Fae Realms

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The Fae Realms are not a specific dimension or demesne. They represent a shifting border region proximate to The Dreaming in the Astral Realms, all hailing from their ancestral origin of Tir na Nog.

The Fae Realms themselves are difficult for mortals to navigate. There is no linear topology and travel by foot does not necessarily mean progress is consistent. The Fae Realms are the residence of the ideologue awareness called "The Green" and are invariably filled with plant life. Regions of the Fae Realms tend to reflect ideologies-- bright gardens for kindness, swamps for decrepitude, misty forests for the tricky. Known paths, or Ways, assist mortals in using the Fae realms to rapidly traverse otherwise significant differences in reality.

The Fae are mischievous ideologues that are taxonomically akin to demons. Known for being unpredictable and flighty, the Fae run the gamut from cruel (redcaps) to kind (faerie godmothers). Pixies, brownies, will-o-wisps, goblins, and trolls are all common fae. Fae are known for their curses and enjoy harassing overly proud mortals, envious of the soul they carry. They have a reputation as shrewd negotiators and love a good debate. Many of them have particular ideosyncratic weaknesses and all fae are badly injured by the touch of refined iron and steel.

For the fae, interacting with mortals requires a great deal of effort. Their magics work best on those who consent to speak with them or engage their services. It is possible for a strong enough mortal to banish a Fae by force of willpower alone. The Fae are weakened by intruding into mortal affairs, trespassing into homes, or attempting to steal children. That doesn't stop them from doing any of those things, but the Fae are not known for having a good sense of risk and reward.

Elves are the most human of the Fae, and have been known to interbreed with mortals. Elves are immortal and have innate magical talents, as well as being skilled warriors. It is possible for an elven spirit to produce a soul if they love a mortal and are truly loved in return. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts were formed to protect the Outer Gates of Otherworld. Refugees of an ancient war were transplanted to Alfheim, becoming the Light Elves and Dark Elves.

Morgan le Fay is venerated as a hero among the Fae for the creation of the land of Avalon. The elves take immense pride in their duties at the Outer Gates of Otherworld and Morgana has shown herself to be an ally to the immortal spirits, even despite their fickle memories. The gods of the Fae are the Tuatha de Danaan, though they do not rule over a specific demesne such as the Olympians or Asgardians.