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Born in 1918, Azzuri The Wise was one of the first Wakandans to travel extensively outside their ancestral home willingly in thousands of years. Only the warrior women of the Dora Milaje were permitted to travel thusly. When Wakandan defense systems spotted a spaceship crashing to Earth, Azzuri took it upon himself to investigate. He stumbled into a new friend-- Jor-El of Krypton. The two were fast friends and fought side by side through much of World War II as part of the Justice Defenders.

After the war, Azzuri returned home and set about implementing changes in Wakanda. His first priority was to return to Bana-Mighdall and court the Amazon woman Nanali. Eventually he proved his worth and the two were wed, and to further secure the bonds between Wakanda and Bana-Mighdall, a cultural exchange of warriors through the Dora Milaje was arranged.

Once back in Wakanda, Azzuri set about the monumental task of encouraging his people to move away from the isolationism that had long marked Wakanda's policies. Though many resisted at first, Azzuri's tales of a rapidly evolving world began to slowly find converts that Wakanda could not stay in isolation indefinitely. This proved particularly true when the Soviet Union invaded Wakanda in 1983 in an attempt to corner the global supply of Vibranium. Azzuri's leadership unified the tribes and they began sending their children out into the world to study and learn from these other cultures.