Electromagnetic Emotional Spectrum

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The Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum is a group of ideologues that derive power from the emotions of all sentient beings. There are seven unique forms of energy based on their emotions, with a color unique to the emotion. These ideologues were first discovered by Oa.

The Guardians and their successor races eventually chose to harness the emotions of several different colors. They also discovered that the farther one is away from the center of the Spectrum, the more control the energy has on the wielder.

Additionally, they discovered that each of these ideologues had manifested an avatar, to help promote the harmony of that emotional power.

Oa developed the technology to build the first Central Power Battery. Oans as a race could naturally channel the Green spectrum, but the creation of the Power Battery allowed them to transmit that power over vast distances to conduits of energy in their servitor robots, the Manhunters-- then, later, the Green Lanterns.

The Emotional Spectrum is divided into seven 'colors' that represent a metaphysical emotion or ideal. The color is an expression of the ideal, rather than vice-versa.

The most accessible and best known is the Green Spectrum, as it has been the domain of the Oans for billions of years. Their robotic Martian Manhunters and Green Lantern Corps draw upon this power in the discharge of their duties. It represents the emotion of Willpower.

The other colors include:

Each of the colors of the spectrum has a corresponding idealogical entity that exists as a manifestation of that color. The representations of Willpower, Compassion, and Hope are benign and even helpful; those for Avarice, Rage, and Fear are destructive and violent.