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Colin Wilkes (Scenesys ID: 2610)
Name: Colin Jay Wilkes
Superalias: Abuse
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Orphan
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: St. Aden's Orphanage, Gotham
Education: High School
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 12 July 2005 Played By Thomas Barbusca
Height: 5'5"/6'8" Weight: 120/300 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Terrified" - Childish Gambino

Character Info


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Colin Wilkes is an orphan, one of the many lost souls of Gotham. After being abducted by Scarecrow and injected with the Venom drug, he became Abuse, a hulking vilgante that has operated in the city for a few years, beating on thugs, predators, and other street-level threats.


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*2005: A baby is left at the steps of a church with a picture and a note that says "His name is Colin Wilkes, please love him always".

*2015: Having been in a series of bad foster homes, Colin is transferred to the Children's Hospital for therapy. There he is abducted by Scarecrow and injected with synthetic Venom. The villain pits Colin against Batman, but in the end, Batman realizes Colin's a child at heart and saves him.

*2016: Colin is placed in St. Aden's Orphanage. He discovers that he can still switch into his Venom-enhanced form through concentration. He takes the name 'Abuse' and becomes a street-level vigilante, primarily targeting creeps and thugs that prey on underprivileged kids like himself.

*2020: Discovering an illegal fighting ring for children, Colin teams up with the current Robin to shut down the operation, befriending him in the process.

IC Journal

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Cinnamon Bun:
Despite his history of abuse and torture, Colin has a heart of gold. He has lost a great deal of his innocence to Gotham, but he holds out hope that he can make a difference in the world. As someone deemed unworthy by society, he tends to gravitate towards social outcasts and other 'undesirables'.

Colin has difficulty regulating his emotions. They're unavoidable and hit him hard. Anger, sadness, regret, loss. Anger, under the influence of venom is something to behold, and his tempers can become dangerous if he is not careful. He is impulsive and ultimately just a kid.

While Colin shows obvious signs of naviety, he is slow to trust others due to paranoia that kicked in when he started taking meds. He is especially mistrustful towards adults and other figures of authority, believing most people are actually out to get him.

Colin suffers from a number of mental illnesses and phobias. They can make him unreliable, miserable to be around, and dangerously easy to manipulate. He has frequent night terrors and needs Rory to get a full night's sleep.

Character Sheet


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Abuse heals at an accelerated rate. Injuries that might take weeks to heal mend in mere days, if not hours. Colin can transform into Abuse in order to heal wounds sustained in his normal state, allowing him to heal rapidly in both forms.

Abuse can run as fast as Olympic athletes and has peak human reflexes.

Abuse is fueled by the super steroid Venom and can operate at full power indefinitely without tiring or succumbing to his wounds.

As Abuse, Colin is capable of feats of impressive strength. He can shatter concrete, rip steel, and throw cars like it's nothing. He can handle around a dozen tons if he pushes himself.

Abuse is incredibly durable. He can shrug off high-caliber bullets, knives do not pierce his skin, and he has been run over by vehicles several times over without suffering more than superficial damage.


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First Aid:
Colin has been through his fair share of scarps and knows how to patch himself and others up after one.

Colin likes working on his bike and pretty much anything else with an engine. He's pretty good at it too.

Superhero Nerd:
Colin is a pretty big superhero enthusiast. He was introduced to the world of heroes by George, a janitor in one of the orphanages he stayed at. It stuck, and he's been collecting comics, newspaper clippings, and more ever since.

Colin was raised in a church and has studied the Bible for as long as he remembers. He has a good grasp on Christian theology.


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Abuse Brass Knuckles:
Crafted by a talented metalworker, Abuse wears a pair of brass knuckle dusters. Given his strength, he doesn't actually need them, but they make the baddies hurt and leave a distinguishable mark.

Cycle of Abuse:
A motor trike given to him by the latest Robin. It's a sweet ride with a Gatling gun attached to the side, and Colin keeps it in a garage purchased by the same benefactor.

Colin's comfort teddy bear. Even though he's kinda outgrown stuffed animals, Rory soothes the boy's deepest anxieties and fears.

The Venom:
The super drug Venom was injected into Colin and remains in his blood. Unlike its primary user, Bane, Colin can activate the effects of the drug through concentration and even has enough control to transform certain parts of his body. His dosage is not as high, but more of the drug could increase his superhuman abilities.


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Colin must concentrate in order to switch into Abuse. If he isn't clear of mind, he will not be able to completely transform or transform at all.

Mental Health:
Colin was deeply hurt during his time in the foster system and again at the hands of Scarecrow. He suffers from numerous afflictions and phobias, as well as abandonment issues and paranoia. Ironically, the purpose he has found as Abuse is one of the things that keeps him alive and well.

Abuse is a grotesque figure, with bulging veins and sickly, grayish skin. He usually has to wear a trenchcoat, so he doesn't scare the people around him.



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