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The Fantastic Four are the first modern superhero team. They first assembled in 1990 in response to the invasion of New York by Doctor Victor von Doom. Their core membership consists of Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, Susan Richards (nee Storm), and Reed Richards. Various other superheroes have been invited to stand in and fill one of the missing team slots as people took leave from the team or were made MIA.

The Fantastic Four are best known for being researchers and explorers. Reed Richards directed some of the first formal contact with multiple alien species, thanks to his development of Earth's first hyperspace travel technology. The Fantastic Four are comfortably middle-aged now but still quite active as a team, serving as mentors and role models for many other superheroes. Their chief adversary is often Victor von Doom, and they've tangled with him and his schemes many times over the decades.

Historical Timeline

  • 2020 -- The Fantastic Four assist the Avengers, the Titans, and the Justice League in recovering the cities taken by Brainiac after his attack on the island of Genosha.
  • 2018 -- Reed decides his inventions need to be better safeguarded. He reclaims many of the items on loan to SHIELD and stores the bulk of his most dangerous creations in a secure facility in Antarctica.
  • 2018 -- During Loki's Assault on New York, the F4 are off-planet. Their diplomatic efforts help ensure alien races don't try to exploit the chaos of Loki's plans.
  • 2017 -- Doomsday attacks Earth. The Fantastic Four make their best efforts to stop him and are successful only in injuring him and slowing the creature down. Ben Grimm is beaten badly, shaking his self-confidence, and takes a long-term leave of absence. Reed falls into a deep depression upon hearing the news of the Death of Superman.
  • 2013 -- A collection of the F4's rogues infiltrates and captures the Baxter Building. The team decides to destroy the building rather than allow it to fall into their hands. It is replaced by a new building, 4 Freedom Plaza.
  • 2012 -- Reed Richards joins billionaires like Bruce Wayne in donating money and material to restore Gotham during the events of No Man's Land.
  • 2012 -- The Fantastic Four join other defenders of Earth to stop the Alien Alliance Invasion. Johnny Storm briefly mentors the members of the newly-formed Titans in the aftermath.
  • 1994 -- On a deep space trip, the team learns of the existence of Galactus. Reed starts setting plans into motion to deal with him should the ancient entity appear near Earth.
  • 1990 -- Dr. Doom attacks the Baxter Building and is defeated by the Fantastic Four. They become overnight superstars and the first modern superhero team.
  • 1990 -- Reed Richards purchases the Baxter Building and turns it into the base of operations for the F4.
  • 1989 -- Ben Grimm, Susan Storm and Johnny Storm join Reed Richards for the inaugural flight of his spaceship. Exposure to cosmic radiation radically alters their DNA.