9907/Interview Ambush

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Interview Ambush
Date of Scene: 30 January 2022
Location: Jules Verne Museum - St. Martin's Island
Synopsis: Cindy tries to interview Emma Frost. It doesn't go great.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Cindy Moon

Emma Frost has posed:
There in the Jules Verne Museum, Emma Frost is looking through the exhibits as she would go through in a feeling of whimsy. Reading through some of the things on alien cultures, friendly and unfriendly, that Earthers have run into. She's stopped over onto one that's about the Shi'Ar and that presents a rather more.. Benevolent interpretation than she had come to expect, and would look amused up at it and the displays while she wouldwalk.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy Moon, ace reporter for the Daily Planet ... Okay, she's an intern. Fine, whatever. Ace Intern at the Daily Planet has decided to try and get an interview with Emma Frost, Important CEO, about the Angel Situation in Manhattan. Why Emma? Well, she hasn't heard about her getting interviewed about it yet, mostly. She's trying to tread new ground.

She's been keeping an eye on social media to see if anyone has reported a public sighting for days now, and finally she gets a bite at the Verne Museum of all places. Right this moment, Cindy is exiting her Uber, darting towards the building as she mechanically max rates and tips her driver on her phone. Slipping it back into her bag, she shoulders her way into the building and begins the hunt. Not that it's hard, given that Emma Frost dresses for visability. Cindy is dressed for comfort (and a little cute). She's wearing a maroon, mid thigh length sweater-dress with long sleeves, belted at the waist with a hand-width, plain black belt, black tights and black ballet flats.

She pauses around a corner to catch her breath before she straightens her shoulders and marches out, mimicing a confident stride as she just walks up on Emma.

"Miss Frost? I'm Cindy Moon, Daily Planet. Do you have some time? I'd like to ask you your take on the ... Manhattan incident."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would be paying attention over to the museum, and the displays over while she would watch. Engaged in some of them that would showcase alien cultures in ways that could conform to Earthern, or at least American frames of reference. It was all about presentation and stereotype, and setting things into a fulcrumt hat could be made sense out of.

So when someone comes up to her while she's looking at one of the boards, Emma would realize that the young girl would be coming towards her and speaking, "All right. And shouldn't you have a fedora and a small pass which reads 'PRESS' propped up in it if you're making sure to be recognizable?" She would ask to the girl.

"And I do hope that you have some ID on you? Forgive me on that but I do want to make sure."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy has the good grace to laugh, giggle really, at the fedora joke. It's not even uncomfortable laughter. "Right, right," she says as she fishes in her purse. She comes out with an ID card emblazoned with her picture and the Daily Planet logo.

Sadly, it also says INTERN.

She passes it to Emma, ducking her head a little bit.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would sigh, "All right." Yes, it could have just been laminated somewhere but she doubts that anyone would go to the effort of making something not-quite-that fake, and it's not like the two are in a movie set. "Feel free. Just do be quiet so we're not interrupting others enjoying the museum."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy slips the ID back into her purse, exchanging it for a digital recorder. "Thank you, Miss Frost," she says both professionally and gratefully. She is, at the very least, quite a polite young lady.

"So I guess I'll start with a simple one. How has the situation in Manhattan affected your business holdings?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would sigh, "It's not about my -business-. Huge numbers of people in Manhattan are suffering. Those who were evacuated by SHIELD and everyone who pitched in, those who are in temporary housing whever they were taken.. Any services helping with them? My business is completely meaningless on that agenda. My concern is for those people who have had their lives upended and ruined by this and what little I can do to help them."

A light parry of the question.

Cindy Moon has posed:
It is a light parry, but it's still a parry wrapped in (admittedly important) issues. Cindy just nods once. She frowns slightly in thought. "Do you think that, in the end, this incident will bring all of New York closer, or will it just drive a further wedge between the Haves and the Have-Nots?"

That is something the girl has thought about a lot. As one of the Have Nots.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would sigh, "I haven't the slightest idea on that. My own perspective is rather biased, I admit it. I just know we live in terrifying times, and those have a way of bringing people together. Look at all those whom lent aid to evacuating New York. Atlanteans. Mutants. The Brotherhood. Wakanda. Themyscira. Places from all over the world, kingdoms, countries, islands.. Cities, peoples. They all gave help however they could. I think no matter what you think in the long term about our ability to exist with one another.."

"That's a powerful beginning."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy is pretty good at schooling her expression most of the time. She's not great at schooling her brain, but then again, Spider People don't deal with telepaths too often. She is definitely surprised at Emma's response, given her general reputation in the tabloid pages.

She just nods once, glancing at her recorder and frowning very hard at it. So hard. Like it just kicked a puppy. "I think that's going to have to be all I can get on the record, Miss Frost. My recorder just shut down because I am an idiot and didn't charge it."

Cindy sags, sighing as she stuffs the thing back in her purse. "I'm sorry to waste your time, but I think I can at least write something with what you've given me, so ... Thank you." She straightens, tugging on her sleeves awkwardly.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Cindy, "That's fine dear. Next time you're going to do an interview, might I make a few suggestions off the record?" The blonde would look amused, her waiting to make sure that anything said would be.. Not put down over on anything.

"So just to make sure that it's all taken into account but not shared anywehre or anything so explicitly." she would grin.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy just nods a couple times rapidly. "Yes, of course, Miss Frost." She figures that the woman, who is incredibly wealthy and inordinately more connected and powerful than she is might have some wisdom to share.

"Right, right. I understand."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would sigh, "Research your questions first, darling. Never take your subject's words for granted or truth. If you're going to ask about my business, look at stock reports and business meetings. They all have to be publically posted. Ask followups. I'm guessing that you saw m here and came to ask me some questions when you did and so didn't have any real preparation done?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy sighs, scratching the back of her head sheepishly. It's a motion that she's seen her pal Peter do a lot, she must have picked it up from him.

"I ... Yeah. Social media posts caught you out here, so I came as quick as I could. Just trying to get a decent interview with someone high profile so that, maybe, they'll let me be more than an intern."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head, "Then you should do some research first. Spend a few minutes looking things up on your phone. I'm sure you'll have access to accounts on business websites. Skim public reports quickly before approaching. See if i have any sort of business in Manhattan. Any buildings there. Workers. Personal properties. In this I had control of the interview. You let me give you fluff answers and didn't follow upo n them."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy just kind of seems to shrink in on herself. Emma is absolutely correct about the things she's saying. She should have done more research on her way over here. She should have followed up and hit harder, but her nerves and excitement and anticipation got the better of her.

"Yes ma'am."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head, "There's nothing wrong. Be assertive. But be ready. If you don't have anything, then stall. Watch for a few moments while you quickly look at things. Come and ask me something but make it very banal while you set up your phone to record and do some quick research." She would offer gently. "Take and analyse things. Motions, mannerisms.. Take a breath. In and out."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Cindy just nods again. She'll remember all this for next time. Now she just wants to go drown her failure in a giant milkshake. Maybe with some bourbon in it.

She takes a step back, not looking Emma in the eye. "I'll remember that for next time. Sorry to have wasted your time. Please, get back to enjoying the museum, I ... I'm gonna go."

She doesn't even wait for a reply. She just kinda scurries off, making for the exit. No Uber this time, she's gonna duck into an alley and whip up her costume and swing away. She needs to think.