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Bullseye (Scenesys ID: 1965)
Name: Unknown
Superalias: Bullseye
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: The Bronx, NYC
Education: Unknown
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery, Street Level
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 19 May 1988 Played By Sam Witwer
Height: 6'0" Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Light Blue
Theme Song: "Personal Jesus" - Marilyn Manson

Character Info


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One of the world's most feared and respected assassins, the enigmatic killer known simply as "Bullseye" has established a reputation among heroes and villains alike as an unrepentant, homicidal maniac with an insatiable appetite for mayhem. Possessing the uncanny ability to turn any object into a deadly projectile, the masked sadist has been known to kill his targets with everything from throwing knives to playing cards, making him a perennial favorite among New York's most powerful crime bosses -- for the right price, of course.


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* 1988: Born and raised in the Bronx, NYC. His mother dies at childbirth, and he is left in the care of his older brother and abusive father.

* 1998: A fire is set to his home, burning it down and killing his father. Details are vague in regards to the fire's origins.

* 1999: At eleven years old, he is separated from his brother and raised in a foster home in Brooklyn.

* 2004: Joins his high school's junior varsity baseball team, where he is scouted as a pitching prodigy.

* 2006: Forgoes college baseball and goes straight to the minor leagues. In his first start, he effortlessly pitches a perfect game and requests to be taken out near the end. The batter mocks him for being coward, and is subsequently met with an intentional pitch to the head, killing him. The death is ruled an involuntary manslaughter, for which he is convicted and imprisoned.

* 2009: Is released after three years and is recruited by the NSA, serving as an operator and trainer in South America. The majority of these missions are still classified.

* 2015: Leaves the NSA to become a freelance mercenary in his native New York City, officially adopting the codename, "Bullseye."

* 2016: Ascends the ranks of NYC's hired assassins, becoming a go-to operator for some of the criminal underworld's biggest names.

IC Journal

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Not surprisingly, Bullseye is a massive egotist when it comes to his abilities and profession. This isn't someone who thinks he's one of the best -- he IS the best at what he does, and will go toe-to-toe with anyone who thinks they do it better than he can. He's a perfectionist who considers what he does an art --- perhaps the worst combo you can get when it comes to an assassin --- and will go out of his way to prove it to you and anyone watching that there's no one better at killing than him.

Due to his inherent narcissism, Bullseye refuses to take responsibility when things go inevitably wrong, and is quick to blame others for his own shortcomings. Add to that an unhealthy self-image mixed with his sadistic nature, and you get a truly volatile man bubbling under his ice- cold exterior. A joke at his expense could lead to a playing card in your throat. Professional rivalries could turn into bloody feuds. And fights with heroes who have foiled him, or even worse --- made him miss --- can turn into lifelong vendettas where the only ending is certain death for one of you

A true psychopath, Bullseye possesses zero empathy for the people around him, and any sort of conscience to speak of is virtually non-existent. In his mind, you're either dollar signs or a personal project, but perhaps what makes him even more frightening is how *high-functioning* of a psychopath he actually is. This isn't a man who cackles wildly into the air before blowing up a bank. This is a calculated, highly-intelligent predator -- one whose boorish attitude can be flipped to an undeniable charm in less than a second, making him infinitely more dangerous to anyone unlucky enough to end up on his bad side.

There's no two ways about it --- violence is a language that Bullseye speaks very, very fluently. And while some supervillains might consider brute force as a mere tactic to achieve their goals, Bullseye sees it as not just necessary, but downright essential. In fact, some in the field have said that the most joyful they've ever seen the typical curmudgeon is when he's killing a mark or torturing vigilantes for his own amusement. In short? Bullseye's the kid you knew growing up who laughed way too much ripping the wings off a fly. Now, as an adult? You're the fly. And your wings are everyone you love.

Character Sheet


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Throwing Mastery:
The inspiration behind his mercenary codename, Bulleye's almost supernatural ability to throw any object with lethal precision is legendary among heroes and villains, alike. In scientific terms, Bullseye possesses a hypercognitive brain that allows him to make highly-complex calculations regarding geometry and physics in a split-second. This, combined with his exceptional arm strength and naturally perfect hand-eye coordination, makes him just as, if not more, dangerous than some of his superpowered peers. In combat, Bullseye's been known to ricochet objects off walls, throw weapons over vast distances at frightening velocities, and turn something as simple as a paper plane into a viable murder weapon. In short, he is an unpredictable force of nature when he has anything in his hands, making him a formidable killer in virtually any situation.


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A natural athlete, Bullseye possesses an Olympic-level physique that enables him to accomplish some truly spectacular feats despite not having any powers. Sacrificing raw strength for superior agility and mobility, Bullseye has been able to keep up with even the most nimble heroes in regards to raw athleticism.

Bladed Weapons:
Though it's rumored he learned much of his close-quarters fighting skills in the military, the sheer savagery that Bullseye displays when wielding knives, swords, or other edged weapons suggests a sheer, natural affinity. When not engaged in pure fisticuffs, Bullseye will often lead with one of his trusty knives, looking for a quick stab to the heart or an efficient slice to the throat to dispatch a would-be dispatcher.

While it's not often used in his line of covert wetwork, a time may come when an explosion is necessary to take out a target (or dozen). Largely self-taught when it comes to plastic explosives and the like, Bullseye has occasionally needed to craft and utilize bombs when the situation calls for it.

Elite Marksmanship:
Despite his proclivity for thrown weapons, Bullseye's pinpoint accuracy also lends itself to other forms of ranged weaponry. Occasionally wielding conventional firearms like handguns, machine guns, or sniper rifles, Bullseye has also shown incredibly proficiency with bows and crossbows, as well. Though he considers these means of murder somewhat boring and superficial, they are no doubt an invaluable collection of skills for his repertoire.

A cold-blooded sadist with a penchant for torture and intimidation, Bullseye derives unimaginable pleasure from hurting others. So, when someone happens to have information that Bullseye needs to extract, the masked assassin has no qualms about doing what must be done (and perhaps a little extra) to make sure he gets what he needs. Whether it's carving up a victim's flesh, burning them with fire, or hurting a loved one right in front of their eyes, it's the sheer destruction of that person's will that truly makes Bullseye feel alive.

While his combat prowess is what he's known for, true fans of Bullseye will tell you about his obsessive-compulsive tendencies regarding the studying of his targets. A predator in every sense of the word, Bullseye has been known to observe his potential kills for day, weeks, if not months, in order to get an idea of their routines, relationships, and abilities. This mental advantage is often what makes the biggest difference should he ever have to engage with them in one-on-one combat.

Martial Arts:
Though his reputation with projectile weapons is his calling card, Bullseye has mastered several different martial arts in order to be effective at close-quarters combat. Able to hold his own against some of New York's best hand-to-hand fighters, Bullseye's proficiency with muay thai, tae kwon do, and krav maga makes him a nightmare to anyone who dares to square up, mano a mano.

Master Assassin:
Extremely knowledgeable of human biology and psychology, Bullseye is one of the most cerebral hired killers in the business. While his expertise in pressure points, bone structure, and physiology makes him the go-to guy when someone needs to be taken out in a particular fashion, physically, it's how he approaches each kill that makes him so deadly and efficient. Be it a sneaky cloak-and-dagger operation in the middle of a crowded room, to a toothpick flicked straight through a window from a building across the street, Bullseye has shown a wealth of cleverness, patience, and creativity when it comes to killing his targets -- so much so that he considers himself an artist at his chosen profession.


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Armored Suit:
When operating in the field, Bullseye employs a black, lightweight bodysuit and mask that are reinforced with ceramic plates and a durable kevlar weave. Optimized for mobility, they can withstand a surprising amount of damage from most conventional firearms, knives, and hand-to-hand combat, but possess several weak points that could easily be exploited by more discerning opponents.

Criminal Network:
With all the contacts Bullseye has made over the last several years, the man with a target on his forehead is anything but in regards to some of the real shot-callers in New York City. Because of his numerous ties with these people and groups, Bullseye has amassed a rather extensive network of fences, mercenaries, and fellow assassins -- not to mention crooked lawyers, corrupt law officials, blackmailed politicians, and anyone else that might be under the thumb of any of his current "employers." Should things ever go south for him, professionally, Bullseye is confident he'll be able to snake his way out -- just like any real survivor should.

Mercenary Work:
Considering how simple Bullseye's life is, he's relatively wealthy for someone his age. Wetwork is expensive, after all, and to those with the money who can afford the best, Bullseye's reputation allows him to charge at a premium. Employed rather consistently by some of the biggest names in crime over the last several years, Bullseye is now in a position where he's more than financially stable for at least a few lifetimes -- as long as those high-profile contracts continue to keep rolling in.

For those in his line of work, there's never a place he can truly consider "home." For this reason, Bullseye's first major financial decisions went to buying small patches of real estate -- both on and off the grid -- to serve as safehouses. Not only are they dotted around New York so he can always lay low when the heat's on, but they also all contain caches of weapons, money, and equipment to ensure he can literally fight another day.

Tools of the Trade:
An assassin should never be without his weapons, and Bullseye has everything he needs in spades. A noted lover of blades, Bullseye possesses an extremely impressive array of knives on his belt and boots, along with a multitude of equipment pouches that house everything from small explosives, to poison darts, to those trusty shurikens everyone knows and loves. When a bullet is on the menu for a job, however, Bullseye carries a 9mm Beretta on his right leg, but will go to one of his safehouses and access his extensive military-grade gun collection when more firepower is needed.


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Bullseye is a lone wolf by nature, and while many would chalk it up to other assassins flat-out refusing to work with a full-blown psychopath, the fact of the matter is that Bullseye would never consider doing it in the first place. As arrogant and egotistical a bastard as you'll ever meet, Bullseye believes he is the best in the world at what he does, so while his cockiness is a huge factor in deterring others from working with him, it's his stubborn unwillingness to play well with others that thrusts him into situations where he's in way over his head.

Make no mistake about it, it takes a certain amount of crazy to make someone a killer, and it takes even more of that craziness to make one of the most fearsome and well-known killers in the business. That said, Bullseye's unrelenting appetite for death and destruction has made him an incredibly high-profile target for law enforcement and some of the world's most powerful heroes. Because of this notoriety, Bullseye cannot afford to be in the public eye for long or make any sort of mistake on the job, as the bounty on his head is as big as the list of heroes who want to see him in jail or six-feet under.

No doubt intertwined with his massive ego, Bullseye is a self-admitted perfectionist and has absolutely no patience for anyone or anything that could besmirch his reputation. That said, Bullseye is incredibly meticulous about details to the point where even the simplest mistake can tear his world asunder. Someone who bases their entire life on hitting targets can be manipulated quite easily by someone who's shrewd enough to pick up on it, and -- as long as they know what buttons to push -- can turn it to their advantage.



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Bullseye has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
An unlikely duo TRAPPED by the mob September 28th, 2020 Bullseye uses Huntress to escape and then buggers off.
A Tale of Two Assassins September 26th, 2020 Bullseye and Strix happen upon each other when they're both after the same mark. A fight ensues and much blood is spilled.
Can I have some damn ice on my drink September 25th, 2020 Harley is having a nice drink at the Lounge when Bullseye comes swaggering. He wants to know about Chucky who works for no-good Sionis. So of course that Harley sends him to talk with her 'friend' Vinny at the dugout for info!
Bully spirals down to the Shop September 22nd, 2020 Surprisingly pleasant, Spiral and Bullseye seem to get on...
A killer is hired September 21st, 2020 Bullseye scares little Reggie, and gets a job it's coming up aces.


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Bullseye has 5 finished logs.

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