Applying for Characters

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Checking for Characters To check available characters, use the +roster command. It will give further instructions and other commands to help your search. See +news Types of Characters for an explanation of character types. Can't find a character in the list? They can still be created.

Existing Characters To apply for an existing Open character, page a staffer or submit a request. Guest accounts cannot submit requests, so if going that route, make a login from the login screen first. To submit a request:

  +request/apps <charactername>=I'd like to claim <character> please.

We also take reservations for characters that are already claimed. See +news Reserves.

We do not have an additional application process beyond requesting them. However, make sure you are not over your limit for characters. See +news Alternate Characters.

New Characters To apply for a new character, whether canon or an original concept, submit a job describing the character and staff will work with you to create the character. If you are on a Guest account, create a login for yourself at the login screen to submit the job from so you can check replies. See +news Original Character for additional information to include.

  +request/apps <charactername>=I'd like to create a new character named <name>. Here are the details...

You have two weeks to finish chargen and request review. If you need more time you may ask for it.

 NOTE: Please have the new character discussion with staff and get the concept approved before beginning work on a sheet! We don't want you waste time if some aspect of the character changes during the discussion.