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AJ Strong (Scenesys ID: 663)
Name: Aloysius Jeremiah Strong VI
Superalias: Hopscotch
Gender: Male
Species: Augmented Human
Occupation: Student/Trust Fund Brat
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York, NY
Education: Some High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 10 Aug 2003 Played By Jeremy Shada
Height: 6'0" Weight: 160 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Heir and scion to a rich New York family, from a sickly, bed ridden childhood, AJ has suddenly become a healthy and active teen thanks to a miracle cure. Money can buy some things. Though in the process he also gained superpowers and now fights crime on the side, much to the chagrin and annoyance of his father, who has nevertheless enrolled him in a school that can support his chosen occupation.


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*2003: Born in New York to parents Aloysius and Angelica Strong. Angelica dies in childbirth due to complicated pregnancy. AJ is premature and requires time in the hospital.
*2005: AJ is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes degenerative nerve damage. It's assumed he won't live past 18.
*2009: AJ loses the ability to walk and is taken out of school and tutored at home. He shows remarkable ability with the cello when his hands work.
*2012: AJ loses his sight to his disorder.
*2013: For his tenth birthday his father buys him his prized posession, a Stradivari Cello.
*2014: AJ's father begins to seek a treatment for his son outside of traditional medicine.
*2016: AJ becomes bedridden, is given only a year left to live.
*2017: AJ's father finally finds a doctor peddling a possible treatment using technology recovered after the Annihilus/Zod invasion of 2010. Treatment begins immediately. AJ shows almost immediate improvement, getting out of bed just days after the initial treatment, sight returning within a week.
*2018: Treatments are coming to a close, but AJ begins to exhibit peculiar abilities, including enhanced reflexes and the ability to teleport. AJ begins to explore these new abilities on his own, keeping them a secret from the doctors and his father. He adopts the moniker Hopscotch and begins fighting crime in secret.
*2019: Treatments are considered a success and discontinued. AJ's abilities continue to expand with practice and his father discovers them. He is enrolled at Happy Harbor for the coming school year.

IC Journal

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Not everyone gets a second lease on life. AJ knows how lucky he is and always attempts to look on the bright side of things.

AJ is not a look before you leap type. Act now, think later. Though he's often wise enough to listen to cooler heads, if on his own or with a group of like-minded individuals, he'll be off like a shot.

Enough sitting still already. AJ needs to keep himself busy, he starts to get bored very quick without something to occupy his attention.

Years of not being able to do anything have made AJ want to experience everything. He always wants to try something new, and if it's slightly dangerous? All the better.

Character Sheet


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AJ's most significant power is the ability to 'Hop' or short-range teleportation. He calls it Hopping. He needs to have line of sight to where he is going, and his power projects a field a few inches from his body. Anything caught inside the field will be brought along as well. When it comes to liquids and gasses he will only bring what is inside the field, when it comes to solid matter, his powers will attempt to bring the whole object if only part of it is inside the field. Anything too large will cause his ability to short out. At current ability, he can bring anything or group of things, objects or living individuals, as long as the space occupied is not larger than a small sedan. This is also why he calls his power hopping. If he is in touch with the ground, unless it is sand, loose soil, snow, or the like, he has to hop off the ground to teleport since roads and sidewalks are definitely too large for him to shift. In a city, this means a lot of hopping.

This power functions by skirting the edge of the Phantom Zone. There is a very slight fraction of a second delay between vanishing and reappearing to account for this travel time.

Limited Healing:
His powers were originally given in seeking a cure for extensive nerve damage. His nerve disease isn't gone, it's just being constantly healed and accounted for by the energy inside him. As such, anything that would physically damage, hinder, or fry out his nervous system can be healed in a blink. Neurotoxins and drugs that would affect his nervous system are practically ineffective, and he could even bounce back from major brain trauma or a severed spinal cord. This does come with the downside that anesthesia and painkillers are also, for all intents and purposes, useless. This does not make him immune or resistant to psychic powers except those that would cause physical harm to his nervous system.

Phantom Energy:
The energy that powers his abilities actually comes from the Phantom Zone, to which he now has an innate connection, and allows him to leech a bit of energy from it to allow his superpowers to function. This is completely subconscious, and merely the source of his powers.

AJ's reflexes have been enhanced well past human ability, as if his nervous system has been super charged. Messages pass from his senses, to his brain, to his muscles in a mere fraction of the time it takes for normal humans. While this doesn't give his muscles the ability to exceed human limit, meaning his movement speed, durability, and strength are reliant on training, it does allow him to react with alarming alacrity. Dodging, balance, course correction, perception of his surroundings, hand-eye coordination and anything else requiring responding to sensory input is enhanced well-beyond human capability, and functions much on instinct.

For example walking a tight rope is as easy as walking across the street for AJ, as his reflexes automatically adjust for any loss of or changes in balance.


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AJ has taken up kickboxing just recently. He has a natural edge due to his powers, but when it comes to straight combat he's still a bit of an amateur.

AJ is fluent in Spanish and French, conversational in Italian and German, and can make a pass at Mandarin if the person speaks very slowly, or given plenty of time to read.

Since healing, AJ has taken up Parkour and Freestyle Running. It not only helps with his powers being able to leap and kick off of objects, but his enhanced reflexes make him particularly skilled at the sport.

Perfect Pitch:
Even before being granted his abilities, AJ had perfect pitch. He can tell slight differences in sounds, and can replay most music just by hearing it. His time spent blind only enhanced this natural ability further.

AJ is a skilled musician. He can play a numerous instruments, including the piano, violin, guitar, and his preferred instrument, the cello. He's also not a good singer when not too embarrassed to do so.


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AJ can pull his family connections.. if he were so inclined. He's usually not. But dropping his name or his father's name can get him quite a bit without even needing to grease palms first.

AJ's prized possession is a Stradivari cello. The thing is worth a fortune in its own right, but he usually keeps it locked away and only pulls it out to play for special occasions or private enjoyment.

The Suit:
AJ does have his own supersuit. It provides some armor around vital points, reinforced boots and gloves that give his strikes a little more oomph, and best of all, a mask to conceal his identity. Fancy.

Trust Fund:
AJ's family is quite wealthy, and old money. AJ wouldn't have to actually work a day in his life if he didn't want to, between his trust fund and his eventual inheritance. His family is in no particular business, and instead are just very shrewd investors who sit on the board of numerous companies.


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AJ has a fear of being trapped, specifically trapped in his own body and unable to move. Being frozen in place or fully constricted can cause him to start to panic.

Interdimensional Lockdown:
Anything that stops interdimensional travel causes AJ's Hopping skills to falter.

AJ has a fear of the dark. Not night or simple lights out, but true darkness. Being trapped in pitch darkness can cause him to break down and panic.



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AJ Strong has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Birthday at Joe's Cafe September 16th, 2020 Roy and AJ have a shared birthday dinner at the diner.
Return to Lian Yu September 13th, 2020 Team Arrow made a statement, Lian Yu is theirs. Whitehall lost his newest, shiniest base. The island has swallowed it back up.
So, Lian Yu... September 9th, 2020 Members of Team Arrow meet at the cave to begin planning the assault on HYDRA, the group who has taken over Lian Yu.
Between School and Superheroing September 3rd, 2020 It's the start of classes, but there are also superhero things to discuss. Roy tells AJ about the murder in Starling City, and the criminal org setting up on the island. More training is in order.. and probably coffee.
Post-Purgatory Pre-Semester August 22nd, 2020 AJ and Roy prepare to go back to school, setting up their dorm rooms again. They also talk about the Purgatory opening and plans for the future.
The verdant's underbelly August 7th, 2020 Arsenal and Hopscotch go explore Verdant's underground and come across some mutants. Turns out they have been squatting there after Mutant Town got zapped.
Arcade Day July 9th, 2020 AJ and Roy hit the arcade for a little R&R after a lot of training recently.
Wandering Starling June 20th, 2020 No description
To the Arrowcave! June 17th, 2020 Roy takes AJ home to visit the family, oh, and Team Arrow. Did he mention the two were one and the same? No? Surprise!
Dinner at the Deli June 1st, 2020 Roy and AJ have dinner, talk graduation, and load up on snacks.
Straight Shootin' May 4th, 2020 Roy shows AJ a little bit of archery and they briefly talk of summer plans.
So, Hi April 23rd, 2020 Roy comes back from Starling City and talks to AJ about how serious he is about this whole superhero thing, comes clean about some of his past, and makes plans to introduce him to Green Arrow.
Checkin' the List April 19th, 2020 Roy and AJ go to the movies to check a few things off of his to-do list -- like sneaking into an R-rated movie, drinking a beer, and maybe having a first date?
Morning on the Waterfront April 17th, 2020 No description
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
How's Happy Harbor, Harper March 9th, 2020 Roy and AJ are in study hall when Oliver stops by to check in on Roy.
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
Chilly donuts on the beach February 29th, 2020 Sandy Butts are discussed in detail!


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AJ Strong has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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