Frost Giant

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Frost Giants are residents of Jotunheim's most frigid locales. Temperatures never rise above freezing, and Frost Giants can comfortably survive in temperatures well under -75C. However, heat above freezing temperatures saps their strength. Prolonged exposure can cause them to weaken and even shrink in stature. A Frost Giant cannot endure temperatures over 30C for very long.

Frost Giants are fierce warriors. Though somewhat primitive and tribal, they are immensely strong and savage. A Frost Giant stands approximately 20-30 feet tall and can lift a car over their heads with ease. Their weapons and armor are somewhat crude and of simple design.

Many of the most powerful of the Aesir descend from matings with the Frost Giants.

Frost Giants are not to be confused with Ice Giant. Frost Giants originated on Niffleheim but emigrated to Jotunheim.