Fundamental Realms

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The Fundamental Realms are the bedrocks of constructive intent that surround the material universe, and the constituent portions of the multiverse.

-- The Source : The heart of the omniverse, of all multiverses and universes. A font of endless power and potential.

-- Hyperspace : A realm of energy defined by eddies and currents in gravity and energetic forces.

-- Astral Plane : The source of gods, myths, and mortals. A place of inchoate possibility where thought and intent are the most potent of all forces. Incorporates the realm known as The Dreaming.

-- Hell : The Pit, a place of punishment where the corrupt and the guilty are exposed to senseless pain and suffering. Residence of Lucifer.

-- Silver City : The residence of the Heavenly Host. Contains the Throne where from the Presence has been known to speak.

-- Nullspace : Also known as the Negative Zone or the Dark Dimension. A pit of entropy shared by all universes, where matter and power go to disappear forever.

--The Void: Absolute nothingness that exists beyond the multiverses. Accessible only to the Presence.

--The Bleed: Coagulated phlogiston that forms the barriers between the dimensions of the multiverse. Also known as the Microverse.

These Realms each share a unique p-brane frequency with each itinerant physical universe. A map of Hyperspace for Universe A will not be the same as for Universe B. The Astral Plane is where the walls of unreality are the thinnest and most likely to interact with each other. Nullspace is the furthest from Hyperspace and is where P-brane harmony reasserts itself. All universes share a common locale in the infinity of Nullspace, and many harmonies are reassembled or cancelled in the bowels of that place.

Smaller dimensions (known as demesnes) 'bud' from the material universe they connect with. They have a shared P-brane frequency that keeps them aligned with their universe of origin.