardless the vampires' intentions before, it's more than likely their next altercation will not include peace talks.

Divine has posed:
Jubilee buts out the ukulele, and Divine just stares in confusion. The limerick is in terrible taste, and her face wrenches in more than a bit of disgust. The whole while, she is unsure why Jubilee frowned at her so hard. It bothers her, and she actually starts to try and slip out. She knows when she's not wanted.

Then Emma shows up and reassures her a bit. The tall woman seems to relax just a touch, and looks a bit sheepish. She stays, though.

Scott Summers has posed:
To be sure, Scott can be a somewhat demanding teacher. He is probably not the favorite of very many students. But he has good reason to expect the very best. He has a better understanding then most about some of the dangers that lurk outside the grounds of the school. And occasionally, unfortunately, on the grounds as well. Sometimes even inside these very walls. There is a reason that he stretches vigilence that has nothing to do with his own anal attentiveness.

Well, not just that anal attentiveness.

He is not unreasonable however. His expectations are grounded in reality, not some fantasy. Not every presentation can be a home run right off the bat. And everyone ultimately has their own style. He might choose to do things a different way, and certainly he arches that brow again at some of JUbilations decisions, but he does not interrupt, standing quietly towards the back of the class without interruption.

Munching on that bran muffin. Mmmmmm, good, wholesome bran.

Emma gets the slightest incline of his head. <<You'll have it. We can go over it in detail, but at the end of the day it is a very big property and we have a lot of enemies that don't have to obey the normal rules>> he offers up in that little mental conversation. Chances are he is far more annoyed then anyone else at that fact.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Emma gets a long, cold, stare. Instead of immediately responding to her, Jubes turns her head to look at Noriko to deliver an expression that can only mean 'can you believe this bitch?' One of her hands curls into a tight fist that would turn white if it wasn't already. The moment passes slowly, but Noriko's interruption is exactly the pick-me-up to get things on track.

    "Right," Jubilee says. "Right, thanks." Normally she has better control of these things, but, well, things are different.

    "Nori's right. You all drew first blood, uh, so-to-speak," Jubilation announces, using 'you' instead of 'we'... which should certainly concern anyone with half a brain. She folds her arms across her chest and lowers her voice. "And so now /I/ have to stand up here and teach you all how to kill us," Jubilee continues, her voice trailing off before turning to face Emma directly. "So, yeah, I'll just 'elaborate'..." Jubes snaps. And then, the moment passes.

    "I get that some of you don't like me as much anymore or don't trust me or whatever," Jubilee continues, waving one of her hands in the air as she talks. "But I'm still gonna tell you what I know."

    "We have hand-outs you can take with you when you leave, but here are the basics," Jubilation mutters, now leaning forward against the podium. Whatever energy and exuberance she might have had for events in the past just... isn't here, tonight. "Yes... They were vampires."

    The slide changes to show a picture of Bela Lugosi, but it's just a paparazzi photo of him buying a pack of gum.

    "...And they came here to take something from me. A book," she adds, cryptically. "They didn't get it."


    "Suthtekh The Malefactor," Jubilee continues, pointing up at the screen with her finger. There's a picture of a person with a blurred out face, question marks obscuring his features. "...He's the Duke of this area. Prox Manna-hata." The slide changes to show three stick figures, one drawn with brown hair, one with black, and one with yellow. The one with black hair has a big red X crossed over it. "His three brides. Clemencia the Seer, Severina the Necromancer, and Nefertiti the Scourge. Though, it looks like the Duke is going to have to get on that Tinder because ol' Nefertiti was murdered out there." She gives the window a vague gesture.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would give a nod to Scott's response <<Of course. I find a frontal assault especially concerning.. Forgive me, you're already dealing iwth it and have far greater concerns. I'll lend whatever help I can in this that you'll accept. There are a number of.. Specialists in dealing with these sorts of things that I'm unsure if you'd like to approach but there are a number with excellent reputations.>>

The hand is there on Divine's shoulder to give it another reassuring squeeze and then a nod from Emma of approval sent hte way of the younger girl. Emma saying gently, "You helped save people. I couldn't be prouder."
    Emma's attention would glance up and over at Jubilee, paying strict attention, "How did you come about all this information, Ms. Lee? It is very useful and very specific. And what is in that book that had them targeting you?" Emma is going to put up an aura of calmness. Jubilee is telling them what's going on now. The girl is trying to ensure that they're caught up. Emma can appreciate the honesty and trying to make upf or mistakes. Emma can understand that. And there may not have been any. As the talk of 'Severina was murdered' Emma's hand would squeeze Divine's shoulder a little more reassuringly.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Trespass. World that hates and fears us. They wanted to be safe they could have knocked like most folks wanting to be non hostile!" Tabi points out with an actually empty mouth and an adamant voice. She's been pretty determined about no one here doing anything wrong.

That's often her.

Jubileee feeling like a double edged race traitor has to be rough on her. "What ever they did to you Jubilee. You're US, family. We smack other mutants around on an as needed. How is this any different?" she posits to the vampiric young woman.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Bobby shifts and seems ready to comment when Jubilee makes the comment about people not liking her so much - clearly to counter that claim - but decides that his is the last voice she wants to hear, and so he stifles it. Instead, leaning back to listen intently.

    At least, until Emma speaks up. "All due respect," he offers up. "But you're a guest here. She's a guest's guest." he says, waving a hand towards Divine. "It may not always look that way, but we work together as a team, and work hard at being a team. We function well that way, we trust ourselves that way, and we give each other the benefit of the doubt."

    Bobby sits up a bit straighter. "We're family. And we stand by our family. And right now, Jubilee is facing a hard time, and we're here for her. That's why we're all here, in this room. And she's sharing what she knows, because she IS the expert. And right about now, she's all the expert we need."

    He turns to look back at Jubilee. "I appreciate what you are sharing. Please, go on." His gaze returns to Emma, and if his eyes could produce icicles, they would.

            (Ok, so they can, but they don't. Not really. But they come darn close.)

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes settling Jeepers at seeing the scary vampire, and slowly stands back up. She looks over at Bobby, trying to see if he was okay just by staring at him for a moment before she looks toward Emma and this Divine newcomer. Tabi's comment back at Jubilee has Rogue looking forward again as she exhales. "I don't think some of us will have trouble killin' a Vampire. But others might..." She quietly comments as well, before she just leans back against a table behind her, while Jeepers lowers down to lay o nthe floor at her booted feet.

Scott Summers has posed:
Did it just get cold in here? Because Scott is feeling a distinct chill at the moment. It has to be a little unsettling to be attacked by creatures of the night. It is one thing to have one amongst them, such an unlikely familair face. It is another to see just how dangerous they can truly be.

Certainly Scott could be counted among those who 'don't like' Jubilation, though that's not strictly true. For him it isn't about like or dislike. Just more about the safety of the students in his charge. Threat assessment is one of the things he does best afterall. His gift -- and perhaps his curse as well. But there is no denying that she is also the expert on the subject here. He can be grimly practical at the best of times and since she's willing to share what she knows, who is he to argue.

So he lingers at the back of the study hall, finishing his muffin and folding his arms across his chest, listening quietly, consideringly. At least outwardly. <<It is worth looking into, but be very sure that you can trust the parties you have in mind, Emma>> comes his telepathic response. <<The student's safety has to be the foremost consideration. And if you're sure they can be trusted getting some confirmation on everything that Jubilation is going over would be a benefit as well>> the X-Man notes.

Trust, but verify. How very Scott Summers.

Divine has posed:
Divine is quiet, just letting it wash over her. She's no psychic but she can feel the vibe of the room. They don't want her here. She's about to just leave again when Jubilee uses a word. A single word. It makes her angry.

Her voice is quiet, but forceful. "I wouldn't say she was murdered. She came here to hurt you." The clone points at Jubilee forcefully, her expression hard. "I'm just here because Miss Frost and Professor Xavier are kind people. I had no horse in the race, those things probably wouldn't have come near me, but I decided to help because you're helping me by letting me stay here and, well, learn how to be a person."

The dark haired woman straightens to her full height, muscles visibly tense even through the bulk of her hoodie. "I killed that thing because if I didn't, it would have killed one of you. I'm here right now to show my support and maybe learn something about these.... leeches so that maybe next time I can kill them faster so people like him," she points at Bobby. "Don't get hurt."

She's breathing hard now. It's in an instant like this that her resemblence to Power Girl is pronounced. Infuriated, passionate. At least she has enough control of herself to not lash out.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"This isn't a fucking debate Tabby.  We struck first.  Jubilation is a vampire and we attacked vampires.  We're not here to talk about morality.  Those are just facts.  This is defense."  Is Nori's tone scathing?  Would this be Noriko Ashida if it weren't?

"Their middle school scrapbooking craze," Noriko says flatly, but shuts up when Bobby speaks.

When Divine speaks though, Noriko stands up.  "No one is attacking you...and careful what you call the species of someone very dear to me.  That 'thing' had a name and was intelligent, so it wasn't a thing.  Sorry."  She doesn't sound sorry and her frame is rigid, eyes slightly narrow.  "We aren't here for /this/.  Everyone needs to get their head out of their asses and each other's asses.  Jubilation is literally teaching us how to kill /her kind/...allies or not.  Perhaps she'll teach us things so we don't /have/ to kill."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Emma Frost, if there's one person who will never see the inside of that book, it's you," Jubilee answers plainly, without any hesitation or awkwardness. She just stares daggers from behind her hair. But, the question needs to be addressed. "...That book is very important to me. It has all the stuff about us. Our history. Our culture. Our celebrities...Our scrapbooking, yes..." That last bit is drawn out by Noriko's little jab, leading Jubes towards a softer tone. These are hints of the girl who once was.

    "...And all I'll say is that if Jean or the Professor tells me the book has to go, then it goes, but I go with it, and that's the way it is," she announces gravely. "So, yeah, here's what ----" She falls silent as the room begins to erupt. Taby, Bobby, Emma, Divine, Nori. Jubilee stands there, frozen behind her mess of hair covering her face. Both hands reach out and grip the podium and squeeze. Rage boils within her. The muscles along Jubilee's jaw line start to tense. Her neck twitches as her heart manages to beat a couple of times, just as the corners of her mouth start to curl upward. There's a quiet hiss that forms, the higher notes of a growl growing within her throat. Her face contorts into a sudden, viscious snarl, and then.... She stands up straight, chest rising and falling pointlessly. And...


    She closes her mouth, lips curling inward. Instead of saying anything to Emma or Divine, Jubilation flexes her throat and finds some words. "...Thank you, Nori," she manages. A couple months ago, there's a chance that the walls in this room would have been painted red. Not tonight. Not anymore.

    The slide changes. It just has one stick figure. Yellow hair.

    "Severina the Necromancer," Jubes announces. "The youngest of the Duke's wives. Unlike the majority of us, she can do magic. /Scary/ stuff like raise the dead. Gross! Some of you got to see her handiwork..." By now, Jubilee's confidence has returned to her, and she seems to be moving along at a better pace. "She's scary, but she's no match for her younger sister." The slide changes again to show the stick figure with brown hair.

    "Clemencia the Seer. You can read about her on Wikipedia. You mortals know her as Agrippina the Younger's bastard daughter. It's been said that the embrace ruined her mind once and for all. She was the one who killed and embraced Severina....Her sister..." Jubilation's eyes lift so she can watch everyone's reactions to that.

    "Clemencia seems crazy, and she is, but they say she can see the future. That she can read minds. That she can know the unknowable. Clemencia is the Malefactor's favorite bride. It seems like her head's full of walnuts, but she rules over the other two --- one --- with iron fangs. And one of us has the unique opportunity to tell us what it's like to be bitten by her." A gesture is made in Bobby's direction, as if to encourage him to say something about it.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost's expression would go passive as Bobby would reply to her, and she would avoid giving him a glare. But, he might have a point. He might not. But Emma would drop her commentary for now while turning her attention back to Ms. Lee.
    Sending telepathically back to Scott <<Of course. Iw ouldn't initiate anything without your approval. The.. Ones that I'm familiar with can be efficient but also somewhat.. Erratic. At least one of the ones tends to not consider.. Any type of vampire to be non-hostile. If you feel it would be useful to have some to consider contacting I'll review profiles and forward them.>>
    While this discussion of 'family' and 'togetherness' goes on Emma Frost would just calmly watch and listen, her own expression going mostly flat as she would let Bobby correct her without interruption.
    Then as Divine would speak, Emma's hand is going up to rub at her shoulder soothingly and with full reassurance. "Those things were here to hurt and attack you and those here. You.. Jubilation, were their target as was everyone here by virtue of association. You all did what you had to do to protect yourselves and the others here." Her suddenly going full protective of the girl. But also trying to calm her and reassure her. Sending to Scott..
    <<She means well. With.. Guidance..>> Emma would let out a sigh. "And we're all here to protect and help keep one another safe. Something I have.. Not contributed to as I should have." Nor necessarily be welcome in? With her history. At Noriko's words Emma would give a nod at her. Agreeing fully even if not speaking it out loud. Though a subtle shift in body language may not be noticabl unless one knew how to read the blonde witch but with 'b'.
    As Jubilee would go on about.. Fandoms.. Emma would muse idly, "And here I thought that they wouldn't show up on camera. Aren't mirrors supposed to have that issue?" But forced joviality aside, Emma goes to fully listen now and give the girl her full attention. That's fair. She's been corrected nad has yielded that the others are in the right of this. For now.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee rolls her eyes at Emma Frost's misunderstandings about mirors and cameras. "Emma, what you don't know about us could fill a warehouse, so maybe you should just sit down and stop interrupting and maybe you'll fucking learn something that might save your life!" Jubilee fires back, that snarl almost returning. She doesn't even bother to curl back and offer contrition for that. The morality of cursing at an adult kind of gets blurry when you're undead.

    The moment would be a really cool one if Jubilee didn't ruin it by glancing over to see if Noriko heard her say it.

Divine has posed:
The tall woman is hard to soothe. Her tensed muscles are like steel cables. She draws deep, calming breaths through her nose as she tries to calm herself down. She really only has one more thing to say.

"The difference is that she," gesturing towards Jubilee. "Isn't trying to eat any of you."

Besides, Divine is probably the most qualified to call other ... entities things, being a thing herself.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is sitting on the table now, her right hand reaching up to pull the grey wool knit cap off her head, then her fingers go through her hair to ruffle it up some before she drops the hat on her lap.

A second later and there comes the sound of crinkling plastic, as the southern gal opens up a Chewy granola bar. Jeepers standing up to stare up at his owner on the table, licking his chops as he totally seems to want some of that S'mores granola bar.

Rogue takes a bite from it, then pinches off a piece for the dog to toss it to him, who snaps it in his mouth, scarfing it down without even savoring the sweet creamy marshmallows, nor the gooey bits of chocolate.

A little more paper crinkling is heard as more of the bar is unwrapped then, and Rogue's green eyed gaze bounces from person to person as this heats up a bit.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby pinches the bridge of her nose. "If it was racist humans doing the same shit? Stop passing the blame." she says and gives up on arguing. Crackers seem like a good choice so she starts on them while Jubilee. It'd make speaking up slightly more difficult.

Jubilee's burn on Emma does get a snicker. That was pretty funny.

Rogue feeding Jeeper also gets a much softer expression. about as close to fawning and yelling dorbs as the trailer park girlcan while still trying to follow serious business.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Now, Bobby rises. It isn't often that the Iceman gets angry, but when it happens...

    "We were keeping them away from Jubilee, and the book. KEEPING. THEM. AWAY." Bobby looks at Divine, and yes, the room definitely starts feeling a whole lot colder now. "And that is all that was happening, until you laserbeamed one into pieces. And then all of a sudden, things got a bit more serious."

    Is it snowing? Yes, definitely a few flakes.

    "We had things under control. Jubilee was safe. The book was safe. We were all safe."

    Thermostat must be broken. Way broken.

    "And suddenly, once her sister was murdered, they went from "We want the book" to "LET'S TAKE A GIANT BITE OUT OF BOBBY!"

    Yeah...there are icicles now.

Scott Summers has posed:
For the most part Scott has been content to stay quiet, to watch and listen. He's not too stubborn to admit when others might have something to teach him and this is definitely one of those types of situations. He might be a tactical genius, but it helps a lot to know one's enemies and for that information clearly Jubilation is their best chance for that.

At least on site.

Still, things do seem to be starting to go just a little sideways, the tension in the room racheting up considerably and Scott's mouth settles into a thin line as he watches and listens to the back and forth. "I understand that this is a difficult time but if we can all just take the hostility down a level," he says quietly. "I know it is difficult but lets all try to assume that everyone here is not looking to insult one another with every stray comment," he adds almost mildly. For Scott at least. Swinging his gaze about those gathered, he finally turns his attention back to the front of the room, motioning towards Jubilee. "If you wanted to get back to the matter at hand," he says with a small nod.

Padding forward, Scott moves to stand next to Bobby, laying a hand on his shoulder carefully -- perhaps hoping to avoid frostbite. He doesn't say anything to his old friend. Maybe he feels that he doesn't have to.

<<Arrange it>> Scott projects to Emma. Keeping one's options open is always a good idea.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"This isn't what we're here for so stop antagonizing.  By responding that way you make it seem like we're attacking her and we aren't.  Actions have consequences." Noriko gives Emma a pointed look back.  "We're not here to point fingers.  We're here to work together, not bitch about who did what and what who is.  It's a waste of time.  We are all here because we want to protect the school and the students and ourselves."  That also would have been cooler if Noriko didn't look over to Jubilation for an uncertain grammar check.

Noriko has no qualms about cursing at adults and anyone else, as Scott knows.  She listens to Bobby speak, her eyes flicking around at the snow.  She opens her mouth and takes a few ultrafast laps to get a mouthful, wondering where it comes from to keep her mind off of the brewing tension in the room..between sentences.

"But Bobby's right and I can't believe this, but...so is Scott."  The little shit just couldn't hold that one back.  It comes out quick, like part of it may have left a bad taste in her mouth.  Still, she speaks the truth as she knows it and stands by it.

Divine has posed:
It may be colder around Bobby and the rest of the room, but the temperature doesn't change much around Divine. Because her eyes start glowing, the air rippling around them from the heat that is unconciously being drawn upon.

Oh no.

She grinds her teeth, one hand clenching hard enough that her knuckles crack audibly. All she wants to do is help, and they treat her like this? It's almost enough for an immature mind and ego like hers to just...become what they think she is out of sheer spite.

The glow in her eyes starts to fade, and her tone is quiet and as cold as the air near Bobby.

"If you want to blame me, fine. This is my fault. Then let me fix it. I'll go destroy them all myself. They can't stop me. I'm a Kryptonian." Half. "They could send all the vampires in the world after me and it probably wouldn't be enough." Not True. Dracula would school her.

"Let me finish it, and they'll never bother you again, and then I'll leave and you'll never see me again."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would close her eyes and then speak, "I'm sorry." Her hand on Divine's shoulder giving it a tight grasp.. And almost a light hug, if allowed while Emma would hover almost protectively in front of the girl. Any sort of lashing out she might give at Bobby ends due to Scott's commentary is given with a low sigh. But also deflecting things onto her rather than at Divine.
    <<A number of them. I'll have some profiles worked up and sent in to you for review in the next few days. I have to ensure that they have proper contact information and aren't caught up in the lovely para-dimensional invasion that's going through Manhattan and so would be available for some legwork.>> Emma's tone is more sardonic now but lightly amused. <<Thank you>> Quietly sent to Scott as well.
    Then Divine is going on and Emma would turn to her. "You are safe here and.. This is a place for you to stay." Emma's tone is pleading for once, poenly. A moment of vulnerability for her that's out in the open and almost surprisingly so. Both to Divine and to the others. To Divine her eyes have the look of 'you did nothing wrong' in them.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Maybe it is the hand from Scott. Maybe it just his natural disposition coming back. The temperature shifts back towards normal as Bobby regards Divine. "If you want to learn what being an X-Man is, we don't quit, and we don't run around cowboying things." He does not appear to be intimidated by her glowing eyes. "I am not saying this is your fault. I'm saying that your recklessness and unwillingness to be part of the team can, and will, lead to others getting hurt. I've been in this game for a long time, and don't need you talking about how you need to protect me."

    "If you want to be one of us, be one of us. We're happy to have you. But don't come in here with a God complex and expect us to worship you." He looks over at Emma with an expression that is likely unreadable unless she were to use her powers, and then takes a seat once more.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby just shakes her head. In her brain there's an image of a peaceful wasp nest. It has a big honking X on the front. An idiot shoving a hand in there, getting swarmed anbd stung and then looking vengefull for his own stupidity.

There's another pinch of her nose bridge but the blonde seems to be tryiing to stay quiet for me. And with Iceman getting upset over the whol;e thing there's a shiver and a tremble as cold weather meats bare midriff. Hell of a time to be bodypositive with those abs.

"Clearlky acting like tall buff and bae here.." she says with a smile at the increasingly steamed Divine before looking at the others wiith clear frustration on her features and in her brainwaves. "Is at fault for defending people she might actually like or not is a stupid argument and stupid in general. WHo here hasn't done stupid shit for friends and family, So we have vampires pissed at us for their own idocy. Move on. How we deel Jubilee? Spill already before someone wrecks the room and I run out of snacks and cry!"

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers whines.

Rogue looks back down at the dog as she was about to eat the last piece of the grnola bar. She sighs and rolls her eyes. "Sit." She tells her faithful furry friend. He does it like he knew the command was coming...

"High foot." Rogue says as she lifts up her left foot in the wedge-heeled suede boot she's wearing.

Jeepers reaches his right front paw up and slaps the bottom of her boot.

Rogue drops her foot, and then sighs again as she tosses the last bite of ooey gooey granola bar at the dog, who bites it out of the air, and scarfs it down without even bothering to savor that wonderful sugary marshmallow or filling granola chunky chewyness.

Rogue just pulls her gloves off then, and once more runs her hands through her hair to push it all back over her shoulders, as her long white bangs frame her face and fall back around the edges of her cheeks and jawline.

"I for one wanna hear what we're gonna do about all these Vampires." She says in a loud, dry tone of voice.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Divine's attempt at nuance, the point that Jubes isn't trying to eat them, seems to somber her a little. Jubilation stares down at her feet, wiggling one of them... Fucking Crocs. "Actually..." she mutters. "I'm trying /not/ to eat you..." She looks up, now watching the room turn into total chaos. Total nonsense. This wasn't the plan. Not how it was supposed to go. She was expecting to get to at least slide six before this happened.

    "Quiet down," she commands. Commands. It's different when a vampire does it, isn't it? Nothing changes, /really/, but did everything just get quieter? Did the lights in the room /really/ dim a little other than the area near Jubilee? That would be impossible, right? Just... the imagination. Perhaps. She's /learning/

    "You will do nothing," Jubilee says to Divine. Her tone is calm, strangely. There's no supernatural glamouring here. After all, Jubilee's eyes are mostly covered. A nod in Scott's direction. And then the slide changes.

    "Here you go, Rogue, this is what you want to know..."


    "Inside those bags, Nori has everything you need," Jubilation continues, now moving towards the door. She opens it and wheels in a mannequin that, from its outfit, was obviously stolen from the mall. She drags it to the center of the open space and positions it so it's facing the group. Jubilee stares at the hair on the mannequin and raises her eyebrows. "Huh... Split ends. Just like you," Jubes adds, making a vague gesture towards Emma, unable to resist.

    "So in that bag... You'll find a wooden stake. It goes through the heart..." Jubilee begins. Suddenly, she has a wooden stake in her hand, having just mustered some of her blurry vampire speed to pull it out of the bag on her back. She drives it dead center into the mannequin's chest. "...It's in the center, people! We're not pledging allegiance to the flag, okay?"

    "And jars of holy water..." Jubilee glances at the Crocs again and then slowly reaches up to move her hair away from her face. With some hesitation, she looks up and reveals herself. All of the skin on one side of her face is covered in deep, wrinkled scar tissue. Red, swollen, bulbous. She looks like a cup of acid was thrown at her.

    "...It works," she confirms softly. This is the first time anyone but Nori has seen her face since that happened to her.

Divine has posed:
When Bobby addresses her, she recoils like she's been slapped. Her? An X-Man? She's not even a mutant. She's just a thing in the shape of someone else with nowhere to go. She seems to coil back into herself, shoulders slouching as she tries to become small, her guts twisting. She's just radiating confusion and shame and guilt, and her expression matches.

When Jubilee shows the horrific burns on her face, she, somehow, looks sadder.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As soon as Noriko sees the glow start glowing, Noriko places herself in front of Divine, but even the Napoleon hat is shy of blocking the half-Kryptonian's eye trajectory.  "If we didn't want you here, we would have asked you to leave.  If you want to learn how to protect /with/ us, stay," she says quietly but with a sternness that is kind of strange on Nori.  "No more interruptions," Noriko looks back over her shoulder to Bobby, and then to Rogue.  "No shit-" but when Jubilation pipes up, Noriko scurries back to her post as if she won't be caught away from it or ruin the presentation, even if she might have already with her aggressive interference running.

Right on queue, Noriko holds up a Jansport bag, using her free gauntlet to draw attention to the length of the bag like a stewardess only without the fake smile plastered to her face.  Out comes a wooden stake; she waggles that and then calms down to give Jubilation's demo center stage.

Before anyone can start talking, and after Jubes demonstrates what holy water can do, Noriko starts tossing bags at people without warning.  Catch!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would now pay attention once more, not speaking up on anything to ensure that she's not interrupting nor escalating things once more as things seem to be settling and they're getting to what seems the more important bits. Emma is keeping her thoughts to herself over while glancing at Jubilee's display.
    <<Do ensure to give her some extra credit here on her classes, along with Noriko if she's still taking any. She's going well above and beyond any sort of presentation I've seen here in quite awhile so do give her creditf or that>> Emma's mental tone has gone to full amusement now. Then she would glance over at Jubilee and would just glance at the girl.
    "While I can appreciate your full dedication to your performance and artistic devotion, you didn't have to go all the way of that." She doesn't add 'dear' but there is amusement. And apology. <<I do know some places you can get a cream for that if you would like, Jubilation. You have earned yourself a spa day for this>>.
    Then Emma would go behind Divine and speak quietly to her. "Here is a place for you to stay. A home fi you wish it. Friends and if you want them family. A place to figure yourself out." Emma would glance at Noriko with a 'is Jubilee all right'. Then said glance is of course interrupted by holy water balloons as Emma would go to hold up a hand to catch one. Presuming it's not filled with paint.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits on the edge of the table now with her hands in her lap. She's eying the others, until the mannequin is brought in, which has her tilting her head gently to the side... some part of her feeling like she's seen that mannequin before. Oh well.

As the presentation starts though, the Belle just quietly watches while Jeepers looks around the room, until Jubilee puts her hair back, and shows off her face.

Rogue widens her eyes as she sits up straighter on the edge of the table...

Jeepers starts to hack. Hack. Hack. Doggie Hack!

The yellow lab barfs on to the floor, spewing granola, chocolate, and marshmallow in a long streak across the carpet.

Rogue looks down at her dog, then back up at Jubilee, then to Nori as the backpacks start getting passed out.

"Dogs... don't like chocolate..." Rogue says quietly as she starts toward the door. "I'll get some paper towels. Come on, Jeepers..." She tugs on his leash, as he looks and follows, then glances back at Jubilee again.

Jeepers HACKS again, out in to the hallway!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The Buffy bags get an eye and an eyebrow arch from Tabitha as shhe hmms. "How durable are they. If I can explode a head at a distance I'd rathert that? I'm not as upto date on my hand to hand as I should be." she asks curiosly and mimes throwing one of her plasma time bombs.

Jubilee's burns get a wince, as they're shone. "Now I teally wanna know how much I can blow up before one dies or dusts or whatever?" she almost sadisticly says and looks to the other before looking back to the vampiress.

Poor Jeepers and his tummy. "Hope hert gets well quick!" she calls out hopefully to the departing Southern Belle with an aww sound for the condition of doggos. Easily distracted Tabby.

Scott Summers has posed:
With his piece said, with at least some of the tension fading away -- enough for the lecture to return to the matter at hand at least -- Scott is more then content to fade back into the background for the time being. If he is bothered by Noriko's little shot, or by the touchiness of Emma's latest project he gives no sign of it. Those rub-red glasses do help him conceal a whole lot. Sometimes it is remarkable what's on display in one's eyes.

He imagines it takes a little something from their very own mutant vampire to show off the damage done to her face. Scott only studies the damage objectively, perhaps making mental notes of how to best make use of that sort of weapon should this all come to a fight. He leans against the wall, hands tucked at his back, brow furrowed ever so slightly. The bags get a look -- no doubt he will go through one of them later in more detail -- but for now he would just as soon that they forget he is even here.

<<I'll take it under advisement>> comes Scott's response, the thought touched by a faint hint of wry humor. Extra credit for a presentation on vampire slaying. They really have a rather unique sort of institute for learning here. But there is no denying that it is useful. And there's no denying that it is a good sign that these two are taking the initiative to do anything of this sort at all.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's strong interest in Emma Frost's expression over as the performance would go on <<They definitely do lend thesmelves to a creative spark>> This is mostly sent over to Rogue now <<You should perhaps see if you could get them some backup dancers or performers. Or when this latest crisis is over see about getting some performing arts going. These two would make some amusing leads.>> Emma remembers the 'Hamilton' incident.

Emma also fading slightly so as to not interrupt the proceedings now that things have smoothed down and they're getting to the useful bits of the presentation and the tactically applicable ones. A light wrinkling in her nose of focus and thinking of questions to ask.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Dog vomit in slow motion.  Nori knows she can't stop it.  Projectile vomit is the hardest kind and often ends up in accidents if she tries, let alone covered in it.  "Seriously?"  As Rogue has just found out that dogs don't like chocolate, or perhaps again.  Nori doesn't keep track of these things.  It's really just poor timing all around, because her gaze snaps to Emma.

"Maybe don't be patronizing to someone who just did something really brave," Noriko says, making sure it is loud enough for Emma to hear as she stares her down and instantly wishes she had said something nastier.  Ugh, so rusty.  The school halls have made her soft.

Noriko has almost forgotten Scott is there.  It's one of his superpowers, she's convinced.  The guy has laser eyes and can somehow just blend in and witness everything while people let their guards down?  She's sure he'll pull out his detention pad and clean up his quota for the month.  Yeah he probably has a quota, she thinks.  Does this mean she has something to learn from him?-NO-EWW-NO.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just glance at Noriko and say, ever so softly and -somehow- in a voice that would carry to the girl (unless priority is given to avoiding Scott-tention as it should be) and perhaps even fade. "My intent wasn't to be patronizing at all. She's doing a very strong and brrave thing here." Somehow the words seeming to perhaps only carry to Noriko.
    Stupid telepaths, no doubt, if that brain could float through things.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation's frown returns, pointed right at Emma. She's not used to people being in her head. Even when alive, it was a rarity for someone to break through her static. All but the most powerful telepaths were usually shut out. But, not the Professor. Not Jean. Not Emma. Ugh.

    "Taby... I don't know," Jubilee admits with a shrug. "...I... When I come back to life each night, my body is the same as it was back in July. Except for, well, except for this." She lifts her fingertips up to her cheek. "...I don't know what would happen if you made me into a puddle." The discomfort lingers for a moment and then Jubilee stands up straight again.

    "I accidentally got skewered on a broom handle when Nori and I were making out in the broom closet, though, and I was good as new the next night."

    Shrug. No big deal.

    "But Taby makes a good point. The head. Another good way to do it is to cut the head off at the neck," Jubilation confirms with a nod, dragging her index finger right across her own throat. "...And, of course, the Day Moon. They don't make SPF One Million."

    "So, here's the bad news..."

    "We're not all the same," Jubilee shares with both hands held up in a casual shrug. "...So, that's the stuff that you can use to kill me. And Clemencia the Seer. And probably most others. But..." She sighs a little. How to distill thousands of years of vampire history and biology down to a couple sentences? "...You know how sometimes vampires are all scary? And sometimes we're all pouty? And sometimes we're sexy? Well...The book calls them 'clans' and, I think, uh, bloodlines, too? Point is... What you all call 'vampires'... well, it's not so simple and, well..."

    "What works on me might not work on us all," Jubilee explains with a shrug. She stares down at the ground near her feet for a few seconds before lifting her head and raising her voice now that all the bags have been handed out. "Who wants to give it a try?" Jubilee announces, moving to the side of the poor mannequin so she can retrieve her stake.

Divine has posed:
Divine still looks wounded. Perhaps wounded isn't the correct word. The powerful confidence that came with her rush of anger is gone, and now she just seems withdrawn and unsure. Though when the bag comes flying her way, she does catch it effortlessly. She then just sets it aside gently. She doesn't need it. She's a walking vampire destroyer.

She just stays where she's standing, so that's something, right?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue comes back in to the room as the further instructions, explanations, and so on are being given out. She's discarded her scarf and bomber jacket, wearing just a dark forest green hoodie zipped up over a black tanktop. She has a handful of paper towels, and 409 cleaner bottle in hand.

"Ah.... pet ownership..." The Belle says as she goes to work cleaning up the spot left over by her dog.

That dog, as it so happens, can be seen walking past the hall doorway, wagging his tail, as Wendy Fleeb, and her friends, walk with Jeepers toward the main foyer.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to move over to give Divine a gentle hug of reassurance, presuming that it was welcomed. Other hand holding the ball thrown at her and then glancing at Jubilee. "So presuming that they might all have differences in weaknesses and we cannot necessaril presume that we merely will be facing members of the.. Clans that have threatened you.." That given to Jubilee and Noriko.
    "I would hope that the universals are still effetive. Total vaporization.." Something to be said for just having Rogue punch one so hard it exploded after all.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
She made a contribution. Tabby's day is made and and she smiles brightly before she starts pondering. "Well I'lll start with head 'asplode and then see if I need to increase or decrease. Work for minimum force if we need a talker. Like arms and legs blown off like that gut in the old Metallica video. And nuke and then maybe funsie evil sadism." Tabitha starts motormouthing of only talking out loud to herself.

The snacks long gone and probably leaving the blonde woman on the verge of pinging ofdf the walls with hyperactivity.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"That is creepy as fuck Emma," Noriko says loudly, "Stop whispering things into students' ears."  Before Noriko can continue her campaign to call Emma out in awkward ways...for everyone, Noriko spots Jeepers and a Fleeb.  She gasps.  "That ho."  It could never be Jeeper's fault.

"If there's one thing I've learned here, it's that I can't always rely on my power.  Some asshole is going to use a tranq gun with enough juice for a family of elephants on me and I won't always have access to my power."  Emma gets /another/ daggered look...before Nori just looks at Tabby.

"Are you having a spasm?  Do I sound like that?"  The speedster looks around for confirmation before anyone can hide their microexpressions in reaction to her question.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"No, you don't sound like that, Nori," Jubilee says, shaking her head firmly. She might elaborate, she might walk over, but... EMMA.

    "No one threatened us, Emma," Jubilation answers, dragging that out so she sounds annoyed. "For the last time. No matter how many times you say it, it's not true. I think one of them even said they weren't looking for a fight..." Jubes looks from Nori, to Bobby, to Rogue -- the mutants who were there. "Saying it again isn't gonna make it true."

    The presentation suddenly goes on pause as Wendy Fleeb walks past the Study Hall. Jubilee's eyes follow her like a dog following a bone. When she's no longer within eyesight, the presentation continues.

    "Nori's right. Don't count on your powers. You never know. Stake the heart, that's actually pretty consistent. I read something about some clans just getting all paralyzed from it and not dying, but, like, that's pretty good, I guess. Plus, you don't know what they can do to you. Severina The Necromancer has all kinds of magic. And..."

    "She's not in the book at all," Jubes reveals. "So, like I said, who wants to give it a try?" She gestures at the mannequin.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go quiet over then as Jubilee would correct her. Ah well. She's made her point there. Emma would go to take a step back over while just watching at the duo and her expression would go fully neutral. Entirely flat as she would simply go silent, almost fading into the background herself. Not bothering to read minds or any sort. But at the 'don't rely on' things bit.. Emma's body language would grow barbed for just a moment but it would take one watching her very carefully to get the sudden change in demeanor and expression before it would fade away rather quickly back to her normal state of blaseness.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha was such a nice girl once. But then being a mutant happened. She still waffles on a moment longeer. "Plasma is like star stuff? Maybe it's a mini sun, will that help blow heads and bits off like a flying tanning globe?" she says whether or not anyone is listending.

Apparently Noriko was as she calls the girl out. "I don't think I am. I mean feel twitchy as fuck but I don't think I'm like seizing or something." That chaotic disposition courtesy of ADHD and waaaaaa too much sugar. Noriko is just faster due to her powers.

The chance to stab and stake stuff. Tabby is like down. Hand up like she was in elementary school again. "Me me me me!" Boom-Boom says and looks for stabby steaky stuff and eyes the mannequin. "You know I'm just gonna punch this shit up in the danger room anyway!" she says and grins with a wide eyed manic look as she sees if anyone else will.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue comes back once more after cleaning up the mess, this time carrying her bomber jacket. She drapes the jacket over the back of a chair, then just stands and listens. Her eyes are on Jubilee, then on Nori and over to the others that are still here and listening.

"I have a question." She says softly then, her hands resting o nthe back of the chair that she stands behind.

"If I just put my fist through a Vampire's chest, then squeeze their heart, does that count as wood?" She says with a quick look around at everyone.

"Cause my fist is way stronger than any dumb wooden stake. Plus, I've always kinda wanted t'heart punch'a bitch before." She then adds with a growing grin tugging at the edges of her smoky crimson hued lips. She shadowboxes a single punch too, showcasing how she might deliver such a killing blow, even mouthing 'POW' as she does it!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Not seeming inclined to grab a stake, or really, engage in any of the practice here, Bobby simply watches quietly, absorbing the lessons. Content to see that some are taking advantage of it. Not sure if he, himself, will see the field again in this particular struggle. Not in his current state.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would consider at Rogue, "Most things can in the end be dealtw ith by sufficient application of force. So if you impact them with sufficient strength and velocity, I believe you can.. What is the technical term.. Pulp them? There's only so much tenstile strength a body can have when it's impacted by so much inertia." Emma would note drolly as the type of person that had seen how the human body stood up to several dozen tons of force. Apparently promise of quietness aborted by the chance to get to agree with Rogue.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko wasn't expecting Tabitha to elaborate, but she immediately realizes she should have seen that coming.  It's like throwing rice out and expecting the birds not to eat it, for it to swell up, and kill them.  "You're cool.  It's fine.  As long as you feel okay," she says with an uncharacteristic softening (at least in group situations).  When Tabby looks around eagerly, Noriko just nods to the mannequin encouragingly.

The speedster lets the expert field questions and she pulls out her wooden stakes, twirling each one as she puts it into place in front of her.  "Does petrified wood work?" she wonders aloud to herself.  There were lots of vampires.  She might need to make more stakes.  She's clearly working out her own thoughts.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Rip out a man's heart and show it to him begore he dies!" How the hell did Taby get so morbid. "Makes it ewasier to stake!" Tabby thoroughly gets behind Rogue's tactical idea.

Stepping up onto her feet there's a steal in one hand and as she moves towards the mannequin, there's a detour for abother carb loaded muffin.

Noriko's appraisal of Boomie's brain state gets a grin. "I'm not just cool. I rock! And I'm definite fine! I mean look at me! But okay? That is up for debate but if I can use it to help people. Screw it" se states between muffin bites on her way to the mannequin. Being one of the few people in the room without super speed or strength. In fact probablky the shittiest punch in the room. "So like aim for the heart? This even gonna go in." she ponders curiously and puts up a kind of knife stabby guard position to focus.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Right in the center, Taby. You don't wanna get in close only to pop a pointless lung," Jubilee warns before stepping away from the mannequin to give the girl some room. She makes her way over and sits on top of the table that once had the backpacks. "It could work, Rogue," Jubilee admits with a shrug. She's finding it hard to smile through this. "Bobby got a few of them with his ice-stakecles, so maybe just a fleshicle would work."

    "I guess the last thing to know is a lot of what you /think/ you know... is bullshit," Jubilation warns. "Lies spread by /us/ to keep you all from knowing the truth. No salt circles. Running water doesn't do anything. I don't know /anyone/ who needs dirt from home."

    Jubilee frowns a little, her voice trailing off. "I guess that's it," she mutters. "I mean, I'm sure there's more, but, like, that's the important stuff. Make sure you get a backpack. If anyone needs me, I'll just be sitting awake in my room trying not to think about all the stuff I told you, tonight. Thanks for coming, I guess."

    Jubilee doesn't bother ending the presentation, doesn't bother turning off the projector. Instead, she starts walking for the door. When she gets near Bobby Drake, she slows to stop and leans down to say something to him that's not meant for everyone. "I'll do it," she whispers before continuing on her way.

    After a few seconds, Jubilee can be heard again out in the Main Foyer. "Watch where you're walking, Fleeb!"

Emma Frost has posed:
And as Jubilee would leave, Emma Frost would shake her head apologetically at the girl. Probably not noticed. She had added to the girl's distress. One more mistake to pile up on the ones that she had made recently. Another squeeze would be given to Divine presuming that the hoodied' girl would be likely departing on her own.. And Emma would leave the plate of muffins and snacks over to the others to devour. NO.. Emma Grace Frost is merely moving to lean up against the wall isolating herself in her own way, and simply resting and thinking to hereslf. Mental shields up, body language completely neutral and flat. As if merely diamond herself.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Looking up at Jubilee, Bobby nods slowly. "Only if you absolutely feel comfortable," he says, but his expression is appreciative.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The advice is given and tabitha slits her eyelids and then theyes a super telegraphing "HAH!" as she moves to maje sthe stab. It's a little off but it his the left side of the sternum and hopefully the corecrt angle. No heart to actually hit.

"TYeah, danger room time. Imma amped and need to make sure I get that right. We got a sim punched now right?" Boom-Boom asks anyone that would be techier than she currently is. So that's everyone. But she keeps practicing with her technique for now, trying differeing holding and jabbing methods for maximum force and hole punching by merely ordinary if still varly toned muscles.

She'll be at it a while till she decides on a more accurate target in the danger room calls.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko looks up when Jubes starts closing up.  She doesn't immediately follow after the vampire, allowing her exit is a sign of respect, but as soon as Jubilation calls out to Fleeb, Noriko sprints around to clean up as if Jubilation did it herself, and pauses momentarily by Rogue to say wryly, "I can't believe you let Jeepers hang out with such bad influences like that Fleeb girl."

All the snacks are IN TABBY'S STOMACH, so Noriko hits up the kitchens before she intends to catch up with Jubilation, kissing her cheek along the way.  "Just a little stop and I'll catch up."  She knows Jubes knows what that stop is.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gathers up her jacket and starts to slip it on over her shoulders. She sorts it out, then tosses her hair back behind her neck. "All right, well. I learned a lot from that. Such as don't feed dogs granola, and punchin' vampires is probably enough."

When Nori rushes over, and says that to her, Rogue just smirks softly. "Wendy loves him, and she and her friends take him on walks, feed him treats an' shit. He kinda gets super spoiled around them. It's all good. I swear!"

And Nori's gone. Rogue huffs, and starts toward the door herself, giving Bobby a glance on her way, narrow eye squint at him for a second.

Out in the hallway, Jeepers can be heard barking back at Jubilee.

Emma Frost has posed:
And as the others are departing, so does Emma Frost, walking along quietly. Well.. As quietly someone in her outfit and in heels could manage while not trying to actively hide. She would just be quiet.. Maneuvering along, a simple expression on her face as she would go to pass by Rogue out into the corridor, her mind already startig to drift onto other affairs that required tending to.