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  Alanis Bezanero  
Alanis Bezanero (Scenesys ID: 1803)
Name: Alanis Bezanero
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Social Media Influencer
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Never Graduated
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 Feb 2002 Played By Aimee Carrero
Height: 5'3" Weight: 106 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @MRHR (Mutant Rights are Human Rights)
Theme Song: Magneto Was Right - Adam WarRock (

Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine ( American Idiot - Green Day (

Character Info


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Alanis Bezanero is a social media influencer of the revolutionary variety. She posts videos of her marching in protests for equal rights for mutants and against politicians proposing laws against mutants. She has vlog videos where she goes on extended rants about civil rights and responsibilities, about social justice and standing up against the colonial establishment that is designed to keep the poor poor and the foreign foreign. She likens the treatment of mutants to the treatment of immigrants and the systematic oppression of people through American history. She has had numerous content strikes against her online profiles and video channels and has a growing following of disenfranchised youths and mutants eager to make a difference. She's not one to just talk the talk, but also walks the walk with those she can trust and in the cover of night.


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Bezanero Family History:
Alanis' grand parents moved to Florida from the Dominican Republic and started a new life in the land of opportunity. They worked their way up from nothing running an auto-shop and scraped together enough money to send their son Filipo Bezanero to university where he got a degree in law and passed the state bar. He practiced law defending the Latino population. Filipo Bezanero met and married Cecilia Reyes and together they had a young daughter they named Alanis Bezanero.

2002 --- Born in Florida, USA to Filipo and Cecilia Bezanero
2015 --- Discovered she was a mutant, with the ability to rapidly grow plant life
2016 --- Kicked out of school for getting in fights about being a mutant
2017 --- Kicked out of school for "threats against teachers" and general disobedience
2018 --- Kicked out of school for starting a fire in the deputy principles office
2019 --- Started an online presence featuring videos of protests against anti-mutant politicians and business men.
Near the end of the year, she spent two months in children's rehabilitation, though the sentence was cut short thanks to her father
2020 --- Kicked out of home by her parents for her violent activism, now of legal age to go her own way

IC Journal

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Being different was never something Alanis wanted to be, but early in her life she realised that she was different to the other kids. Even though she was second generation American, she was still labeled Latino and that meant she was other. When she found out she was a mutant, that was an othering too far and she began to fight back violently against anyone and everyone that teased her about it. She has a short fuse and it is easy to goad her.

Keen Intellect:
If life were fairer, Alanis might have made an excellent chemist or scientist in general, but instead she has spent her years moving from school to school doing her best to stand up for herself. Her academic record suffered greatly and she never graduated from school. She picks up things quickly though when they aren't ladened too heavily with terminology.

Alanis doesn't just rant at people, no, she uses arguments founded in logic and facts, but she always aims straight for the empathy and feelings. She has no time for people who live by the rule of money. She is quite convincing with her arguments, which is why she has so many followers already. Given enough time with someone, she can usually talk them around to her way of thinking. That is, if she hasn't lost her cool and is in a mental state to fight.

It's more the belonging than the being that matters to her. She's a mutant, pure and simple. She's the one who stands up in the crowd and says "It's me, I'm a mutant, and I don't care what you think". She may not like her mutant abilities much, but that doesn't mean it isn't important to her. Just as she is proud of being of Dominican descent. If there's a cause worth fighting, she'll fight for it.

Social Justice Warrior:
Alanis is deeply interested in alternate forms of government and civil liberties. She does not believe capitalism is the way with its flaw drawing money in to the hands of the few. She will argue that people come first, a socialist through and through. What good is a strong economy if the people are starving and homeless? Her primary concern is Mutant Rights, but her social justice doesn't end there. She sees the down trodden and the abused and thinks the only way to help them is to over throw the systemic hatred. She blames the rich and the complacent who currently aren't suffering.

Character Sheet


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Flora Affinity:
Alanis' mutant ability is an aura that permeates all kind of plantae, giving them life and nurture by her mere presence. Plants grow faster, strong, and more resilient when she's near by them. She does not like this, not one bit. There is nothing about Alanis that she would ever describe as a 'green thumb'. Having weeds and grass and flowers growing and breaking in to her room all the time just to be closer to her creeps her out. She does not like plants, but they //love// her.

Flora Command:
Alanis dislikes plants enough that she has barely scratched the surface of what she can do. For now, all the plants come to her, but one day she may learn she can command where and how they should grow and move and even restrict how fast they grow.

Flora Healer:
By touching plants she can heal and rapidly blossom them. A small touch to a flower and it will bloom, a touch to a vine and it will grow. She rarely touches plants so she has not become aware that this is her doing. She thinks the plants are out to get her. Injury or damage to any plant based life form can be healed by her touch.


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Alanis knows how to record, edit, public her video content as well as manage live streams. She can present well to the camera and get her message across in a way that brings viewers back and draws new viewers in. In another life she might have found a career as an actress, but this is the zoomer version and it takes very little money to do.

Alanis was a keen study in chemistry and using the Anarchists Cookbook, regularly experimented with making her own explosives and napalm. With modern technology it has only gotten easier. She has no qualms about the use of explosives to take down sympathisers of anti-mutant sentiments. Tear down the symbols of the establishment through detonation.

Fire Arms Proficiency:
Alanis's father felt she needed to understand guns and gun safety so that she wouldn't fall pray to the growing gun violence of latinos in Florida. This worked, but also taught her how to commit said violence herself. She is a good shot, but no marksman. She is willing to draw that pistol and shoot it though, if needs be.

Hand To Hand Combat:
Alanis is a scrappy fighter, when she was thirteen she discovered she was a mutant and this was the catalyst for many fights at school and out on the streets. It was fight back or be beaten. She fought back and she fought back hard. There is nothing learned in a formal class except the percussive pedagogy of anti-mutant bullies.

Lock Picking:
Alanis first learnt how to lock pick from youtube tutorials, but started putting this skill to the test at school on lockers, locked doors, locked cabinets, the workshop garage, the storage rooms. This got her in trouble a lot but she realised the skill is quite useful and has continued to learn more about the art and practice it.

Growing up in a family from the Dominican Republic, Alanis was exposed to a lot of Spanish and took classes to make sure she could speak the language. Her second language, and her chosen language for swearing, Alanis reluctantly accepts her cultural heritage.


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Filipo Bezanero:
While her mother Cecilia wants nothing to do with her violent daughter, Filipo still loves his daughter and though he disagrees vehemently with her chosen life style, he is always there to bail her out of jail and help defend her from criminal charges. He is a respected lawyer in Florida with connections to many judges. His history of standing up for the Latino community opens a lot of doors for him.

Internet Notoriety:
Through social media, Alanis is a known agitator for mutant rights. She has attended many marches for mutant rights and been detained numerous times for throwing eggs and paint at anti-mutant politicians. Her exploits have earned her a following. These are just her public actions, her more criminal actions she tries best to keep offline and secret.

As a social influencer, Alanis has a number of followers who contribute to her bank account via patreon. Without this money, she wouldn't be able to cover basic life expenses and the costs involved in streaming and producing internet content. Sometimes she has enough money to pass on to whoever owns the couch she's sleeping on.

The Crew:
Alanis has a set few friends that she does her less than legal activities with under cover of dark. While these are low level mutant NPCs, the crew can grow to include new mutant PCs she meets through play who agree with her politics and activities.


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Flora Nightmares:
When she was younger, she was pricked by a rose while helping her parents in the garden. She did not like this experience. Not one bit. She cried and hit the flowering plant which caused her to get cut a second time. This was her first negative interaction with the world of green life.

Her second encounter was when she first discovered she was a mutant. It was a traumatic event for her. She was trying to get a ball out of a bush, when the bush seemed to come to life and wrap its branches and leaves about her. She felt like she was being strangled but broke free and ran all the way home.

The third time was when she watched her father mow the lawn for the third time in three days and ordered in workers to remove all teh grass and trees and put down pavers in the entire back yard instead. This didn't help though, the weeds grew through instead. One morning, Alanis woke up to a vine creeper having pushed open her window and resting on her bed head.

Alanis has nightmares about plants grabbing her with their branches and vines and dragging her in to them, or burying her underground with the roots, or embedding themselves inside her and growing inside her. She wakes up with cold sweats and hates 'nature' in general because of it.

Hot Tempered:
Alanis can be rash and violent when she is pushed. It unfortunately does not take much to push her either. Say the wrong thing and she may get in your face about it. Take the wrong view and she will lose sympathy for your argument entirely. Advocate against mutants in anyway and she may even target you.

Juvenile Record:
She's got a record. It's a juvenile record but it's not sealed. She is known as an agitator to the police and other enforcement agencies. She is very public about her mutant activism.

Public Persona:
Alanis has no secret identity, even if she has secret activities. She sometimes gets recognised in public, usually at protests. This is not just by fans but also by agitators or law enforcement. She has to be careful to draw a line between what she can do legally in public and what she will do illegally under cover of darkness.

Public Transport:
Alanis des not own a car nor motorbike and doesn't have a drivers license. Even if she could afford one, she has no where to park it. She uses public transport or gets friends to drive her places.

Urban Decay:
Where ever Alanis lives, slowly nature fights back against the cement and metal. It is unstoppable, given time and motivation. Her mere presence is all the motivation it needs to take back the nearby to nature. This slowly compromises buildings big and small so she moves on when the floors and walls start cracking too much.



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Ghost Story November 13th, 2020 Questions remain as those drawn to the mysterious haunted brownstone do their separate ways
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Broken Veins August 19th, 2020 A protest in Bushwick becomes something much stranger ...


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Alanis Bezanero has 6 finished logs.

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