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  Rocket Red IV  
Dmitri Pushkin (Scenesys ID: 1282)
Name: Dmitri Pushkin
Superalias: Rocket Red IV
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Soldier
Citizenship: Russia
Residence: Justice League Embassy
Education: College Education
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 57 Actual Age: 57
Date of Birth 4 Jul 1962 Played By John Rhys Davies
Height: 6'7" Weight: 235lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Rocket Red. Alias: Dmitri Pushkin. Known areas of operations: New York City, and the Russian Federation. Holding strong ties to the soviet unions government Dmitri posesses a suit of alien technolgy which makes him a substantial threat to those who are deemed dangerous to him. His skill with the suit is talk of nations and he is known to have ties to some of the most dangerous soviet union allies on the planet. He, his wife, and two children live in the former Justice League embassy, and are on several watchlists.


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* 1962: Born in Kiev to loving parents, learns from an early age to value hard work and familial ties. His father works as a top scientist for the USSR following his own fathers research into the Rocket Red Project. He is brought home many American cartoons from his fathers work and learns to love American film and television.
1970: Meets Belina Pushkin for the first time while working a paper route, he saves her from drowning in the river and the two become inseparable.
1971: The first prototype of the Rocket Red armor goes into testing. While the failure of the suit results in the loss of four test pilots efforts continue to find a working model.
1972: Dmitri wins first place in the local science fair for his portable HAM radio designed with assistance from his fathers research. He's placed into a separate educational program by the Russian government.
1975: Thieves break into the research base where the Rocket Red Program is being developed while young Dmitri attends on a field trip. It is through Dmitri's quick thinking and selfless heroism in using one of the main weapons of the suit that sees the criminals defeated and his father promoted to head of research.
1976: Dmitri is selected to aid in the testing stages of the Rocket Red armor following his assistance the year prior. Along with 10 other students of similar capabilities the Rocket Reds find their first mission a resounding success. The team is able to return the Russian crown jewels from HYDRA hands with only the loss of Rocket Red VI.
1977: For his leadership efforts Dmitri is awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union by Leonid Brezhnev during a nuclear crisis. His quick acting saves top ranking soviet officials and cements his place as a national hero.
1978: Dmitri marries Belina after discovering on deployment that she is pregnant. The two would have their first born six months later.
1979: Dmitri is sent to assist in the Soviet-Afghan war, he uses his abilities to build tanks and weapons for the soviet forces building a rapport with local scientists which builds to a lasting friendship.
1980: Dmitri serves alongside two other rocket reds on the shores of Cuba placed under service of Fidel Castro. His actions against revolting dissidents labels him a hero of the Cuban people and sees him deployed all across the nation to stop terrorist threats and the dangers of super powered individuals.
1983: During a routine training exercise Rocket Red II is killed by an accidental weapons discharge destroying his suit. Dmitri attends his funeral in Siberia, and spends several months aiding the grieving family to the best of his abilities.
1989: Soviet union pulls out from Afghanistan along with Rocket Red though the operation is considered by some to be a failure Dmitri is given high praise for his actions in the foreign nation, and in Cuba.
1990: Dmitri's second child is born.
1991: The Rocket reds assist in the crushing of the Georgian civil war through their technological superiority, they are harolded as heroes by the soviet media. The provide assistance in the Abkhazia war as well.
1992: During the Transnistria War the suit of Rocket Red IV armor is almost completely destroyed and Dmitri is captured for 9 months. He uses his cunning and training to escape captivity and train a group of local militia to fight along side of him. His armor is repaired during this time.
1993: The rocket reds are deployed in the Tajikistani Civil War. The fighting is eventually called to a halt by UN ceasefire.
1995: Dmitri invests his finances into Elektronorgtechnica, a russian electronics company showing a great deal of promise.

1999: Deployed during the Second Chechen War Dmitri sees quite a fair bit of combat on the front lines of the conflict assisting many battles. During this time Dmitri achieves a controlling interest in Elektronorgtechnica.
2001: Dmitri uses his Rocket Red suit to develop technologies that are then sold by Elektronorgtechnica, as a way to assist in paying for his childrens schooling. The first of these technolgies is a small handheld personal data assistant designed for russian office workers with a built in touch screen display, and butterfly keyboard.
2003: Dmitri's grandfather falls ill causing him to return to kiev for several months to provide aid to the greaving man. After his death Dmitri is sent back to the front lines of combat.
2009: Russia regains control of Chechnya. The rocket reds are redeployed to assist in the Insurgency in the North Caucasus.
2013: As an act of good will Dmitri is pulled off the front lines and sent to assist the Justice League in their day to day operations as a super powered hero. He does this work with pride putting himself feet first into the role.
2015: With help of the Justice League Dmitri and his family are moved to america where they live in the Justice League Embassy.
2017: The Justice League are disbanded. Rocket Red attempts to keep the dream alive bringing heroes together with his own finances but the effort proves fruitless. Dmitri and his family move back to Kiev, while Dmitri rejoins the other Rocket Reds in fighting the Insurgency in the North Caucus.
2020: Dmitri and his family return to live in America on a part time basis to assist in the running of Elektronorgtechnica's american branch. Though the company is small in america, operating mainly as an import and export business Dmitri uses this opportunity to build ties and attempt to rebuild the Justice Leage one step at a time. This starts with aquiring artefacts and land once belonging to the justice leage, moving his family to the former Justice League Embassy as a place of residence.

IC Journal

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Dmitri loves anything and everything americana it's one of the main reasons for his purchasing of Elektronorgtechnica, to share that love of the american with the rest of the soviet world. He can't get enough of the classic shows, comics, and videogames that made america what it is today.

The Man:
Dmitri is a boisterous and loving man who works hard for his country and his friends. He sees his job in life as one to make the lives of others safer and sees no reason to give that up any time soon.

Character Sheet


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Body Building:
Dmitri is in some of the best shape of his life due to a rigorous training regimend that sees him working hard to keep his form in tip top shape.

As part of his work as Rocket Red, Dmitri is an expert mechanical engineer skilled in the construction of robots, engines, and weapons, this has made him a highly valued asset of Russia.

Expert Marksman:
Dmitri was a highly trained soldier and a member of Russia's elite military force. He has a porfessionally honnes set of skills with small arms and long arms that extends out to long range marksmanship. He's a recipiant of the Excellent shooter, excellent sniper, excellent machinegunner, and Excellent driver awards for excellence.

Dmitri is a master pilot able to excersise extreme manuvers while in the air all in the name of better piloting his suit of armor. He us unparalleled in the ranks of the russian military when it comes to combat flight.

Survival Training:
Trained to survive in the harshest wilderness of the sovier union Dmitri has vast skills when it comes to surviving in harsh climates. He's able to build shelters fires and rudamentary transport if needed.


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Friends In High Places:
Be it the kremlin the middle east or cuba Dmitri has connections with the powerful people in high places. He uses these connections in his day to day life.

Rocket Red Suit:
The Rocket Red armor is the pinacle of alien technology and russian design philosiploy. Armed with vector thrusters on the base of the suit it is able to easily reach super sonic speeds in the air. The suit is also equipt with a pair of high intensity energy beems capable of punching through 12 inches of solid steel when powered up to full or knocking combatants out cold on lower settings. The suit is also a housing for an intense technopathic beam which is able to disassemble, reassemble, and repair technological devices in short order making the suit essential to any mechanical projects.

The Company:
Dmitri is the lead stock holder and owner of Elektronorgtechnica. It's the main investment of his time and money with branch offices in eastern Germany, Russia, the Chex Republic, Cuba, and Venisuela. Though far from a global powerhouse it provides Dmitri all the funds he needs for his suit and day to day life.


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Family Ties:
Dmitri's family is his everything. His uncles and children, his wife and the rest are the most important thing in the world to him, and if anything were to ever happen to any of them it would shatter him as a human being. He often gives up his free time and more just to be there for his family in good times and bad, and one day they just might be the death of him.

Pocket of the Kremlin:
There are some people in the world who will simply never trust Dmitri for his ties to russia, and some members of the american government and superhero community who see him as an out right threat to their way of life.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Treasures in Brooklyn April 23rd, 2020 Looking for small bits of treasure in Brooklyn leads to larger conversations, in passing.
Rocket and The Expo April 20th, 2020 Dmitri and Samuel talk tech at the expo
I Need A Drink April 19th, 2020 Rocket Red and Aquaman reunite.


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