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The Fates are among the most ancient of all beings in Creation. The mysteries of the universe are lain bare to them, watching past, present, and future unfold and unfurl around them. Virtually every civilization has a mythology about the Fates-- always appearing in threes, always young, mature, and ancient.

These potent idealogues present avatars and extensions of their will across billions of worlds and demesnes. Asgard called them the Norns, and Odin sought deep wisdom from them on several occasions (at no small cost). The Olympians called them Moirai, three women descended directly from Uranus and Gaea who became idealogues in their own right.

A few cultures know of the deeper role of the Fates, ones that even the Powers are wary of. It is given to the Fates to chastise those who break divine law-- breaking the deep and binding contracts of souls and spirits, or who kill their own flesh and blood. Petitioned properly, they take on the role of the Eryines-- the Furies-- and there are few beings in existence who can check them once they are set on the path of vengeance.