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  Elaine Rosenberg  
Elaine Rosenberg (Scenesys ID: 919)
Name: Elaine Rosenberg
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Data Entry
Citizenship: United States
Residence: NYC, New York
Education: BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 29 Aug 1994 Played By Ali Tate Cutler
Height: 5'6" Weight: 170 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue-green
Theme Song: "Joe Public" - The Rutles

Character Info


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The mutant menace is now in your office! Secretly a hydrokinetic mutant, publicly Elaine Rosenberg is a data entry operator. Incongruous? Maybe. But she doesn't do a lot of heroing anyway. She'd much rather live as close to a normal life as she can around all this hysteria.


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* 1994: Born to James and Laura Rosenberg in north Mississippi. Elaine's birth is problematic, with a botched c-section, but baby Elaine survives (though her mother will have continuing problems throughout her life).
* 2007: Discovers her water breathing ability during a swimming trip. Nothing traumatic happened, she just accidentally breathed in while swimming underwater, and it didn't hurt.
* 2008: Elaine's parents are an ill fit for each other, and begin to fight often. Elaine retreats into the budding internet; her typing skills begin to develop and she becomes a fringe member of nerd subculture.
* 2012: Elaine moves as far away from her still-feuding parents as possible, settling with a friend in New York City. Shortly after the detonation of the "Gene Bomb", Elaine discovers further abilities than just water-breathing -- hydrokinesis. She keeps this a secret.
* 2015: Eventually, after disastrous (but ultimately not traumatic) experiences in high school and college (and a few changes of major), Elaine comes out of college with a bachelor's degree in business administration.
* 2018: Elaine scores an entry-level position at a data entry service company. The pay is mediocre, but her lifestyle is pretty simple. She also participates (secretly) in street-level assistance during Loki's invasion of New York. Her contributions are unremarkable on the global scale, but she manages to rescue a few people.
* 2020: Elaine is now properly settled into her own apartment in the city of New York.

IC Journal

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Elaine is... weird. There's no other way to say it. Whether she's uttering one of her many non sequiturs in the middle of an unrelated conversation or just staring at one from across a table with her head tilted at a weird angle, it's likely to make people around her very confused until they learn that they shouldn't try to interpret this sort of weirdness. It's "just Elaine being Elaine".

Elaine is remarkably ordinary for someone with powers. She doesn't feel entitled because she has powers, nor does she feel like she's lesser than others because she does. It's just... something that is. Like an eye color, a hair color, etc. -- just something some people have, and some don't. It's not a "thing" to her, and she doesn't really understand why people (on EITHER side of the equation) have to make it such a big thing.

Generally Good:
Just because Elaine believes that most people will put themselves first in most situations doesn't mean she isn't willing to help out her fellow (wo)man. She's not a hero, and isn't going to go charging into a burning building heedless of the fire to save someone. She will, however, start trying to put it out from the outside.

Just People:
In the end, Elaine believes that all people -- no matter how powerful or powerless, rich or poor -- are just that. People. Even the heroes put their pants (or spandex) on one leg at a time. She also believes most people are generally going to put themselves first, but that this isn't necessarily a selfish thing to do. It's not selfish, it's self-preservation. Furthermore, each person is a person until an individual chooses via his or her actions how Elaine will treat them -- like a person (regardless of power, wealth, beauty, etc.), like an animal, or like a monster.

This isn't really a super accurate term for it, but Elaine sure doesn't act particularly feminine. It's more she tends to blend traits of both genders in her personality, until her gender really doesn't figure into her personality that much at all. Mind, she doesn't actually hide or obscure the characteristic of her physical sex. But, much like whether she's got powers or not, she just... doesn't care.

Middle Ground:
This is, in fact, Elaine's philosophy on a lot of things. Work, but don't work yourself to death. Play, but don't shirk your responsibilities. Be strong, but be gentle. Do for others when you can, but take time for yourself too. Reward hard work, but give a hand to those who can't do as well -- give them a hand, but don't do it for them. Elaine is firmly in the middle where issues of a political bent are concerned too.

Southern Accent:
She has one! She also hides it, out of a fear that it will make her seem less intelligent somehow, since she doesn't want the stigma of being 'another dumb redneck.'

Character Sheet


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Elaine is able to manipulate water, either bodies of it or the water in the air, to accomplish a variety of stunts -- blasts, "bullets", waves, etc.; she can "lift" the water of her own body to levitate, or the water in another's body to push or throw them. She is not currently able to pull water out of living beings, but if shorn of a source of external water, she can use the water in her own body. Overuse of this is dangerous, however, as she can quickly fall to dehydration. She is limited to using a quantity of water the size of a moderately-sized swimming pool at one time. Additionally, for her to use it for any of these stunts, the water has to be "free" (as in, not inside a person's body), or "hers" (as in, her own body's water).

Elaine's able to breathe while underwater, as well as swim as easily as if she was a water creature herself. However, this gives her no immunity to the depths of the ocean, nor does it negate the need for decompression after coming up from deep waters. Additionally pollutants in the water can cause issues when inhaled.


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Data Entry:
Elaine is a capable typist, and can type things like written reports into a computer system with a minimum of errors. It's a mind-numbingly boring task, but someone has to do it. Luckily she can do so pretty fast. She does NOT possess the skills to be a computer programmer, hacker, IT technician, or anything of this nature.

Mostly Useless Knowledge:
Elaine knows a little about a lot of things. Unfortunately most of this information is useless under most circumstances, or has use in only a very limited number of circumstances. Some examples of "useless" knowledge are as follows: the name of the man who acted as David Bowie's hands in the movie "Labyrinth", how to say "my hovercraft is full of eels" in six languages (but no other words or phrases), or -- as possibly the only semi-useful thing in her repertoire of knowledge -- how to use chopsticks with a respectable degree of competency.

Internet search engines use certain algorithms to narrow down the searches and attempt to make results as relevant as possible. Elaine knows these algorithms and can take advantage of the wording of her search input, to gain nearly the maximum relevant results based on the accuracy of the search engine. This doesn't mean she's going to stumble upon secret S.H.I.E.L.D. documents while looking for recipes for home-made fudge, though.

Most of Elaine's capability here is due to untrained talent. She's not going to be the next Susan Boyle (at least, not without LOTS more training) but she can carry a tune respectably, so long as it falls within her contralto vocal range.

The water has always been a symbol of freedom for Elaine. So, growing up, she took every opportunity to swim that she could. She is now a very strong swimmer, and has an instinctive understanding of what not to do while in the water.


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Paying Job:
Elaine has a pretty decently-paying, if mundane and boring, job. Her skills as a typist and data entry specialist, with her willingness to work for "only what she needs to survive", keeps her in high demand at her place of business.

Due partially to her age and having lived with her powers for a long period of time, partially to her middle-of-the-road philosophy, and partially to the lack of any real tragedy in her life, Elaine's pretty well-adjusted for a powered individual. She's never felt the need to give up a normal life for a life of heroism, and her relatively easy to conceal powers give her the advantage of being mostly untouched by the fires of mutant hatred.


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Elemental Rps:
Elaine's powers are water-elemental, thus they're impeded by conditions where water in the air is in short supply (dry air, extremely low humidity, such as the conditions in a desert); in these conditions she has to use the water in her own body, and then she faces the danger of dehydration. Also, while she has little to fear from fire under normal circumstances, heat and electricity damage her moreso than it does a normal human -- tasers can be immediately deadly, and even minor burns will hurt for hours.

Middle of Road:
What did Mr. Miyagi say? "Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get squish just like grape"? Due to her middleground approach Elaine can come off as being a person of weak morals, whose beliefs seem to change based on what's more advantageous for her at the time.

Poor Vision:
Astigmatism leads Elaine to be heavily dependent on glasses. Her job pays well, but not well enough to afford the surgery to have it corrected. If she loses her glasses during a conflict, it can be hard for her to navigate the situation, as well as difficult to replace them later due to the monetary cost.



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