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  Bronze Tiger  
Ben Turner (Scenesys ID: 1522)
Name: Benjamin Turner
Superalias: Bronze Tiger
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Martial Artist
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High School Graduate
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 41 Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth 08 Aug 1978 Played By Idris Elba
Height: 6'4" Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Bring Da Ruckus" by The Wu-Tang Clan

Character Info


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One of the world's most prolific and deadly assassins, Bronze Tiger has broken with the League of Assassins and set himself up as a mercenary and occasional crimefighter, a rogue element untamed by any master. Currently residing in Gotham, for the right price, he can bring his stylized brand of violence anywhere in the world.


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* 1978: Ben Turner is born in Detroit, Michigan.
* 1991: After a sink into delinquency, skipping school and getting into fights, Ben is enrolled in martial arts classes to try to control his anger. They don't work but he shows an aptitude and becomes a formidable fighter quickly.
* 1995: Ben leaves Detroit, hitchhiking and smuggling his way to different martial arts masters to become the most dangerous man he can be.
* 1998: Falls under the tutelage of the O-Sensei, a brutal ninjitsu practitioner, becoming his prize student. O-Sensei stokes the rage in Ben, teaches him how to use it to his advantage and gaining him a reputation as an especially savage opponent.
* 2002: After a violent falling out with O-Sensei, Ben decides he wants to be independent, his own man. Unfortunately, he almost immediately falls prey to the League of Assassins. He is brainwashed and repurposed, his face hidden under a terrifying feline mask. He becomes one of their most deadly weapons, The Bronze Tiger.
* 2003 - 2013: Bronze Tiger carries out hundreds of assassinations around the world. During that time, he clashes with many other adventurers, while helping to train others.
* 2014: Ben breaks free of the Leage's brainwashing, turning against them. He spends a degree of time working espionage for the American government, but finds the politics distasteful. He struggles to find peace and to control the violent urges within him, even while continuing his life as a mercenary.
* 2019: Ben settles in Gotham City for the time being. He will still travel, sometimes, for professional reasons, but he thinks he can actually do some good. He'll never be able to get all the blood off his hands. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't try.

IC Journal

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Put simply, Ben has extreme issues with anger and temperament. While he's learned to channel a lot of that into the martial arts, he isn't some sort of untouchable Zen type. Instead, he's a man who's embraced his inner violence, found a way to put it to use. But that doesn't mean he isn't often harsh and prone to bouts of unnecessary wrath and violence, because he absolutely is.

Bronze Tiger knows what he's capable of. He's fought against the best in the world and proven himself worthy on multiple occasions. While he may sometimes slip over into arrogance, he usually maintains simply a healthy sense of his own capabilities, having sharpened them against the stiffest of competition.

While he sometimes makes a show of being uncaring, Ben feels a great deal of regret for his years with the League of Assassins. He spilled a lot of blood and, while many of his targets arguably deserved it, he put down plenty of innocent people along the way, too. He thinks twice about taking lives now and will occasionally have bouts of depression thinking about the crimes he committed.

Ben doesn't talk much. He doesn't make banter or chit-chat while he fights. He doesn't particularly like other people or want to make friends, with a few exceptions now and again. He doesn't trust others and tends to keep them at arm's length.

Ben has seen intensive levels of horror, brutality and evil in his time. He doesn't flinch away from such things and will not be overwhelmed or frightened even in dire scenarios. He tends to see such as a sign of weakness and doesn't have much time for holding people's hands in dealing with what he sees as reality.

Character Sheet


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Ben Turner has no inherent superhuman abilities.


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Bronze Tiger has learned to incorporate acrobatic feats and stunts into his combat style. He's a skilled practitioner of parkour and roof-running, enabling him to function as a natural predator in an urban environment.

Ben has an incredible awareness of his surroundings. He detects even minor shifts in air pressure, soft sounds and generally is virtually impossible to take off guard or sneak up upon. While he is, of course, imperfect, his training is so ingrained as to make him capable of detecting threat even while he's seemingly relaxed.

Ben Turner is in peak physical condition, incredibly agile and strong, perfectly built for his frame. He maintains his fitness in a relentless fashion, using it as a form of meditation, and keeps himself in Olympic-grade athletic capability at all times

Ben has a great deal of experience in disguise and infiltration, capable of feigning accents, behavior and fitting in places unnoticed. He's capable of mingling in a millionaire's charity ball as easily as a soup kitchen, a Catholic monastery as easily as a Parisian bordello. He's a chameleon and a trickster and can sometimes even fool those who know him with his false identities.

Martial arts and weapons training are all well and good, but many of those can be done as sparring, friendly competition, rivalry. Bronze Tiger is specifically trained as an assassin. He knows a thousand ways to kill a human being, through means conventional and unconventional. He's killed people with toothbrushes, throw pillows, pool balls and credit cards. He knows the weak points in the human anatomy and can read opportunities to strike in almost any situation. He's always prepared to kill the people around him.

One of the most useful practices of Bronze Tiger's discipline is the practice of Japanese Kyushojutsu, known as Dim Mak in Chinese, the so-called 'death touch'. Not to be taken literally, Kyushojutsu uses a sophisticated understanding of anatomy, pressure points and chakras to inflict maximum effect with minimum effort. By striking at precise spots, nerve clusters and sensitive areas, Bronze Tiger can disable some people with a few flicks of his fingers or a well-aimed kick. While this won't inflict instant death, regardless of its reputation, it will cause intensive pain, paralysis and often unconsciousness. These maneuvers give him a weapon to use against even physically superior or superhuman opponents, allowing him to overcome their advantages (although, of course, there are many superhuman individuals immune to such attacks).

Ben Turner is fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian and Arabic.

Martial Arts:
Bronze Tiger is among the absolute elite of martial artists, universally regarded among the best in the world. He has spent thirty years training in the fighting arts, beginning with simple tae kwan do classes at his local Boy's Club. In the ensuring period, he has trained in more than a dozen fighting styles including Ninjitsu, Kung Fu, Karate, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Savate. He has combined these divergent disciplines into a singular Bronze Tiger style, focused on bonebreaking, aggression and savage grace. He fights with almost preternatural skill, having devoted his entirely life to the arts, every fiber of his being dedicated to combat.

Bronze Tiger's experience and training in martial disciplines has given him remarkable self-awareness and physical control. He can regulate his heart rate and breathing at will, saving him oxygen in dangerous situations and even allowing him to enter a temporary trance state that simulates death, capable of fooling even a doctor at a glance, although not with more sophisticated measurements. He can reduce his ability to feel pain, enabling him to withstand suffering greater than an ordinary man might. He can hold his breath for nearly ten minutes. He can flood his system with adrenaline, giving himself sudden bursts of strength and speed, usually at a cost of exhaustion and pain in the aftermath. He's a skilled contortionist, able to dislodge his limbs from the socket and pop them back in so as to escape bonds or ties. He has incredible personal willpower and is extremely resistant to further brainwashing or interrogation, having broken free of the Leage of Assassins in the past.

Bronze Tiger is a world-class assassin and, as such, expert in the arts of stealth and secrecy. He can move in total silence, hide in shadows and break into even sophisticated systems undetected. He can remain still for long periods of time and even slow his heartrate and breathing to make him more difficult to detect.

Bronze Tiger knows how to make and cure poisons with a wide variety of applications and styles, from high-tech neurotoxins to primitive herb-based poisons. He knows how to handle them safely, formulate them on short notice and often keeps the materials for such on hand in his work. He's particularly fond of curare, a numbing poison which paralyzes the victim, either in part or fully.

Ben Turner has mastered a wide array of weapons, most notably the martial and melee weapons of the Far East. He is an expert with katana, staff, nunchaku, polearm and shuriken. He knows how to use a garotte and most forms of even exotic weaponry used in the art of assassination. He is also a skilled marksman capable of using most conventional firearms, although he generally doesn't carry guns.


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Bronze Tiger has countless contacts in the world of espionage, assassination, crimefighting and crime. He knows smugglers, drug dealers, weapons dealers and the like. He's had a part in training several prominent adventurers and often has a friendly rivalry with them, working together when it suits, clashing when there's conflict. Sometimes he can call upon these contacts to help him in need, but the relationships are always complicated and situation-specific.

The Bronze Tiger costume is a specialized one with an animalistic headdress of a frightening feral visage, making him appear as if he were a human-tiger hybrid at a glance. It has numerous hiding places for weapons, bulletproofing in the chest and tools of the trade (lockpicks, throwing darts, glass cutters, etc).

Bronze Tiger is among the world's most feared and elite killers. Those in mercenary and criminal circles are likely to cower at his name. Some consider him little more than a myth. While the general public has no idea he even exists, those who make it their business to know such things will know of him and regard him with either respect, fear or hatred depending.

Bronze Tiger has amassed a small fortune for his personal use for jobs over the years. He spends little and has no interest in lavish living, as he maintains a small simple apartment and lives in a relatively dangerous neighborhood. His money is kept offshore and largely used for work expenses and maybe the occasional splurge. He has about five million dollars in total.


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Addicted To Violence:
Bronze Tiger is addicted to violence, to fighting. He's tried to retire and he simply can't. He craves conflict and testing himself, which leads him to sometimes picking fights he doesn't need to pick and causing trouble when peace would be the wiser choice.

Bronze Tiger is a betrayer of the League of Assassins, a rogue agent who has thrown off their control and gone off on his own. He is considered a prime target for agents of the League and, while rightfully feared by many, the bounty on his head combined with the gratitude of the League at eliminating one of its greatest enemies will lead many to try their hand at taking the Tiger's head.

Bronze Tiger has killed a lot of people. While his identity and face aren't necessarily known to authorities, the figure of Bronze Tiger is and he is wanted by numerous international agencies (some of which also occasionally employ him, it's complicated that way). He faces the death penalty in several countries if captured.

Ben Turner has been consumed by anger all of his life. While he has learn to wield it as a weapon, he nonetheless can be provoked and baited more than someone of his level of experience should be. He can also lose control of himself and continue inflicting punishment or attack long after he should have withdrawn or retreated to safety.



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Angels and Tigers June 12th, 2020 Angela and Bronze Tiger fight some Tong members then make a deal.


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