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Andrew Wrate (Scenesys ID: 2324)
Name: Andrew Wrate
Superalias: Saint
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Supernatual Fixer
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York
Education: Very Complicated
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 30 October 1993 Played By Mateus Verdelho
Height: 6'2" Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Born into wealth and a power seeped in magic and the occult, Drew was well on his way to follow in the footsteps of his parents who had important roles in the magical societies of Earth. All that was stripped away when his parents were murdered and his home destroyed. With his family avenged he now seeks to find his place in the world.


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1993 - Born in Los Angeles, California to Steven and Angela Wrate. The Wrates are old money with a long line of powerful sorcerers in their family. Steven was an accomplished ritualist while his wife Angela focused on enchanting. Andrew grew up learning of magic, spells, and rituals from his parents and the cabal of magic users they worked with in Southern California.

2005 - Young Andrew is already growing in magical strength and has a natural talent and ability to deal with spirits and death magic. He's a natural medium and as his natural and magical powers grow, his parents get him a mentor. Hennrick Etienne, a powerful necromancer and Vodou Oungan took him on as a student, helping the young Wrate in his path to power.

2010 - His parents were murdered and his family home was destroyed by a rival cabal of sorcerers right as he was graduating high school. This put him on the run, put under the care of the surviving members of his parent's cabal.

2015 - Having found those responsible and wiping them out, Drew had to flee the area for fear of retribution. Striking out on his own, he traveled the world, picking up more arcane knowledge and power while trying to keep a somewhat low profile from those that would do him harm.

2021 - With money saved up from his family along with that made over the years in investments, Drew is now very wealthy and moves to New York in hopes of making it his home.

IC Journal

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Cunning Strategist:
He's found himself in more sticky situations than most with the odds stacked against him. From those experiences mixed with his training he's become a cunning strategist that can lead to better outcomes if he takes a moment to plan.

He has an engine, a drive to be the best at everything he does, but more so to learn and be the most powerful sorcerer he can be.

With his relationship with death and spirits, Drew has gained a passion for life. He wants love, to live, to experience and enjoy all he can when he can. It makes for an oddly conflicting personality and existence.

More often than not he would fall on the side of the forces of good, but many would find some of his methods to be distasteful, dirty, and sometimes some would think wrong. He has no problem taking advantage of a situation, stacking the deck, cheating, or more for the greater good or to harm those doing evil.

Implacable when he has set his mind to a task, even at personal cost to himself. He will break before he bends, and will stubbornly throw himself into the fight as long as there is a chance he can reach his goals.

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Astral Projection:
He is able to send his mind/soul out from his body to scour and explore the places between dimensions, other dimensions or our own world able to move at the speed of thought and even speak telepathically to those he might encounter, but no more than that, no physical interactions, including visible and audio spectrums.

This class of spells is related to empowering and using his magic to imbue the physical with some kind of useful magical enhancement. He uses this in rituals and spells to create shields and wards, or to store magic for later use. Examples of his common uses are the empowered tattoos on his body, giving him protection from harm, or making weapons more powerful.

Ephemera Manipulation:
While unable to create the raw ephemera, the matter of which spirits, ghosts, and similar creatures are composed of, he is able to use any amount of the existing substance to craft, manipulate and improve on. With this ability he is able to use his own blood to energize, heal, and make any ephemera whole and more powerful. By using his own blood, he also gives a connection to that ephemeral creatures back to him. He can also absorb ephemera to be used as energy, converted to magic power, or used to make or craft other ephemera items and beings. When done to anything with memories or thought, it leads to the absorption of that mind which confuses and fractures his own until he can shift through and separate it all.

Extrasensory Perception:
Using various spells or rituals he's able to gain extrasensory perception. Aura reading, clairvoyance, divination, dowsing, precognition, postcognition and psychometry all fall under this type of spell usage.

This class of spells allows for various deceptions through magic. His ability with this class of magic is somewhat limited to smaller-scale effects such as creating a sound or throwing his voice. He could change a small object's appearance like making a nametag appear as a police badge, or change a single facial feature, or make a license plate read differently.

He is a highly skilled mage/sorcerer that has trained in magic since he was a young boy. With the natural abilities as a medium and his power over the dead, most would think of him as a Necromancer of some sort. All his spells and powers are touched by that flavor of death for those that can sense it.

Power Over Death:
He's able to summon and command all but the most powerful ghosts, spirits, and ephemera.

Spirit Senses:
He's able to sense, hear, see and interact with ghosts, spirits, and any other ephemera type entity within his immediate vicinity.


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With training from a vast array of teachers in varying disciplines of magic and the occult, Drew has become a master of the occult, the supernatural and mysticism.

He's traveled the world and experienced many cultures that he had been schooled on before living with and in. This has given him a wide breadth of knowledge of the world, its people, food, and more.

Early in his life much of his time outside of his mystic training was dedicated to getting revenge on the ones that killed his family. He's a trained and tested combatant with skills mostly seen in assassins. Hand-to-hand, grappling, weapons, firearms, explosives, infiltration, stealth and poison all are in his skill set.


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Drew has amassed a network of contacts through his life of mysticism, the occult and dabbling in crime. Most of his contacts are those gained from his parent's cabal. A web of magic-users, sorcerers and those connected to them. This branched out into crime networks for information, fences, and arms dealers.

Drew knows a variety of languages, for magic, a number of those are dead languages. Other than his native language of English, he knows Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, and Arabic.

The Wrate family is old money. The kind of rich that most movies try to hint at but can never really communicate to viewers. This means that Drew has vast wealth he can draw on if needed. For most of his adult life he lived fairly frugal with most of his spends going to travel, training, and furtherance of his goals.


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Aura of Entropy:
With his connection to death and his magical prowess there has come with it an aura of entropy that surrounds him. Disturbing things happen when he's around. It isn't a persistent manifestation of decay or randomness and it isn't always readily apparent. Affects such as withering plants, curdling milk, or wild, inconvenient luck and more are all things that can happen when he's around.

He's literally haunted. With his natural ability to see, sense, and interact with spirits it brings with it those spirits and their attention. Through some quirk in how his powers work or just the nature of balance in the universe, spirits know he can sense them and they are drawn to him.

At his core he's a just a man that needs food, air, and water to live. Compared to most of the things he goes up against he is squishy without the protections his magic can provide.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Cold Day. Hot Coffee. February 16th, 2021 What happens when a winged mutant, an assassin sigh sais, a hidden mutant, and a ghost whisperer all gather for coffee? Um, they get coffee.
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!


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