9976/End of Another School Day

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End of Another School Day
Date of Scene: 04 February 2022
Location: Entrance Hall - Happy Harbor High School
Synopsis: Morgan and Bando talk about going for a joy ride on Wonder Woman's invisible jet!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Bando George

Morgan Finn has posed:
Yes, it is the end of another school day but there is still stuff to be done. Morgan, who really dislikes anything related to books, has fallen behind on his Post-20th Century European History class so he's moping his way toward the library to go get caught up. He looks not unlike someone on his way to his execution. Maybe he has a text message for something important! He tugs his phone out of his front pants pocket and checks it hopefully. Nothing. With a sigh, he slides it away.

"Hey, Morgan, you comin' to watch the freshman try-outs tonight?" one of Morgan's fellow school athletes asks as he walks past.

"Hell yeah, wouldn't miss it," he replies enthusiastically.

The two fist bump on their way past one another.

Bando George has posed:
    Fwump! The perhaps familiar noise of Bando's teleportation hits the center of the library. About three feet up. "Ack!" he lands, stumbling until he runs into one of the tables for support. "Almost there." He's been, despite discouragement from teachers, working on teleporting blind to different locations in the school. It's way better than walking. Granted he already has to be fairly close to the location, but it's still faster when you're going directly a floor below your current spot. He shifts his backpack, and starts walking to the computers. The librarian assistant gives him one of those glares. He even WALKS noisy.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Okay, here is something more interesting that studying. Teleportation. Morgan adjusts course toward where loud teleporty boy is sitting down.

"Sup man," he says, motioning to Bando with a slight upraising of his chin. "That was pretty cool what you just did. Where'd you teleport in from?"

Bando George has posed:
    "Yo. I'm Bando," he says, though it's possible Morgan already knows who he is. "220," Bando answers with a lopsided grin, giving the room number. "It's hard getting the right spot without like, teleporting into a wall or something, so I've been erring on coming in a little high when I-"

    "Shhhhh!" the assistant hushes him.

    Bando looks over his shoulder, and lowers his voice. "When I come in," he whispers. "I don't wanna have to pay to replace a floor or something if I teleport into it and punch a whole in it. My folks would kill me."

Morgan Finn has posed:
A smirk crosses Morgan's face and he lets out a low, nasal snort-laugh when the library assistant shushes Bando. "Yeah, I seen you around. I'm Morgan." He pulls out a chair and sits down, setting his heavy backpack down on the floor between his feet.

He seems intrigued about this teleporting stuff. "So what would happen if you teleported into a wall or into a floor?" He tics up one corner of his mouth in a grin. "Is it like the movies where you meld in with it and that's your new life, you just live in the floor?"

Bando George has posed:
    "Nah, that'd suck though," Bando says. "It ain't /that/ bad. But if I teleport into something, whatever's bigger gets right of way, the smaller thing gets shoved out of the way by the process. So like, drywall? Weighs less than me, so I puch a hole in it. If it's like an oak tree or a boulder? Probably get a concussion. Oh man, I did that to Zoom once, he like shook it right off! It was crazy. I hit him with a motorcycle!"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan lets out a burst of laughter. "Oh man you hit Zoom with a motorcycle? That is dope! Do you..."

"MISTER FINN," the library assistant says she comes back over. "Did you think that when I told Mr. George to stay quiet that it somehow did not apply to you?"

Morgan quickly shakes his head. "No, ma'am," he responds immediately.

"Then perhaps," she continues, "you are of the opinion that just because you were on the news that the rules here do not apply to you."

"No, Mrs. Ward," Morgan responds equally quickly.

"Or perhaps Diana Prince has told you that you could feel free to come to Happy Harbor and rule the place however you see fit?" Mrs. Ward suggests.

A look of horror quickly crosses Morgan's features. "No, ma'am," he blurts out. "I'll be quiet. I'm sorry, Mrs. Ward."

"I should hope so," she admonishes. Then just for good measure she gives a glare to Bando. Having finished dressing down someone she considers to be a problem student, she returns to her desk to quietly go about Official Librarian Business.

Morgan looks at Bando and eeps.

Bando George has posed:
    Bando gives a wide brown-eyed stare of the innocent to Mrs. Ward, choosing not to incur her wrath further by opening her mouth. He glances at Morgan with a return of the same facial expression, and then at the librarian again. "Did...she just say Diana Prince?" he asks quietly "Like. Wonder Woman Diana Prince? THE Diana Prince?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan nods his head. "Yeah. She's my guardian. I lost my mom a couple years ago and she adopted me. I live at the Themysciran embassy."

Talking about himself is his least favorite thing, so he quickly changes the subject. "I notice you don't keep your powers secret. You like doin' it that way?"

Bando George has posed:
    "Whoa! Like, she's your foster mom!" Bando is again too loud. "Oh, I figure God gave me these powers, and he wants me to use them to help people, why keep them secret? I should be proud of what I've been blessed with, and need to work on them to make sure I-"

    Mrs. Ward is suddenly next to both of them at the computer. Can she teleport too or was he just not paying attention? "Mr. George and Mr. Finn. You've been warned more than enough."

    Bando shrinks, "Yes ma'am," he agrees.

    "Mr. George, I overlooked it when you rudely used your powers to teleport into the middle of the library, and you took that grace and misused it by carrying on a very loud conversation right here. What are you searching for?" she asks, hands on hips as she indicates the search computer which hasn't even been logged into.

    "I uh..I was just looking for..." crap, he can't remember. "Birds?" he offers the first word that pops in his head.

    "Well you both have detention this afternoon. If you want to continue, we can have you both visit Ms. MacIntyre's office and you can explain to her why your conversation about birds is so important that you should disrupt the entire library."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan does NOT want Happy Harbor to call Diana and report his unruly behavior. Again. So he sinks down as low as he can in the chair, trying to be just as unobtrusive as he can possibly be. But when he's issued detention, he sits up straight.

"But Mrs. Ward, freshman baseball tryouts are today! As one of the co-captains I gotta be there to see the new prospects!" His tone and expression make it seem like he's a surgeon who was just ordered not to attend the surgery on one of his patients.

Bando George has posed:
    "No, no Mrs. Ward," Bando raises his hand. "It's my fault, I was noisy. It wasn't him. Please? I'll do double detention. Don't make him miss his tryouts," Bando puts his hands together in a classic begging position as he sits in the chair, using the power of puppy dog eyes. "I'll bake you cookies in home ec?" he offers as a bribe.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Mrs. Ward stares daggers into Bando then she stares double daggers into Morgan. After allowing stressful silence to fill the air for a good long time she shakes her head. "We'll go double or nothing, Mr. George. Consider this your /final/ warning. If I come over here again, you both have detention tonight and Monday night. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?"

Morgan nods emphatically. "Yes, Mrs. Ward."

When the perturbed librarian walks away Morgan sinks back down in his chair.

Speaking in a whisper he says, "I gotta be quiet. I don't wanna miss freshman tryouts tonight." But as someone who is constantly in trouble, Morgan doesn't look at all upset. In fact, he's barely suppressing a cocky smile.

Then he leans forward and smiles. Still whispering: "You wanna take a ride in a jet?" His eyebrows go up and down a couple of times.

Bando George has posed:
    "You're the best librarian," Bando whispers to Mrs. Ward as she turns to walk away, and he nods mutely to Morgan. The question of a jet causes his eyes to go wide. 'A jet' his mouth pantomimes with questioning eyebrows. He nods quickly in answer. 'now?' he mouths, pointing down as if to indicate this finite moment.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Standing up, Morgan jerks his head indicating Bando should follow. He slings the heavy pack easily over one shoulder as he heads /quietly/ for the library door. Once outside the library, he pulls out his smart phone (in fact, it's /way/ smarter than it looks) and holds in a button on the side. "Lanis, are you available to come Happy Harbor?"

"Of course, Morgan," a computerized voice replies.

With a pleased grin, Morgan says to Bando, "It's coming from Metropolis so give it a couple minutes."

Bando George has posed:
    Bando takes his bag and eagerly follows, waving to Mrs. Ward on the way out. "What? A few minutes? Shouldn't it be like an hour at least?" he asks. "How fast does that thing fly? Where did you get a jet? Did Diana give you a jet? Is it HER jet? Are we gonna get in trouble?" So many questions. Bando bounces on the balls of his feet as he walks, moving to be in front of Morgan, walking backward as they go.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan leans back casually against the wall of the library building. His warm breath plumes out into the cold winter air. With a laugh he says, "Naw, man, we're not gonna get into trouble. Diana lets me use the jet alla time. It's cool. If she needs it, she'll call it."

He peers around the quad as he patiently awaits something that is going to save him from having to study today.

Then he gestures to Bando with a head nod. "You got your powers from a god, you said? Which one? My father's a god."

Bando George has posed:
    Bando quirks a brow. "So like if we're in it, and she calls it, does that mean...we'd go on a hero thing with her?" he asks. It doesn't sound like a bad thing from the way he suggests it. "Oh, no no, I got my powers from God. Like, THE God. Big G. The Presence, the maker of all universe...s?" He holds his hands out. "I'm a mutant." He turns his gaze up and shields his eyes. Is it here yet? Nope. It's only been a couple seconds, that's really the same as a couple minutes, right?

Morgan Finn has posed:
It takes Morgan a beat or two to catch Bando's meaning. Then his understanding dawns on his face. His eyebrows go up and his mouth ohs. "OH. Oh." Well what do you say back to that?

With an exhalation, he peers down at the phone. "It should...it should be here any...any minute now man." An awkward smile.

"My father is Esclepius," he adds off-handedly. Then his facial expression seems to suggest he feels like he was just being cringy.

"Do you...do you like Mountain Dew? There's Mountain Dew in the kitchen on the jet."

Bando George has posed:
    If there was a secret organization monitoring Bando, their alarm would be sounding right now. "Yeah I like Mountain Dew, what kind of question is that? That's a mouthful, Esc-lepsus?" He was close. "Eclepius. Esclepius." Bando grins. "That's it?" clearly the name means nothing to him.