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  Agent Venom  
Flash Thompson (Scenesys ID: 809)
Name: Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Superalias: Agent Venom
Gender: Male
Species: Human Bonded to Klyntar Symbiote
Occupation: Gym Teacher, Happy Harbor High
Citizenship: American
Residence: James Barnes VA Medical Center, Bronx, New York
Education: High School Graduate, Military AIT
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 29 February 2000 Played By Artist Rendention
Height: 4'11" w/o legs - 6'2" w legs Weight: 160 lb formerly 185 lb
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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When he was in high school, Eugene "Flash" Thompson was the popular kid everyone wanted to know. Jock, star athlete, gergarious, a bit of a bully and a jerk, and unafraid. After graduation, he went into the military and lost both of his legs while saving his platoon's life in Iraq. Now back home and without use of his legs, Flash is trying to make it as the coach at Happy Harbor and his volunteering for Project: Rebirth with the support of it's unknown backers.


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* 2000 - Eugene "Flash" Thompson is born.
* 2014 - Flash attends Midtown High School. He plays football, becoming a star quarterback and highly recruited by colleges. He's also a bully and a jerk and causes trouble - mainly to Peter Parker.
* 2019 - Flash graduates high school. He forgoes going to college to join the US Army to avoid his home life. He graduates from Infantry school and is deployed to Iraq. In December of 2019, Corporal Eugene Thompson is wounded in action at the temples of Hatra. He is recommended for the Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle that saved his platoon.
* 2020 - In January, Corporal Eugene Thomspon, after emergency treatment, is transferred to Germany for rehibilitation.
By February, Flash is sent to the James Barnes VA Medical Center to continue to rehabilitate. He accepts a Troops to Teachers offer to teach gym at Happy Harbor High School.
In early March, Flash volunteered for a military project to restore his legs and is introduced to Project: Rebirth.

IC Journal

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While not the Apple Pie and red white and blue of a certain shield carrying super hero, Flash is definetly someone who wants the American dream. He is proud of his country, so much so that despite losing his legs in Iraq, he volunteered for Project: Rebirth to continue to serve.

Bipolar Depressive:
Flash was already borderline before he joined the military. After Iraq, Flash became full-blown type 2 Bipolar. He suffers from manic highs where he feels he can do anything to depressive lows where he just wants to lock himself in his room and hide or worse. He takes medicine (part of his Rebirth strata) and attends weekly counseling sessions at the James Barnes VA Med Center to talk with other war veterans to share their experiences.

Flash was a grade A arse in high school. He was the popular kid, the jock, and he lorded it around, especially in his bullying those he perceived as weak and unathletic. The military knocked him off that post, and combat sobered him to the truth. There's always someone bigger and badder. And being literally cut down to size is a reminder of what a jerk he was and that he needs to fix it and make amends.

Hero Worship:
Flash looks up to other heroes with starry-eyed admiration. This is especially true of Spider-Man. He wants to be as valiant and gallant as the web-slinger and is one of his most ardent supporters. He doesn't know that the kid that he bullied and his hero are one in the same. Though he has some suspicions carried over from his high school days.

Road To Recovery:
Flash went to a dark place after he lost his legs. His glory-hounding had caught up to him and it sent him deep into the bottle, proving that he was his father's son. The VA and Project: Rebirth is helping him to recover, but his own personal 12 step program still lies before him.

Flash joined the military to find the glory he had lost in his days of high school as well as to get away from his old man. And while he earned commendation and medals, including a recommendation for the Medal of Honor, from his short time in active service, he found no comfort in his ribbons and medals. Tormented by the things he saw and the night he lost his legs, he turned his whole attention to the bottle.

Character Sheet


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Symbiote: Agility:
With his enhanced physique and musculature as well as augmented senses provided by the symbiote, Flash is capable of great feats of dexterity, balance, agility, and speed. He is able to outrun Olympic athletes as well as motor vehicles over short distances. He has perfect balance and is able to almost instantly compensate when something attempts to throw that balance off. He has very precise control and aim. He is also capable of gymnastic and acrobatic feats that would make even the best of professional competitors green with envy. His reaction time to events has been measured in the nano-seconds, leaving almost zero delay between the perception of an event, the processing, and the reaction to it.

Symbiote: Camoflauge:
The symbiote is capable of mimicking the appearance of any form of clothing, camouflaging with its surroundings, and even mimicking other people. Flash's preferred form of clothing is a white shirt, jacket and pants.

Symbiote: Danger Sense:
While bonded with the symbiote, Flash is able to pick up a low running 'vibe' to the world around him. It's almost like a faint back ground noise that's not quite as intrusive as tinnitus, and more a visceral feeling. It's only when there is a danger to him that exists, the threat of injury or death, that the background noise will enhance to a roar of warning, indicating the state of danger but also roughly the direction of it. The true nature of this sense has eluded most testing. It can at times manifest when others are in danger in close proximity, or when there is the potential for an event that could cause great danger? It seems to change depending on the ambient 'background' of it, but also the intensity of mayhem.

Symbiote: Endurance:
With the abilities of the symbiote that allows matter manipulation and shapeshifting it allows Flash to be extremely durable during most highly dangerous situations. His body is able to purge toxins and diseases, as well as allow his form to continuously cleanse his blood stream and musculature of fatigue. He is capable of operating for a week at a time with little to no sleep, though his mental performance will downgrade. He is also able to endure the impact of small arms fire and conventional weapons though heavy guns can cause enough damage to slow him or injure him for an extended period of time.

Symbiote: Enhanced Senses:
The symbiote allows flash to enhance his senses depending on his needs at the time. It normally uses this ability to enhance the rods and cones in its partner's eyes, allowing Flash to see in extreme dark or to protect him from a bright flash of light. It is able to shift the shape of his ears given enough warning to shield his hearing or to allow him to listen closely and sense movement at extended ranges. He is also capable of 'devouring' matter and processing its chemical structure though usually he lets the symbiote's mouth do this.

Symbiote: Null Zone:
As a curious by product of the Symbiote's adaptation and exposure to arachnid abilities, it has developed the capacity to be a black hole of presence regarding spider-senses. If Flash and the symbiote he was wearing was attacking an individual who held malice for someone who had spider-sense, they would not register at all to those enhanced senses.

Symbiote: Recovery:
Enhanced by the symbiote, when joined Flash's form is one with the creature. This allows the symbiote to create flesh and blood replacement legs for him, as well as to help his body maintain its structural integrity by rapidly shapeshifting to recover and heal injuries done to him. It still needs time for the cells to regenerate and be produced usually through enhanced energy disposition or caloric intake, but it can recover from small bullet wounds or stabbings or slashings relatively quickly in a matter of seconds. It is also able to continuously flush his system of toxins and impurities making him effectively immune to disease and poisons unless his system was overloaded entirely by a large quantity of it.

Symbiote: Shapeshifting:
The symbiote is capable of replicating the shape and texture of almost any common material or substance. It allows the symbiote to change into supposedly normal clothes, to flow over the features of the host and change their shape in regards to facial features and physical details, it also allows it to create other body parts alien in nature. It can produce pseudopods that end in blunt weapons or blades, can create another alien face complete with eyes and teeth. It is only limited by the amount of energy it is able to have access at the time which allows it to shift that energy into matter and to manipulate it. It also allows it to blend into its background surroundings, camouflaging it from those looking for it.

Symbiote: Strength:
With the symbiote bonded to him, Flash has enhanced strength and musculature that allows him to exert himself to great lengths. At normal levels of operation he can manipulate and lift heavy objects roughly twenty tons in weight, with little physical expenditure of stamina. Higher weights require a shift in the shape of the symbiote to focus more energy and allow his maximum capacity to something akin to fifty tons during short bursts.

Symbiote: Wall-Crawling:
The symbiote has the ability to molecularly bond to surfaces it connects to, in essence binding the two surfaces so strongly that it is almost impossible to seperate one from the other. This is what allows it to climb up the side of a wall or stick to almost anything without losing its grip. This process does no damage to the surface or the symbiote, but is more a weak chemical change that upon release returns the surface to its initial tension and form.

Symbiote: Webbing:
Flash's symbiote is capable of extending an extremely thin and strong tendril of its natural form outwards where it is able to attach and stick to objects, allowing him to embark on a rapid form of swinging for locomotion. Sometimes this takes the form of a webline or cabling or rope extending from his wrists, other times it can be a tendril fired from a fingertip or even a foot.


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Throughout High School and in the military, Flash was a very gifted athlete. He spent a large amount of his time competing and at times coaching. With his injuries and want to give back, he has taken that knowledge and experiences and turned it into a career helping students and athletes as the gym teacher at Happy Harbor. He is more talented in regards to football, but has experience with basketball as well as lacrosse.

Flash is an extremely good driver. If he had worked and trained he could have perhaps even made his way into stunt driving. As it stands now he is competent and can also drive most military infantry vehicles or transport equipment.

Hand To Hand Combat:
In his time with the military, Flash has trained at length in the military's Close Quarters Combat program. He is talented in the practical forms of hand to hand combat, such as Krav Maga, and Mixed Martial Arts. He is skilled in the use of knife and baton, and is an excellent fighter. It is entirely feasible before his injury that he could handle a half dozen attackers and come away relatively unscathed depending on their level of training.

Small Unit Tactics:
Having reached the rank of Sergeant in the military, he has trained in small unit tactics as well as has had years of experience in field combat and exercises. He is fully capable of leading a platoon of men in and out of a combat situation, identifying good and bad situations as well as helping to lead his men to victory or safety. He could lead a unit in a guerrilla situation, or during a deep deployment.

Weapons Training:
Flash Thompson, thanks to his years in the military, is checked out on most Nato and Warsaw Pact firearms. He is capable of stripping and breaking down a weapon quickly, cleaning it, and reassembling it in record time. He is a crack shot, able to hit a bullseye with a semi-automatic rifle at a thousand yards. There are definitely others who are better, but Flash has a strong all around talent and understanding of the weapons he uses.


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The Multi-Gun is specially keyed to Flash Thompson's DNA, so that it will only work for him. It has multiple functions ranging from an automatic assault rifle to a high-powered sniper rifle. It easily shifts between modes on a command from Flash so that he can easily cycle through it's various forms from pistol to rifle.

The bonded symbiote that Flash has is his greatest asset and gives him access to his powers. It is a second life form that shares a mental space with Eugene as well as an awareness making them a plurality instead of an individual. Though this clone of the prior Klyntar alien has been genetically modified and manipulated by the chemical injections it's received, it is still a mental presence in the mind of Eugene Thompson. It primarily expresses itself through feelings and those feelings are often muted as if it is somewhat detached. But this may be an issue of time and exposure. It may become more of a robust entity as time passes or as it learns. Currently it makes itself known by subtle shifts of emotion and a sort of undercurrent background feeling.

Though the mental state of the symbiote has allowed Flash to bond with it quickly and take a position of dominance, the speed of that bonding has made the bond permanent quickly. So much so that it is fatal to him should he lose it and it is possible for the symbiote to be taken away or split from him through application of one of the creature's weaknesses.

Upper Lower Class:
Flash currently has a passable rent-controlled apartment on the Upper East Side that he gained through a family connection. He also makes enough money through the military and his participation in Proect Rebirth that he is reasonably well off considering his expenditures are minimal and he has a strong retirement fund.

When not bound to the Symbiote, Flash has to use a wheelchair to get around due to the loss of his legs. With the symbiote's binding, it takes on the role of prosthetic legs. But the wheelchair is always there as a reminder of the sacrifices he made.


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Thanks in part to nature as well as nurture, Flash is vulnerable to the threat of alcoholism. He has at times in the past lost himself to the use of it and has allowed it to change his behaviour. It was due to his alcoholism that he missed the last chance he had to speak to his father. With his acceptance to the miliary's test program he has sworn off drink and now tries to not indulge.

In the past, Flash has allowed himself to turn his inner pain outwards and take it out on those around him. He has gotten over those inclinations for the most part but he knows and is aware that inside of him is an individual with the capacity for cruelty. He tries not to inflict that person on anyone anymore, but it lurks in the shadows at times.

Double Amputee:
During he war Flash was injured by an improvised explosive device and suffered injuries that led to him having his legs amputated above the knees. Without the use of the symbiote he must use a wheelchair to get around through life and so has different challenges that he must face for the day to day.

Flash's symbiote is also vulnerable to extreme heat. Once an object or area reaches a rough temperature of four hundred degrees the symbiote will attempt to flee the area or object. If struck and exposed to sustained high levels of heat the symbiote begins to take damage and loses mass as well as energy. It will try to flee even to the point of sacrificing its host.

Flash's symbiote, like all other Klyntar symbiotes, is vulnerable to loud or powerful soundwaves. When exposed to extreme and nearby repetitive sounds it is difficult for the symbiote to maintain cohesion and loses strength at an alarming rate. Single short bursts of sound are still strong enough to stun it, but to send it into full recession it needs repetitive or constant sound exposure.

Symbiote Bond:
Because of some of the testing and drugs used in the experimentation Project Rebirth 2.0 used to allow Flash to more easily control the symbiote, it has led to him becoming biologically dependent on the connection with the creature. If he is without the symbiote for an extended period of time, roughly a week to ten days, then he will grow weaker and eventually die from lack of that connection.

Though the symbiote has been altered genetically and through the use of chemical treatments so that it no longer has the same carnivorous tendencies or chemical dependencies, it still has an impact upon Flash's emotional make up. It is not as volatile as some other symbtiotes, but it is still capable of at a strong point of stress and emotion slipping toward a berserk and almost feral mode of operation. Usually to recover requires an immense effort of willpower or for the situation to run its course or become less stressful.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Demons Of The Past March 5th, 2020 Jessica sits at Josie's Bar like every other night, but this time she encounters some demons from her past. Whether phantoms or real, like her High School bully, Flash Thompson.
Mystique's Escape(Rescue) March 5th, 2020 Hydra and Weapon Plus have an encounter on the boarder and Mystique escape when Diana, Carol and Agent Venom all come to the engagement.
Memories of the Battle Maiden Heidi March 4th, 2020 23 December 2019: PFC Flash Thompson is saved in Iraq by an Angel of the Battlefield - a Valkyrie in Training that would be redacted from the offical report.
Visiting Hours at James Barnes VAMC March 4th, 2020 Peter comes to face his bully, only to find out that Flash has already been cut down to size.


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Flash Thompson has 4 finished logs.

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