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Caliburn (Scenesys ID: 1380)
Name: Caliburn
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Magical Artifact
Occupation: Weapon of Righteousness
Citizenship: None
Residence: New York City
Education: None
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mystic Arts
Apparent Age: Unknown Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown Played By Gerard Butler (Beowulf & Grendal)
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Variable Eye Color: Variable
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Behold Caliburn, weapon of destiny. He who was the bow of Karna, the mighty Caladbolg, the true Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the feared Tizona of El Cid. A shooting star through time, Caliburn appears in times of great turmoil and strife seeking to empower the worthy to overthrow tyrants and slay great evils. Yet, Caliburn is sentient with feelings of his own. Having once more ridden the winds of time, he is now lost in the modern day surrounded by a vastly different society then before. Despite this, he seeks champions as before, worthy wielders willing to face injustice, and kind souls willing to befriend someone not quite human in origin, but perhaps human in spirit.


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* 3138 BCE: Vijaya, bow of Karna
* 2568 BCE: Tengkong, sword of Zhuanxu
* 0 CE: Caladbolg, two-handed sword of Fergus mac Roich
* 100 CE: Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, sword of Yamato Takeru
* 500 CE: Caledfwich, sword of Llenlleawg Wyddel
* 630 CE: Zulfaqar, Sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib
* 740 CE: Dainsleif, Sword of King Hogni
* 1060 CE: Tizona, Sword of El Cid
* 1112 CE: Legbiter, Sword of Magnus the 3rd
* 1160 CE: Begin of Dormant Period
2020 CE: Present Day Manifestation, The Search for Wielders begins

IC Journal

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Caliburn expects excellence in form, in particular when he is being wielded. Thus, if he notices an imperfection, he's usually quick in his desire to correct the behaviour.

Humans make the most marvelous creations, rather they are instruments of war or instruments of agriculture. Even a weapon such as I has time to stop and appreciate the novelty of innovation.

Caliburn, at his core, wishes to unlock the potential of all good beings. He is quick to teach what can be taught. While he can be a harsh taskmaster at times, he is caring and recognizes a healthy mind and soul must accompany a strong body and good form.

The world needs heroes, and heroes must step forward to face the forces of evil. All whom are weak may become strong with the right guidance, and it is the worthy who begin this journey. Evil must be redeemed or destroyed.

Character Sheet


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Evil's Bane:
Caliburn is the antithesis of dark powers and magic wielded for misdeed. As a weapon, he is cable to cut through such foul magics rendering them inert. This ability potent but also ultimately limited by the bearer's will. When attempting to destroy the enchantments and curses of truly powerful magic wielders, a contest of wills occurs. Thus, the importance of finding worthy champions when facing the greatest threats.

Golem Form:
Caliburn can assume the form of a large metallic humanoid for limited moments of time, no more then a couple of hours, less if heavily exerted. Performing this feat is taxing and unnatural for Caliburn, as he is not meant to wield his own power, but sometimes its a necessity to protect a incapacitated champion. While in this form, he may modify his extremities into weapons of good quality, but nothing as potent as his true weapon forms. After using this ability, Caliburn becomes lethargic and withdrawn, requiring significant rest.

Human Form:
Caliburn is capable of assuming a human guise to aid in his search for worthy champions. This form is always peak human and may be male or female of variable age. Caliburn is capable of small cosmetic adjustments. However, guile is beyond his nature, and any application of this ability to deceive or infiltrate is bound to fail with.. somewhat hilarious results. Caliburn is a horrific actor.

As a weapon, Caliburn cannot be destroyed. In other forms, he's highly resistant to damage. If overwhelmed by significant amounts of damage, he reverts back to his last assumed weapon form.

Our Bond Is Our Strength:
As a narrative element, the stronger the bond between Caliburn and a wielder, the more potent a weapon he becomes. This vastly depends on the nature of the user. As the bond develops over time, Caliburn may manifest additional powers or be able to amplify existing ones.

Caliburn is able to communicate with nearby sentient life regardless of his present form. Most often, this is applied to guide his wielder and warn them of impending threats or give guidance. When working with a team, Caliburn may expand this connection to nearby allies to assist with battlefield coordination.

Weapon Forms:
Caliburn can assume the form of any non-disposable weapon (No missiles, rockets, bombs, etc.) These weapons are both mystical and represent the pinnacle of perfection. They cut through all but the strongest of materials. Projectiles launched from them fly straight and true across epic distances.


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Magic and the Occult:
To effective ward off evil magic, one must understand it. Caliburn has a natural sense and instinct toward magic. This allows him to analyze it, almost always with the intention of dispelling it. If his own power is not capable of doing so, he often can determine the sequence of events or materials required, which he will almost always structure as a quest. If wielded by a magic user, Caliburn can tutor mystical form, but he is not aware of spells and curses himself.

Weapon Master:
Once Caliburn assumes the form of a weapon once, he instinctively understands its qualities and gains immediate mastery over its application. Because of his past and exposure, this mastery currently extends to ancient and medieval weaponry. As he's wielded more in this modern era, this will extend to firearms.


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As a weapon, Caliburn leans heavily toward the direct resolution of conflicts. He can be impatient with deceit and guile, and diplomacy with overtly evil beings is almost always accompanied by complaint and irritation.

Caliburn is a magical being, and certain villains or heroes may possess enough mastery of magic to manipulate him. This fact is one of the many reasons Caliburn seeks the worthy, for against particularly dire opponents, he may have to rely on their reserves of will and strength for protection.

Meant To Be Wielded:
Caliburn is ultimately dependent on worthy souls to be an effective force for good. Without access to worthy champions, he feels isolated and disassociates.

Old Fashioned:
Caliburn has a lot to learn about modern society, even recent society. When pressed to resolve a situation himself, he tends to gravitate toward older often inappropriate traditions such as: Challenging a police officer to a duel or asking for an audience with someone's monarch.

Scattered Memories:
Caliburn has disjointed memories of his past. The powers of fate have often caused him to grown dormant or sent forward in time for the next great deed. He has just awoken from a particularly long period of dormancy and is completely ignorant of modern day conventions.



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Caliburn has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
In the halls of St. Nicholas May 5th, 2020 Caliburn seeks a wielder. He gets a reference instead.
A Sword and a Lady May 4th, 2020 Directions and help given, and a friendship made.


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Caliburn has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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