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  Alice Sinclaire  
Alice Sinclaire (Scenesys ID: 1310)
Name: Alice Sinclaire
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Coffee Hut barista
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham
Education: Bachelor in Physics (1989)
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 53 Actual Age: 53
Date of Birth 7 Mar 1967 Played By
Height: 5'5" Weight: 121lb
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Alice works at a corner Coffee Hut, has a symbiotic exoskin hidden under her clothes, can teleport and has an unused degree in particle physics. She is itching for excitement and can more than hold her own in a fight. Displaced from mainstream media for thirty years, she is finding all this new computer technology and social media baffling and confusing. She looks like a 23 year old, but she is over fifty years old who has spent half of her life in a barren hostile void realm. She is settling in to a new life on the east coast, having gown up on the west coast and is in a legal battle with the state of California over her identity vis-a-vis not actually being dead.


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* 1967: Born and raised in Boho, California. A small town that eventually got swallowed in to the ever expanding Los Angeles.
* 1984: Inspired by the Karate Kid movie, she sought out the martial arts and ended up spending much of her free time using the arts as her prime exercise.
* 1985: Moved away from home to UCLA for a graduate degree in physics.
* 1989: Graduated with a Bachelor in Physics from UCLA.
* 1990: Got a job at a <redacted> High Energy research facility, given secretarial duties.
* 1991 Feb: During a failed experiment, with several others, was transported in to a void between places.
* 1991 Apr: Sole survivor in the void, having adapted better than the others.
* 2019: Wave function collapse releases her from the void between places.
* 2020: Moves to Gotham and gets a temp job at a Coffee Hut while she looks for real work and tries to get herself declared legally not dead.

The void between places was a whole new chapter in Alice's life. One she was not prepared for, nor were any of the other scientists, research assistants, engineers and technicians that got teleported in to this little hell hole.

In this void between places, darkness stretched endlessly across an almost barren wasteland. The local flora was a mixture between living monstrosity that wanted to eat you, poison you, burn you with acid. Through trial and error the group managed to find plants that had uses - one that weeped a liquid that they could distill in to drinkable water. Another that when you touched it would teleport you nearby, often randomly and in to things that could prove fatal.

This brings us to the fauna. This space was a dog eat dog world, there was always a bigger fish. Big described most of the creatures here. Large gnashing teeth, dexterous limbs, wings and mesmerising glowing skin were some of the common features. Every time they lost another person in their group, they learned another valuable lesson in survival. Those without cardio quickly fell behind and were taken from them. Those without quick wits and keen eyes would find themselves snapped by a plant that wanted to snack on them too.

The worst day was at first their greatest elation. They had salvaged broken parts of machines that came through to the void with them and fashioned a device they believed would peel open a gap and let them escape this place. They had created a battery to power it from acid plants, but when they turned it on instead of opening a way back home it drew the attention of a gigantic six legged beast.

The carnage was almost complete, Alice had run as far and as fast as she could but the creature kept hunting her, wanting dessert it seemed. When she was finally cornered she did something desperate, she grabbed and crushed a purplish black plant, the one they knew would teleport you. Anything was better than being eaten. She teleported up on to a ridge, far enough away that she could hide until the monster went away, but the plant had stung her.

A thorn was embedded in to her hand. She plucked it out and spent the next two days deliriously wandering the wastes, teleporting at random. She surmised it must be some sort of fungus as it continued to spread and grow across her body. She couldn't scratch it off or peel it off, it clung to her like she was its trunk.

After regaining her senses she returned to base camp. There wasn't much left but she made it her home. As the years passed she realised she was not ageing like she should. She settled in to a life of scavenging, hunting the creatures inferior to her and teleporting away whenever she was in too much danger. She had adapted and overcome this place.

Suddenly, in 2019, she found herself back in an abandoned laboratory of her old job. No one was there, things were covered with sheets and dust had settled in to the place. The building was deserted, so was the carpark. She made her way home and found it had been demolished for a large mall. Life on Earth had passed her by, so she set off to start a new life in the East, leaving the west behind.

IC Journal

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Alice satisfied her wonderlust in her younger years with hiking, bicycle riding and martial arts. When she ended up in a seemingly endless void filled with strange new plants and creatures - some part of her was truly in heaven. Once you get past the horror of it all that is. Now that she's back in the real world, the itch for excitement and adventure is returning. She has the skills to extricate herself from most situations now and work life is not exactly satisfying, so may be she'll turn her eye to the crime she sees everywhere.

Alice is not flashy, nor does she seek the lime light. She does what needs to be done and leaves. Even at office parties she merely blended in to the background. Being asked to come dance was an affront to her idiom of 'not being there' and so she would become embarrassed when her lack of dancing skills were on display. No matter how fluid and graceful she was in fighting, it never translated to the dance floor.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it was a mans world. She was mocked by friends and family for even thinking of doing particle physics at university. That just set her jaw and she tried harder at it. The same is true of her martial arts interests. Those weren't for girls. When she finally got her degree she landed a job at a high energy research facility.. only to be given the position of secretary. They told her only someone with her knowledge and skill could do that job here, but she knew it was just sexism again. She does not believe the world has changed that much in thirty years.

There's no such concept as 'give up' for Alice. She never quite pushes herself until she is hit with adversity: then she pushes back, and pushes back hard. It might be the Irish in her, but when something gets in her way she stubbornly refuses to surrender no matter the cost.

Alice likes to bury her head in a good book. The more technical the better. She never had a taste for science fiction but a thesis on the asymmetry of bosons would have her entranced for hours. In the void, she had no books to read so she began to systematically document all the life she could find there and their properties. She didn't get to bring her notes back with her when she was pulled out of the void though, so from time to time she tries to write down what she remembers.. but it sounds like science fiction.

Character Sheet


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Alice is unsure exactly what is happening to her age. She is now technically 51 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 23, the age she was when she got infected with the alien plant in the void. Perhaps the plant is regenerating her cells, she's not entirely sure. It is a mild concern but not exactly on the top of her list of things she's worried about.

Alice, being the inquisitive type, sought to understand the limits of her teleportation. What happens if you try and teleport but don't go anywhere? she got her answer. She could phase slightly out of existence and continue to move around. This turned out to be an exhausting feat and not something she could keep up for long. While doing it, she appears like a slightly ghostly apparition, not quite here and not quite not.

Alice's exterior is covered with an alien plant like creature that is bound to her body. It has the innate ability to teleport short distances. Once Alice understood how it connected to her, she learned she could teleport herself at will. She learnt the hard way that momentum is preserved and just how much it can hurt if she tries to carry too much weight while doing it - though she can, it is not comfortable to strain the body so. She also learnt just how much it hurts when you teleport in to things, especially if you want to keep breathing. While she can teleport through a wall, not knowing how thick that wall is, or what's on the other side, she is reticent to try unless absolutely desperate. She learnt she could take her clothing, her equipment with her. At first it required a lot of concentration but as the years past it become quite natural to move what she was holding and wearing with her.


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Running, jumping, what one might now call Parkour or Free running; these have been part of her life since she was a little kid and become a critical life skill in the void.

Martial Arts:
Alice is a skilled martial artist which become a life saving skill in the void where fighting for your neck meal, or your life, was a daily occurrence. She studied Karate, Aikido, Jui Jitsu, and Kick Boxing through her years in her home town and then at university. She combined everything she learnt in practice for her time in the void.

Particle Physics:
Alice has a bachelors degree in Particle Physics, a skill set she has never really gotten to use professionally, as her first job ended up being as a secretary and her current job involves serving coffee.


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Symbiotic Exoskin:
This living plant has attached itself to Alice and grown over most of her body. It feeds off of her and in return shares a symbiotic survival relationship. The rich content of human bodies is far better than the low nutrient soils of the void. To call it intelligent would be a stretch, but it is sort of sentient. It is aware of its surroundings and protective of its trunk, aka Alice.


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She's living for two. Herself and the strange alien that lives on her body. If she doesn't stay properly hydrated and get enough sun she will become very exhausted. It's entirely possible the void plant will cannibalise her rather than die itself, but she's never been in quite so dire a situation to have to fight it to save her own life.

Whether it's being goaded or being told something about what's happened in the last thirty years - Alice is just a little bit too trusting. She's seen and experienced a lot of weird stuff and her bullshit-o-meter is all out of gas.

She can teleport and not just herself. Everything she is touching she can take with her. It's a mental strain and a physical strain on her muscles. If she carries too much she must be aware that it all has its own momentum and how much energy it's taking from her to do it. Teleporting another person multiple times across a distance would leave her panting and thirsty like she'd just run a marathon.

She can teleport. That includes teleporting in such a way that gravity assisted momentum may be gained. In such a case, a soft landing is greatly appreciated or bodily harm will surely follow.

Only Human:
Alice may be able to teleport and has trouble ageing, but ultimately she is still flesh and bone (and some alien plant matter). She bleeds and breaks like any other human. Her strange skin does not protect her from poisons, or radiation, or blunt force trauma, or piercing damage in any way.



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Alice Sinclaire has 6 finished logs.

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