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Drake Riley (Scenesys ID: 1921)
Name: Drake Riley
Superalias: Volt
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Vagabond
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Park Benches?
Education: Highschool
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 July 2002 Played By
Height: 5'10" Weight: 161 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Though it didn't begin as a rough childhood, Drake wound up walking the wrong side of the tracks all the same. It wasn't long before he'd begun engaging in criminal activity. Then during an altercation on the streets, lightning shot from his hands and everything changed. His life suddenly had new priorities - self-control, refining his powers, and keeping them secret. And when he trusted his family with this information, it backfired. Ostracized, Drake abandoned his home in pursuit of acceptance, and to hopefully find some way to turn this curse into a blessing.


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* 2002: Born in Los Angeles, California, to the Rileys Frank (a newly graduatd police officer) and Sandra (an aspiring painter).
* 2013: Drake is an honors student. This trend continues.
* 2016: Mounting pressures from work factor heavily into home life stress. Drake begins to rebel and act outside of his nature. He spends more time with a less reputable crowd, and grades slip. Neglect at home becomes the norm.
* 2017: Drake is barely passing classes. Home life continues to deteriorate. His small cluster of like-minded friends begin engaging in delinquency and vandalism.
* 2018: Home life has officially fallen apart. The group of friends has officially become a small, tight-knit gang. Criminal behavior has grown to include larceny and theft, breaking and entering, fighting, and even grand theft auto. But it does not include carjacking, muggings, or murder.
Electrokinetic powers manifest in self-defense against an assailant. Drake believes he killed his attacker. Social isolation begins as his focus turns entirely on controlling the new power and avoiding further mortalities.
* 2019: Electrokinetic powers honed obsessively. Father extends an olive branch to repair the family unit. Drake reveals his secret to disastrous results, and is shunned in every way but official. Against family demands, he continues to focus his efforts on controlling and refining his powers in secret.
* 2020: Barely graduated. Drake abandons his home immediately after graduation in search of others like himself. Powers are used when possible to help others, careful to keep his identity secret. Upon reaching New York, devises a plan to draw the attention of those like him: hold up convenience stores using said powers.

IC Journal

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True to his mutation, Drake is an energetic being. Though he may not be in constant motion and is good with chilling, he's an expressive, vibrant individual with a bright personality. His natural state is upbeat and optimistic.

The last few years before coming to New York had been mindboggling. But somewhere between the fear of having accidentally taken a life and the excitement of having superpowers emerged the desire to do something positive with it and a continuing self-evaluation. Turning what seemed to destroy his life into something that would help others has a somber sort of poetry to it. To become something others could look up to as an example of how being different isn't wrong while enacting a real change for the better has become a dream of his - essentially, the idea of being a superhero. In the struggle to find purpose in this life gone terribly wrong, that's the one consistent point onto which he latches.

The life of a criminal, small scale or otherwise, never quite suited him. He's too personable, too affable by nature. His checkered past was born more from a need to belong to something, and a need to be noticed - if even in a negative light. A troubled home and the follies of youth aside, he actually has a reasonable sense of right and wrong with lines he has an extremely hard time crossing - particularly when it comes to murder. The idea that he had killed someone all but shut him down for a time, and it still haunts him to this day. It's for that reason that learning to control his powes was his first priority.

Character Sheet


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Drake's mutation has made him into an electrical being, intrinsically connected to it. His body is a wellspring of electrical energy which he draws upon to achieve various "modes" of effect. Though his reserves are vast, it's possible to over-extend himself, leading to physical repercussion. Like a muscle, it'll grow stronger with training and use over time.

M1: Elemental:
Drake is naturally extremely resistant to electrical energy. However, as his mutation is like a muscle, it isn't absolute. It would take a supernaturally tremendous force of electricity to effect him, but it's still possible. Though at that level, it would likely be more the force of the energy behind it rather than the electricity itself.

M2: Project:
The most obvious application of his mutant powers is the ability to project electricity onto a target. Though it can be sustained, his most typical use are 'strikes'. A bolt can be projected up to a maximum distance of 100' at present, with a power output ranging in effect from stunning to lethal.

-Special: CHAIN
Through the fine manipulation of electrical currents, Drake can use a single bolt to chain up to three targets. Each successive target weakens the bolt, however.

M3: Cascade:
Via contact, Drake can discharge a stream of electrical energy over a surface, rendering it between stunning and deadly to traverse unprepared. The span of the surface, conductivity, and power output all factor into how long he can maintain the use of this mode. At this time, he can only stream over a single surface - i.e., floor only, wall only, not multiple simultaneously.

M4: Aura:
Drake is capable of surrounding himself with either a burst or steady stream of electricity. Depending on the fine, granular manipulation of his power output, this could be as subtle as an EMP radius or as drastic as a lightning sheath. The current maximum range of his auras are 5' and can only be centered on himself. Maintaining any aura will steadily drain his energy, moreso depending on the power output.

M5: Flow:
Being innately connected to electrical energy allows him to redirect its flow, either by draining power from an object and absorbing it into himself, or feeding power from himself into an object to power it. At this time, touching the object is required to perform this, and being struck with electricity doesn't allow him to absorb it.

-Special: AMP
Absorbing electricity can give him more power to work with without fear of draining himself, or supercharging his other abilities. It's a fleeting amplification, however, and excess energy bleeds off after a maximum of five minutes. It's also possible to over-amp, which can also result in 'straining' his mutation.


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His experience at escaping authorities has given him an edge when it comes to maneuverability. Drake has a basic level of parkour, capable of using terrain and daring to cut down on travel time, put more distance between himself and someone else, or alternatively, close in on a target.

What Drake lacks in mass and martial arts, he more than makes up for in tenacity. He's not a stranger to fighting, though he lacks refined training. He's a brawler with an inventive resourcefulness to back him up. To his credit, he's also tougher than he looks, capable of taking a beating before finally caving.

By making use of his surroundings or simply minimizing his presence through subtle body language cues, Drake is capable of hiding, blending with crowds, or drawing little attention to himself. And thanks to more practice than any law-abiding citizen should rightfully have, he's adept at moving silently without sacrificing too much speed. He's no ninja, however.

Thanks to a colored past with less-than-reputable friends, Drake has developed certain skills more befitting a crook. He's a fair pickpocket and capable of some feats of sleight-of-hand. His greatest hand-feat, however, lies with picking and disabling mechanical locks and hotwiring vehicles. Electronic locks are another story, however. This also comes with identifying and avoiding security, be it with personnel, cameras, or alarm systems.


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The only resources Drake can claim are the clothes on his back and an intrepid spirit. His only source of income lies in the deftness of his hands. It's a meager living.


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Similar to his willingness to put himself in harm's way for a good cause, forethought doesn't always precede action with Drake. If an enemy sets him up for a snarky remark or sass, he has a very hard time resisting and potentially worsening a situation. While joking jabs may put others at ease in a tense scenario, it can also make him the primary target in a group.

Unlike many other mutations or powers, Drake's is like a muscle. While this means that it will eventually strengthen over time and use, it also means that misuse - such as over-extending - can have physical ramifications. Furthermore, not 'exercising' it can leave it to weaken over time.

Raison D'etre:
Ever since his home life began to deteriorate, Drake has been searching for some semblance of meaning to his life. If he didn't matter to his parents, who could he matter to? As time went on and he discovered his powers, Drake began to lean more and more into aspirations to use them for good; to derive meaning in his life from helping others. What happens to him has mattered less and less as the feelings of abandonment and isolation grew. The idealistic hopes of serving others as a genuine superhero has steadily become his reason for pushing through the overwhelming negativity that his life had become. And though the goal may be good, it tends to render him willing to take risks that put him in harm's way, or readily confront situations that are quite dangerous. Because the risk to his personal being matters less than the idea of being a point of light in what feels like a dark world.

Drake's home life wasn't great by any stretch, and he spent a few years closely bonded to others with similar life situations to his own. He has an easy, in-built sympathy for those who've fallen onto the wrong side of history or those he believes he's caught a glimmer of hope for. It certainly doesn't mean he likes everyone, but it does give him a natural inclination to give people chances and take risks on them. This could be much to his detriment, or perhaps perpetual and continual heartbreak.

Water Hazard:
Due to the nature of his mutation, water can be a very tricky thing for him. Using his powers while soaked won't do much beyond causing additional sparks and miniature arcs of electricity. But during a torrential downpour, his powers can become haphazard and extremely difficult to control with projections.

Should he actually be submerged in water, it's worse. Depending on the level of submersion and amount of surrounding water, the use of any ability rapidly, if not instantly, 'strains' his mutation - as if he'd absorbed too much electricity, but without the benefit of having extra power to output. To make matters worse, any ability used while submerged results in chaotic, uncontrollable, extremely dangerous electrical discharge. The range of the discharge varies depending on the power output, up to a current maximum 100' radius.

Drake will typically go to great lengths to avoid using his powers in the water or under downpours.



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Drake Riley has 29 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Just Because March 8th, 2021 No description
Being stood up sucks. February 20th, 2021 Megan arrives late to the dance, but a make up dance is had.
In need of a date! February 14th, 2021 Megan finally finds someone to take to the Sadie Hawkins...After much awkwardness!
A crash course in dancing! February 14th, 2021 Megan teaches Drake to dance.
The Rec Is The Place February 3rd, 2021 Ellie meets Drake, electricity manipulator that CAN charge phones!
Husky Workouts! January 21st, 2021 Drake runs into Paige in the gym, and the two get in a bit of a workout. Despite some incredibly jarring discoveries, they make plans for the near future.
Get Cultured January 14th, 2021 No description
Chillin in the Woods with our m-- ... mates January 4th, 2021 Pyro, Drake and Rave discover that under a bridge is a fantastic places for meeting new friends. Not just trolls.
Thwarting holiday heists December 31st, 2020 Drake and Atlin encounter some violent heisters on NYE and engage in some cultural exchange.
Eat When It's Quiet December 30th, 2020 Rogue and Drake have a chance to meet up and chat again. Compliments are shared. Spaghetti is talked about. The Danger Room is discussed!
Deke, Dylan, Drew, and Jubilee December 29th, 2020 Drake Riley and Jubilation Lee meet for the first time. It goes well until it doesn't. Whoops.
INTENSITY December 25th, 2020 A couple stragglers make productive use of their Christmas Eve with a workout program. It's (not really) intense.
Christmas Eve Comes Once A Year December 24th, 2020 Hot chocolate is the beverage of choice as Drake learns a bit more about the school, and contemplates with Warren and Kitty how he might help out.
Chilly Day at the Park December 2nd, 2020 Roy runs into Drake in the park off the campus of NYU. They talk a little bit about east coast vs west coast and future plans.
Never Meet Your Heroes November 17th, 2020 Drake, Yaretzi, and Atlin are out on the town for pizza, when an awkward chatterbox crashes the party. Only he turns out to be Ant-Man!
Not a Spider. Move along. September 24th, 2020 Drake happens upon the end of a battle on Liberty Island. He learns about Arana, and she tries not to stick her foot in her mouth.
Sparks Ain't Flyin' September 22nd, 2020 A fairly brief, but generally negative first introduction between two electrical dynamos in the Xavier Institute!
Let's Try That Again September 22nd, 2020 The mansion isn't as big as it appears. Drake and Noriko run into each other again, and this time finally talk.
So Dragons Are a Thing Now September 20th, 2020 Drake's foray into the world of the weird continues as he meets Lockheed and puzzles over the merits of petting friends. Also, a tiny dose of teen angst.
Splash of September September 20th, 2020 Rogue and the new kid Drake have a poolside chat about life, love and everything in between.
Atop The Tower September 19th, 2020 Drake tells Kitty the story of how his power emerged and he ended up out here from LA originally.
A New Xavier's Arrival September 18th, 2020 After having gotten to know some from the school, Drake Riley is brought to Xavier's and begins to find out what the school is and how they can help him gain control of his powers.
In Need of Hot Joe September 16th, 2020 Roulette encounters Drake in Salem Center and once again betrays her nature. Damn all you people for rubbing off on her.
Dash and Dine September 13th, 2020 Rogue and Drake meetup at her place of bizness. She further tries to recruit him into a cult--- er, into the very reputable Xavier's School.
Staying Grounded September 10th, 2020 A meetup at Washington Square Park's fountain leads to chatter about art and helping others.
Home Sweet Sewer September 10th, 2020 In these trying times, Drake Riley convinces Donatello to stay true to himself. Donatello discovers that Drake has mutant powers. Who knew?!
So That Went Well September 9th, 2020 Drake's nefarious plot to root out others like him has succeeded! Nevermind that it wasn't strictly necessary. Rogue catches him red-handed, gives him a lead, and he gives her a few watts for theatrics.
Saving Lives September 8th, 2020 Mori and Drake meet and share fries over talk of superheroes, powers, and saving lives.
Trouble in Brooklyn September 8th, 2020 While trying to get information about Dom the Bomb the hard way, Donatello is interrupted by Warp and Drake Riley. The trio share a pizza dinner. Oh, and it's a bo staff -- not a stick!


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Drake Riley has 29 finished logs.

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