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Evan Demetrios (Scenesys ID: 2265)
Name: Evan Demetrios
Superalias: Nemean
Gender: Male
Species: Magically Altered Human
Occupation: Student at Empire State University
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: High School Diploma
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 14 Apr 2001 Played By Kellan Lutz
Height: 6'2" Weight: 225 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Evan Demetrios was a normal guy, or so he thought. Secretly a child of Typhon, his sire activated his powers with the use of a hidden artifact. Transformed into a lion-like form similar to one of Typhon's original children, Evan was saved from going feral by his aunt and a magic infused bracelet. Having had to adjust to his newfound abilities, and constantly keep his monsterous instincts at bay, he has opted to use his powers to help, like the heroes he has looked up to all his life.


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* 2001: Evangelos Demetrios is born and adopted by Nikos and Sarah Demetrios in Metropolis. Unbeknownst to his parents, he is a son of Typhon.
* 2006: Entering elementary school, he opts to go by Evan to try to blend in better with other kids.
* 2007: Begins to notice that he's a bit different from his parents, they admit to him that he is adopted. He wants to learn more about his real parents.
* 2009: Goes on first archeological dig with his aunt Lydia, who has taken a fascination with him.
* 2017: Parents killed in Doomsday's attack. Moves in with aunt in New York City.
* 2018: Takes trip to Greece with aunt in order to try to seek out any information on his family history. Uncovers more of his family tree, but nothing concrete.
* 2019: Enrolls in Empire State University in order to get a degree in Archeology to try to track down information on his family.
* 2020: On another dig with his aunt, he uncovered a small box with a strange coin inside. Feeling it call to him, he grabs it and it triggers his transformation.
* Late 2020: His aunt Lydia, studying his transformation, finds an artifact that is able to allow him to return to human form, with practice he is able to switch between the two forms.
* 2021: Despite protests from his aunt, Evan decides to give a go at heroics. He has to work to suppress the monstrous instincts, but that just makes him more determined to prove he can be a hero, rather than fall to the monster that he is.

IC Journal

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They say curiosity killed the cat, but in Evan's case, curiosity is what turned him into a cat. Well not that it would have stopped it from happening, but Evan is always looking to learn new things from people, to explore and experience things that he's never been able to before. He's not content to stay in one place for too long or not push himself to keep getting better.

It's Evan's determined personality that keeps him focused, and helps him to keep his monstrous side under control. He is focused on being a hero, and knows that a slip up could cause him to lose control, and that's the last thing he wants. It also allows him to continue to push through when he faces adversity in life, be it in school or in heroics.

Evan is a very outgoing type, he's very much the type to introduce himself, bring the focus on him when he's in a group. This also helps him when he's out attempting superhero stuff, because it gives him a boisterous persona while out in the field, and that's a great way to draw attention when fighting crime.

Character Sheet


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Nemean's claws, like the original lion, are able to rend steel and cut through armor like butter. They're retractable so he doesn't always have them out even when he's transformed. They're one of the few things that can damage his own flesh, so he has to be careful with them.

Nemean's lion form grants him the same nigh indestructible pelt of the beast of myth, rendering him extremely resilient to damage. While he can still feel impacts, and they do register as pain, it's far more difficult for anything to pierce his skin when he's transformed.

Enhanced Senses:
When transformed, Nemean's senses, particularly smell and hearing, are highly advanced. He's able to use them to hear sounds in frequencies that humans can't, and track targets, he can pick out individual scents from large collections, and follow them to a target location.

Enhanced Speed:
Like his strength, his speed is enhanced beyond what a normal human would be capable of. He's able to run faster, jump farther, and run longer distances than normal folks could hope for. To a lesser extent this available to him when he's in human form.

Enhanced Strength:
Nemean possesses strength far beyond any normal human, though he's not going to be able to stop a speeding train, he is able to lift and throw weights that even professional bodybuilders would deem impossible. While he is able to access his full strength while transformed, he is still above average when in human form.

He is able to focus his roar into an offensive weapon, if he keeps it low enough frequency he can use it to trigger a fight or flight response, but full focus can level a sonic weapon that can blast opponents backwards or even tear up concrete.


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He's training to be an archeologist and has taken an interest in it from a young age. He's still learning and not the best in the world when it comes to it, but he knows what to look for.

Evan plays football, and he knows a lot about it. He's actually a player for the Empire State University Eagles, playing linebacker. He knows a lot about the sport, and he can use his training to help him off the field as well.


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Evan lives in the dorm at Empire State University, and it's also his current base of operations for his vigilante antics. He also uses it as a staging ground for going to school and getting an education.

His family was decently well off, and his parents left him a lot of money when they died. He'd still rather have his parents, if you asked him, but he uses the money to pay for school needs and keep himself fed.


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Inhuman Appearance:
When fully transformed, Evan looks like a lion and it would be next to impossible for him to blend in with normal humans. Even when not transformed, he still retains some of the lion-like appearance, pointed ears, sharper teeth and a near constant hair around his face even if he shaves.

Monstrous Instincts:
Being a monster, a son of Typhon, Evan is constantly dealing with the instincts that come with that. They want him to rampage, to let loose and do things that go against his own moral compass. He is in a constant battle with these instincts, especially while transformed, to make sure that he does the right thing.



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Evan Demetrios has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mane Concerns February 14th, 2021 Beast Boy and Vorpal meet the Nemean lion over burgers!
The Pride of Antiquity January 24th, 2021 Terry takes Evan to have a consultation with the Amazons.
Lion Around In The Museum January 22nd, 2021 No description


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Evan Demetrios has 3 finished logs.

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