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Ares (Scenesys ID: 2115)
Name: Ares
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Olympian
Occupation: God of War, Conflict, Bloodlust, and Savagery.
Citizenship: Olympian, US
Residence: NYC
Education: Ancient and Modern Warfare
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: Very Old
Date of Birth 1 March 3000 BCE Played By Luke Evans
Height: 6'1" Weight: 500 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: I am the God of War - K.A.B.O.S.H

Character Info


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Ares is the eldest son of Zeus. However, unlike the other children of Zeus, Ares was shunned by his fellow gods and even his own father Zeus for being the God of War, subsequently treated as a dog and a fiend by those who knew of his existence. Despite this, Ares constantly yearned with an upright zeal to serve alongside the "Gods of Good" who ruled atop Mount Olympus.

Alas, it was not to be. After so many millenias of being used as a tool to solve the problems of

Olympus and being treated so horribly, Ares laid low the Gods of Olympus with his might and cursed their names to the most vile atrocities of Hades before leaving to a self-imposed exile to earth, sparing the Gods in the process out of some last shred of love for his family.

Over the past few hundred years, Ares has had mixed success in living a quiet life away from death

and misery, but the most good he has ever done in the world was having his son, Alexander. He currently raises him. Woe to any who try and ruin his peace and quiet...especially the machinations of the other Olympians who no doubt seek his demise.


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3000 BCE: Ares is born as one of the only legitimate children of Zeus and Hera. Not long after, he is recognized as the God of War by the Greek Pantheon and is unchallenged in the field until the birth of his sister Athena, whom he possesses a mutual dislike.

2500 BCE: The Olympians begin to more publically view Ares as nothing more than a mongrel dog, only treating him with any form of warmth when they need him to push back Hades from Olympus. Ares's dislike of the other Olympians grows more fervently.

1194: Ares takes part in the Trojan war, fighting alongside Achilles on a few occasions.

1980 BCE: Ares gets into direct conflict with the Amazons. He is thus hated by the culture, much influenced by the machinations of the other Gods, namely Zeus and Hera.

910 BCE: Hercules is born, sparking a rivalry that would last millenia.

700 BCE: Ares is directly responsible with Romulus and Remus. Surprisingly to himself, the Romans name him their chief God, or at least the most worshipped of the vast military legions of Rome. The Romans call him Mars, in relation to the planet.

476 AD: Ares becomes enraged after Zeus suggests that the worship of the Olympians should be permitted to die out. He gathers the forces of many foes of Olympus, including the mischievous Hades, and attacks Olympus three times. All three attempts are foiled (though he was quite successful the second and third times) by the spawn of the other Gods.

500 AD: Enraged that he has never once gained the approval of his fellow Gods, especially Zeus, and angered that he is seen as worthless even among those who believe he exists, and heartbroken that he is largely forgotten and his only known stories are of humiliating defeat, the straw broke the camels back. He proceeds to march into Olympus and lay the other Gods low, defeating each and every one of them, cursing their names to the most vile pit of Hades, and leaving in self-exile to earth. Surprisingly, and perhaps his only shred of love for his fellow Olympians, Ares spares them. He takes a mortal name and attempts to live as a man.

1900's: Ares falls again to his warlike ways. With the advancing technology, rather than get directly involved, Ares gets on both sides in his own way and offers suggestions rather than dominates the emotions of others into war. Mankind wages two world wars on its own account, though Ares is directly (and rightly so) blamed for the first by those who are aware of his existence.

2000: Ares retries again at a mortal life, denying his own nature and becoming a construction worker.

2002: Ares has a son with a mortal woman. Like children before him, he is directly involved in the raising of his son, attempting to redeem himself by having his child be better than himself by way of nature.

2006 - 2012: Ares begins training Alexander in the ways of the warrior. Thankfully this is largely uneventful.

2012: Amatsu-Mikaboshi kidnaps Alexander for the war on Olympus. Enraged, Ares marches back to Olympus and strikes his father and grapples with his siblings, but for Alexander's sake, he joins their battle against Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Ares finds himself duelling his son, though unlike with other enemies, Ares has no desire or intention to kill Phobos. Unfortunately, Ares is unable to get through to him with words, so Ares prays that something more effective would get through to him, such as a fatal blow that he knew he could recover from. This manages to break Alexander's mind control, much to his happiness. He watches with pride as Alexander kills Amatsu-Mikaboshi with the legendary Grasscutter blade.

2015: Ares and Alexander return to earth. Normalcy continues as he resumes training Alexander.

2017: Ares is present when Alexander is elevated to Phobos, the God of Fear. The Olympian Pantheon accepts him as one of their own, though Ares rienforces his previous agreement with the Gods to leave them both alone.

2018: Loki attacks New York City. Believing his son to be in the crossfire, Ares unleashes and helps fig

IC Journal

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Ares is perhaps one of the inventors of the word. Being a God does not mean you are bestowed with the power of humility. Ares looks at any opponent and firmly believes that he can destroy them in every way possible, namely in a fight. While this means he severely underestimates others, other times he can get quite a bit cocky at the situation. If there's an obstacle, Ares is eternally confident that it stands no chance against him.

Despite how much Ares might seem like an absolute sociopath...he actually does have feelings. He cares for those closest to him and will always be there for them when he's needed, such as with his son. Also, he seems to care how people view him, namely his immediate family.

Ares does not generally indulge in the company of others. Or rather, he can come across as friendly and mean both, surely, just as much as War can seem exciteable and enticing just as much as it can be terrifying and immobilizing with fear, Ares just generally feels as if he has no group he belongs to. He has a difficult time making any legitimate friends.

Ares is ruthless. He is brutal. He is cruel. He does not just beat his enemies, he indulges in their eternal suffering to such an extent that he ensures they will never attack him again, that he digs a hole so deep into their genetic memory that they will not even entertain the thought of -ever- challenging him again.

If he's leading a war, he does not care who lives or dies, as long as there is a war to be fought. Ares has no mercy for his enemies and has no problem putting them down permanently.

Ares does not take being wronged lightly. He holds one helluva grudge and if wronged, he will never let it go. Take the murder of his beloved Stymphalian birds for example.

Character Sheet


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Also known as the All-Tongue. Due to being an Olympian, Ares is capable of speaking and being understood in all languages.

Sadly, despite Ares's extreme resistance to physical punishment, its still possible to make the God of War bleed. Thankfully, Ares's body heals extremely quickly, even quicker than most Gods and heals extreme levels of damage near immediately. He heals from most wounds within minutes to hours, depending on the severity of the damage. Even damage that would seemingly be lethal he's managed to recover from. However, he can't regenerate lost limbs or organs without outside mystical assistance. Even if killed, Ares's life essence will go on, giving him the chance to return from beyond the grave, though only an attack that wipes out most of Ares's body mass or completely disintegrates him can kill him.

While not as accomplished as the other Olympians, Ares is proficient in using magic. His focus on the physical aspects of the world has left him to neglect his mystical studies. Of course, this doesn't mean that he's not good at magic...he just isn't that great -compared- to the rest of the Olympians. That being said, Ares can sense when magic of -any- variety is being used, he can sense the presence of supernatural creatures, such as demons, angels, other gods, spirits, etc. He can call upon other gods, create mystical weapons in his hands, teleport himself to Olympus, even recreate entire realms like he did with Olympus once when it had suffered extreme damage. However, his skill with magic is still inferior to some of the other Gods...even if he's used it in unconventional ways.

Olympian Physiology:
Ares is a pure-blooded Olympian, not a demi-god like some other members of the Pantheon. As such, he possesses the conventional superhuman abilities and attributes of an Olympian God and is the source of his incredible powers.

Superhuman Durability:
The amount of punishment Ares can take is truly worthy of Godlike. He can suffer tremendous impact forces, the worst of temperature extremes, and immense energy blasts without suffering damage. His ability to take damage is comparable with the truly strongest of them. Whether its a blast from a galactic foe or simply a missile from a daring soldier, Ares can take the hit and keep on moving. He's effectively bulletproof and explosions tend to just rattle him. Though just because he's difficult to permanently injure does not mean that he can't be knocked unconscious or feel pain.

Superhuman Speed:
Ares is surprisingly quick. He is fast enough to react to bullets at point-blank range (though he usually just lets them hit) and react to fast moving objects like beings with superhuman speed (some Speedsters). He is fast enough to catch a missile and throw it back to its suspected point of origin and is quick enough to outpace a missile by running alone. His speed is heavily assisted by his physical strength.

Superhuman Stamina:
Conflict never truly ends so long as someone even -thinks- of taking the fight to someone else.

The same is true for how long Ares can keep powering through punishment and trauma. Ares never tires. He doesn't need to rest. So long as he is conscious, his body will never produce that which would cause him to become tired or exhausted.

Ares can essentially fight or be active at peak capacity indefinitely so long as outside forces such as magic don't force him to slow down.

Superhuman Strength:
Ares possesses great strength, greater than most of the other Olympians. At his base, he can lift around 70 tons. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound and can temporarily match beings far stronger than him in short bursts of strength.

True Immortality:
Unlike the Asgardians or other Pantheons, the Olympians are really immortal rather than just long-lived. Ares has not aged a day since reaching adulthood and has retained the vitality of youth. Furthermore Ares, like other Olympians, can't be killed by conventional means.

War Manipulation:
Ares's domain.

He is War.

Not just the act of guns blazing and hating the other guy enough to survive, but the act of the fight itself. Ares can literally influence the emotional, the physical, the mental, and even the conceptual aspects of war, regardless of the area or the number of people involved and control how such war progresses.

Furthermore, conflict, bloodlust, rage, violence...they all fuel Ares's powers and greatly enhance them the longer the conflict escalates. For example, Ares can lift 70 tons. As the fight goes on, Ares could lift 80 tons. Then 90. Then 100. War fuels Ares as worship.

Further, Ares is naturally and extremely skilled in all forms of warfare, including weapons, statistics, leadership, and strategy of warfare. He is particularly skilled at starting wars, caring not who lives, dies, or wins said war, as long a war is fought. He is capable of invoking chaos and war on a grand scale, often turning cities or even entire nations into warzones. He has pitted continents at war in the past.

Lastly, Ares is capable of granting a mortal superhuman abilities by way of a 'blessing'. Typically he enhances individuals to peak human ability with incredible fighting talent to match.


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Ares is knowledgeable in construction, namely in architecture, enough that he can hold a high -paying job in the practice.

Ares was a farmer in one of his attempts to be a mortal. He's not half-bad at it, in the sense that he could make another farmer ask him for some advice. A part of him still wishes he was a farmer to avoid the rest of the world.

Master Combatant:
Ares has mastered every form of combat known to man. He is also quite skilled and experienced in military engineering, military tactics, and torture techniques used by various militias and armies around the globe. In short, Ares is one of the most naturally gifted, talented, and ruthless fighters to ever walk the earth.

Despite strategy being more of his rival of a sister's domain, Ares's experience in fighting in just about every war in human history and his vast knowledge of military strategems makes him an incredible tactician. He is capable of leading forces from vast armies to small fireteams. He has a preference for Greek and Roman strategies.


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Yes, those who believe that Ares is real still worship him. These are the cults that are fanatical enough to cause mass shootings in his name or find ways to cause mass violence. While Ares personally has very little to do with them besides hearing their prayers, they still offer him strength whenever they become active.

Gauntlets of Ares:
Much Like Thor with his belt or Hades with his helmet, the Gauntlets of Ares increase Ares's strength to far greater proportions when he wears them. Though wearing them causes him intense pain and encourages uncontrollable rage, they give him strength enough to grapple with some of the strongest beings on the planet.

John owns a house in New York City. He is quite happy to be away from the other Gods and raise his son in relative peace.

Ares is a construction worker in his human guise of John Aaron. He makes $44.00 an hour and can afford a good many luxuries, though not nearly as much as an actual rich person could.

Ares has a safehouse in the larger cities of the US and in europe and Asia. You never know when you need to resupply the ammunition and get some more firepower. Also a decent place to lay low in case his human life ever falls apart.

Ares has a lot...and I mean...a LOT of weapons. Whether they are medieval weapons like swords and spears, or more modern weapons like assault rifles or gatling guns. Ares is ready for war at any moment. Even his house has an armory underneath it.


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All Ares truly wants is to be acknowledged. To be told that he means something and that he's important, namely by the other Gods...specifically Zeus. Not in a way that is a lie or just something they'll say to get Ares to do things for them...but for them to really mean it. He doesn't want to be treated like a dog or some vile, evil creature who's only capability is death and destruction.

He's a person too.

All the same, playing to his emotions can cause Ares no small amount of emotional damage and he can be manipulated.

Magic is one of the few things that can bypass Ares's incredible durability. Though Olympian magic works better than most, Ares has very little defense against magic that is successfully cast against him.

The other Gods strongly dislike Ares. They don't want him, they want him gone, they want to find ways to use him for their benefit and amusement. Ares hates them in turn and the only reason why they still exist, according to him, is because there is some shred of him that still thirsts for some semblence of approval from them. Needless to say, they take every opportunity they can to make Ares's life a living Hades.

Quiet Life:
Ares is attempting to live a quiet life. While this has met very mixed success, Ares will stop at nothing to ensure that he and his son can live peacefully. Any attempt to disrupt this can be met with Ares's immediate rebuttal.

Ares has a son: Alexander Aaron. At any cost, Alexander needs to survive and live a good life, if Ares has his way about things. He is willing to tear the fabric of this world apart if it means keeping his child safe. Granted, he's not the best father...but he loves his son with all of his soul.



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Oh hai! December 16th, 2020 No description
Old Soldiers December 2nd, 2020 Old friends meet and realize tales need to be told! Over drinks! They will have to meet again once John finishes his work day.
When War Calls! December 2nd, 2020 Ares pays a call on Alexander and finds Parnus hiding.
War comes to Niffleheim October 24th, 2020 Ares goes to Hel's entrance to check on Hela.
Education is Important October 22nd, 2020 No description
For old time's sake October 21st, 2020 No description


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