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  Moon Bow  
Artemis Wheeler (Scenesys ID: 1117)
Name: Artemis Wheeler
Superalias: Moon Bow
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-Human
Occupation: Historian
Citizenship: Dual, American/Iceland
Residence: NYC
Education: College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 05 May 2000 Played By
Height: 5'4" Weight: 135lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Moon Beam takes America! One of Iceland's heroes has a new face. It's Artemis Wheeler's turn to take up the mantle of Moon beam and join the family business.


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* 2000: May 5th, Born in Bolungarvík.
* 2005: Affinity for moonlight is noticed and training begins.
* 2010: Begins weapons training.
* 2016: Takes up the mantle of Moon Bow.
* 2018: Starts work at the family job maintaining historical buildings in town.
* 2020: Moves to NYC to begin collage majoring in Museum Science.

IC Journal

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Having a power so reliant on the sky has made Artemis very aware of her surroundings. There are times she may have to rely on other skills.

Artemis has been training from a very young age. She's very driven to maintain her best form and hone her fighting skills.

Moon Bow is an inherited title. She isn't the first Moon Bow, and hopefully, she won't be the last. As such she conducts herself in a humble way befitting a family of heroism.

Artemis grew up in a small town, on top of that she's been training to be the next Moon Bow since she was young. She has spent more time with adults, listening, than she did with children in play.

Character Sheet


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Lunar Flight:
When the moon is in the sky, flight is possible. Drawing herself towards the source of her power allows Moon Bow to navigate the skies. At top speeds she can contest with a car.

Lunar Solidification:
When the moon is in the sky, Moon Bow can create a variety of simple weapons. From the bow that gives her her name to whips, swords, or daggars. She can also use this ability to create a protective shield. These moonlight weapons can withstand impact from normal forces but super strength empowered individuals can shatter them with enough force.


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Artemis is very athletic. Most of her training is in endurance so she can keep fighting long enough to see a battle through. While she's moderately nimble, she's had no gymnastics training to speak of.

Artemis not only speaks her native Icelandic, but she's pretty darn good at English, Sewdish, and French too!

Martial Arts:
Artemis has committed herself to training in martial arts.

Artemis won't win any piano competitions, but she can play well enough. Everyone needs hobbies outside of heroing!

Weapons Training:
Artemis has been training for over the last decade in blades, bows, and the whip.


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Artemis has a small apartment in the city close to her university.

Cult of Mani:
The Cult of Mani are the lingering remnants of an old moon worshiping religion in Iceland. Artemis' family lead the cult and the cult funds and trains her.

Artemis has access to a small monthly stipend to help pay for food and needs at University.

As not the first Moon Bow, Artemis has a traditional costume. It is armored better than previous iterations but not completely impenetrable.


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Artemis relies on the moon being in the sky to draw on her powers. When the moon is not overhead she can't manifest her lunar abilities.

While even a thumbnail moon still casts moonlight, the strength of her lunar power weakens during a new moon or eclipse.



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omg wru April 7th, 2020 Nada!
Alex and Artemis Meet! April 6th, 2020 And with that, two young adults become unlikely friends? with a promise to meet in the soon future over martial arts.


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