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  Bella the Tempest  
Bella (Scenesys ID: 2187)
Name: Bellatrix Lestrange (Not HP!)
Superalias: Bella the Tempest
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Former: Death Dealer and Warlord

Current: Normal Human

Citizenship: Merovingian (Gaul, Ancient France)
Residence: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Education: Royal Tutors of Merovingian Dynasty; Death Dealer training
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 20s Actual Age: Over 500 years
Date of Birth 6th Century, AD Played By Tilda Swinton
Height: 5'1" Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Electric Blue
Twitter: @NormalHuman
Theme Song: "You're Dead" by Norma Tanega

Character Info


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Have you heard of Bellatrix Lestrange? No! Not the Harry Potter one! Bella the Tempest! A noble of the Merovingian Dynasty, an Ex-Death Dealer under Viktor Corvinus, a woman Warlord who won herself a Barony by her sheer cruel might on the battlefield. Well, it's probably because she withdrew from that past life, and is trying to pass as a regular human in her new life in Hell's Kitchen. Oh, why pretend? I guess because she's a vampire or something. Shush! Don't tell!


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* 535: Bellatrix, meaning "female warrior," was born to a noble house in Lyon, Burgundy under the mighty Merovingian Dynasty.

* 540s: As a young lady of a noble house, whose parents were seeking to grow their influence in the Merovingian Dynasty, Bellatrix received the best of education, slanted towards more womanly affairs. The hope was she'll land an advantageous marriage, potentially to royalty the likes of Chlothar, Childebert or Theudebert.

Despite high aspirations, Bellatrix' parents soon discovered their daughter was of a mind to live a life proper for her namesake, she saw her naming as a sign she was meant for greatness. She insisted that instead of a proper lady of the court, she'd receive lessons that would help her become a glorious knight in battle.

* 548: Bellatrix' parents have had enough of her desires for glory on the battlefield, and to teach her a lesson, send her to convent, to live the simple life of a nun. Maybe then she would learn to appreciate the many luxuries allowed a noble lady.

Furious at her parents' betrayal, Bellatrix disavows of them and adopts the surname L'Estrange, meaning to stress how against the norms and expectations she was.

* 550: In two years, Bellatrix learned nothing but to despise life in the convent, hatred for her parents, and the only thing she'd pray for is a means to achieve her dreams. Disappointed, her parents were resigned to leave her to her fate.

* 555: Whether prayer had anything to do with it or mere chance, the Warlord Viktor Corvinus lead his Death Dealers on a hunt in the region. Bellatrix who had heard of his exploits, escaped the covenant and managed to force a meeting with him by revealing her noble lineage and pledging her service to him if he would only allow her the training for it.

Amused, Viktor issued a challenge, if she can prove she's more than a mere nun daydreaming a better life, he will take her pledge.

* 556: Bellatrix was well aware she won't get more than one chance to impress Viktor, so she went all out, putting her very life on the line when she burnt the convent that was her home for the last few years. She could have easily been burned at the stake if she was caught.

Oblivious to the fact Viktor was a vampire, Bellatrix had no idea just how successful her gambit would be. Upon congratulating Bellatrix for her success, Viktor stressed that she could consider her offer to pledge herself to him seriously, as there's no drawing back. Her mind set, Bellatrix pledged to him once again, and on that night Viktor turned her.

* 557: Viktor wasted no time, and shortly after being turned, Bellatrix began her training as not just a knight, like she wanted, but rather as one of Viktor's fearsome Death Dealers. She made sure to kill her parents herself to exact her revenge, on having her birthright taken away.

* 600s - 1000: Through centuries, Bellatrix honed her fighting skills as a Death Dealer, rising up the ranks, even attaining the rank of a General. For her ferociousness and unnatural speed on the field of battle, she gains the title of Bella The Tempest, because her rushing advance in a whirl of blades produced an effect of a blood tempest through the battle field.

* 1350: A turning point in Bella's adoration of Viktor changed when he discovered his daughter Sonja was pregnant with the child of a lycan. The penalty, execution by sunlight, was the most disturbing sight Bella ever witnessed. She approached Viktor in private and presented her resigned her post. Having served Viktor for centuries, he allowed Bella the courtesy on the condition she stays out of his way and never raise a blade against his forces.

* 1001 - 1380: After breaking with the Death Dealers on considerably amicable terms, a reward for her centuries of service, Bella strikes out on her own, working outside of Viktor's domain to keep her promise. She manages to amass a small army, conquer bits of lands to create a barony for herself. But ultimately grows bored with ruling over people she considers her inferiors.

She was also one of the finest, most fearsome warriors of the time, when it came to bladed weapons and old world fighting styles. Unfortunately, progress was pushing onwards, and with the advent of firearms, she was suddenly faced with different sort of battlefields. Not caring to adjust to the new ways, Bella contacts Viktor to freely give him her territory, while she travelled to the Nordic Coven.

* 1381 - 1917: At the Nordic Coven, Bella gets to meet Elder Amelia, and co-founder Vidar, and as she lingers there she learns more about the supernatural powers a vampire can control. Under Viktor she mostly dealt in war and death dealing, this was a new path and finding something new to master drew her interest. It is how she wound up making the Nordic Coven her home.

Bella eventually is allowed to undergo the Var Dohr sacred ritual, enhancing her vampiric power and understanding of life and death through the "Sacred World." This inner peace Bella finds through the ritual, leaves her wanting to attempt a normal life and shying away from vampire affairs. Likely the reason she never became an Elder herself, even though she had the political clout and means at the time.

* 1918 - 1950: In withdrawing from vampire affairs, Bella rediscovers the world outside the Nordic Coven, and even takes part here and there along the World Wars, electing to help the worthy, and bring doom on some truly despicables she happens across.

* 2010: Bella moves to the United States to make a new home for herself, intending to masquerade as a regular human. Her first outing as a spectacular failure, but through it she meets Mando, who not only is unafraid of her being a vampire, but pleads with her to make him a familiar.

Deciding she could use his help to her own ends, Bella has him move in with her to her Hell's Kitchen apartment. Why Hell's Kitchen? It was just so hilarious to anyone who was in on her secret! Shame not many would get to amuse themselves with her high humor.

* 2020: Bella may or may not have learned more about pretending to be a normal human in modern times. She's still in Hell's Kitchen, she still has Mando to help. Did she even remember to officially make him a familiar?

IC Journal

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A scion to a noble house in the 6th century, Bella is most certainly one who considers herself above most she meets. Then she became a vampire, and it got even worse. It's not that she'll avoid interaction with those she deems beneath her, she'll just take comfort in the fact she -knows- that she is better. An exception is the case of coming in contact with other she might take for nobility (even though that sort of caste system is a bit archaic), the very intriguing superheroes that are out and about these days, and of course she may attempt to tone it down when masquerading as a human.

It's a bit amusing, considering part of her upbringing took place in a convent, and the very vampiric weakness she possesses to holy symbol is a bit of a tell, but Bella has absolute zero faith in religion. She has a great dislike to religious types, and wouldn't oppose to engage in conversation, purely seeking to trigger them or otherwise prove them wrong. It doesn't always go according to plan, because most of those tend to carry holy symbols about them, and that's a real drag!

What first made Bella the Tempest withdraw from an active role of a warlord is the advent of guns and cannons. She loathed the concept of an ill trained, ill disciplined, cowardly person, defeating a noble and worthy warrior with the push of a button. Look at what those crazy engineers have done to the battle field! They've robbed it of valor! She hasn't been a fan of technology ever since. She has difficulty adjusting to it. She likes to keep to old ways. Some may view her as dumb or backwards as a result, but that's just the way she is. Good thing she has Mando for all her tech needs.

Every now and then she might say something snappy just to try and get a rise out of someone, purely for amusement. She had a ball of a time going to noble galas, only to act rude, crude and sometimes lewd just to see the reactions of all the silly nobles who thought too highly of themselves. Sure, occasionally it would lead to a duel, but that was a bonus. Sometimes it's just fun to cause trouble for the sake of entertainment.

While it may seem surprising, considering her centuries of service under Viktor Corvinus, and her later years in the Nordic Coven, Bella was never one to do things simply because she must or that's how it's been done. As a noble she was expected to master womanly pursuits and attain an advantageous marriage to elevate her house. Instead, she wanted to become a knight and earn her own glory on the field of battle. That sort of resistance got her sent to a convent, where she still rebelled, eventually burning the convent to pledge herself to Viktor Corvinus. She was always willing to risk it all to forge her own path. This makes her a bit unusual, at least certainly for the time she was born, and is likely why she never soared too high in vampiric circles, not attaining a recognition of Elder despite her many years.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Senses:
Vampires are very keen hunters, and to that end are gifted with superior senses and perceptions. Bella is no different. She benefits from the following enhanced senses:

Sight: Capable of seeing prey from 100 feet in the air, or in the distance. She also benefits from night vision, allowing her to see in the dark.

Hearing: Very sharp hearing, potentially borrowed from the echolocation of the vampire's bat-like features, she is able to pick sounds from 1kHz all the way to 200kHz. If you make a sound it's tough to sneak on a vampire. Exception would be martial artists sorts who can still their hearts and walk silently, or metas who manipulate sound.

Smelling: A keen sense of smell allows Bella to trace individuals by scent, as well as smell the blood of living creatures in her vicinity. Layers of clothing, and perfumes can mask such scents, although in turn could be a different source to track should the needs arise. Luckily, Bella isn't very motivated to hunt on a regular basis.

Taste: While she avoids human foods which tastes rotten to her, Bella is very keen on blood, can detect many nuances in it's taste. She may even identify a person she's fed on in the past through the taste of their blood.

Bella is able to take flight even in her human form, but it is nothing like the modern superheroes who zip by past the speed of sound with ease. Her flight is rather slow, albeit very controlled, she can probably fly at 140 MPH as her peak, though more often than not she'd go for a more lesuirely pace, if not outright elect to fly in bat form.

In general, through the years, Bella more often than not used simple levitation as a means to intimidate. Though it used to work way centuries back.

Bella is capable of using hypnosis on people who maintain eye contact with her, but only one person at a time. She can make others do her bidding, command them to forget they had seen her, or in general what happened in the last 5 minutes. She cannot overcome a strong will power when trying to command them to do something against their wishes. Asking a priest to defile their holy symbol, or discard it, will fail. Asking superhero to not save someone will fail.

People who witness this act can break her concentration to make the hypnosis fail, so it needs to be discrete or among friends.

Bella is a vampire, and as such she doesn't age, even though she's well over a thousand years old, she still looks 21, give or take a year or two. She cannot be harmed by poison or disease, and thanks to a vampiric regeneration ability, she heals very fast from all manner of injuries and even mutiliations, should she have a drink of blood.

It is not quite instantenous but fast enough to make her troublesome to fight.

There are of course ways to get past her immortality, which will be detailed in weaknesses, but anyone who had once read a book about vampires might dumb luck into a method or two.

The ritual of Var Dohr gifted Bella with limited telekinetic abilities. The precision is no greater than her own fingers would allow her. The more force is used, the less precise the the control.

With great effort she could hurl a grown man away from her briefly, or pin him to the cieling.

Another gift enhanced by the sacred ritual at the Nordic Coven, Bella has the ability to transform herself into 3 distinct forms:

1) Bat - having all capabilities and looks of a normal bat.

2) Cat - having all capabilities and looks of a normal cat.

3) Mist - perfect for sneaking about and surprising her prey or enemies, Bella can turn herself to mist, and move underneath doors or through keyholes. This, however, does not excuse her from the need to be invited in before she can enter a new structure.

It is possible that if she cared to put some work into it, she may hone other forms to transform into, such as an owl for instance, but Bella never cared to develop much beyond the forms she mastered.

Vampire Noble:
Bella has all the powers of a well-bred Vampire Noble:

Strength: able to toss 5,000 lbs of weight.

Endurance: Largely indifferent to pain and physical trauma.

Healing: If well-fed and rested, can heal from major traumatic injuries in a matter of seconds.

Speed: She can move fast enough to outrun normal human perception, and has reflexes to match, able to dodge arrows and even bullets.

Using these talents to excess can lead to exhaustion which can only be replenished by feeding and resting somewhere safe and dark.


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It's not so much that Bella is a historian, or student of history, as much as she lived through much of what is nowadays considered history. She may surprise people with her knowledge of things they would find most niche.

Horse Riding:
Not in the sense of dressage, or other modern horrors that Bella would be aghast at even thinking about. Real horse riding, for combat. Charging gallops, evasive struts, she has fought at a high level both on horseback and on foot. She could really wow people with her skill, if riding horses for combat was still common. Or riding horses at all, actually...shame it's been reduced to a mostly recreational activity.

In her many year of conquests and dealing death, Bella had gotten to sow fear and terror. From time to time she'd get to interrogate an enemy officer. She'd gotten quite good at it through the years, of course, being a feared vampire might have made it a tad easier than it is to most. Particularly in the olden days, when vampires and monsters were a genuine fear for most populations.

When you live for as long as Bella has, you pick a few languages, simply as a result of moving around, and having such things as your native tongue dying, and being utterly replaced by something new. So while some of the languages she knows may not necessarily assist in anything, she knows them nonetheless. At least she knows some modern ones as well. She is fully fluent in: Latin, Gaelic, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Besides these she speaks a few dead languages that she'd have no one to speak them with.

Her most recently acquired language is English, which makes her sound a bit less than a native speaker. She may use ill constructed sentences, borrowing from other languages she knows, or perhaps use archaic terms from when she started to pick it.

Bella is an expert in medieval battlefield tactics. She is a master of many classical European arms and techniques, both for mounted warfare and personal combat. Her knowledge stopped at the advent of firearms, which she loathes to no end.


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His name is not actually Mando, it's more like Armando Felix de la something or other, Bella never really bothered to memorize the whole of it. Mando just rolls off the tongue easier. Either way, he's her most prized resource, even if she'll never admit it. He is under the impression he is her familiar, and that one day she will turn him into a vampire. She is under the impression he is a devoted servant, who will do her bidding simply because she's such an awesome vampire.

One of the reasons Bella is doing a fairly competent job as hiding as a normal human, is the superb work Mando undertakes, seeing to pretty much anything and helping in everyday interaction with the human world. Particularly with those accursed technological abomination that humans favor over ravens for communication.

Hell's Kitchen:
While Bella is very careful, and a well experienced vampire, sometimes slip-ups and accidents happen. That is precisely why she choose to dwell in Hell's Kitchen. The Hand, Mafia, Triads and who knows who else is providing an active underworld that brought to the fore the likes of the Defenders. Should the need arise to discard of a body, it's easily done by way of mixing it up with the actual victims of this criminal organization or that.

Having said that, it's very rare for Bella to actually kill anyone, she's a sensible vampire who wants to stay hidden, so more often that not she'll just have a bit of a sip...and leave the victim hypnotized to think something entirely different happened before they go along their merry way.

Hellfire Club Member:
Over the years, Bella has amassed herself quite a bit of riches. Granted most are of long gone currencies, but gold does have a good value regardless. Albeit some of the ancient coin, are actually worth more than the material they are made of to coin collectors. As a result, and with her early aristocratic upbringing under a noble house, Bella has earned herself a membership in the Hellfire Club (or maybe she just hypnotized the right person.) Regardless, she occasionally goes to entertain herself at the club, she is known as one of the more eccentric members, and for the most part is left alone by most others.

The dark bird has an affinity with the vampires, and they've used them to as messengers well before modern communication were a dream.

The vampire speaks the message to the raven, tells it who to send it to, and the raven flies to that person. On meeting the recepient, the message itself plays like a recording of the vampire's voice, which will only be heard once, before the raven flies away. This doesn't work with other birds.

Shadow Manor:
Okay, so it's not quite a manor, it's more like a two story penthouse apartment with roof access in Hell's Kitchen. But having lived most of her life (or unlife) in this castle or that, Bella has affectionately come to call her abode Shadow Manor. Some in the vampire and supernatural communities who are on friendly terms with her, have heard of it, and are welcome to visit as they like. To others, she tries to maintain a facade of a regular human, with the help of her sort of familiar, Mando. He gets to stay there for free, after all he's not too far from being her slave. Well, familiar. But not quite.

The apartment is full of a number of artifacts gathered throughout time from different places, and any self respecting archeologist or historian would love a chance to explore Bella's treasure trove of possessions. It's why she keeps it secret.

Unusual Contacts:
Bella has made many acquaintances over the years, across continents, most of the supernatural variety. Some of the mystical variety. There's a good chance that anyone in deep with mystical and occult societies will be able to learn of her and form contact as well. She mostly keeps to herself, and doesn't tend to call on anyone for help. But it's likely she's crossed paths with members of vampiric covens, vampire hunters and sorcerers over the years. Maybe even some werewolves, and vampire hunters, she's one to make friends of enemies...after all, she just wants to lead a normal human life, what's the harm?


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While Bella does her best to pass for a normal human, the centuries she spend secluded from the world at the Nordic Coven, have distanced her from the progress of time. She is in many ways more familiar with a world that no longer exists, and so is prone to many moments of anachronism, that will draw undue attention to herself. At best she might be taken for an eccentric, but what if a vampire hunter would be on to her mannerism?

Let the Right One In:
Bella is literally unable to set foot inside a building, apartment, house, store, or any structure for that matter, without being invited inside. Her own place of residence being an exception, as is the case for Shadow Manor. However, once an invitation is given, she is free to come and go as she pleases, even without further invitation. The only way to block her access, is for the person who gave the invitation to revoke it. This must be given verbally, which makes it amusing when she wants to shop, or enter a club, and the host, clerk, or bouncer doesn't understand she actually needs to be invited verbally. This can really ruin a night on the town.

Bella is more used to the old world, she doesn't do well with technology, and doesn't understand a lot of it. Luckily she has Mando to help with most every day thing, but what if he wasn't around? So much is weird in the modern world.

The Vampire's Curse:
Being a vampire is not all fun and games, there's a price to the dark power:

Head & Heart: decapitation or a wooden stake to through the heart will bring immediate death.

Garlic: The smell of garlic serves as a deterrant to Bella, and any physical contact with cloves can trigger painful blisters or potentially fatal anaphylaxis.

Silver: contact with silver can serve to weaken her spirit and cause horrific physical trauma that can be extremely difficult to heal.

The Sun: UV light can cause a reaction equivalent to massive radiation exposure to humans. Direct sunlight exposure can be fatal in seconds, reducing her to ash.

Amazing Grace: Exposure to Holy Symbols and spoken Scriptures is a searing pain, that can over time make Bella catch on fire. They are a powerful repellent. She also finds it excruciatingly painful to enter a holy place.

Bloodlust: Bella must consume blood for nourishment. Not feeding for a long time will drive her ravenous to the point of lashing out and drinking dry the first creature she sees. That's why she makes sure to keep well fed in small feedings that leave the victim alive and well.



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Bella has 14 finished logs.

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M.A.N.T.I.S. and Bella, who threatens to leave the WORST review this bank has ever had!

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A Meeting With A Vampire (allegedly) April 21st, 2021 Roland meets with Bella and Aisling at a local pub
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The Right Path February 25th, 2021 A young girl is saved by the interference of Bella and the heroics of Meggan. Meggan and Cinque stop a heroin operation tied to Boss Morgan that had taken over a tenant building in the Bronx. They rescued the workers insides, and freed the tenants.
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Bella has 14 finished logs.

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