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  David Corriea  
David Corriea (Scenesys ID: 1635)
Name: David Corriea
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Ice cream truck driver
Citizenship: US citizen
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High school education
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 18 Mar 2000 Played By
Height: 6'2 Weight: 220
Hair Color: blonde Eye Color: Blue-green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Owner of Gotham's largest ice cream business, and a mutant with electrical powers, David Corriea spends his nights fighting crime, trying to make gotham a better place. He hopes to help those in need, Be it with the law or against it.


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2000: was born in Gotham City, to Elaine (waitress) and Clark Corriea (police officer).
2008: David's sister is born, Clark is killed in the line of duty a few months later, David begins studying martial arts.
2013: David's powers Manifest.
2018: David takes over local ice cream business to support family.
2020: David decides to become a vigilante at night.

IC Journal

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David believes in people. He believes that the good should be rewarded and the wicked punished. Once upon a time he wanted to become a cop like his father but losing him to crime has made him hate it more. He hates criminals who take advantage of others and bring suffering and pain. When his father died, he begin to train in martial arts. He took the ice cream business over because his neighbors hoped to make him be something less combat driven. He likes helping others.

Character Sheet


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Electrical Aura:
David's bio-electrical aura is more charged. He can also channel electricity into it to stun or fry anything touching him. This is a method to keep from being overwhelmed physically by opponents.

Electricity Generation:
David's actual mutant powers is the ability to absorb, Store and Control Electrical current. Normally within 3 days, his body builds up enough electricity that he cant keep it stored safely in him and randomly discharges into things around him.

David can discharge blasts of electricity to hit longer ranged targets. These discharges, while being visible, are usually at stun levels. These discharges can also fry electrical devices. it can be at lower levels to charge and power electrical devices.

David possesses an innate ability to 'sense' electricity. This sense allows him to sense where electricity is, even in living beings, like a shark. This sense allows him to tell when something electrical is nearby.

David has minor electromagnetic powers, able to magnetize his body to metal objects. He can also reverse his magnetic polarity and repel metallic objects but using these aspects of his powers requires a great deal of power.


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David has a head for business and has made a successful business in Gotham City selling Ice cream. While he is no genius, he knows when to devote money to a new cause or when to hold back.

Martial Arts:
At the age of 8, his father died in the line of duty. It was during that time David devoted himself to training and martial arts. Mastering multiple martial arts, He can fight any unarmed humans relatively easily.


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Ice Cream Business:
David runs an Ice cream business in gotham. Every so often a portion of his money goes to feeding the homeless in gotham and retired police officers. This is a pretty successful business, which has multiple trucks all about Gotham.


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David is prejudiced to criminals. He doesnt mind breaking the law to help people but those who hurt and take advantage of others, earn his ire. He will fight against these types of people and not protect them from the law.

David needs to drain his electricity every three days. the longer he goes without discharging makes his electrical control become harder. After three days, electricity arcs to the nearest conductor, blasting anything or anyone in it's way. It is because of this he discharges every three days.

David has a tricky relationship with water. He can handle being wet. He can even handle showers. Being submerged? Now thats different. The longer he is submerged in water, the more his electricity drains. He can swim but he becomes lethargic when submerged even a part of him. It is because of this, David doesnt go through water, especially after Gotham became no man's land.



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David Corriea has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Of Irishmen and Autoparts August 4th, 2020 Heroes raid a warehouse owned by the Irish Mob
Seeking The Barista Cat Of Doom August 2nd, 2020 Good drinks, good company, new friends, and cats. Today was a good day at DOOM Coffee.
Hot Day In Gotham Perfect Time For Ice Cream July 25th, 2020 WHO will save the city from the heated streets of Gotham? ICE CREAM MAN!
A normal day July 12th, 2020 No description
Another day, another ice cream July 4th, 2020 No description
Mutant Unrest and Unruly July 3rd, 2020 Tensions get high and explode when mutant supporters and officials get into a fight and lives are lost on both sides.
A Lazy Afternoon at the Rathskeller July 1st, 2020 A chance meeting over a couple beers at the Rathskeller.


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David Corriea has 7 finished logs.

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