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What's an Alternate Character?

An alternate character is a character that you request in addition to your first one. There are a few rules around alternate characters.

Players may only have two Major Feature Characters (MFCs). MFC type characters are often very popular, and these roles are best spread out among all of our players. In addition, no player may have more than one of the 'pillar' major feature characters, such as Superman and Iron Man. If you are unsure if you are requesting a second pillar character, simply send a query to staff.

Players may have no more than four characters total. Additional requests for characters will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

All other characters must be active. Players must have a 1up on all of their current characters to apply for a new one, and no characters may be idle. Using +1up/account, you can view your characters and see if they are idle. Additional information on Activity can be found at +news Activity.

Players may not have alts in the same groups as members, nor RP with their own alts. Use common sense here, but no character should interact with their own alt. If, for example, a team meeting was called and both your alts would need to be present, don't play both of those characters. Generally being an Ally of a group your alt is a member of is okay. See +news Alt Interaction for more on this.

To request an alternate character, submit a +request, such as:

       +request/app <charactername>=<request to create or claim here.>

Details about jobs and requests can be viewed at +news Making Requests.