Alt Interaction

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Let's talk alt interactions.

The rule under the spotlight is this one:

    • Under no circumstances should your characters ever directly interact with each other. Indirect interaction should also be avoided whenever possible. **

This means, roughly, that your alt characters can't:

       * Talk to each other
       * Be in the same scene together
       * Use information the other one has
       * Be posed by the other alt (even as a cameo)

Because of these rules, having two alts in the same group as members is not possible. They are going to end up needing to reference information the other one has. It is going to cause difficulty when two members of a team can't ever talk or be in a room together.

It IS okay to have a member in a group, but also an Ally, unless you are the leader of that group that talks to allies all the time. For example, Iron Man, who leads Avengers, cannot play any other member, or an ally, because he is responsible for networking with allies. However, the Avenger Hank Pym may also play an Ally as his alt, because he does not interact directly with allies often (the jerk!). He would be forbidden from any contact with the ally that is his alt, though: not even information.

Why do this? Mostly, so that you aren't playing with yourself (ha, ha), or giving advantage to your own characters. It's a fairness thing. It's also a group roleplay thing. Don't give information to your alt: give it to another player! Even if the information comes to your alt, another person got involved. And we are here to play TOGETHER!