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Baina-Mighdall is located in the deserts of Syria. It is a fortress-city, located in an inaccessible portion of the desert and protected by sharp cliffs and limited approaches. Magical illusions, sandstorms, and hostile terrain have prevented outsiders from reliably finding the city or being able to attack it.

Approximately three hundred true Amazons live in Baina-Mighdall. Generations of their descendants live with them, totalling approximately 1500 women and approximately a hundred males.

Baina-Mighdall is an entirely self-sufficient city. The plateu behind the city is inaccessible except by a narrow road and used for agricultural development and raising herd animals. A spring flows up from under the mountain, providing unlimited clean water.

Baina Amazons have all the powers of their Amazon sisters on Themyscira, save for immortality. They do not age nor do they grow sick, but they could be killed irrevocably without the soil of Themyscira under their feet. Over centuries of a warrior's life, many haven been felled by enemy blades, arrows, and cannons.

The Amazons of Baina-Mighdall are excellent ironmongers, historically builders of weapons and armor and trading it with the outside world. Their swords and bows were coveted as the height of weapons technology until the advent of firearms. The Baina smiths quickly adapted to modern technology, applying their expertise towards developing firearms and explosives. They produce these weapons with tremendous precision and skill. But their chief export remains their mercenary services. These warriors for hire generally disdain guns and prefer more primitive weapons that take full advantage of their strength and skill in close combat.


After Hercules kidnapped Hippolyta and captured the Amazon army, their patron goddess Athena appeared before Hippolyta and Antiope. She would help them fight their way to freedom, but the Amazons would withdraw forever from the world of man afterwards. Hippolyta accepted the offer. Antiope and a third of her sisters refused, and renounced the Olympian gods forever. After the Amazons broke free of their captors, Antiope and her allies armed themselves and razed the city while Hippolyta and the rest went towards the Aegean.

These violent Amazons struck out across Greece, destroying cities as they went. They caused the collapse of the Mycenaen Empire and the onset of Greece's Dark Age. They tore down the gates of Nimrud and came face to face with Semiramis, who attempted to corrupt the power of the Vishanti to counter their military might. This resulted in her losing her appointment as Sorceror Supreme, and the Amazons killed her on the spot. Antiope led her sisters to the deep deserts south of the flood plains. There, they entered the realm of the gods of the Ennead. The cat-goddess Bastet appeared before them. Antiope and her legion pledged themselves to this new goddess, who delivered them into their new home atop a broken mountain.

They occupied ancient ruins, calling their home Baina-Mighdall. The Baina Amazons would serve as mercenaries and ironmongers for thousands of years to come. Over the centuries, their numbers dwindled until only a few hundred of the original Amazons remained.

Approximately 1000 BCE, a Kheran botanical colony ship was shot down by Daemonites in orbit over Earth. A handful of survivors were scattered across the face of the world. The eternal Kherans, over the centuries, found allies with the other immortals. Some made alliances with the Inhumans while others wandered the world, hunting for Daemonites infiltrators. The closest allies for many of the Kherans, however, were the women of Baina-Mighdall. It was in their fortress city that they found not just allies, but refuge. And with their allies at Baina-Mighdall, the Kheran would raise the rare half-breeds sired by their liasions with the mortals. The fortress of Baina-Mighdall became the home of the Sisters of the Coda.