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Friday (Scenesys ID: 2572)
Name: Isabella De La Torres
Superalias: Friday
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Thief
Citizenship: Argentina
Residence: Happy Harbor
Education: Extensive
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 01 Mar 1998 Played By Gina Rogriguez
Height: 5'8" Weight: 148 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Proud of herself and what she can do, Friday is a classic shadow thief with style. She not only plays the game, she thinks of it AS a game, and wants nothing more than to be chased. Whether or not she gets caught is minor compared to the fun. Someday she'll have to pick a side, but that is not today.


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* 1998: Born to unknown parents somewhere in the bounds of Argentina. Abandoned, cause for this is still unknown. Found and claimed by member of the Hand - claimed as property.
* 2005: Showed high talent in infiltration and evasion tactics. Put into spy-specific branch of training.
* 2008: Begins to show great interest in meeting people/finding out about them. Begins to 'act up' as well, trying to prank her teachers.
* 2011: Now 13, best pickpocket in the school. Given individual instruction, but showing severe signs of 'unacceptable traits', including an unwillingness to do harm to targets.
* 2015: Banned from final instruction on greater Hand secrets. Sent to infiltrate SHIELD as double-agent/applicant for training, under the name Rita Moreno.
* 2017: Made an agent of SHIELD in near-record time. Sent to infiltrate The Hand, due to her own sense of humour guiding her career choices. SHIELD secretly uncertain about Agent Moreno's unique skill set.
* 2018: Neither team entirely certain where her sense of loyalty lies. Isabella herself is beginning to feel closed in by the limits of both organizations.
* 2020: Fails to show up at her report locations. Neither team can find or contact her. Vanishes into the shadows.
* 2021: Friday reaches out for help, to the darkweb. Find me targets worth taking. No one must be hurt. Proceeds will go to charity of your choice. Challenge me.

IC Journal

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Affably Evil:
While Friday may in fact want to steal things, she has no actual interest in money. She just wants to see if she can do it, and to see all the cool things in the world for herself! if that means that she has to steal a painting to see why it was so expensive, she'll take it. And probably leave it for the police to find a few hours later.

When the time comes to be 'on', Friday is all the way on. She's got this, she wants everyone to know that she's got it, and she's right often enough to support the idea.

Cunning, smart, and good at quick-response actions, Friday isn't quite as good at planning as she thinks she is. She's made errors, and often, but relies on her reflexes and luck to get herself out of things. She is pretty sharp though.

Equal Opportunity:
Friday will steal from anyoe. She makes a moral choice after she's done the job, but the actual theft is pretty much anything goes. She'll rob good, bad, rich, poor, anyone who can give her a challenge. She considers it getting to know you and how you think, so if she hasn't robbed you at least once you're not close.

She's a Lady:
Friday won't hurt a mark. She'll go out of her way to keep from causing material damage, hurting guards, or even taking money from someone if it's laid out for her. She is a gentleman/lady thief, and has standards in how these things must be done.

Character Sheet


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Extremely fit, Friday uses acrobatics like many people use their cars. This is how she gets around and she is not only unafraid of heights, she can pull off moves that would fit in with some of the best. She's hard to pin down in a chase.

At hand to hand, with a staff, baton, or improvised weaponry, Friday is...adequate. She's very defensive, her ability to evade at a level that fits with the best, but her actual -fighting- is seriously lacking. She can kick well, punch poorly, and can do most throws well enough. She can use a gun/bow/thrown knife well, hit moving targets, and only uses the skills on nonliving targets. Her primary offense is almost always environmental: Friday is very very good at spotting how to use things around her creatively, spot motion or things which can be exploited, and acting on them without hesitation.

No SHIELD operative would be let into the field without solid computer skills. Friday has some hacking ability of her own, for when she's stuck away from an internet signal.

Friday has always been interested in where people come from. She knows a lot about the world and history, having done her best to pry out of everyone she's ever met their particular area of the world's history! She is motivated to travel and see everything, go everywhere. And if possible share what she's learned with others!

Phantom Thief:
Vanishing. The ability to walk around a corner and then be gone. Finding places to hide, either in a crowd or in the darkness, Friday is one of the best. Keep your eye on the red coat, because if you turn your back she'll be gone.

One of her best skills! If it's on you it is not safe from her nimble little hands. She's also got some sleight of hand moves to hide things once she's got them.

Friday can only speak Spanish and English without a hitch. She can, however, get by in a slough of other languages including: Chinese, Japanese, German, Hindi, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian. She is not fluent in these, but can at least make her meaning known to a speaker in most situations.

Spy training includes many things, and Friday was a good student. She can fit in with a crowd after a moment's observation, memorize with speed and accuracy, and pretend to be someone else with very little preparation time. She is very observant and brutally clever.

This is where Friday really shines. If she wants to steal something, it will get stolen. Finding ways to crack security is her jam, it's how she has fun, and in all honesty the answer is often very simple. Surprisingly if you don't mind setting off alarms, most thefts are pretty frickin' easy.


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Cheater Cheater:
Oh, did you think that Friday was doing this on skill alone? Noooo, she's got a headset on and is constantly in contact with whoever she has as a hacker this mission. She usually doesn't even know who it is, and the skill level tends to vary, but a very motivated hacker is always helping Friday out. Motivated because if Friday wins, all proceeds go to a charity of his/her choice. Motivation indeed!

Lady In Red:
Friday's signature trenchcoat isn't there for no reason. It is actually a very advanced piece of gear, allowing her the ability to hide massive amounts of equipment inside. It also has a sticky- resistant coating, letting her slip out of bonds and glue-like substances. Her undersuit is similarly treated, and is how she gets out of many forms of binding. This is effective against things such as webbing, though she'll likely wait til you've turned your back to slip out of the bonds.

Friday can be Shannon Gomez, May Swanson, or a list of other identities at need. She can have others made if necessary and knows who to talk to or slip a bit of cash to get specialized ID's set up.

Friday has a secret secret. She has an identity in Happy Harbor with her real name, and a job teaching Geography and History part time. She enjoys it, and the students are fun kids. Fake fingerprints and altered appearance, and nobody who saw her would recognize the Phantom Thief. We hope.

Grappling hook in the sleeve. Taser in the inner pocket. Hacking drive connector, knives, throwing tools, breathing apparatus, and more. The coat holds all, and a girl needs her accessories.


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Double Reverse Agent:
Friday is wanted by basically everyone. The fact is, she likes it that way and wouldn't have it any other way. Makes things entertaining.

While Friday can drive a car or truck, her skills generally stop there. She has to call on help when faced with anything more complicated and prefers to get out and run when given the option.

For the Evulz:
Friday isn't in it to keep things, but instead because the hunt is exciting. Proving that she can do things is what keeps her alert and alive. She is easily drawn in to traps, not because she doesn't know that it's a trap but because she wants to see if she can handle it anyway.

Oh, yes. Friday is not about doing things and being undetected. While she may be able to vanish into thin air, she'll leave a calling card at least. If possible she'll do more, oftem much more. She wants people hunting her, after all!

Highly Visible Ninja:
A red trenchcoat is not a black darksuit. You will probably see her at some point in the raid.

While it rarely comes up, Isabella is actually Argentinian, and has to keep an american visa in order to legally exist. Which only really threatens her secret identity, but she likes being Isabella once in a while.

Missing Steps:
Step 1: steal items. Step 2: ....
Friday doesn't really fence things. She never takes the money for her thievery, and pays for things (when she can't grift them) with a day job. She is literally one of the best and worst thieves of all time, because actually getting away with the merchandise is often the end of the plan. Of course if it's going to help a charity she might, but every situation is unique. Moral judgement call.



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Friday has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Red Red Redemption July 26th, 2021 June and Isabella meet on a rooftop, and they discuss teamwork, the Hand, and how to trust. Then, an ambush!
Running to Freedom July 20th, 2021 Daniel and Peggy take a run on their newly enhanced bodies. It starts out as a comfortable jog and ends in a strange encounter with a rogue SHIELD agent.
When In Rome: Part Two June 1st, 2021 The students and faculty of Happy Harbor get to visit the catacombs, but not without it becoming a bad time fast. Oh and the Punisher blows someone up. They probably deserved it though!
Knocking on the Hydra door. May 18th, 2021 Quake and Midnighter are informed by the mysterious hacker, Friday, that there is an ambush ready to happen on a SHIELD safehouse. As expected it turns out to be a very bad day for the Hydra agents on the scene. In the end Friday escapes, and Midnighter gets a first contact in SHIELD!
Let There Be Lessons April 22nd, 2021 Nazo Sarwani introduces herself at Happy Harbor, and finds it largely empty. But a teacher signs her up for classes anyway!
Abcde has a Djinn problem. Abcde has a Djinn problem April 21st, 2021 SHIELD, Daytripper, and a mysterious Agent Argentina gather with Abcde for a ritual to remove the djinn from her arm. The ritual goes well.. twice.. as they discover they are trapped in a time loop caused by HYDRA messing with the magical mirror frame used to transport Daniel and Arturo to 2021.
First Blood, Final Warning April 13th, 2021 The Order of St. Dumas thinks that second time is a charm. It isn't. Things go downhill fast, but the Order has a new weapon to try out among it's other defenses now. Tyler is fine. Morrigan is shot. But the kids are safe!
Red and Black April 8th, 2021 Isabella steals blueprints to take down the Nazca Cartel.
The Thief of PRINCEs March 20th, 2021 Spider-Man spots a thief stealing a Prince and goes in pursuit...which is how she wants it to go...
Dark Red March 16th, 2021 Daisy decides to log into the darkweb and visit old haunts. Someone finds her there, but who could it be?
Happy Harbor: School Assembly March 15th, 2021 The faculty and students of Happy Harbor get an announcement. They're going public!


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Friday has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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