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Angelica Jones (Scenesys ID: 941)
Name: Angelica Jones
Superalias: Firestar
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: NYC
Education: High school
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 12 Sep 2003 Played By Karen Gillian
Height: 5'6" Weight: 125
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Angelica is a student. She has yet to become a hero, but she has the potential and a heart six sizes too large for her chest. Fire is her motif, energy her whole, and can fly. Oh, and shoot fire. Did I mention the fire?


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* 2003: Born in Boston, Massachusetts, to parents Bartholomew and Julie. Mother dies in childbirth. Angelica's grandmother Nana comes to live with the pair to help with the child.
* 2005: Father begins moving around America due to his job. Angelica has no stable home for the next 14 years.
* 2019: Angelica's mutation surfaces, brought forth by the death of her beloved Nana. She melts the snow beneath her feet, the celphone in her hands, and sets fire to a nearby tree. This is now.

IC Journal

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Angelica doesn't want to fight. She'd be called a pacifist if this were a different time, but today she's not an idiot and she knows the job. The real problem is that she really cares about people, and that shows in every action and in how she sees the world around her. A woman with one of the most damaging powers ever...who doesn't want to hurt anybody.

Yes, I just said that she was tough. If it's about HER though, she's an absolute wimp. She sniffles and whines when she has a cold, and she's hurt super-easily. She's an easy target for anyone who has a sob story, and her heart is often on her sleeve. Easy to read and manipulate, she's a complete suck. And wouldn't change it for the world.

Angelica cares about you. She'd prefer to fight through her own pain forever, if it helps you to get through yours and if there's any way she can make your life better, she'll do it. Even if it costs her her life. She's here to help.

Surprising in that gentle self, this little lady is able to take one hell of beating if there's someone on the line. She'll cry, she'll hurt, but she'll come out the other side and you'll see her eyes still warm and waiting to be there for you. Even if you're her enemy and she hates you and everything you've ever done, you're still going to find her there for you. Sucks, but you can't stop her. She's relentless.

Character Sheet


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Angelica can radiate heat around her body at extreme temperatures. When she is doing so, she can not be approached. Bullets turn to vapour when they approach her, solid rock turns to slag, and anything she carries will ignite if it is possible for it to do so. This will raise the temperature around her to unbreathable temperatures and make concentration nearly impossible.

Energy Absorption:
Angelica has a passive ability to absorb energy in the electromagnetic spectrum into her body. This includes: radio waves, microwaves, infrated, light, ultraviolet (UV), x-rays, and gamma rays. She is able to use this to withstand hostile areas to a degree and has shown some resistance to damage from anything energy-based. Angelica lacks conscious control of this ability rather like how you can't control how much warmth you'll take in through your skin on a hot day. This is how she recharges her powers after they are used. It can not be used as an active defense, unless she someday gains conscious control.

Using her ability to manipulate energy around her body, Angelica can fly. She has good maneuverability, but her speed and lifting ability are based on her environment. In locations with good ambient energy she can lift nearly a ton, but her speed has never been clocked higher than 225 mph.

Microwave Radiation:
Angelica can project very powerful microwaves from her hands, often mistaken for flames but in reality much more dangerous and damaging. Damaging things on a molecular level, Angelica's emissions can destroy nearly anything given enough time and energy. Firestar's power grants her the capacity for large-scale destruction, and if given a large enough charge could literally damage the planet permanently. She is, in fact, a potentially omega class mutant. She would however need access to nearly unlimited ambient energy to become so.

Angelica's ability is flexible as well, allowing her to absorb any form of EM energy and emit it as microwaves. She is able to emit light as well on a small scale, EMP blasts, or simply disrupt microwaves in her vicinity rendering celphone usage impossible.

Angelica has a sense that humans do not normally carry: she can sense ambient and active electromagnetic energy around her. Celphone signals, radio waves, gamma radiation, microwaves, etc, all are subject to being noticed and possibly used to her advantage. She is able to tell the type, flow, direction, and magnitude with uncanny accuracy when in a quarter-mile vicinity of the energy source.


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Angelica practices acrobatics whenever she is in a school that has that kind of program. She practices it in her own time, but has less access to resources than she'd like. She is of medium level.

Angelica enjoys art of all sorts. She enjoys using her hands to do things, enjoying sculpture, painting, drawing, and flute.

Nuclear Physics:
Angelica's father is a nuclear reactor engineer. Angelica has grown up learning about nuclear physics, which she simply thinks of as normal things to talk about around the dinner table. Angelica can actually tell you how to set up, maintain, and safely shut down a nuclear plant. Or a bomb, if you give her a few minutes to think about it.


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Bartholomew Jones is Angelica's father. He is a nuclear engineer, specialized in troubleshooting nuclear reactors. He's fairly financially stable and quite intelligent. He is also an avid mutant protestor and is terrified of mutants in general. Yay..


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Electronic devices in the vicinity of Angelica tend to glitch. She has a constant always-on ability to absorb the microwaves in her area, and that makes celphones futzy at best. She can screw up a video game's screen by walking too near it, and touching the screen can ruin it forever. Remote controlled devices crash nearby, and robots have a marked tendency to develop spasms when they come too close.

Angelica's emotions can get away from her. When they do, her powers sometimes get away from her as well. Anger is the worst culprit, causing her to accidentally 'leak' microwaves in her immediate vicinity. This can have negative effects.

Angelica can run out of power. Extravagant use of her abilities in low-energy ambience areas can leave her simply falling out of the sky, or unable to light a match. This tends to happen without warning and very suddenly, which tends to look like she's been struck by an attack when in fact she's just been used up for a while and needs to recharge.

Not Immune:
Unlike nearly every other mutant in existence, Angelica is not immune to her own powers. Her ability to store energy mostly protects her, but that protection is not perfect and she is, in fact, slowly microwaving herself on low every time she uses her projection abilities.

Too Hot:
Angelica's power set is, to put it bluntly, terrifying. She is the person most likely to accidentally murder someone in a fight, her abilities seem to be based around microwaving you to death on ultra-high, and when she misses a shot she's got the potential to blow up someone or something in the vicinity. She. Is. Nasty. This is very likely the worst power you can give someone whose life is about supporting and loving the people around her, even her enemies. It scares her desperately and for very good reason.



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Angelica Jones has 23 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
To Be Continued September 15th, 2020 Angelica and Cecily catch up. Nothing huge happens, but they're still friends.
A Quiet Birthday by the Pool September 11th, 2020 Bobby's 22nd Birthday is a low-key affair out on the patio by the pool.
TROUBLE comes knocking! September 10th, 2020 Karolina and Angelica save the Titans tower gate from getting smashed in by Smiley! And they get a friend in Harley with their genuineness.
Falling with style September 9th, 2020 Shazam and Firestar meet for a lesson in trust. It ends with a broken arm...and yes, trust.
Broken arms, Kept promises September 9th, 2020 After a fall, Angelica's broken arm gets treated by Sharon and Kitty. Jubilee comes along for comic relief. And it is relieving! Welcome back Jubes!
Bearing Bad Tidings September 9th, 2020 Carol delivers a load of bad news and SCIENCE to the Titans in the aftermath of the Warworld battle. Damain is a bit of a pill.
Cornered! September 9th, 2020 A bit of a chat between two people almost becomes a fight, and Firestar comes to TWO startling realizations!
Titanic Pyrrhic victory September 6th, 2020 Aftermath of War of the Worlds for the Titans at the Tower. Kate got everyone pizza. Newcomers were welcomed aboard after the Trial of Fire on Warworld. Kara was filled in about the missing teammates.
War of the Worlds Finale: Meanwhile, In Orbit September 5th, 2020 The Titans (and friends) implement the other half of the plan to deal with the Warzoon invasion. While forces battle the invaders on earth, a desperate plan goes into effect to force War World itself to retreat. The great battle station is infiltrated and Brainiac technology used to undermine it, while a fight takes place on the surface of War World itself to take out the shield generators. The mission is a success and War World flees - but not all the Titans return.
Hellooo People! August 29th, 2020 Carol and Rogue, meet Starfire and Angelica! Tea is drank, muffins are had and hugs are shared. It's a feel good kind of thing.
The Replacement Marie August 27th, 2020 Roulette meets Firestar and takes her under her wing. Don't tell people she was nice.
Broken Veins August 19th, 2020 A protest in Bushwick becomes something much stranger ...
Transformative Happenstance August 18th, 2020 I don't know. I think things happened, but it isn't a lot of sense. Maybe you should read it. Oh, also there's some D&D talk.
Hellfire Purgatory Teen Club Grand Opening August 15th, 2020 The grand opening is a hit! Drinking, dancing, socializing, loads of fun... oh, and a cameo by a very annoyed one-eyed security goon.
Aftermath Coffee..ish August 13th, 2020 After the fire, Angelica 'texts' Cecily to catch up. There may be some panic involved, and occasional brain activity. Emphasis on occasional.
Memento: We Didn't Start The Fire August 9th, 2020 Heroes rush to save people from a fire in a NYU dorm. But who started it?
The Downside of Being a Champion of Man August 3rd, 2020 Billy's battle finished but Angelica's is just starting.
So You Catch On Fire August 1st, 2020 Angelica investigates her powers and Reed provides a new wardrobe.
My Lucky Firestar July 31st, 2020 Cecily sees her parents and Angelica finds out she's a living microwave. That can probably aid in nuclear fusion.
The Whistle and the Wren July 30th, 2020 A fairy tale story comes to life, and the happy ending is denied. By a mutant's coming into her own.
Burning Trees and Forensic Stuff July 28th, 2020 Shazam battles bullies. Angelica gives a performance! Secrets are shared! Flutes are played!
Watercolor July 20th, 2020 Two cheerful souls meet in a fountain.
Angels and Dem... Teenagers! July 17th, 2020 Angelica meets Billy. Lightning doesn't strike but a tree catches fire... somehow.


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Angelica Jones has 23 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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