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Real Life comes first. But if a character is not being played, we eventually need to open the character for someone else. Here is how our system works.

For participating in a logged scene, Characters get 'votes' from other players, also called 1ups. There is a time limit for each character to get the next 1up after their last. The time limits are by character type:

Pillar Feature Characters  (PFC)                  18 days
Major Feature Characters   (MFC)                  21 days
Feature Characters         (FC)                   21 days
Villain Feature Characters (VFC)                  28 days
Original Characters        (OC)                   28 days
Ally Feature Characters    (AFC)                  28 days

When you login it will show when your next required 1ups are for each character. You can also view it at anytime with +1up/account.

What happens when your timer expires?

  • If someone submitted a Reserve on the character, they receive the character.
  • If no reserves, the character will show on the +idle list. If anyone requests the character while on +idle, they receive them.
  • If you get a 1up while still on idle, your timer resets as normal and you're good.
  • After about a week, Characters on +idle are opened whether requested or not.

Original Characters work slightly differently. They belong solely to the player who created them. If they go idle for too long, we Shelve them, and you can just submit a +request to get them back.

(Can I pick my dropped character back up?)

Yes. You just have to wait 24 hours after the bbpost goes up they've been opened. After that you can +request to get the character back.

For more information on Character Types, see +news Types of Characters.