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Foggy Nelson (Scenesys ID: 761)
Name: Franklin "Foggy" P. Nelson
Superalias: Guts
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal Defense Attorney
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Hell's Kitchen, New York City
Education: JD, Columbia Law
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 08 September 1992 Played By Elden Henson
Height: 5'9" Weight: 221 lb
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Foggy Nelson serves proudly as a criminal defense attorney in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. He grew up there and he makes his career there, if humbly. When he's not busy in the office or the courtroom trying desperately to keep this little law practice going, he's out and about in the local establishments with reasonable bar food and hopefully sanitary beer taps. Compared to Matt Murdock, Foggy is the more grounded of the two, and he tries to straddle the line between practical business and idealistic public service the best he can, but hey... a guy's gotta eat.


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Law School and Beyond:
Foggy attended Columbia Law with some funds from his on-and-off meat shop career to that point, as well as a not insignificant infusion of financial aid earmarked for students pursuing their educations from local family small business backgrounds. He shared a dormitory room from beginning to end with fellow law student Matt Murdock. The two supported each other through their studies and their poorly paid infancies into the legal profession, through the NY Bar Exam, internship time with Landman and Zack, and ultimately the establishment of their own humble criminal defense practice, right at home in Hell's Kitchen.

Local Boy:
Foggy comes from the huge Nelson clan of Hell's Kitchen, proud purveyors of various meats, smoked and otherwise. He did not grow up wealthy, but he did grow up with his family having enough to get by. By necessity, his early education included a great deal of relationship building with neighboring households and businesses, and in his younger years, he learned a great deal about how to run a small business, as well as how to maintain the facilities and equipment that his family's business relied upon. He'll occasionally quip that he's not a certified plumber, but at need, he's the next best thing.

* 1992: Born and raised in NYC (Hell's Kitchen/Clinton area).
* 1998: Starts running around in Nelson's Meats, learning basic plumbing and appliance repair and sneaking bites of cold cuts.
* 2000: Graduates high school and begins his undergrad career at a NYC commuter college in pre-law with minors in liberal arts and business. Evenings and weekends are spent either studying or putting in hours at the deli counter.
* 2004: Finishes undergrad and starts building up some funds at the family business for law school.
* 2008: Begins law school at Columbia. Meets Matt Murdock.
* 2012: Finishes law school, passes the NY Bar. Begins internship at Landman & Zack.
* 2016: Begins putting together Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law in Hell's Kitchen.

IC Journal

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Señor Foggy Law:
Partly because of his upbringing, partly because of his family's business, and partly because of his own gregarious personality, Foggy seems to know nearly everyone. Most local families stopped into Nelson's Meats to pick up orders and to interact with Foggy and his family at some time or another, so ultimately, most local families also knew half of the law office duo that set up shop in Hell's Kitchen. Name recognition has been a boon to the client base, even if the cases aren't very high paying. In more relaxed moments, Foggy's glad for the ties he has to his hometown, and the way they play out gives him a sense of purpose. He might not be able to take on housing corruption singlehandedly in New York City, but he can make sure the client's sink is working properly after he's stopped in to dispense legal advice.

Step Right Up!:
Foggy can get a little bit raucous when he feels like it, either out of his own exuberance or to get a rise out of some kind of audience nearby. He's found that it's useful for converting a pool table into a paid bar tab, particularly when his law partner's around to chalk up a cue.

This Is a Business:
It's not that Foggy has a problem with grateful clients (and their grandmothers, on occasion) expressing enthusiastic appreciation for Nelson and Murdock's services with various foodstuffs that he happens to enjoy. Rather, he notes that most banks don't actually find apple pies, baklava, tamales, or pots of coffee to be legal tender. While Foggy is quite amazingly adept at finding low cost ways of keeping the office's functions going, he is quite adamant that he can't keep making silk purses out of sows' ears if there aren't any sows' ears coming into the practice's accounts.

Character Sheet


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Legal Eagle:
Foggy has an excellent mind for criminal law, and he has the beguiling style to keep it hidden until he needs to spring it on a target, in the courtroom or not. He makes it a point to know far more than he shows, but once circumstances dictate that he show where his case is going, he leaves no doubt of his understanding or intent. Opening arguments are largely his to induct the jury, and he happily (and sometimes with some relief) defers closing arguments to his partner, Matt Murdock. The approach seems to have served them well to date.

Granted, he's no MacGyver, but Foggy has learned a thing or two over the years about how to do the best he can with what he has available to meet the needs in front of him. He's also very generous with this knowledge, which is how a criminal defense attorney sometimes informally moonlights as a (frequently pro bono) plumber. Working in a family shop or in a cash-strapped legal firm has its lessons, indeed... but it stops at things like making the right coffee for everyone else. He can't do it all.


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See also "Powers."


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Nelson & Murdock:
Foggy is a partner at a criminal defense firm, which, in probably any other context within the city of New York, would mean something prestigious. Depending on the cases they take, they get some traction in the press, which is generally good for business, although their informal publicity usually points to the amazing number of cases the team takes on pro bono. Some clients can pay, of course, and they pay well enough that the doors stay open. Others strive to help keep the attorneys well fed in lieu of monetary compensation. While the law offices of Nelson and Murdock are happy to be a resource to the wider community in need of their particular expertise, they must note that they are not formally licensed to operate as a food bank in the City of New York... no matter how many apple pies manage to stack up on the conference room table, although they offer these surplus foodstuffs to those in need on an as-is basis.

Nelson's Meats:
Well, if you're going to have a backup plan, make it a good one. Foggy's never really entertained the idea that the law office might fail, but if he really needed it (and he couldn't go anywhere else), there's always the counter at the family business. Beyond that, it's kind of nice to grab a few slices of prosciutto from the office refrigerator on occasion. Foggy never presses his family connection to get food for free, but always pays and tips as well as he can.


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Gotta Eat:
Tearing down injustice. Standing up for the weak, the least, the lost, and the lonely. Advocating for positive change in gritty Hell's Kitchen. Defending the falsely accused from the ravages of the adversarial and frequently predatory criminal justice system. All of these are deeply noble goals and the causes of saints in the legal profession, but more often than not, they don't pay so very well. Meanwhile, there's rent to cover. Foggy keeps these kinds of practical and fiduciary conflicts in mind, because if he doesn't, he's not so sure Matt will.

Lawyer, Not Superhero!:
Foggy is about as everyman as you can get, legal prowess aside. He certainly knows about superheroes (and their impacts on local property values and insurance claims), but he understands quite well that he's not one of them, and he'd like not to be anywhere around their shenanigans if he can help it. That said, his idea of superheroes being around resembles the Avengers turning up in full regalia, so he's not really looking around his immediate area for anything undue.



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Foggy Nelson has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Legal Advice December 24th, 2020 Foggy listens to some details of April's recent exploits and supplies a few (legal) facts of life.
A Beer At Josie's November 15th, 2020 Viola gets stood up, and runs into Foggy at Josie's Bar.
The Chikara School of Karate Infringement October 15th, 2020 Colleen calls Foggy for some legal advance and also gets Kitty and Dinah turning up. It's suddenly a busy Wednesday Afternoon.
Javert brings food to Valjean October 13th, 2020 Kingpin thinks his board is almost ready for prime time. Mr Fisk and Mr Nelson.


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Foggy Nelson has 4 finished logs.

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