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AIM, or Advanced Idea Mechanics, was a faction that splintered off from HYDRA following the end of World War II. Their leadership grabbed every piece of weapon tech and data they could as the Allies stormed through Europe, fleeing the wrath of the Justice Defenders and the Allied Command.

On the surface a legitimate corporate interest, AIM bought up a great deal of factory production facilities in postwar Europe. Munitions and combat vehicles were their first purchases (such as the Karl Walther munitions plant). As the Nuremberg trials concluded and the proverbial Sword of Damocles was lifted from their necks, the upper echelons of AIM began expanding their corporate interests and now own majority shares in a number of technological defense firms and are major shadow players in the global defense market.

Their philosophical goals have changed substantially from their days as HYDRA affiliates. Now, AIM seeks to exploit the maximum profit from any new technology and secure their uncontested rights to it. The 'shadow board' of directors, which includes executives from firms such as Hammer Industries and Roxxon Oil Corporation, pool their collective influence to control the larger defense industry.