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Eve Eden (Scenesys ID: 2211)
Name: Eve Eden
Superalias: Nightshade
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Homo Magi Hybrid
Occupation: Former Spy
Citizenship: American Citizen
Residence: Metropolis
Education: College Degree
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 05 OCT 1994 Played By Shelley Hennig
Height: 5'8" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @ShadowWeaver
Theme Song: Me And My Shadow (Demon) -- Scooby Doo

Character Info


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Eve Eden - Princess of the Land of Nightshades (or at least what's left of it), has adventured as a spy for a few years, and is now a newly minted private investigator seeking to start a new life away from the spy business. Eve's life has continued to get more and more interesting as time progressed. Though she is currently seeking a full time job and opportunity - she's honed her powers to their fullest and continues to do so.


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* 1990: Maureen, Queen of the Land of Nightshades, escapes to this world due to an attack by an evil Incubus.
* 1992: Maureen falls in love with and eventually marries Warren Eden.
* 1994: Eve is born to Maureen and Warren Eden.
* 1996: Larry, Eve's younger brother is born.
* 1998: Warren's political career shoots off, forcing him to be away from his family often.
* 2004: Maureen begins taking Eve and Larry to karate classes on the pretense it's to protect them from Warren's enemies.
* 2004-2012: Eve excels in karate and begins learning other forms of marital arts, Larry drops out.
* 2012: Eve graduates high school with honors and is granted a full scholarship to Metropolis University.
* 2012: Eve begins college, studying to become a lawyer.
* Mid-2012: Maureen believes her home land is now safe and takes Eve and Larry there to find out their true heritage - an off shoot of the Homo Magi.
* Mid-2012: While in the Land of Nightshades, the evil Incubus mortally wounds Maureen and takes off with Larry. Maureen manages to escape with Eve back to this world. On her dying breath, Maureen shows Eve her true powers and heritage, Eve vows that one day she will find and rescue Larry.
* Mid-2012: Warren, mourning the loss of his son and wife, grows distant to Eve and the two stop speaking to each other.
* 2016: Eve graduates from Metropolis University in the field of criminal law, working her way to becoming a private investigator.
* 2016: Eve is side tracked on her task of becoming a P.I. by working with, and becoming a spy for SHIELD - hoping that one day her connections within the organization would help her recover Larry from the Land of Nightshades.
* 2016: Eve works undercover as a spy named 'Chimera', infiltrating and attempting to help bring down villainous organizations across Europe.
* 2019: After a disastrous event in her last mission, Eve quits SHIELD and again works towards getting her private investigator license.
* 2020: Newly minted private eye, Eve is at a cross roads in her life, curious where her path should lead her now.

IC Journal

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Eve is a devout Catholic. She believes in God, attends church (when she can), and has been baptised in the religion. She isn't one to push her beliefs onto anyone, but instead keeps them close to her heart.

Considering Eve can turn into a living shadow, she tends to be a bit cocky and self assured in anything and everything that she does. This is a flaw, as well as a personality quirk, because Eve isn't afraid to simply rush into any situation - even if she may not know everything that is going on. She's bold, at times arrogant, and can even be impudent to a small degree. She is extremely self assured and has a very strong will power to back that up.

Moral Ambiguity:
When you become a spy there are times when you are forced into situations that may be considered 'grey', or even 'bad'. Eve has had to go down that road a few times, acting in a manner that is different than her beliefs. She is, on the whole, a good person who believes and knows the difference between right and wrong, yet she also knows that occasionally those 'rules' can and need to be broken for the greater good.

Eve is a very private person. She isn't one to go talking about her feelings, emotions, or what is bugging her, nor does she talk about her day. Those that know Eve only know what she is willing to share, and that isn't a lot. She keeps herself protected this way, not only from those that might be her enemy (as she was a spy for several years), but from those that might get too close to her. She protects herself from ever getting hurt, emotionally or physically.

Sense of Humor:
When it comes to a quirky sense of humor, Eve has it in spades. When she's nervous or annoyed, when things aren't going right, Eve tends to go straight to a bad sense of humor, and see light of situations, versus dark. In the darkest of times, Eve will attempt to crack a bad joke, or make fun of a situation - all of which is done as a coping mechanism, versus being unable to see the difference between when it's a good time to crack wise, and when it's not. Even when things are not dire, though, Eve is quick with a laugh and smile.

Eve has a very strong strength of will. It takes a great deal to break or mentally control Eve. This includes her ability to stick to anything that she sets her mind to - such as break a bad habit. She isn't supposed to eat chocolate anymore? Done. Her willpower, the strength of will to do what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, is very difficult to break or over come. She is a strong, at times controlling, and even over powering personality who stands up for herself, and those that she protects.

Character Sheet


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Land of Nightshades:
The Land Of Nightsades is a realm that runs congruent to this one, though it is a dark place that many are unable to view without going mad. At one time, it was a place of beauty and plenty, where Eve's mother, Maureen, ruled in peace. Sadly an evil Incubus took control of the land and has slaughtered everyone who lived there. Eve is the only living Homo Magi from The Land of Nightshades left. It is now a haunted realm that Eve must use to travel through in order to teleport, it is also the source of her powers.

Within the Land of Nightshades and only in the Land of Nightshades, Eve's powers are absolute. She is able to create many more constructs, with a much less limited amount of concentration and willpower necessary. Within that broken land, Eve's powers are augmented ten fold.

Living Shadow:
Including to all of her other abilities, Eve is also able to transform herself into a living, two-dimensional shadow which grants her increased physical strength and the ability to become completely intangible at will. When fully intangible, Nightshade is little more substantial than an actual shadow, able to pass through physical objects as if she has no substance. She can perform such feats as walking through walls, flying (only as fast as she can walk or run), hiding within solid objects, or avoiding any physical contact with others. As she is nothing more than a shadow in this form, she can not be shot, hit, punched, or physically harmed, energy bolts or magical bolts will pass right through her.

Nightshade's physical strength is also increased dramatically when in this living shadow form, and when she is not intangible she's able perform such feats as punching holes through solid concrete, denting and twisting metal, or crushing bone. Like all shadows, however, Nightshade is particularly vulnerable to intense light and light-based attacks while in the shadow form, and can be either weakened physically or forced to turn solid if subjected to extremely bright light or light-based attacks.

Shadow Homunculi:
Including to her mindless constructs that only react upon Eve's instructions, she has perfected her shadow weaving to include shadow homunculi - specifically in the form of smaller creatures such as birds, that will scout out an area for her and do easy, mundane tasks. She has the ability to create two such creatures, usually in the form of twin ravens that she has named Hugin and Munin (though she calls them Hyu and Mu). They can not fight for her, they are not able to do much beyond scout an area - and nine times out of ten, they'll report back that a dog is an enemy, versus a true threat. Yet, they are able to be created, and recreated at will, and are at her beck and call, unswervingly loyal.

Eve has the ability to teleport people, items, even an entire building, from one point, to another. She does this through opening dark force portals from the current location to the Land of Nightshades and then opening a portal within the Land of Nightshades, to the place of her choosing. She is able to open multiple portals in this manner, and even has the ability to create enormous black warp doors, that can scoop anything in its path to her Nightshade dimension. The size of her portals are only limited by the amount of strength she has, and the feedback the portals cause. The larger and more consuming of portals and warp doors create an almost unbearable degree of pain on Eve. A typical portal is about twenty feet in diameter, and can be created without any effort, indeed upwards to six of these same size circular portals cause no trouble for the Shadow Weaver. While she normally creates a portal to one side, she is able to cause a portal to exist underneath an individual or individuals, allowing them to drop through the portal. (It is important to note, consent is a key and important feature for all of Eve's powers. All player characters, and non-player characters emitted by others will never be transported without permission first.)

The range of Eve's teleportation abilities are nearly limitless, as long as she knows where to go, she can take a person there, regardless of how far away it is. The circumference of the Earth is easily within her range and abilities, while interstellar travel would not be possible. It is important to note that the Land of Nightshades is a terrible, horrific place to behold, and a mundane mind might not be able to fathom the depth of terror that exists within it now. It is this reason people are told to close their eyes when moving through it, for just one look could drive a person mad. Eve is /immune/ to the Nightshade dimension's terrors and can keep her eyes open while moving through it.

As the only survivor of her race from the Land of Nightshades, Eve's powers are hereditary, an inborn connection to that shadowy realm. As a result, Eve is able to create constructs from 'dark force', which is an other dimensional force of pure darkness. These dark force constructs are only limited by Eve's imagination, willpower, concentration and continued connection to the Land of Nightshades. They can be as complex as Eve has the imagination to create, to as simple as a hand, box, or glove.

An example of her dark force powers include such things as a sky-scraper sized giant construct, the ability to create 'darkness bolts' that can leap from her fingertips with enough force to puncture through flesh, bone, and metal. The ability to cover an entire football field with darkness, or create multiple and non-connecting boxes to contain a person or item. It is important to note, the larger and more complex of constructs the fewer number she can create, to the point where she is only able to create one huge sky-scraper sized construct, versus dozens of human sized boxes. These constructs last only as long as Eve has the concentration, willpower, and focus to keep them going. These constructs can be as strong and dense as steel to soft as a feather, to nothing more than shadow itself having no mass, or density.


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While working for SHIELD, Eve has gained a great deal of experience and skill in 'working under cover'. With her shadow powers, Eve is a skilled scout, able to sneak through even well guarded installations without too much difficulty. She isn't a ninja, by any means, but she is very skilled in such areas as infiltration, reconnaissance, and subterfuge.

Martial Combat:
Through the few years that Eve has been a spy within SHIELD, as well as starting out learning karate at a young age, she has gained a good deal of knowledge in how to defend herself. She is a gifted expert in karate, as well as different forms of martial arts. She's knowledgeable enough to take on multiple targets with both her shadow powers, as well as without. She has had years of training and education, both in the field as well as out.

Eve has trained herself to remember details, even the most minute of details. She memorizes places that she's been (so she can teleport to them again), she can look at a room and remember the most minor details about it. She does not have an eidetic memory, but she's taught herself tricks and ways to remember the finer points, especially so she can go back to that location in an instant, without worrying about ending up in a different spot entirely.

Occult Lore:
While Eve isn't an expert in the occult by any means, she has learned much about the occult and most things 'magical'. Beyond just knowing that they exist, she has knowledge of demons and demon possession, Incubus, Succubus, and other creatures that could be described as magical in origins. She knows how to fight things she's read about, and knows where to go in order to uncover information on things she doesn't know about.

While her father was in the Senate (and is now retired), Eve gained a great deal of knowledge about the inner workings of the government, and the different processes that you need to go through in order to get anything done. While she isn't an expert in it, by any means, she does have a good understanding, education and working relationship with the United States government.

Private Investigation:
With her powers and abilities, Eve makes a fantastic private investigator -- and spy. She has a four year degree in criminal law, so this also combines to help her know the proper way to go about any case (and the wrong way to do things, which sometimes is necessary). This includes taking clandestine photos, tracking, trailing, and patiently watching for the right moment.


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Eve has a few contacts that she can rely upon, or at least call upon in situations that arise - these include political contacts from her father, police officers, and even a few fellow spies. None of these are very powerful individuals and could only be used for minor problems.

Eve's father, Warren Eden, was a noted politician that only recently retired. While Eve and her father are currently estranged, the two are slowly trying to work things out. It is a slow process of give and take, and may never succeed, only time will tell. Still, he is the last of her family, and Eve would never allow anything to happen to him. Warren would also grant Eve assistance if it truly came down to it, though probably only under certain conditions.

Through her many years working as a spy, Eve has acquired a small savings that she can fall back on, if the situation requires it. She has an apartment in Metropolis, all the necessities that life requires, and enough of a savings that if everything was taken from her - she'd be able to at least start over. (Which equals to about a five hundred thousand ollars in the bank.)


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Eve must have some manner of concentration in order to create her larger shadow creatures and constructs. If she is over whelmed in any way, she runs the risk of not being able to concentrate enough to utilize her powers to their upper limits. While basic and simple shadow powers such as her shadow bolts can be used with a limited amount of concentration, the larger and more complex use of her powers requires a great deal of concentration.

Land of Nightshades:
For all of Eve's powers to exist, she must have some connection to her haunted, shadowy realm. The Land of Nightshades use to be a place of beauty, filled with a humanoid race and ruled over by Eve's mother, Maureen. Sadly all of that came crashing down when an evil Incubus took control of the land and killed off all the human inhabitants. It is now a desolate, barren and haunted land - but a place that Eve must have a connection to in order to teleport, as well as utilize her dark force manipulation abilities. Should the connection through mystical or otherwise ways cease between Eve and it, she will no longer have access to any of her powers.

Light Generation:
Light degrades darkness - you have a room full of shadows and a light is turned on the shadows disappear. This is what happens to Eve's constructs and shadows. Those who are able to generate light are able to degrade and destroy Eve's shadow constructs as easily as one might 'turn on the light'. Now it isn't to say a flashlight is going to destroy her shadow constructs, nor is the sun going to suddenly cause her a degree of danger, but those that can create radiance, dazzle or generate brilliant light can cause the darkness to abate.



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Title Date Scene Summary
The Shooting Aftermath December 29th, 2020 Eve and Jamie work together to figure out who shot, who.
A Little Misunderstanding December 13th, 2020 A little confusion, a little chaos, a shot in the park, two PIs working opposite each other - a basic recipe for disaster. (To Be Continued).


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