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  Edward Crane  
Edward Crane (Scenesys ID: 1215)
Name: Edward Crane
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Career criminal/detective
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Residence: None
Education: College-educated, no degree.
Theme: ()
Apparent Age: 120 Actual Age: 120
Date of Birth 07 March 1900 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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An old-school Golden Age hero/villian/somebody brought forward in time. Fond of domino masks, colored suits, and a trusty gat to keep him in coin, provided it follows his personal code of conduct.


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* 1900: Born to Richard and Lucy Crane in New York City.
*1910: First forays into crime with petty theft.
* 1913: Witnessed his first mob action, saw a man die.
* 1916: Tried joining the mob, failed, remained a petty criminal.
* 1917: Created his own small gang, moved up in the world a bit.
* 1918: Caught by the police and drafted into the Great War, witnessed Wonder Woman. 1919: Made it home alive, robbed his first bank.
* 1921:Amassed enough power to be considered a low-tier supervillian, guns, fighting from the Orient, sharp mind.
* 1925: Killed by a long-obscure Golden Age Hero.
* 2005: Bloodstained suit made a relic in a high-class art deco bar in Genosha.
* 2020: Genosha destroyed, suit found, Edward returned to life.

IC Journal

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Con With a Code:
Edward isn't in it to destroy cities or corrupt the world, he's in it for cash. Why be that little extra bit of evil? If a mook goes down, the next of kin get a bit of cash. Load rubber rounds unless you really need lead. Be polite and be efficient. That sort of self-control is worth it, in the end.

Fond of Slang:
He talks like he's from the 20's, because he is! He can stop if he needs to, of course, but it just sort of happens, see?

Forward Thinker:
Yes, he's that old. No, he's not racist. In fact, Edward is incredibly open-minded, especially for his time.

Not Like Over There:
Being the Great War was awful. It takes a lot to rattle Edward. Getting gassed put some things in perspective.

Straight Shooter:
Edward isn't fond of lying, if it's off work. If you give your word and you aren't running a job, you better well keep it.

Character Sheet


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Cool Head:
Edward has a good head on him. He's good at planning, usually refuses to do something without one, and they usually work. If something goes wrong or gets scary, he's more than capable of rolling with it.

Gat Battler:
Edward likes guns, uses guns, and is very good with said guns. It's why he makes sure he's always got them on him, even if it's a sleeve-rig or something hidden in his belt.

Mook Master:
Why work alone? If there's one skill Edward is proud of, it's his ability to get people to do what he says. Mooks, if you will. What's a robber without henchmen? A hostage without the compliance? A cop without a bribe? Eddie's a slick one, good at seeing it so.

Oriental Boxing:
Even if he can't really call it that anymore, Edward's quite skilled in close combat, both from his war training and genuine interest paying off in the local Chinatown.


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Mook Crew:
Does he have them yet? He will, in time. Just gotta dangle a good score or decent wages in front of the right people.

Old Money:
Literally old money. Edward has cash socked away all over New York, Gotham, Metropolis. It might not be a gigantic haul, but it's a slow trickle of good money. Or gold. Or silver. Anything with a value, Edward made sure it's there when he needs it. Even if, say, he's been dead for almost a century.


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20's Health Plan:
His diet is /terrible/. And he smokes like a chimney. And drinks like a fish. And why isn't gas leaded anymore?

Old School:
Edward is before most of the heavy hitters showed up. He doesn't have any powers and likely never will, so in a straight brawl with a powered-up suit he's about as dangerous as his gear and training.

Out of Time:
There's about a century of history to catch up on, some of it /very/ important. Sometimes he says or does things that don't quite fit anymore. Give him time. Yes, /more/ time.



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A Journey to Somewhere April 13th, 2020 Lara meets a mysterious man on her trip to Africa to recover a mask that might control the rain!


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