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Anchovy (Scenesys ID: 2586)
Name: Anchovy
Superalias: Feathers
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant Raptor
Occupation: Stalker of free food.
Citizenship: Pangea (Cretaceous Period)
Residence: Mutant Town
Education: Food now?
Theme: IDW (FC)
Groups: Ninja Turtles
Apparent Age: Unknown Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth Pre-history. Played By Imaaaagination.
Height: 6'2" Weight: 240lb
Hair Color: Blue and white feathers. Eye Color: red-orange, gold virtical iris.
Twitter: None
Theme Song: - Pharrell Williams - Happy

Character Info


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A time displaced, mutant raptor making his way the best he can in a world that thinks he's a mutant-human.


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75 million years ago:
* Born in Pangea and temporarily adopted by time traveling turtle men.
* Watched them fight two idiots who formed a dinosaur gang and tried to take over time.
* Traveled through time with the turtles and eventually with the idiots who he started following because one of them kept feeding him meat. The meat had mutagen in it.
* The idiots almost destroyed all of space time but were stopped.
* Part of the process of stopping them included collapsing the broken timelines one singular timeline. Since nothing in the multiverse can be truly destroyed, all that information had to go somewhere. It was put in the brain of the teenage mutant raptor giving him his one super-power: Food-precognition.

* A consequence of fixing the timelines, Anchovy found himself in a different time and place, in 2021 New York City. Needing warmth he found his way to an old abandoned warehouse that the idiots used to use as a base in mutant town and spends most of his time planning on his to get his next meal. His mind and body are still evolving and mutating, he has the reasoning power of a slow human but no ability to speak and no thumbs... yet.
* He is most likely to be seen in places where people will give him food and his precognitive abilities allow him to know when situations will arise that he can help in that will then result in him getting food.
* Many people in mutant town think he is an unfortunate mutant who can't talk and isn't that bright but is otherwise a person trapped inside the raptor. They have even trained him to deliver things. (Non-food things).
* He's very popular with people who need emotional support. He is an excellent listener and many in mutant town will tell you his advice saved them in dark times. He is often approached for wisdom while he suns himself in the park.
* He is very popular with the ladies as he is quiet and mysterious with eyes that people say seem to see into your soul. Several women are convinced that he secretly loves them but is afraid to show his emotions because he has been hurt so deeply before due to his mutation. There are rumors of his tragic past where he lost a child and that is why he often will sit in the mutant town park on a rock sunning himself while he watches the children play. Some say it was Brainac. Some say it was humans but the people who know him best will tell you, there is some deeper truth in the depths of those eyes. Some deep loss.
* Most of the time. He's thinking about bacon.

IC Journal

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Accidentally Mysterious:
He doesn't talk and he doesn't understand a lot of high concepts of human society so he often communicates using body language that is misconstrued by people as being deep or meaningful but it is just them seeing what they want to see. It is the nature of humanity to fill in the gaps of the unknown. Because of this he has developed the mystique of a mysterious figure when in truth, he's usually just confused and waiting for the next slice of pizza to be slipped his way.

You must be smart enough to realize that things could end poorly before you can be consumed by fear. He is not that smart. He does not worry, he does not plan, he simply does things. There is no failure, there is only fighting until you win.

Because of his living in the moment mentality he doesn't hold grudges. If he is injured by someone, he will avoid them in the future, but he won't hate them. He doesn't think of things in terms of winning and losing. If someone took his food, he'll find new food. Things are only yours if you can hold onto them. He doesn't get jealous or envious. He is very naturally Zen about life.

Being a mutated raptor much like the TMNT, when they first evolved, he is rather simple. His mind is still evolving. He finds joy in simple things. A warm sunny day. The fact you can turn the hot water nozzle on a bathtub and get hot water to soak in. The fact people will give you food for because you are homeless. There is so much to be happy about in life and he is enjoying it all.

Compared to most of the two-legged things around him he is fast and strong and deadly! He walks the earth as a king of beasts. His head held high and his heart full of pride. He thinks people give him food because they are in awe of him. He understands. He would be in awe of him. He protects the weak things so that they will continue to worship him and give him food.

Mentally Alien:
While his mind is intelligent enough to be read by telepaths, it is still quite alien and has a completely different point of view than most people. He doesn't understand simple things that most take for granted. Things are only what they are in the moment. If he sees a painting half painted and later the same painting finished, those were two paintings were different things. He sees people as a combination of pets, friends, companions and food to be eaten when they die. There is no moral conflict between any of these positions. Things simply are. It's not that he doesn't care about people but to him a dead body is not the same as a person. Meat is for eating. People are for friends.

Character Sheet


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Less of a power and more of just a function of biology worth noting, he has various levels of protection across his body. There is a thick scale chest plate over his ribs that is resistant like a bullet proof vest, the orange scales that cover most of his lower body have evolved to reduce damage from slashing, stabbing, and bite attacks, and the blue feathery flesh on his back is the least protected. The feathers and layer of fat on his back evolved to be ripped out allowing him to escape the jaws of larger predators. It's as vulnerable as human skin to firearms and weapons but heals more swiftly and has a thick layer of soft fatty-tissue to protect his spine from bites and fall damage. It also helps keep him alive in bad weather by shedding water off of his feathers.

People greatly overestimate both his heroism and his intelligence because of this power. He gets premonitions of situations that can lead to being rewarded with food. When he charges out of an alley-way and bashes a bank-robber in the back with his big head knocking them down and letting the police capture them, it isn't because it's the right thing to do or for justice, it's because the time-pictures in his head told him if he does it, someone will give him food as a reward. He is a pawn of fate, always in the right place at the right time to help and be rewarded by someone. If there is no food or destined reward at the end of the vision, he ignores the vision most of the time. He is still very much a raptor. He doesn't risk himself unless there is a reward to be had.

Mutant Raptor:
His mutant biology makes him a good physical combatant but not great. He has no skill, only instinct. He has a large claw on each foot that can slice through flesh, wood and shatter bone but can't penetrate steel and barely does anything to stone or cement. His jaws and teeth can mangle an unarmored person in one bite but if they are wearing armor it's unlikely his non-magical, non-super- powered, teeth can bite through it. He's pretty much just a big animal. His front claws which he uses to carry things like primitive hands have the same limitations. They are about as effective as a bone knife. He is very strong compared to a human and is capable of tossing people around like a doll by picking them up in his jaws and using his powerful neck or slamming his head into them to stun them. He can also send people flying with his tail and knock the wind out of them like they were hit with a roundhouse kick by a martial arts master.

He's good at moving stealthily and quickly but he's no Ninja. He can leap up to sixty feet horizontally with a running start and bound over most fences designed to keep humans out using his powerful leg muscles to get as high as 12 feet in a standing jump.

Time Anomaly:
Not exactly a power but more of an odd condition. He is a creature stuck out of time and a containment vessel for a huge amount of temporal energy. It's part of the reason he continues to evolve and mutate towards a humanoid form but doesn't seem to grow older. He could be useful as a temporal anchor should someone need a temporal anchor.


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He nuzzles children and plays with them in the park using his head to push them on the swing -set. He gives children and adults rides on his back and plays games with them where they try to catch his tail while he spins and jumps until he finally lets them catch it then he falls over and kicks his legs in the air pretending to be dying before he goes still and they bring him back to life with hugs. He is in many ways, a public service baby-sitter when he visits the park because he sees human children as if they are tiny, fragile, weakling, raptor-babies and heaven help anyone who threatens a child when he is watching them.

He can hunt and track by scent even in the city much like a very large dog. He can move with relative stealth and is smart enough to use cover, even picking up rocks and throw them to cause distractions or flush out his prey.

While he doesn't understand half the things that people talk about when they talk about their feelings and life experiences with him, he has learned that listening and nodding, that looking at them and turning his head this way and that when they pause as if expecting him to answer makes them happy and when they are happy, they bring him gifts on his sunning rock. This makes him an excellent therapist because most people already know what they need to do and just need someone to ether give them permission or reassurance.

He has learned that it's important to act like the humans do. He walks with the crowds and nods his head when people nod at him. If you wave at him, he waves back. If you hug him, he hugs back. He has little concept of what all these things mean. He just knows it makes people happy when he does them. It's learned behavior.


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Homeless Shelters:
The people of mutant town think he is a mutant human who was very unfortunate in the mutant power lottery. As such they treat him like a homeless person offering him food and clothing. He eats the food and takes the clothing home to add to his nest.

The two fools who were breaking time, Bebop and Rocksteady, he also considers friends even the ones from this timeline have no idea who he is. They accidently made him a friend by feeding him and he kept saving them because of it.

Turtle Men:
He was named and raised for a time by time traveling Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. If the turtles of this timeline recognize him or not, he would see them as allies and protect them. He can't tell the difference.

Warehouse 12:
An old Foot-clan base, long abandoned. The raptor nests there in a bed made of blankets and clothing people give him. It still has power and working lights, not that he knows how to turn anything on, but the automatic heating system keeps him alive and happy in the harsh winters.


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He can't generate his own body heat. Sub-arctic temperatures will kill him quickly and even a cold winter day will slow down his body functions to the point he will instinctually nest somewhere warm no matter what is happening in the world. He can be rendered unconscious with a blast from most cold based weapons even if those weapons aren't intended for that purpose. Locking him in a meat- freezer for a few minutes will put him out like a light.

He's not that smart and has no real concept of good and evil beyond what is right in front of him. If someone convinces him that carrying bomb to the post office would result in him getting pizza, he would do it and then get exploded.

Mental Miniature:
The opposite of a mental giant, he is very, very susceptible to mind control powers. His brain is a very nice place to visit though. Relaxing. Very happy.

Mutant Animal:
He was never human, so he has no human rights, no legal protections, and no identity.

He has the Ed-209 problem when it comes to stairs. Yes, he has a tail to help him balance but it's hard to use that properly inside a cramped stairwell. He has learned to avoid going down stairs if at all possible. When he does, he has to do it slowly, carefully, and using a hand-rail to steady himself.



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Trees know secrets. March 18th, 2021 An owl finds new prey in a most unexpected place and the hunt begins!
No goulash today. March 16th, 2021 What started as a good outing turned up a temporarily temporally tossed.


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