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  Magical Girl Lunar Dark  
Camellia Lowe (Scenesys ID: 2564)
Name: Camellia Lowe
Superalias: Magical Girl Lunar Dark
Gender: female
Species: Demon
Occupation: None
Citizenship: American
Residence: NYC
Education: First year of High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: Teenager Actual Age: 0
Date of Birth 29 Jan 2021 Played By Elsie Fisher
Height: 5'3 Weight: 134
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A girl that would, otherwise be simple were she not a carbon copy badly fit into a demonic body. Displaced from her time, home and sense of self she's constantly struggling between confusion and distress. The good heart she's always head beats so strong within but the demon that holds all of her being together wants it to beat differently, or not at all. On the outside she's perhaps a bit odd, but extremely wary of personal interaction.


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There was once a Camellia who was real. She was a real girl, real daughter of a man who was sunk inthe criminal world. His demonic conjurations were most prized, yet lacked a bit of much sought- after power. Seeing the pools of money rolling in got her father interested in the biggest job he'd had yet, requiring great performance. That is not what he got.

A job like that required a demon just powerful enough to be free of his control, a greatly sadisticone. For daring to try to enslave it, the demon killed this Camellia in front of her father and left him to live out the rest of his life with the guilt. That Camellia is not the one from this story, she is long gone, and has been in heaven for decades.

Crushed by guilt, her father became obsessed with bringing her back. There was no way he could doit with what he knew, and simply calling up a demon for a straight deal was a bad choice, he needed leverage. There was only one way he could think of this working. He developed a method that allowed him to summon the weakest possible demons and dissolve them, extracting their demonic power, since they were so weak and slowly he became better, stronger, more adept at it, going for bigger demons.

30 years later he had gathered a massive pool of demonic energies, hundreds of demons were bound and had their powers subjugated. He needed a body and a soul, however. There was no way he would call down his poor dauhgter's soul from heaven, even if he could. Part of that time was used researching the most benign sealed demon available.

What he finds is 'The Pale Watcher' a demon of white granite, obsessed not with world conquest or slaughter, but with observation. It had no arms or legs, like one of those greek statues, and a featureless head with a single black-and-white eye with which to observe and with which to command. Its aspect was to compell humans to do certain things and watching the outcomes, from small, meaningless gestures to entire wars. However, bound like that, it was capable of observing nothing, while its greatest desire was to see everything.

He approaches the demon and offers the deal, using the mana gathered he makes a body identical to his daughter's when she died and re-binds the demon into it. In exchange, during the process, the demon transmutes 95% of his soul into an exact duplicate of the man's daughter's soul. Leaving a bit of himself inside to observe the outside.

Completing such a grueling task and such massive ritual for a mediocre demonologist was understandably too much, especially an old man like himself, and the process drains the last of his life away and leaves behind a brand new Camellia. Exactly like the old one, and also nothing like her at the same time.

Recent History:
Having woken up in an open field in in the middle of some farm, she had only her clothes, a bit of money, and a plane ticket back to America from Iceland where she was. She had a great time slip, so the entire world was different now, and adjusting is a process she has barely begun going through. She returned to NYC and wandered the streets for some time.

Slowly she got some grip of her powers and used them to find a far-away abandoned building with a huge water tank at the top. She carved out an entrance and some ventilation "windows" and has since been living there. Unfortunately her only source of, well, anything, is via stealing, and she's trying to come to terms with the strong compulsing demonic presence within gradually. Luckily she found her body needed no sustenance, except the repeated compulsions she received from an entity separate from her, yet living within. Slowly she began to understand her connection to it, and how it was gripping onto her soul. Each time a compulsion was denied the grip got a bit tighter and she felt herself losing who she was a bit more.

1976 - Camellia is born

1981 - Camellia starts sunday school at the best church her father could find

1986 - Camellia's father starts gaining notoriety in the underworld as a demonologist

1989 - Camellia's father gets his biggest offer yet and begins preparing for a massive job.

1991 - The job finally starts, he summons a tremendously powerful demon and loses control. It kills everyone involved except him, killing Camellia instead and leaving him alive to suffer the guilt.

1991-2021 - Camellia's father systematically summons minor demons, binds them and disassembles them into a sludge to extract their demonic powers, gathering an enormous amount of it.

2021 - Camellia's father finds the least evil demon he's ever heard of that was also bound on Earth. Makes a pact with it to allow it to be freed into Camellia's reconstructed body as long as it converted its soul into an exact copy of hers, leaving only a tiny bit of his inside.

2021 - The pact is made and Camellia is reborn with the demon watching the world from within, but also starting to work on overtaking her soul again.

IC Journal

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She was very devout, well the real her was at least, and it carried over to the fake. Her father taught her to pray and be as pious as possible to try and protect her from his work, but that failed. Now praying at all causes burning sensations and extreme internal distress, yet she still believes somehow, one day she will be able to earn her place in heaven again.

Hard With Soft Filling:
Is how her heart is, she understands what has to be done to keep her body under control, at this point she's learned the mechanism behind the demon's compulsions. However it causes her immense emotional pain to carry them out, even the smallest things gets her devastated. Yet, even in face of this, she puts on a brave face and treat it as it is, the best way she has to keep people safe. Because at the end of the day, robbing a bank is better than unleashing an ancient demon upon the world.

Hopeful and Steadfast:
Rather than becoming self-hating or desperate, she steeled herself within her own good natured personality. She firmly believes she will overcome this, somehow, some way, at some point in her life, and will finally blossom to be the person she desires to be. No matter how much the demon pulls or how much she struggles to keep hold of what is supposed to be her entirely own soul, she carries on with firm belief.

A trait uncommon but not entirely unseen in villainous types, as many believe they are doing the right thing and have kindness within her. In her case it is a source of dilemma, she wants to use her powers for good and justice, yet she has to swallow the very definition of grey morality. She simply wants others to be well, and generally has a generous and polite disposition towards others.

She has an innate desire to make friends, stemmed greatly from her kindness and generosity, she wishes for others with whom to be merry and have good times. This is very difficult to find for the same reason she struggles to carry out her actual sense of justice. Her constant compulsions drive anyone away, and the things she absolutely has to do would make her an undesireable person to befriend, so she has great difficult approaching people on a non-superficial level.

Magical Girl-Obsessed:
Perhaps a bit dated, but she is a dated person, she's probably also a bit too old for this, or so her father would say. However, she can't deny she'd always dreamed of being your stereotypical magical girl protagonist. She doesn't obnoxiously follow every trope, behaviour and quirk of the genre, but she does mold her 'battle clothes' after it and uses a matching codename, which is incredibly cheesy. Since she treats what she does as some sort of backwards, reversed-in-some-way but still heroing, she does occasionally let out a matching line, it's truly like a living travel back in time. Many heroes behaved in equally cheesy ways back in the day, or so is told.

Character Sheet


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Adequately, as she is a reconstruction of the demon of commandments, she is able to call forth other demons to serve her bidding. She is currently struggling to control them, but mostly in how certain tasks are carried out once set. There are two ways to summon a demon. The first requires a blank card, in which she doodles her own equivalent of the demon it represents. This card causes an instantaneous summoning of said demon, but it remains trapped inside it and can't be re- used.

The second way involves opening her mouth and letting the demon inside her speak in its own language, a compulsive variation that is not your average demonic language. This will call upon the power of her demon, the Pale Watcher, and allow her to use its main summoning power: its singular black and white eye. She closes one eye which becomes the portal through which the summoned demon comes out of, materializing in a hologram-like fashion in a spot within her eyesight, out of which a spotlight-like light emanates. The stronger the demon the longer it takes but only one ritual is required for demons that can be summoned in multiple numbers.

Flurry Demon:
A demon composed out of pure, black torrenting wind. Capable of producing powerful gusts and gales, easily enough to lift a person off the ground and send them flying, move heavy objects or affect the trajectory of projectiles. It has no eyes and thus 'sees' via changes in air pressure in a wide range around itself.

Strength: None

Agility: Very high

Durability: None

Special Attributes: Wind manipulation as described.

Current Limit: 1

Small pale hunchback creatures with large claws on hands and feet. They's about half the size of a person but can prove a significant threat to a normal individual or even a powered one if in large numbers.

Strength: Just enough to overpower a normal person

Agility: Cat- like

Durability:Normal flesh

Special abilities: None

Current limit: 6

Misfortune Lemmings:
Small spiky balls resembling sea urchins but with a single eye that swishes around. They float and are fairly quick when flying around. Upon contact with an object or surface they can detonate and discharge a large amount of demonic energy to cause all sorts of problems, malfunctions and structural failures. These go from making electronics go haywire to blowing off the lock of a bank and even creating cracks and holes in solid surfaces. The more that are used at the same time the more powerful the effect is and the more complex and well-made the object in question the harder it is for them to break it.

Strength: None

Agility: Animal-High. Difficult to catch even for regularly trained people and about twice faster than a normal person can sprint.

Durability: None

:Special Qualities: Misfortune Discharge

Current Limit: 8

Regular Body:
Her regular body is, technically, entirely a demon, just like her soul, made out of the same exact demon. It's just her base form looks like a cute blonde girl. She has no modified attributes or qualities in this form except her composition. She has no vitals and the ability to regenerate like her other demons. Her flesh feels and looks normal on the outside but inside is a simple gray mass, and while holy things hurt horrendously, normal attacks provide little in terms of pain. Even if she's annihilated she will slowly come back together piece by piece over the course of 3 days. The only way to permanently kill her is using holy or magical means. She is capable of altering her looks slightly. Skin tone, hair and eye color as well as what she appears to be wearing while in this form but it takes concentration.

Supernatural Sense:
She's able to sense the supernatural and magical. Demonic, angelic, magical, and all other sorts of supernatural energy signatures are picked up passively by her. The farthest it is the fainter it will be, but it has a very wide radius, covering more or less the city. It gives her little info unless she knows who it belongs to, though.


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Card Throwing:
Something she made up herself as part of her fighting kit, mixing her ability to summon demons quickly with the ability to throw the card the demon is summoned out of with accuracy, speed and range. She's okay at it, but she's also no batman.


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Base of Operations:
A makeshift house at an old water tower, it has furniture she found around the city and even little metal plates she pulls down over her makeshift windows. It has a bed, a table, some chairs and a mirror. She doesn't need much else.


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Anything anti-demon works on her exactly the same it would on a normal demon. Holy water, blessings, magic, enchanted stuff, angelic stuff, whatever it is, if it's meant to kill demons then it affects her. This is the only way to truly kill or seal her, mundane means are capable of destroying her physical body but it will regenerate eventually. Another option would be something capable of affecting her soul directly, like an exorcism. Doing this upon her or any of her demons will cause direct damage to her soul, and in succession, her body, which will take a drastically longer time to heal or might even kill her for good.

Compulsion Contract:
The demon within her was allowed to keep a small amount of its original soul intact to observe. However, it is not only very powerful but also very skilled, and so, is able to constantly do a tug- o-war with Camellia for pieces of her soul. It will give her compulsions to do random things, they can be neutral or evil, from knocking over a cup or robbing a bank, or even worse. It is very difficult to resist these, but if she does, the demon will seize a piece of her soul, slowly taking her over. It is possible for the reverse to happen, if she follows all compulsions she may reclaim some of her soul, but it is a much more difficult and slow process when compared to the former. Perhaps if she did a big enough evil she would be able to satisfy the demon and completely take over its soul, erasing it.

The amount of emotional distress she experiences doing villainous things can often cause them to flop and fail completely. Exploiting this and guilt tripping her is a way to make her give up, but needs to be more heavily exploited the more serious the crime she's committing is. She is aware of the situation so there's always an internal struggle pushing for and against doing it. This also means that when the day comes that she's compelled to do something truly heinous it will probably fail and it will be terrible for her.

Time Confusion:
She was transported from the 90s directly here, via being remade. There is much technology that is new to her and with urbanization being what it is, she is essentially completely dislocated in time and space.

Utterly Terrified:
She's absolutely scared sockless of the thing 'living inside of her', because of the control it can exert on her, because of the suffering it can exert on both her an others, but especially because of the fact that she can't REALLY stop it. She does her best to resist the worst of it, but it seems like a losing battle, and what terrifies her is what lies at the end of the loss.



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Obsession: Part 2 of May 20th, 2021 No description
Obsession: Part 1 of May 6th, 2021 Arrested but not taken in, the obsession continues
Blasted Beasties in Battery Park April 14th, 2021 A trip of wannabe summoners get more than they bargained for. Hellspawn fight hellspawn and it is determined that demons do not like to share their toys with others.
The curse of random desires April 11th, 2021 No description
Cafe demonology April 7th, 2021 Possible help secured, as long as no priests are involved
Flashback: Against the Limner March 27th, 2021 In 1965, a BRPD team fights The Limner, wins but misses a soul in this flashback scene.


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Camellia Lowe has 6 finished logs.

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