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Brunnhilde (Scenesys ID: 1430)
Name: Brünnhilde
Superalias: Valkyrie
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian Warrior Goddess
Occupation: Booze (Self-Exiled Psychopomp)
Citizenship: Asgard and Hel (Valhalla)
Residence: Hell's Kitchen Liquor Shop
Education: The Battlefield of/and Life
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 1717
Date of Birth 14 Oct 303 Played By Tessa Thompson
Height: 5'4" Weight: 386 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Chosen by Odin long ago to lead the Valkyrior. A fierce Asgardian warrior whose skills are nearly unrivaled in the record and memory of Asgard. Many centuries ago, she was believed dead, and has made Earth her current place to hole up in, resigned to live out her days away from her former tragedy and glory.


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* Birth - 303 (0 yrs) - Born. Unknown Parentage.

* Training - 311 (8 yrs) - Begins training to be a warrior and eventually falls in love with her trainer.

* Chosen - 320 (17 yrs) - Brünnhilde's lover and trainer, Sigmund, is killed in battle by an arrow in a battle against Odin. Odin finds her and gives her a chance to flee. Instead, she refuses, defying his mercy, and in so doing, challenging a god. "I--I would not abandon the dead--he is to be buried, so that his soul may be cared for!..." She'd die to save his soul, her countrymen, and good person dying in battle. Odin charges her to become the protector and guide of such people and to deliver them to Valhalla. He makes her Valkyrie and appoints her leader of the Valkyrior and tells her that she will be a powerful symbol of sacrifice, courage, and that this will drive people to great acts just to get a glimpse of her face. And so Brünnhilde accepts the mantle of the god who would call her his god-daughter one day.

* Funeral Pyre - 778 (475 yrs) - Odin, on one of his last straws with Thor, issues an order that he be killed. Brünnhilde seeks out Thor who is adventuring on Midgard with a mortal named Ake. After helping them escape, Brünnhilde and Ake became lovers. Later, he was murdered, and despite them being estranged, still in love with him, she road his battle steed into his funeral pyre. Odin, so moved, brought Brünnhilde back to life.

* A Taste of Adventure - 876 (573 yrs) - Eventually, Brünnhilde and the Valkyrior were unable to choose the slain from Earth due to a deal Odin had made. Embittered by the situation, Valkyrie parts ways to seek out something to do with her life, but runs into Amora the Sorceress in a bar. Amora entices her into a life of adventure, but things go bad fairly quickly and Amora imprisons Brünnhilde in the end.

* Hela Rebellion - 1203 (900 yrs) - Hela rebels against Odin in an effort to seize Valhalla. The Valkyrior ride against her but the battle is a great loss, and Brünnhilde escapes only because a fellow Valkyrie sacrifices herself for her. Here her pegasus falls in battle.

* Self-Exile - 1203 (900 yrs) - In the aftermath of the massacre, Odin believes Valkyrie to have died in battle, though in fact she was one of the few Valkyrior to survive. Realizing this, heartbroken, and disillusioned with the throne and life in general, Brünnhilde seeks to live out the remainder of her days trying to forget her past. She has not been back to Valhalla since.

* Midgard - 1982 (1679 yrs) - Brünnhilde takes up Midgard as her latest watering hole, bringing enough drinking money to last her for quite some time and supplementing this with income from odd jobs that benefited from her particular skills such as prizefighting.

IC Journal

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This lady knows how to have a good time, and also knows how to make a good time lousy. She moves to the beat of her own drum, which is now more often a handy growler (drinking jug) than a war drum. She can be a lot of fun to be around if she's in the right mood.

Brutally Honest:
Brünnhilde tells it like it is and it isn't for anyone's benefit since she doesn't give a flying flip what anyone else thinks. White lies are laced with hyperbolic sarcasm. She's up front about who she is with people and makes no apologies. When she is coming from a heartfelt place, instead of backing off of her honesty, she doubles-down, regardless of the personal cost to her. To her, there is no other course as it is the only right thing to do by a person, but not all people are worthy of this.

The Valkyrie has lived a long, difficult life. While she found her calling as leader of the Valkyrior to be fulfilling, she has also found heartbreak, and at times has been severely at odds with Odin. She's become jaded with Asgardian life, the monarchy, and life in general as she grieves the ones she's lost, knowing that Odin will make sure the Valkyrior will go on without her. This has all left her a bit jaded.

Heart of a Dog:
Brünnhilde is lead by her heart, her instinct, and her loyalty, which is incredibly tolerant given her history. She's not exactly had the best times working for Odin, to state it mildly, but she continues to be drawn back to noble and fallen warriors, something that she felt in her heart and her bones before Odin ever called her to lead the Valkyrior. Her love is absolute and undying. Several times she has defied authority while at the mercy of gods for those to whome she is loyal.

Despite forthrightness probably being one of her strongest traits, Brünnhilde is quite formidable and lightning quick with witty retorts. More importantly, her ability in strategy and tactics are a reflection of not only her mastery of battle, but also her upper ceiling. She catches on quickly if she thinks something is worth learning or listening to, but she'll be the judge of that.

Brünnhilde is nothing if not courageous and valiant on and off the battlefield. In fact, she has defied Odin himself, denying his mercy, and all while facing worse than certain death for the sake of the dead and their souls. It's one of the chief reasons he offers her the mantle of Valkyrie. She is not afraid to stand up to him, something Odin is wise enough to see is important in one charged with protecting and guiding warriors to Valhalla.

Character Sheet


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Odin gave Brünnhilde the gift to be able to speak and all cultures be able to understand her. It allows her a fair amount of freedom to live an intergalactic nomadic lifestyle.

Death Perception:
Brünnhilde is able to sense Death; the coming of all kinds. Impending, mass, destined, thwartable (for a time), or near death. She also is haunted by the ghosts and spirits of people she has lost in the battlefield or others who have not or cannot pass on.

Divine Commuter:
In order for Valkyrie to be able to logistically carry out her duties across the Nine Realms, Odin granted her the ability to traverse the realms freely without any physical limitations. This meant she could appear on a battlefield in the blink of an eye and bring fallen warriors to Valhalla. While very convenient, no one recommends using this as a form of travel across the Nine Realms when trying to keep a low profile. Out of respect for Valhalla as well as the desire to not attract attention from Odin, Brünnhilde has never used this power for hop-skipping across the Nine Realms. She did use it once to visit Valhalla after her self-imposed exile, but found it too difficult to return after seeing her fallen Valkyrior.

Regenerative Healing:
Although she's very difficult to injure, Brünnhilde can be harmed and heals several times faster than humans. Puncture wounds and slashes will heal in a matter of hours, and broken bones in days. She is unable to regenerate whole limbs or organs.

Super Agility & Reflexes:
Brünnhilde possesses agility and reflexes that far surpass the limits of any human athlete.

Superhuman Durability:
Brünnhilde is able to survive in the vacuum of space for some time. She can withstand a great amount of physical impact and force. Falls from great heights, extreme exposure to heat, cold, or pressure, high caliber bullets. These and similar impact (blunt and not) will not injure her.

Superhuman Longevity:
Brünnhilde was granted effective immortality to continue serving in her role as a Valkyrie.

Superhuman Speed:
While not a match for Loki in sheer speed, Brunnhilde is faster than any human and able to run up to 60 miles per hour.

Superhuman Stamina:
Brünnhilde is able to fight for 24 hours before she begins to be impaired by toxins built up in her blood.

Superhuman Strength:
While her strength does not rival that of Thor's, Brünnhilde's outstrips even Sif's. She's capable of flinging around forty five tons with the ease that Thor does one hundred, thus making her significantly stronger than any other Valkyrie which are even still much stronger than average Asgardians.


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Battle Prowess:
Brünnhilde is known for her unequalled combat skills, though Sif is said to be the only one who can match her. She can go toe-to-toe with Thor. This was also one of the reasons she was chosen to lead the Valkyrior, as she would serve as a symbol both in unparalleled skill and character. Brünnhilde doesn't have much trouble with modern weapons, but she prefers swords, spears, fists, might, and will when it comes to defeating a worthy opponent. She can shoot a bow with the best of them, and enjoys it for sport, but she prefers to get too close for comfort and face her foes head on.

Brünnhilde is an expert not only at riding horses (specifically flying ones), but also riding them into battle, a wholly different skill. She knows how to fly in Valkyrior formations and cared for her steed herself.

Selected by Odin after she defied him (see timeline for details), Brünnhilde was the leader of the Valkyrior for almost a thousand years. She was someone he could see would lead by example, and she did, but her lessons about leadership didn't end there. She's had a lot of experience in leadership. She's seen wars and has no tolerance for bureaucracies or micromanagement styles. She prefers to command capable equals who do not need to be lead around by the nose. She leads off the battlefield through what's known to modern mavens of the business world as a coaching style, known to be the most difficult style to master and unteachable.

Brünnhilde has traveled the galaxy trying to find a place she can disappear and forget, as if searching for the perfect bottle. It's led her to do quite a few odd jobs, space ubering, some bounty hunting, and scavenging and salvaging. Not all of it was strictly legal, but Brünnhilde doesn't really see herself as subject to mortal laws if the laws are dumb and so she has picked up acquaintances, skills, and a certain kind of fondness for the underdogs of society.

Brünnhilde has extensive experience in training warriors as she was in charge of supervising and maintaining Valkyrior battlefield readiness and supremacy in and out of battle. She pushes herself and others hard. All in, just like how she does everything.

Under the Influence:
Brünnhilde is more than just a functional drunk. She gets a lot of leeway given her bodily resilience to things like slipping off a barstool and slamming her head into a pool table are not going to prevent her from grabbing more than a few more pints of ale before she goes into a prize fight or closes in on her quarry. Being as adept as she is at fighting, this is the equivalent to fighting with a hand or two tied behind her back, which she can also do in her sleep or drunken stupor, at least after the first time they ring her bell. There's more than one way to 'sober up.'


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Named after the old norse word for horse, Jar is the latest in a long line of space ships that have served the Valkyrie in her time of hiding and this one has been around for awhile It was once a top of the line salvager meant for small to medium hauls owned by a pirate who outfitted it with stealth technology to keep illegal salvaging operations on the down low. She won it in a drinking contest gods know where, she can't remember, but it's got some years on it and it was never meant to be pretty. She's outfitted it with some heavy weapons and upgraded the drive to give it more zip to get out of tight spots. Basically, it's now everything it wasn't, a little cramped, all-in-one with a hammock, a fridge, and a hotplate. She loves it, but she'll never let you know it till you scratch the paint...which is already peeling off. Currently she's parked it in South America in a large, undiscovered cave. Boulders made for a good garage door, and if that failed, the stealth is still on.

Once upon a time she considered relocating it, but without repairs and parts she can't get on Earth, there's no way Jar could ever get to orbit, making it seem like a moot point. Every several years or so she gets an itch to make the trip down, make sure Jar is okay, give her favorite cupholder some use for old time's sake, reminisce about bygones with the grounded mechanical beast, and pour a forty for her dead.

A short sword forged with a sapphirc steel blade and a hilt carved from the tooth of an extra -dimensional dragon. It is a famously powerful sword well known to Asgardians. At some point in Brünnhilde's self-exile, she entrusted the Dragonfang to Dr. Strange for safekeeping and has since yet to reclaim it. See Dragonfang's powers below: - Indestructible - Capable of cutting through mystical barriers - Enhances Melee Weapon Skill - Possession of the blade enhances melee skills across the board, not that Brünnhilde needs it, but in the hands of mortals with some or heavy combat skills, it can be very formidable - Recall - Like Thor's hammer, Dragonfang is bound to Brünnhilde in some way and will return to her hand when summoned. Hilt first. Hilt first.

Drinking Vessel:
Brünnhilde is never without some sort of portable drinking vessel. While she'd prefer a good Asgardian drinking horn, she's settled for substitutes to try and marginally blend in. Be it some ancient looking growler (jug) slung from her shoulders to rest at her hip, or some flask she won from a fight in some weird corner of the galaxy.

Iron Spear:
Brünnhilde still has her ancient iron spear and she keeps it under her bed.

Winged Steed:
Brünnhilde lost her steed Björn while battling against Hela in defense of Odin's dominion over Valhalla. She raised and trained him herself under the supervision of the royal Asgardian horse trainer. As such, she has a deep connection with her fallen steed. She has not sought to replace him since she went into self-exile.


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Brünnhilde is a chronic godly alcoholic. She can down a jug of liquor in 3-4 seconds flat without even trying and walk right out the door. This gets in the way of healthy relationships and increases her isolation. It can also mean she might show up somewhat impaired and be at a disadvantage for a portion of the battle which really is a problem when facing numbers or a more dangerous foe.

Confidence Or Arrogance:
Brünnhilde is actually one of those people who deserves to be arrogant, though she isn't, not outright. When she says she can slit a beast from end to end, you don't want to bet against her, but in the land of mortals, this divine confidence can put people on edge and she can come across as arrogant. Which, she kind of is.

Goes Her Own Way:
Brünnhilde is going to do what she's going to do. She's stubborn, smart, and will only be swayed with airtight arguments. Only Brünnhilde can change Brünnhilde's direction in the end, even if someone else is giving the pitch. As such, she writes off a lot of people she considers fools. This naturally means that there are people she misunderstands or misjudges them too quickly in her haste to return to her status quo.

Brünnhilde is extreme and fatalistic. She will and has laid down her life for her beliefs and principles. She loves hard, lives hard, and falls hard, always in the service of others. If she wasn't such a martyr, she'd probably have had a much more peaceful life. As a leader, actually dying for your peers is probably one of the worst things you can do if you are still needed to lead on the battlefield, and the Valkyrior have given their lives to protect her (see Hela's rebellion in timeline).



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Brunnhilde has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
I'm an Asgardian! Crap. March 20th, 2021 Brunnhilde and Hellboy run into each other at a Brooklyn dive bar, and Brunnhilde outs her Asgardian origin unwittingly, or confirms it at least. Then she promptly acts like a jerk.
Drinkin, Josie's, TBD February 6th, 2021 No description
Finding the Sword's Owner January 16th, 2021 Stephen gets berated for loosing an ancient weapon. Brunnhilde stays drunk.
False Alarm December 28th, 2020 Brunnhilde and Millicent find themselves in a Brooklyn back alley. They speak of Earth's ways in this modern age, warriors' deaths, and how to make a wage in this day and age. Brunnhilde generally annoys herself with her own morals.
This Can('t) Go Well December 19th, 2020 Two legendary drinkers (alcoholics) finally cross paths and bond over their life long commitment to drinking. Power Girl goes off her beaten path a little to destress and finds jerks at every corner. Constantine hits on everyone and gets for not paying for any drinks.
A New Adventure and Old Habits November 22nd, 2020 Brunnhilde goes out for a life of adventure with Amora, which apparently can mean a lot of things that make Brunnhilde grumpy.
Reunions November 15th, 2020 After all these centuries, Brunnhilde has finally run into someone from her past. Six degrees of separation. Apparently a galaxy isn't enough. Brunnhilde believes Sif has come to take her to Valhalla and blows her rent money on booze not worth dying to, but was alright in a pinch.
Once upon a time in Asgard... November 8th, 2020 (Some centuries ago)

Amora and Brunnhilde meet up and have drinks. Amora brings the incentive of adventure after Brunnhilde gets disillusioned with Odin's mandate. A drink contest ensues.

Random Rescuers June 29th, 2020 Rescued kids, creepy Hilde, murderous Barney! The
Just like old times June 24th, 2020 Hilde tells Barney about a pick-up call... is she crazy?
SpotOp's Patchup June 22nd, 2020 Hilde comes upon an injured Landry and the two criminals he got hurt apprehending. She begins to patch him up when Lokitty comes to toy with them both like a cat and mouse game.
Bodega Blowout June 3rd, 2020 Paige stops random passerbys for some directions, when they're interrupted by a robbery at a bodega. Paige, Vampirella and Atlin move in to save the day!


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Brunnhilde has 12 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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